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Betrayed (Déagol)

"Killed for it"

It was that ring's fault, with its golden shine and subconscious voice that whispered to him to pick it up and keep it. Or maybe it was the big pike that pulled him into the water that was to blame, because if that had never happened then he wouldn't have found the thing. But whoever's fault it was, it twisted his cousin beyond all recognition the moment he set eyes upon it. He doesn't know if it was the greedy look or something else that prompted him to refuse the other, but he never expected to be killed for it.

Exactly 100 words. Prompts are very welcome (please use the form Theme, Character, "Prompt" e.g. Betrayed, Déagol, "Killed for it"). No OCs please, but any other character, however obscure, is welcome.

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