Ok, so I'm working on the next chapters for Jersey Style and Nalowale Kane, but they're taking a while to get just right. I have a little time to write right now, but not much so I decided this is just going to be a collection of short little one shots of my two favorite things: bromance and whump. Enjoy!

Summary: Even off duty, trouble always manages to find Five-0. A dangerous situation has Danny's life hanging in the balance.

"Danny!" a voice yelled from far away. It sounded fuzzy and distorted, almost as if it had come from the end of a very long tunnel. Whose voice was that? He knew that he should know. "Danny! Danny, come on buddy. Kono! Where's that ambulance?" the voice said again. Nothing made any sense to him. Seeing that listening was getting him no closer to figuring things out, he decided to concentrate on his other senses. He found he couldn't smell much of anything, but he could taste a vile copper flavor on his tongue that made him want to gag. He couldn't feel any pain, but he could feel hot, sticky, something running down his face and pooling beneath his head. But he just could not figure out what it was.

"Danny, if you can hear me, I need you to open your eyes." The voice begged.

"Steve, he can't breathe! His nose is broken and he's choking on the blood!" A scared voice of a woman exclaimed. Next thing he knew, he was being bodily lifted into a new position. With the motion came pain. It flared as a white hot spike in his head and he wanted to scream.

"Come on, Danny. That's it." Someone coached. Danny…what was Danny? The pain was unbearable, yet he could feel something else happening as well. It was suddenly very cold and his face started to feel numb. And then he was trapped. He knew he was moving, but he had no control over it.

"He's seizing!" another voice yelled.

"No, Danny! Don't do this, brother! Stay with me!" But he couldn't. He just let it all fade away.




Steve was beyond exhausted. The last few days had been a physical and emotional roller coaster. He was still dressed in the clothes he had been wearing that day. They were now stiff with dried blood. Danny's blood. It had been a quick run to the bank after work to deposit their pay checks. Suddenly, five men dressed in black and Halloween masks had burst through the doors brandishing their guns at the terrified people. The robbers had instantly recognized Five-0 for who they were and had forced them to come down to the vaults with them. One of them had set a charge on the vault door, but before it could be detonated, each highly competent task force member lashed out with all of their strength, thus freeing themselves from their captors. In the confusion of the fight, one of the men had managed to get the detonator. Steve saw this, but he was a fraction of a second too late. He tackled the man moments after he pressed the button. Their world dissolved in into heat and noise. When he could think again, he was flat on his back near the far wall. Quickly, he cuffed his suspect.

"Report!" he called out hoarsely, waiting desperately for his teammates to respond.

"I'm good!" Chin called.

"Same here!" Kono replied as she coughed up dust. The third voice never sounded.

"Danny?" Steve called. No one answered. As Chin and Kono cuffed the other suspects, Steve staggered through the haze of dust, calling his partner's name. He had almost stepped on the soot blackened hand that led him to Danny. His eyes followed the hand back to its owner and nearly lost his lunch at this sight of his friend. "Danny! Kono, call an ambulance! Chin, help me with this." Immediately, he was joined by the other two. They both gasped in horror at the sight of Danny being crushed beneath the vault door that had blown off its hinges. The struggled futilely with the heavy door for a moment, but Kono returned from the bank lobby with four burley men. Together, they were able to lift it off of Danny. The detective's face was a mess. His nose was obviously broken and his jaw looked dislocated. A large cut ran from his hairline down to his eyebrow and blood poured from it steadily. The man was nearly unrecognizable with his face so bruised, bloody, and swollen. Steve was by Danny's side in an instant, checking for a pulse that was miraculously still there. After that, it was all a bit of a blur. Things got worse before the paramedics arrived. When they did, Steve was not allowed into the ambulance and they sped off without him. Now, four days later, he sat beside Danny in the hospital. His nose had been straightened and his jaw had been popped back into place. The cut had been bandaged and the blood had been cleaned away. All that remained were the bruises. Danny's entire body was one large bruise, from his head to his feet. Stark, white gauze swathed Danny's head, covering the hole that had been drilled to relieve the pressure from the bleeding. The doctors said they were optimistic, but Steve just couldn't believe that until his partner opened his eyes and reassured him.

"You gotta wake up man. I'm going crazy out here without you. And Gracie…she's a mess, pal. You better get up and tell her it's okay. I know this is hard and I know I'm asking too much of you, but please. I need you to fight this for me. Come back, Danno. Please." Steve begged, taking Danny's hand between his own two and squeezing it. "Please, Danny." To his surprise, the previously limp fingers returned the pressure with a weak grip. "Danny? You with me, buddy?" Danny said nothing, but his eyes twitched beneath his lids and his grip tightened. "That's it, just a little more. Can you do that for me?" After a moment, two bright blue eyes blinked open. "Mornin' Danno." Steve said, smiling for the first time in days. Danny said nothing, but frowned as his eyes raked over Steve.

"Blood?" he asked finally.

"This is yours, buddy. I'm okay." Steve assured him.

"Don' look 'kay." Danny retorted. "S'wrong?" he asked.

"I'm good, Danno. I promise. Just tired, is all. I've been sitting here waiting for you to wake up."

"M-me? Wha' 'appened?"

"Do you remember going to the bank after work?" Danny nodded carefully.

"Do you remember the hold up?" Danny shook his head.

"That's okay. These guys came in and held up the bank. They knew we were Five-o, so they took us down to the vault. We managed to subdue them, but one guy blew the vault door off and it hit you. You were in pretty bad shape. The doctors say you have a broken right femur, six broken ribs, a broken nose, a dislocated jaw, and the one helluva concussion as well as some internal bleeding. They had to drill into your head and drain some of the blood so it didn't crush your brain." Steve explained. Danny blew out a breath.

"I…be okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, don't worry buddy. We'll get you through this. Docs say that confusion and slurred speech are normal and should go away shortly. You'll get better and I'll be there every step of the way to make sure you are."

"Thank you." Danny whispered, his eyes slightly watery.

"Of course, Danny. What are partners for?"

The End! Time to go take my puppy to the vet. Their comes a time in many male dog's life when…well, you know. Poor little guy has no idea.