Starting a family Gothel and Frollo Love story

Chapter 1

It had been a long day for Frollo now that he was prime minster of Paris. He still had a gypsy problem which was very stressful and an archdeacon problem that wasn't going anytime soon, but there was one problem he desperately wanted to change. Gothel and Frollo had been married for five wonderful years but she hadn't bared a child. They already had Rapunzel and Quasimodo but Frollo wanted a child that belonged to him and Gothel. They had tried two years ago but nothing had happen. Frollo wasn't going to give up.

It was 6:40 in the afternoon. Frollo was just in time to have dinner with his family. Gothel was now a part of his family and the only person that could extend his family line. The only member in his family was his drunken uncle Pierre, who never comes to visit him. As Frollo entered his house he smelt a familiar smell. It was Frollo favorite meal toasted lemon Rosemary chicken served with red wine.

"Hello Frollo" said Gothel, helping Rapunzel on to her seat.

"Hello Gothel and hello children" said Frollo, taking a seat next to Rapunzel.

Conversation around the dinner table slowly faded and the sounds of forks and knives scraping onto plates filled the silence. Quasimodo was trying to keep his eyes on his food to avoid Frollo's eye contact. Ever since Quasimodo could remember he had tried to get Frollo attention but the person who seemed to give that was Gothel, who he now called mother. He had never called Frollo papa or even dad only father; as he was told to be extremely formal towards him. Quasimodo had done a picture of his father favorite horse hoping that Frollo would like it but before he could tell him Gothel said it first.

"Quasimodo did a drawing that he wanted to show you."

Frollo looked at Quasimodo who looked back at him with nervous eyes. "Drawing of what Quasimodo?"

Quasimodo picked up the picture from the table and handed it to his father. Frollo`s face began to change. "Did you finish your homework?" said Frollo who now had an annoyed look on his face

"No father." Quasimodo said nervously.

"So you have time to do a drawing but not your homework! "Frollo said, raising his voice near the end of his sentence.

Gothel was not liking were this was going and tried to change the subject. Gothel knew how Frollo expected such high standard from Quasimodo and knew their relationship between them wasn't very health. "So...Frollo how was your day."

"Hang on my dear Quasimodo you are going to bed straight after dinner." Frollo said harshly.

"Yes father." Quasimodo said, looking back at his food again.

When dinner finished Frollo told one of the maids to send Quasimodo to bed when he head of to bathroom were Gothel was. As he opened the door he came face to face with Gothel who was just about to enter the bath. She quickly jumped and covered herself with her towel. "Frollo you could have knocked." Gothel said narrowing her eyes at him.

Frollo closed the bathroom door behind him. "Sorry my dear I need to talk to you." Frollo said nervously.

Entering into the hot bath again, Gothel calmed herself down. Frollo took a small stool from corner of the bathroom, which was used by Rapunzel to help her reach the sink as she was too so small. Frollo had no idea how to explain this Gothel about having a baby but it was something he had to go for.

"I've been thinking about us and wondering if we should have a child of our own". The bathroom filled with silent and Frollo eyes were now fixed on Gothel `s, waiting for her reaction.

Gothel was shocked by this, they had been tried a couple of years ago but nothing happened. She even thought he had given up but obviously not. She analysed his face expression, she knew that he wanted this so much. After a few minutes she gave up. "Fine we can give it a shot."

Frollo`s face lit up with joy as they were back to trying again and lead into the bath to kiss Gothel on her lips. Gothel`s face turned a shade of pink when he did this.

"Care to join me Frollo." Gothel said in a flirty tone

Frollo looked at her with a naughty smile. "Don't have to ask me twice."