Another story because I saw 2x16 where this story starts also:)

I already wrote until chapter 5. Chapter 6 will be written tomorrow:)

The story contains much fluff and the characters are a bit out of character. Also Henry isn't that kind of brat as he is in the show before the curse broke.

"Don't talk to me.",Regina snapped at Emma who looked at her hurt. Regina flung a fireball at her but not with the intent to hurt her. She threw it so that the fireball definitely would miss Emma but Charming stepped between them and blocked the fireball. Regina flung Charming out of the front door and closed it with a flick of her wrist. Regina stepped to Emma and pressed her against a wall. She had a weak hold of her and looked into Emma's eyes. Both knew that she didn't wanted to hurt Emma. That she just wanted the love of her mother. "I'm so sorry, Emma.",Regina whispered and Emma nodded. "I know.",she whispered back and cupped her cheek softly.

Regina's eyes fluttered shut. Suddenly she heard a sword falling down and looked surprised behind her. Emma quickly changed their position. Emma wrapped an arm around Regina's waist and held a dagger against her throat. Regina put her hand on Emma's and took a deep breath before she looked to her mother who was threatened by Neal. "Choose wisely, Cora. Your daughter or the dagger.",he said and Cora looked between them. She chose the dagger and threw a spell at Emma who pushed Regina against Cora and out of the way. But Cora's spell hit Regina and she flew into the showcase which broke under her weight.

Regina screamed painfully and fell down. "No.",she breathed out when she felt a huge piece of glass sticking in her stomach. "Emma!" She gave a shit on their plan. Both, Neal and Cora looked confused at them when Emma ran to her and helped Regina on her back. She too saw the piece of glass. Regina sobbed. "She will die... Emma... she will die.",Emma held her and than picked her up. "She won't.",Emma said and kicked both Neal and Cora away when they tried to stop her. She carried Regina out of the shop towards the hospital. "I will save her. I will save both of you.",Emma said and walked faster. Regina just clung to Emma.

"Well... I think our cover is blown.",Emma said and smiled softly at her. Regina nodded. "I think so...",she answered and caressed her small bump. "You know what will happen when I loose her...",Regina said and Emma nodded. "I know, Gina. I know...",Emma said and kissed her forehead. "It's my fault... If I hadn't pushed you away..." "It was my mother's fault, Emma... She threw the spell at me. Because of her you had to push me away. You wanted to save us. You will save us. Like you already did once.",Regina said and Emma sighed. They finally arrived at the hospital and Emma almost killed Whale when he firstly refused saving Regina or their baby girl.

Emma never left Regina's side when they removed the glass and tried to rescue their baby. Emma held Regina's hand through the whole operation. Whale sighed relieved. "The babies are healthy. The glass didn't hurt them or anything which they need to live. And Regina. She will feel weak for a couple of days but she will be fine too.",he told Emma who nodded relieved until she processed the message. "Wait... babies? I was just one.",Emma said and Whale chuckled. "No. I counted 5.",he said and Emma felt how the strength left her suddenly and she fainted.

She woke up again a few hours later with a hand caressing her face. She opened her eyes surprised and saw into Regina's worried face. "I thought something happened to you...",Regina said and sighed relieved when she saw that nothing had happened to her. "No... I... I was just surprised about what Whale told me...",Emma answered and Regina looked at her confused. "He didn't tell you?" "Told me what? Is something with her? Is she okay?",Regina asked her scared and Emma cupped her cheeks. "They are fine." "T-they?",Regina asked and her eyes widened. "How many?" She felt weak suddenly and Emma kissed her softly. "Don't freak out, okay?",Emma answered and Regina nodded slowly. "5..." Regina gasped and took a deep breath than.

"Okay... okay... I won't freak out... I won't... Oh my god, Emma! 5 children! How the hell will we do that? I mean... two kids are definitely hard work and 5... that's a lot...",Regina said wide-eyed and Emma laid her arm around Regina's shoulder. "I'll be here. We will make it, baby.",Emma said and kissed her cheek. Regina looked at her softly. "I'm just scared... what if we totally mess up?",Regina answered and Emma sighed. "Do you want to know what I thought when I gave up Henry?" Regina nodded. "What if I did the wrong choice and he ended up in the system. But when I met you... I just knew I did the right thing. You are a wonderful mother, Regina. And I love you." "I love you too, Emma.",Regina answered and Emma smiled at her lovingly.

"So. We have to find a few names more than.",Emma said with a grin and Regina chuckled. Than she remembered what had happened so that she was in hospital now. "What happened with your parents and my mother?",Regina asked her and Emma got up shocked. "Shit. I completely forgot about them.",Emma answered and tried to find her phone. She finally found it and saw the many missed calls from her parents and Neal. "They called me and that not long ago so I think they are still alive." "And my mother?",Regina asked and Emma saw the fear in her wife's eyes. "I'll call them directly.",Emma answered and came back to her with the phone dialing Snow's number.

"Emma?",Snow asked her relieved. "Where are you?" "That doesn't matter right now. Is Cora still alive?",Emma asked. "Yes. She babbled something about you carrying Regina out of the shop... where are you two?" "At the hospital. Regina got hurt when she was thrown on the showcase.",Emma explained. "Why did you care? She tried to kill us." "She didn't... ugh... I'll tell you later... just leave Regina alone.",Emma snapped and Regina laid her head on Emma's shoulder. "Where is Cora now?",Emma asked. "I don't know. She vanished after we saved Gold...",Snow told her. Regina sat up quickly. She tensed again. "How was she?" "She was confused... and very scared... She even helped us saving Gold...",Snow answered and Regina looked hopefully at Emma and the phone.

"Does she have her heart back?",Regina asked Snow who gasped. "Regina... I... uh..." "Does she have her heart back?",Regina asked a second time. "I don't know. Probably no because Neal didn't saw her leave until she saved Gold..." "Than they are still in danger.",Regina whispered to Emma who sighed. "Who is in danger?",Snow asked who had heard Regina's sentence. "No one you have to know about yet.",Regina answered and ended the call. "We need to bring you and Henry somewhere save.",Emma answered and Regina shook her head. "I won't leave you alone neither will I allow you to leave your family behind.",Regina said and cupped Emma's cheeks. "I know that you could never forgive yourself for it, Emma. We will find a way to overpower my mother without you leaving your family."

Emma kissed her passionately. "I know why I love you.",Emma said with a small smile and Regina chuckled. "I love you more.",Regina just answered. "Really? Prove it.",Emma said with a smirk. "I have 5 babies in my stomach which are ALL from you. And they all will love you as much as I will. So that makes me to 6 people.",Regina said and Emma laughed. "That just can be your logic.",Emma said and pulled her closer. "Fine. You won." "Thank you, my dear.",Regina answered and they laid down softly.

Regina snuggled close to Emma and sighed contently. "How long until your parents will burst through the door?",Regina asked and Emma chuckled. "Mhm... There are three places where they could be. At the diner, at Gold's shop or at their loft. Each of it is I think 10 minutes away from the hospital so... in... I think 7 minutes.",Emma answered and Regina straddled her. "You remember our first night?",Regina asked and kissed her passionately. "Yes. How could I forget?",Emma answered and caressed Regina's bump. "I thought about Anastasia as second name for a girl." Regina looked at her lovingly. She took Emma's hand and smiled at the golden ring on her ring finger.

"Anastasia is a great name, my dear wife.",Regina said with a smile and kissed the back of Emma's hand. "I... I wanted to ask... if it would be alright if but just if we get a second son... if we could name him Daniel...",Regina looked at Emma with insecurity. Emma nodded. "But just if we name one girl Anastasia. You'll get your Dani and I my Ana.",Emma said with a cheeky grin and Regina nodded. "I love you so much.",Regina answered and kissed her again. That was the moment Snow and David chose to storm into the room with Henry and Neal.

"Uh...",David gasped and the three adults looked at the couple embarrassed and shocked. Just Henry bolted towards them and climbed on the bed. He hugged them and took a deep breath. "When I heard grandma saying that you are hurt I was worried sick, Mom!",he said and Regina kissed his forehead. "Emma saved us, Henry. Like she always does. Do you still doubt her?",she asked their son and he grinned. "How is it?",he asked them quietly and Regina leaned to his ear. "We'll get 5.",she whispered and he looked at her surprised. "And I thought you have to be that huge already.",he said quietly with a cheeky grin. She nudged him with a fake scoff but a huge smile on her face and than hugged him again.

"Wait. What's going on here?",Snow asked. "Yes. I thought you two hate each other.",Neal said, he seemed hurt. "Hate? Never. It was just a plan of us. Regina was save and she told me every night what her mother had planned.",Emma said and Regina shifted a bit so that she sat next to Emma. "So... what are you two?",Snow asked. "Married.",Henry said excitedly and all of them gasped again. "Married? You say that in the year Emma moved here and she always hated Regina she married her?",Snow asked and Emma groaned. "I don't hate Regina. I love her! More than anything else. I love her as much as I love Henry... the hate... it was just a facade so you wouldn't freak out.",Emma said and Regina leaned against her.

Regina smiled at Emma and kissed her cheek before she settled back against Emma. "I don't do this for revenge, Snow. I love Emma. With my whole heart. I could never hurt her. Even if I had to." "You attacked her in the shop.",David hissed and Regina shook her head. "Do you really think I can't aim? The fireball was aimed at the golden vase in Gold's shop. And I didn't choke her I pushed her softly back with my magic and just laid my hand on her throat.",Regina explained and Emma nodded. "And... and when did you two marry?",Neal asked and rubbed his neck. "The day before yesterday.",Emma said sheepishly and looked on their joined hands.

"What! But... but you were in New York with me and my father...",Neal said and Emma shrugged. "Well, we just needed Henry.",Regina said and Henry grinned at them. "It was nothing big. Don't worry. But with Cora being here... In case something goes wrong we just wanted to be married.",Emma said. "But how could you forgive her after the curse?",Snow asked and sat down on a chair. "She told me after our first kiss... She told us everything...",Emma said and Snow raised her eyebrows shocked. "How?" Regina smiled brightly and looked to Emma. "Well...",she started.