Chapter 4: The past stays in the Past: Part one

Walking down the corridors to the garden where Alexandrine and Rapunzel had been waiting Gothel stopped at the entrance of the garden. Kneeling down to come face to face with Quasimodo, she looked at him with reassuring smile. "Are you okay" Gothel said with concern in voice. Checking him over; searching for any injuries.

"I'm ok mum." Quasi said looking down at feet. Quasimodo had been so scared of his father that once he saw Gothel he just wanted to jump into her arm from comfort and safety. Turning his head towards the garden he saw Rapunzel said next to the nanny. She had tears in her eyes. Letting go of the nanny's hand Rapunzel ran over to him; giving him the biggest hug she could. Quasi begin to feel love again as he hugged her back however his mind was filled with that this wouldn't be the last time his father will punish him.

Gothel watched the sweet moment between Rapunzel and Quasimodo but as she begin to stand up again she got a sharp pain shot down her back. She let out a loud moan which alarmed the young children and the nanny Alexandrine who ran over to her side to support her. Realising that she just made a scene Gothel gave alexandrine a reassuring look. "I'm fine really just...bit sore that's all."

"I think you should go laid down and relax for the baby Gothel. I will take care of the children." Alexandrine said with a smile on her face as she took the children back into the garden.

Gothel stood and watched as the children played in garden. She sighed and made her way to the bedroom. She was in no mood to deal with Frollo right now so she decided to use the guest room instead. She needed space to relax. As she entered the guest room locked the door; not wanting to be disturb and sat on the elegantly designed canopy bed. It had beautiful green cover which was decorated with dark greens and yellow pillows. She had to admit that Frollo had good taste but right she couldn't look him in eyes. However lost in thought a knock came from the door. Moving to the door to open it Gothel stopped. "Who is it?"

"It's me Gothel we need to talk now." Frollo said emphasising the word now in his tone of voice. Frollo was still angry with Gothel but he knew that the stress could be too much for the unborn child. "Gothel please we need to talk about this I don't want you stress out...please?" suddenly Gothel swiftly open the bedroom door revealing her dismay.

"Oh now you care about other peoples' feeling. How did you know I was in here?" Gothel said curious to know how he knew she was in this room.

"Well you always say that this is your favourite room and seen as we were just screaming at each other I thought you wouldn't be staying our bedroom."

"You got that dam right! You know Frollo there is a difference between punishment and anger and what you just did makes me question if I want to be around you with my daughter or our future child." Gothel said no longer facing him as her back was towards him.

"Oh don't act like you are some saint. You and Rapunzel were not always this close I mean she isn't even your own daughter. You stole her. I've had enough of this miss goody two-shoes I will not be made the emery here." Frollo voice was cold and harsh. Swiftly turning Gothel to face him he noticed she had tears in her eyes.

"How dare you. You don't know what happen on the day I got my flower. She is mine and she has always been mine." Gothel said as her anger continued to boil.

"So when the adoption service called you about an error on giving you the wrong child, I believe you replayed that the adoption papers about having the child was correct however on the news the story about the parents who daughter was switched and sent into adoption seem you make you go crazy since you knew she was their daughter." Frollo said crossing his arms narrowing his eyes at Gothel. "Did you know they're still looking for their five year old daughter Gothel?" Frollo said narrowing is eyes at her.

Gothel's big eyes were filled with anger but her tears stilled stained her face due to uncontrollable hormones. However without thinking Gothel slapped him across the face. You don't know the truth about that story. I am Rapunzel adoptive mother and I will always be, just because you don't know how to look after your son doesn't mean you take it out on my flower.

"HE IS NOT MY SON"! Frollo snapped but was interrupted by Gothel who snapped back at him.

"He became YOUR son when you killed his mother!" Gothel could feel the sharp pains returning again but before she had any time to react Frollo left room without a word.

Two months had pasted since Frollo and Gothel had spoken to each other. They tried to give each other space but as the months went by Gothel got bigger and problems started to happen. For Frollo this was difficult. He was still mad at Gothel but he hated to see her in so much pain and stress. Today Gothel was at a hospital appointment with the children so Frollo was left alone in house. However he wanted to make Gothel feel better by getting all the baby stuff from the attic to put in the nursery but he needed help.

Mr Facilier was a good friend of Frollo and Gothel but still had his moments between Frollo as he didn't care for voodoo or any kind of magic. They both started with the small boxes which contain nothing but old baby clothes and tiny shoes that Frollo knew Gothel would go crazy for. They early morning was perfect as it gave them extra time to get all the stuff down so when Gothel comes home the nursery would be half way finished.

"I think you shown her too much of your other side." Mr Facilier said as he moved the small boxes towards Frollo with a wicked smile on his face. Mr Facilier loved teasing Frollo it was one of the reason he decided to help. Frollo sighed and looked at the boxes that he had past him and picked up one by one placing them next to a group of them to be checked.

"I don't know what to do or say to her she always acts like the perfect person but I know her deep down." As Frollo removed the lid from the first box he was surprised to what he found. The dusty box contained old photos of people he didn't recognise until he looked cautiously at one photo that captured a woman standing by a pub door. The woman in the photo had strange resemblance to Gothel but instead of curly hair it was long and straight but her face looked dull and weary. She wore black turtleneck with long black skirt with brown sandal shoes. Frollo grew wide as he picked up the photo. This was Gothel's mother.