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"Lace?" Riley said as he looked at Lacey after she had just finished giving her speech to the henchmen, he was proud of her, she delivered such a good speech, especially in light of everything that was going on. He still couldn't believe that Penguin and his men had actually taken Luca, he had made threats before, but he didn't think he would actually dare to go through with it.

"Hey" she looked down at the floor and started walking to the desk.

"How are you..holding up I gu-".

"Riley, let's not..you know do this. I don't want to talk about what happened, I only want to hear about it if there's anything new" he nodded and tried to think of something else to say to her. The tension was thick and all Riley wanted to do was to comfort her, but that wasn't his place.

"Got you" the silence held awkwardly for a little while "They're working on it and so is Roman".

"I know, my dad said that he knew more contacts than I did, that's why I'm here delivering his usual talks and doing everything else. Plus I think he wants to keep my mind off things" Lacey said, walking round the desk to pick up the inventory list, she began to count the things that they had and made a list of all the things they needed to get, like shotgun bullets, they were running seriously low for some reason.

"Yeah he definitely does. Wish you were doing the speeches all the time" Lacey chuckled and Riley felt a small sense of accomplishment, he's made her smile, something she hasn't been able to do since Luca was taken.

"So what are you doing here?" She questioned him, confused as to why Riley had come up to her father's office, he knew she would be in here but he had only started as Roman's henchman a few months back and even though he was definitely one of the most trusted and in their elite circle, it was still a confusion as to why he was here.

"Oh-I uh" he stumbled not actually sure why he came "I guess I just wanted to check up on you" Lacey nodded, well she had someone other than her father to ask her how she was, she hadn't told Harley what had happened yet and she wasn't sure she wanted to, she loved her but she was going futher and futher into Joker's spiral of madness and she knew that Harley would tell him, it wasn't exactly something Lacey wanted the madman to know, the only other option was..Bane, she sighed thinking about it, she hadn't told Bane yet.

"Well, I'm holding up" he smiled "Riley I need to head out to see someone, would you maybe walk with me?".

"Of course Lace" he smiled at her, anything to spend that little extra time with her.

Lacey sighed, taking a deep breath in, she held her hand up to the door, ready to knock but her hand faltered, Riley walked up to the door and knocked for her "I'll be in the car, when your ready" she smiled at him.

"Thanks Ri" he nodded, walking down to the car and waiting for her inside.

Bane opened the door, almost surprised to see Lacey, he ushered her in to his house, into the living room, Lacey and Bane were very good friends but she would never show up unannounced, he knew something was wrong with her today, he waited until she had fully settled in and brought her a drink, he waited until she spoke and then sat down.

"Bane I wouldn't usually turn up unannounced, you know that but.." she sighed, tears already forming in her eyes.

"Something's wrong" he said, she looked up at him, he knew her.

"Penguin and his men, they.." she sighed "they broke in the other day, they took Luca" Bane looked at Lacey shocked, he couldn't believe what he was hearing, Luca had actually been taken, he stood up and went to hug Lacey immediately, if Luca was gone and if Penguin had taken him..he didn't have long left, Bane shuddered just thinking about it, Lacey's poor little baby was gone and in the hands of her absolute worst enemy, Penguin was a truly sick man.

"What can I do Lacey, tell me everything that you want me to do in order to help?" she smiled, having Bane on her team was a great help and she truly was thankful, right now she felt so helpless just relying on other people looking for her baby and no one coming back with any news of his whereabouts.

"Just look for him, if you see anything, let me know, and if you do want to help and can, phone my dad, he's leading the search" Bane nodded, giving Lacey one final hug before she left his house.

"Dad, I-I'm going to-".

"No, Lacey I know what you're going to say and no" Roman looked at her angrily, not even believing that she would even think about doing what she was about to do.

"Dad he deserves to know" Lacey said staring at her dad.

"Why!" he questioned her "Why, when all he's done is abandon you two?" he shouted getting more angry.

"Just let me do this, please. You go to the mill and..I don't know, check up on things, I'll go and speak to him" Roman looked at her, as reluctant as he was, he knew he couldn't stop Lacey from doing this, he nodded, albeit with a disapproving face, she walked up to him, putting her hands on his arms "and please, dad, calm down" he nodded, giving her a hug, Lacey was terrified he would set his pacemaker off.

"Take the car, please" she nodded back at him, deep down she knew maybe her dad was right, maybe he didn't deserve to know, but she also had a feeling that the more people knew the better it would be and that, just maybe a part of her wanted to see him, she knew that maybe he could comfort her slightly, even if he had been horrible to her in the past.

After what felt like an hour she arrived, she looked up at the building and sighed, it looked just as bad as the last time she had turned up there, the last time being when she was pregnant with Luca, she closed her eyes as she tried not to cry, she couldn't believe that her baby had been taken from her.

She climbed out of the car and made her way inside the building, after reaching the door that was his she knocked quietly and waited for him to answer, she took a deep breath, wondering whether or not she actually should have come here or whether or not she should have followed her dad's advice.

Slowly the door opened and Edward stared at her, surprised to see her "Lacey?".

"Yeah Ed, it's me" she sighed, he looked even worse than the last time she had seen him.

"What are you doing here?".

She sighed and looked inside, "Ed, it's kind of important can I come in?" he looked concerned and nodded, slowly opening the door to let her in, remembering the last time they had a conversation like this….Lacey wouldn't come to him unless it was serious and why would she, all he had done was abandon the two of them, he looked down at the floor, sighing as he closed the door behind them, the last conversation they had had like this, was when she was pregnant.

"Ed, I need to talk to you, now!".

"Ok" he nodded "so talk".

"Let me in, please" she rushed into his house.

"Lacey, wha-what's going on?".

"This is all going to be a shock but I need to say it quick and I was going to tell you sooner but it all got mixed up and now my dad knows and-".

"Lacey" Edward held his hand up to stop her mid sentence "your panicking, just tell me what it is, what is wrong?".

She sighed "I-I'm pregnant".

"Lacey, I know you wouldn't come unless it's bad, so what is it?".

"Penguin he-his men, he took, Luca" she teared up.

"What?" Edward looked at her in pure shock.

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