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"I refuse!"

Bruce rubbed his fingers against his head. "Damian, I don't have much of a choice here. I have to go with the league on an important mission. I'll be gone for two weeks at most and you're the only one who can do this."

"I am most certainly am not!" Damian growled. "Have Pennyworth do it!"

"Alfred is on vacation with his family in England." Bruce said grabbing a suitcase. "Family comes first Damian! How many times have I told you that?"

"Five hundred and twenty three times."

"Take it to heart this time." Bruce started walking towards a room placing a hand on it. "Listen to me, Damian and listen to me well, when I get back I want all of them safe and sound, well fed, bathed, and don't you dare scare them in anyway or so help me I will send you to Young Justice for a month."

"Tt. Like that scares me."

"I'll put you on Gama squad."

"You would not dare!"

"Try me." Bruce said opening the door. "Alright, boys I'm leaving."

Growing Damian walked into the room where he saw an ten year old Grayson swing off the curtains and tumbling through the air before landing on the bed. A nine Todd was gobbling down a loft a bread as he walked around stuffing things into his pocks. A eight Drake was trembling as he hide under a blanket looking at them. That little fool could pass for a five year old.

"Hiya, Bruce!" Grayson cried out before flipping through the air over to him. "Take us to the Zoo!"

"Bruce! I want some bread!" Jason yelped storming over. "And some chili dogs!"

"…" Tim just stood there looking at Bruce in awe with wide blue eyes.

"Bruce, Bruce, Bruce!" Dick said excitedly jumping up and down and when Bruce looking at him the boy jumped high into the air doing four perfect back flips without stopping until he landed on the floor. "Ta da!"

"Bruce! Gimme bread!"

"Bruce, watch this!"

"I'm hungry, Bruce!" Jason screamed pulling at Bruce's hand. "Feed me!"

"Enough! Both of you sit down!"

Damian snorted as the two former Robin's started to run around like untrained animals. Drake had somehow moved quietly around the room before standing a couple inches next to his Father looking at him as if the man had made the sky, heaven and Earth.

Wait, how did he get there without him knowing?

"Listen up, I need to go out of town for a little while." Bruce said and was met with displeased whines. "I have no choice but to leave you three with Damian. Although Damian is my absolute last choice out of desperation…"

Damian glared at him.

"...You three will be here with Damian for a week, please just stay inside, eat whatever you want, go to sleep at least midnight and when I get back I'll take you all to Disneyland."

"DISNEYLAND!" Dick screamed tumbling to the floor rolling back and forth. "DISNEYLAND!"

"Hell yeah!" Jason cried out before looking at Bruce again. "Feed me."

"I'll only take you three IF and only IF you behave." Bruce turned to Damian. "When I get back we'll find away to turn them back to normal."

"At least your last choice will going to this so place called 'Disneyland.'" Damian leered.

"Damian, I didn't mean it like that." Bruce sighed. "It's just everyone knows you can't handle a mission this complex's as this. It's just not your thing. Dick and Tim could handle this and Jason would be able to handle as well. Maybe not as well as the other two."

I can handle any mission better than all of them combine!" Damian snapped. "I am the best Robin!"

"No you're not," Dick said bouncing over to them. "I'm Robin."

"You ain't Robin, kid, I am!"

Tim huddled closer to Bruce clutching onto the man's shirt blushing happily at being able to be so close to Bruce Wayne aka Batman. If anyone had been listening really closely they would have heard a happily squeal of delight.

"I'm Robin!"

"No, I'm Robin!"

They two lunged at each other rolling around on the floor yelling and screaming at each other at the top of their lungs. Bruce watched them go at it before patting Tim's head glad the boy had been shy as a small child and not over hyper active or extremely short tempted… wait a minute that's how they were as adults!

"Well, son?" Bruce said turning to his only biological son.


"Care to prove you can handle this situation?"

Curling his lip back Damian stomped forward yanking the two apart before holding them both up by one arm.


"Wee!" Dick cheered out gripping onto his hand before moving himself until he was hanging upside down swinging back and forth. "Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!"

Jason grabbed onto Damian's hand too swinging back and forth laughing.

Damian let go frowning at them. "GO TO YOU'RE ROOMS."

"NO!" They shouted before taking off into the mansion laughing like little demons.

"You handled that well." Bruce said before leaning down to pick up Tim. "You'll be have won't you Tim?"

Tim nodded excidenly before hugging tightly to Bruce letting out what might have been a vry quite squeal.

"Tt. Idiot."

"Damian, be nice to you're brothers and don't let them go into the cave until I get back. Here take Tim."

"NO." Damian growled. "He can walk."

Grunting in frustration Bruce walked out of the room taking Tim with him and the three of them made their way to the study where Bruce set Tim down patting him on the head before moving to the cave and closing the entrance behind him.

Damian went to glare at the small boy before turning to go find Grayson and Todd. Going into the main hall way he listened when he heard crashing coming from the kitchen. Running there he found the imbalances rolling around in flour and a jar of cookies lying on the floor broken spewing out cookies as the two gather up as much as they could before taking off leaving a trial of flour behind them.

"Get back here and clean this up!"

A shift was next to him.


How did he get there?!

"You." Damian growled shoving a towel into the small boys hand. "Clean this up!"

Drake blinked up at him and Damian pushed the boy foreword before storming off to find the other two when he heard the distinct sound of a door slamming opening to the garage. Yelling out curses in Arabic running towards them swearing that by the end of the week he might have to explain to his Father why he killed his unworthy predecessors.

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