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Rated T for Cursing and Violence

Clove's POV

We get to the woods outlining the Cornucopia about an hour after dark. There, we sit and wait for the sun to rise. We sit under the blanket I have, using the night vision glasses, we watch for any signs of movement, none appear. Though we have the blanket on, it is still freezing; we crouch very close to each other for warmth.

"Ok, so I go to the Cornucopia and you pace the perimeter for the other Tributes." I say.

"Why don't I go to the Cornucopia, and you walk around the forest line?" Cato asks.

"Because," I say, "It was my idea, SO I'm going to the Cornucopia."

"But it's more dangerous down there," Cato says, ugh not the protective boyfriend move.

"Exactly why I'm going," I say smiling.

"No, I-"

"Cato, I'm going down to the Cornucopia, you're going to be on the perimeter, I don't care what you say, that is how it's going to be, and you should listen or I swear I will knock you out during the feast time, and then you will be no help at all."

"No," Cato says insistently. "I'm going, and that's final, and if you try to argue with me then I'll knock you out."

"Real original." I roll my eyes.

Cato shrugs, "It's effective."

"Who says I'm not saying no?" I ask him.

"Well," He says pointedly. "You're not."


Telltale hints of the sun coming up are in the sky, it's beginning to turn a light orange in the distance. I pull my glasses off and stuff them in my backpack. Just as the first ray of sunlight hits the Cornucopia, there's a disturbance on the plain. The ground before the mouth of the horn splits in two and a round table with a snowy white cloth rises into the Arena. I wonder if you dig far enough, could you make it back to the catacombs, and out into freedom? 4 back packs sit on the table, the two largest ones are marked 2 and 11, and they are black. There is a medium sized green pack with the number 5 on it, and a tiny orange pack with the number 12 on it, the only thing that could probably fit in there is a syringe, medicine for Peeta?

As soon as the table clicks into place, a figure darts out of the Cornucopia and snags the green back pack. It's the girl from 5, clever idea; she was probably there right after the announcement, since we didn't see her all night. 5 is now sprinting across the plain into the cover of the woods. 5 has us all trapped here, she knows that none of us will risk losing what we need most to chase after her. 5 has purposely left the rest of the packs alone, if she'd grabbed another one then she'd defiantly have a pursuer, but now everyone is waiting for their chance to get their pack. I know that at least 2 other people are poised to run and get their packs at the moment, Thresh and Katniss.

"You ready?" Cato asks from my side, we never expected to catch 5 here anyway.

"When am I not?" I ask back, preparing myself to run after whoever shows up first.

Then she appears, sprinting for the table to grab her tiny bag; I emerge from the forest, running after her clutching a knife. Ugh short legs= have to run faster. Cato runs beside me, his spear is in his left hand and his sword in his right. I'm good at running yes, but right now it seems that Katniss's legs are 2x longer than mine, even though they aren't. I lift my first knife, aim and throw. It would have hit her too, but she deflects the knife with her bow. Next Katniss turns with a bow and shoots an arrow at me; I turn, though not fast enough to entirely avoid the arrow. It pierces me high in my left arm. Lucky I throw right handed, though, I can throw with my left too. I have to slow down to take the arrow out.

Cato slows down beside me, "You okay?" He asks.

I rip out the arrow from my arm and take in the severity of the wound, it's not death but it sure hurts like hell. "Fine," I say quickly.

Katniss is at the table now, fingers wrapping around her tiny bag, but I can't let her get away. I point to her, Cato immediately understands, we both sprint towards the girl on fire. I throw a knife; it hits her in the forehead, right above her right eyebrow. The gash causes blood to pour in to her eye and mouth, gross.

Katniss lets go of the readied arrow, but since there was blood in her eye, she couldn't aim right and misses me so badly Glimmer could've done better than her, and that's saying something. I can't even tell if she was aiming for me or Cato. I slam into Katniss; momentum helps me knock her to the ground. I perch on top of her chest, my knees pinning her shoulders to the ground, and my boots holding down her hands. "Where's Lover Boy?" I ask her, Cato is standing guard protectively over me.

"He's out there now, PEETA!" She screams. Slamming my fist into Katniss's windpipe I effectively cut off her voice. I whip my head around; he couldn't be healed could he? I know that if he is, that he will run to Katniss's aid no matter the cost, love is weird that way. But if Peeta were here, he'd be out by now, coming to save Katniss, since he's not here, obviously Katniss lied.

"She's lying," I tell Cato who is looking around so fast I'm afraid his head might fall off, "He'd be here by now if she was telling the truth."

Cato nods.

I grin at her to look menacing, though Peeta was actually a nice guy and I liked him. "He's nearly dead. Cato knows where he cut him." I don't know why Cato hadn't killed him, it's torture to leave someone to die like that. "You've probably got him strapped up in some tree while you try to keep his heart going." True Katniss did seem to have an affection for trees which was demonstrated by her running to a tree for help and climbing like 90 feet in the air. "What's in the pretty little backpack? That medicine for Lover Boy?" Ugh, my grammar… "Too bad he'll never get it."

I open my jacket, showing my collection of knives to Katniss. It's an impressive collection, I have them lining the front of my jacket, and I have my knife vest plus the belt. Katniss struggles to get out from under me; I can see a hint of fear in her eyes when she sees my blades. I have her firmly pinned on the ground, she knows she is going to die. "Forget it, District Twelve," I say. "You're dead, just like everyone else in this Arena, there's no point in struggling."

I pull a medium sized knife from my belt with a wicked sharp pointed blade. Katniss stares at me angrily. "I killed him, you know." She says.

I look at her surprised, "who?"

"1, I killed the boy from 1," She tells me.

"Oh, really? And how did you do that?" I ask her, maybe the audience will be amused by this conversation, somehow, I don't know, the Capitol is messed up.

"I shot him," Katniss says plainly and simply, like it was easy, but her expression says something different. "I shot him because he killed Rue."

"What?" I ask her surprised, I told him not to touch Rue, that bastard!

"Rue," Katniss narrows her eyes at me, I see pain behind them. "The girl from Eleven. We were allies."

"Well-" I begin to say, then I hear a yell. Quickly turning my head, I see that Thresh and Cato are near the now empty table. Thresh has his crescent sword and Cato is swinging wildly at him with his own sword. Katniss sees my distraction and struggles to get out from under me, but I have her firmly pinned down and she's not going anywhere.

In my slight distraction with Katniss, Cato is on the ground. Somehow, Thresh has gotten Cato's feet swept out from under him, Cato is lying on the ground, struggling to get up, but Thresh's foot in on his chest and his sword is raised to kill. "CATO!" I scream. Flipping off Katniss I sprint to help him. Before Thresh can even bring the sword down towards Cato, I raise my arm and throw the medium knife I had in my hand and it hits its target, Thresh's arm in which he holds his sword. He cries out in pain, not surprising, the knife looks like it has sunk possibly into the bone. Dropping the sword on the ground next to him (thankfully not on top of Cato), Thresh tries to pull out the knife. Big mistake. Cato is finally able to use his sword and cut through the leg right under the knee that is on top of him. Thresh is now in serious injury, there's no way he'll live now. I throw another knife; it hits Thresh in the stomach. Cato is up now, and in one swift fluid motion, Thresh's head falls to the ground.

A loud cannon blast sounds through the air. We started with 24, and now all we have left is 5.

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