Why Me?


Emma's mind was racing at a million miles per hour. She was face to… eyestalk? She was face to eyestalk with a Dalek. A Dalek! Even the Doctor was scared of these things. Ok, think, she told herself. Dalek: Indestructible, shows no mercy and has laser power. Me: Defenseless, with a probably broken ankle.

You're screwed. Said the little voice in my head

Shut up! I told it

Well you are!

You know sometimes I really don't like you.

Hold up. She was talking to her conscience. Yep, she had lost it. Add that to my list of weaknesses… She thought glumly.

She zoned back in for a second only to realize that the Dalek was still there. It looked like a glorified salt shaker spliced with sci-fi. And it had started going on a lovely spree of shouting.

"Intruder! Intruder! Exterminate! Exterminaaaaaate!" It continued like a broken record, until Emma got sick of it.

"Alright! We get it! I'm an intruder!"

"Silence human!"

"Well you're a cheery fellow"


"Whoa there buddy! Before you go all 'Silence!' on me, could you at least tell me what the hell you are?!" She asked. If Daleks were anything like the kids back at school, this would at least buy her some time to think of a better plan.

"I am a Dalek."

"Yep. Got that."

"Daleks hail from Skaaaro. We are the superior race." That last part got her. What made these freakin salt shakers think they were better than everyone else?

"Hold up! What makes you so superior?"

"We are indestructible. We are immortal!"

"Yeah well, that's nice and all, but I'll have to disagree with you on one thing."

"And that is?"

"Every. Single. Line. Of. That. Sentence."


"Oh you bet I'm correct. You're all talk. All you do is intimidate your enemies. And that's basically a teenage girl. All these years the taught us how inferior we are on the large scale of the Earth, but now I'm staring at something that we are superior to."

"At least I know my true parentage."

That hit her like a bullet. How did it know she was adopted? And why was it using that against her? But it still made her furious. For years kids at school bullied her for not looking like her mom, and then to add to that the constant teasing of seeing a monster that no one else could remember. This Dalek may be invincible, but it just picked on the wrong girl.

"Now you listen here buddy. I may not know who my real parents were, but I know where I'm going. And I am not going to let some tin can push me around."

"Humans are not special. You are weaklings, mortal weaklings!"

"Trigonometry, Physics, Literature, all these were discovered by humans. Each day we find something new. Yes some of us die at age 30 some at 109, but it doesn't matter because of that mortality we strive to push the limits of the universe. We put a man on the moon and put color on televisions. Everything in our society was made by our own hands in one way or another. Now does that sound like a weakling to you?!"

The Dalek was crying for mercy. Mercy! And Emma's heart softened.

"Let me go and find my friends. Let us leave here in peace, and I won't rip out your eyestalk like I should."


"Don't make me regret my decision." She told it as she walked towards the door panel that had opened.

"Oh! And one more thing! How do you guys build anything? You literally have a whisk and a plunger for hands."

She walked away smiling as the Dalek started spinning and sparking.


Clara didn't know how long it had been since she woke up, but it was far too long for her liking. As every minute passed, her hopes of getting out alive burned slightly less bright. Then the door panel rumbled open and Clara gripped the Doctor's hand afraid of what was coming.

This is it she thought.

"Hey guys. Long time no see." Emma's bubbly voice said as she walked in. And Clara released the breath she didn't realize she was holding.

"Emma! You're Alive!" Alex exclaimed from her left.

"Of course I am. Now how do I get you guys out of here?"

"Use my Sonic Screwdriver it's in my pocket!" The Doctor told her.

Quickly, Emma freed the Clara and the Doctor, where they embraced, glad to be alive while Emma freed her boyfriend.

"Um this is all very sweet but can someone please get me out of here!?" Jack called still cuffed to his seat.

Clara hadn't noticed that both Emma and Alex, as well as the Doctor and herself, were still in tight embraces. Emma rushed over and freed Jack, then gave the Doctor his sonic back.

"Wait! Emma, did you get the file?" Alex asked.

"Right here!" She said holding up the flash drive.

"Good. Now let's get out of here."


The escape was easier than anyone thought, so within minutes they were back in the TARDIS with the hopefully last piece of the puzzle. But that was two hours ago. So now here they were running it through every data base in the TARDIS and now all they could do was wait. And the Doctor hated waiting. The others were off busying themselves, while the Doctor stayed and watched the TARDIS. Jack had run off doing who knows what, Clara had gone to bake a soufflé, Alex was in the library, and Emma was writing Fanfiction.

For what felt like eternity, the Doctor sat and waited, and waited, and waited, and the Doctor was about to jump into the Time Vortex when the TARDIS whirred, meaning the hopeful completion of the translation. He got up and saw that the translation was done, and as he read he realized how wrong he was about their current situation. It was much, much worse.

"Everyone! Console Room! Now!" He called into the hallways.

"Doctor, what is it?" Clara asked running into the room, still covered in chocolate, probably from her most recent soufflé mishap. "What's wrong?" She said reading the terror that was written on his face.

The other's came in from the other hallways, looking anxious to hear the news.

"This better be important" Alex told him. "I'm just about to disprove the theory of relativity."

"Trust me it's important."

"Oh." He set the book down and they all came over to the console."

"Then what is it, did the TARDIS not translate." Jack asked worried

"No. It translated, let's just say I was way off on what I thought we were facing."

"So what are we facing?" Emma asked coming up to the screen.

"Here, I'll show you." He turned the screen to face her, and watched as her bright blue eyes filled with horror.


Alex was in shock, still unable to believe what he heard. He had sat down on one of the railings, and was staring blankly at the wall in front of him.

"So the Daleks and the Cybermen, they're teaming up." Emma said for the 5th time. She had started pacing, which was an extremely bad sign.

"Yep." The Doctor responded still looking at the screen.

"And they're going to attack our home town."


"And the Silence are leading it."


"And there's nothing we can do?" Clara piped up

"There is one thing…."

"Well, don't just leave us in the dark here. What is it?" Alex asked getting up.

"It's a way we can control the Silence."

"Well let's go then!" Emma asked

"Well you see it's not that easy."

"Of course it's not…" Clara grumbled.

"There is someone who can, and that's Tash, but if she was able to stop it then this wouldn't be a problem, so why is the system saying there is still a solution?"

The Doctor stiffened as if an idea suddenly came to him. In a flash he had turned to face Emma.

"Is there any other information from your past, something that the TARDIS scanner wouldn't pick up?"

"I don't know!" Emma said looking offended. "The only thing I've known that's made me different is that a can remember every encounter I've had with those Goddamn Silence!"

"Anything, anything at all! Something that might be different. Friends, holidays, family?!"

"I mean I was adopted but-"

"You're adopted?!"

"Yes!" Now Emma definitely looked annoyed and the Doctor was about one sentence away from being slapped in the face. And he spoke from experience.

"Why didn't you say anything before?!"

"Because it's not that big of a deal! What is with everyone today? First the Dalek now you, I don't see how this changes anything!"

"See that changes Everything!"

"Um… Ok…."

The Doctor ran around the console flipping switches and pressing buttons and basically looking like a mad man. It seemed that he would never end until a loud DING woke everyone from their thoughts.

"Ha!" The yelled in triumph. "It all makes sense now."

"So what is it, what makes sense?" Clara asked him

"Emma is the long lost daughter of Tasha Lem."