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Hate in Order

Aurora Australis

Lucia had been a Guardian for a few years, when things started becoming strange again, even when she weren't there (she was mostly out on her winter duty even making the snow fall in the high places) perhaps that was why it came as a surprise, when an Aurora suddenly pierced the sky not from the North Pole, as she was used to, but a powerful one from the South. Calling the winds she flew on the southern wind to reach the pole. The use of the polar light to the south was normally a natural thing, but Lucia and Jack had found a way to use it by using their power.

Lucia had exploited the South Pole, finding a means to use it to call people mostly the Guardians to a location, which was often told; when she emitted them. So that was why she was wondering the lights as she flew from the Hintertuxner glacier and Grossglockner in Austria to the South Pole, she had a small cavern near the actual Pole, not the middle of the Pole, which Humans had pointed out. This cavern had the most necessary things like Medical supplies, after all she was trained in that, only one of the Guardians knew, but he encouraged her to tell the rest, which she hadn't something's were nice to keep hidden until it was needed.


"Hello!" she called, as she landed staff in hand. She lifted her Hourglass trying to figure out, what was wrong, but it was not moving or vibrating, as she was used to it instead gave off a bright light, which she wasn't used to it doing, "Is someone here?"

"Lu…" a voice came, Lucia swirled around her hair wiping the hair, as she tried to locate the talker, her hourglass glowing brighter, "luci…"

Lucia finally located the person and blamed herself for a minute, before sprinting over, "Jack!" she cried out of concern, as she saw the fellow Guardian and Winter spirit Laying on the ground. His legs covered in wounds just like his face and arms what had happened to him? "Jack, oh my god. We must get you to Santoff Claussen!"

Jack stopped her, as she lifted the Hourglass, he placed a hand on her arm, shaking his head before closing his eyes passing out. Lucia was left frowning at what had happened? She decided to listen to what Jack had wanted and that was not going to Santoff Claussen or even think of getting help form there, as she saw it.

She got him into sitting position against her, before taking her arms in under his and grabbed his arm, noting the weather was getting bad, even if they were Winter Spirits; the weather was still something they had to watch for. Lucia had more than once taken a beating, when she underestimated the wind, but now it more seemed like the gathering winds and clouds was creating conditions, that made it impossible to find the two Spirits.

What the snout had happened?


Jack woke up to an unfamiliar feeling, it was gentle warmth, that he could handle for a minute. He just lay savoring the feeling, before he opened his one eye, looking at Lucia, who was sitting with closed eyes and holding her hands over his right arm. He took her a bit closer in; her hair was gently bashing in the waves she was using, she wasn't wearing her sweater, which he realized it was covering him the best it could, where was his Hoodie?

"Lucia…" he began opening his other eye, but Lucia shook her head, what was she doing? He managed to tilt his head, seeing that her hands were glowing in a silver light, making him realize; she was using her center to heal. Lucia, that still was an enigma in some ways, was using her power like that, "how?"

"Jack, if you keep trying to break my concentration, this is going to take too long, I'm already at my point" Lucia said, taking in a deep breath, he kept silent watching her. It wasn't long, before she stopped opening her eyes, placing her hands in her lap, "how do you feel?"

"like I've been run down by a snowplow" Jack said sarcastically, Lucia merely smiled knowing, it had happened. In fact it had happened to both of them before, which was why she had been investigating the use of healing. Sure she could wrap and bandage wounds, but she had always wanted to be able to heal, "what about you?"

"I'm tired," she admitted, "you were out for a few days, so I decided to try and ease your pain by using my center."

Jack lifted his arm, "what was wrong?"

"broken arm, misplaced knee, heavy bruising on your back, the list goes on your rib in the back almost fractured completely and broke when I moved you," Lucia explained, "it's going to take time, even with me using my center. Some thing's need time, not healing the way i do it"

Jack leaned his head back, "since when have you been able to do this?" he then asked Lucia let out a small sigh with a smile, "I mean; when did you learn it?"

"partly North, the time then Bunny had troubles with his leg after the sleigh failed," Lucia explained, Jack smiled remembering the Easter Bunny's look, when he was told to stay lying for a few days, "i watched North i have an interest in medicine and the like, North showed me how to do it. We learned, that even with Winter Magic, i could heal just a beneficial side effect from having Belief as your Center"

Jack nodded at her explanation, feeling his eyes begin to close Lucia noticed, "sleep Jack, your body is still in a lot of pain and like i said it will take a long time"

"if I'm in pain, then why can't I…" then it hit him, the gentle warmth was Lucia's Center, that was why she was so tired, not only was she healing him, she was also keeping the pain at bay for the time being.

Lucia began to gasp, her strength was ebbing away, but she would wait until he slept, "Lucia," she lifted her head looking into Jacks concerned eyes, "where is my Hoodie?"

"Just go to sleep, Jack, I'll be fine" she said, watching him, he wasn't convinced, but closed his eyes letting sleepiness claim him, as Lucia sensed this she withdrew most of her power.

She sat back against the wall, looking out at the blizzard behind the 'door', she had made. She could almost swear she heard bells and calling voices, but in the end it was only the howling wind that did it

"i'll look at your Hoodie in a little while " she said taking another Sweater forward folding it together ,lying down next to Jack taking him in a bit, she failed to notice Sandy who came in.

He had been wondering about the weather, as he had passed from South Africa to South America. With Jack mostly healed, he couldn't see how injured he had been, but decided to give the two some dreams to last them a few days even dusting them with enough sand to do so.

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