Hi everyone! It's me again. I've finished re-uploading the Snow Queen, so if anyone notice a typo that I missed, please don't be afraid to say something, but I think I fixed most of them. I'm so happy with the outcome of this story! You guys are the best!

Now, I know what the REAL question is and what everyone wants to know. Am I going to do a sequel? And, I am pleased to tell you, that with the number of reviews I've gotten begging for a review, that I am!

The sequel will be called The Snow King and, I'll be honest, I started writing it before I finished originally uploading the Snow Queen. I'll try to upload the first chapter soon, but for now, here's a sneak peak of the first chapter!

Chapter 1 Sneak Peak: Problems (Jack's POV)

"North!" I yelled, throwing open the door to his workshop, not even bothering to close it as it bounced off the wall. Elves hurried to get out of my way, shoving and pushing each other a I didn't even try to avoid stepping on them. Luckily, I didn't and Phil glared at me as he closed the door. I flopped down onto the couch with my head in my hands and fingers gripping my hair when North walked in.

"Jack?" He asked, concerned. "What is it? Where's Elsa?"

End of Sneak Peak

That's it guys! Sorry for the teaser, but I'll try to get the whole thing up ASAP!

Thanks for all of the support and encouragement that you guys have given me throughout the Snow Queen and pushing me to upload the sequel.