You walk on the deck, admiring the sunset.

"Whatcha doing?" Kai asked, coming up behind you.

You jump in surprise. "Oh hey, Kai. I'm just standing here. The sunset's pretty."
"Yeah." He says, looking at you. You blush, tucking a h/c strand of hair behind your ear.

Both of you stand there, admiring the setting sun, then Zane calls over the loudspeaker, "Dinner is ready."

You grin mischievously at Kai.
"Race you." And you take off.
"Hey!" he yells back, laughing. You barely beat him to the dining room, where Jay shoots you a 'really?' look. You stick your tongue out, laughing.

Dinner is quiet, until Lloyd accidently spills his lemonade on Cole's lap. You burst out laughing, slapping your hands over your mouth to contain the giggles.
"Really, then. You asked for it, _." Cole says, then throws food in your face.
"Oh, it's on." You say, then throw chicken in his face.

A food fight follows, and you are covered in food. After it dies down, you are one of the first to get up and get a shower.

After you get out, you discover that it's raining. You play video games till it's time for bed.
You walk to your room, Kai following.
"So, _. I had fun tonight." You stare up at his dark brown eyes.
"Me too." E/c meets brown.
"S-so, g'night." He stumbles. You smile.
"Good night." Just as you are about to walk into your room, Kai stops you by grabbing your arm.
"Kai, wha-" You stop as he kisses you.
"Good night, Princess."