A/N: I know this is just a teaser, but there's action, angst and whump ahead. This is in the "A Very Good Team" universe. No Thor in this, but everyone else.


Chapter 1 – Prologue

The mad scientist's EMP weapon was four-fifths of an epic fail. Hulk didn't notice the pulse, as he ran down fleeing enemy jeeps one by one. Captain America flipped away his squealing earpiece and continued slinging his shield at the machine gunners riding the backs of two racing jeeps.

Black Widow's Taser bracelets shorted out, but they were well insulated, so it was just a minor annoyance. Unharmed, she ignored the brief sparking and kept up precision firing with her handguns, taking down the mercenaries who had been "unhorsed," by Cap's shield and Clint's arrows.

The EMP wrung a curse from Hawkeye, when his automatic quiver stopped working, but he had plenty of experience with low-tech quivers and was only slightly slower choosing arrows by hand.

So, Dr. Demonic's secret weapon was four-fifths an epic fail, but the other fifth was a screaming success.

To Be Continued