Chapter 10

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7 and a half months later...

"And that's child number 5. Congratulations, you two.",Whale said and Emma cut the cord a last time. "Thank you.",Emma said with an exhausted smile and turned back to Regina. "Are you alright?",she asked her and Regina nodded tiredly. "Just tired, honey. Just tired.",she mumbled and Emma kissed her forehead. "I love you." "I love you too.",Regina answered and drifted off to sleep while Whale stitched her again. "You want to watch the nurses so they don't make mistakes?",Whale asked when he saw Emma's longing look towards their five precious little children. Emma blushed and Whale chuckled. "Go. Than you can name them directly.",he said and Emma rushed after them.

They all laid in small baby beds and looked around interested. Emma smiled. Henry came to her and shocked her. "God, kid. Don't creep up on me.",she said and placed her hand over her heart. He chuckled. "Sorry, Ma. And? What are they?",he asked and they heard Snow and David slowly entering the room. "Two boys and three girls.",Emma answered. "So? What are your names? We still need one name for the boy and one name for a girl." "Henry and we discussed who would name whom in this case and...",David started. "We would like to call the boy Daniel.",Snow finished and David nodded. Emma looked at them surprised but than smiled brightly. "Regina will be so thankful. And what about you, Henry?" "I want to name her Tanya.",Henry said and Emma smiled.

Emma ordered some nurses to bring them to Regina's room when Regina was awake again. She sat next to the babies and counted every toe and every little finger of them and chuckled when the babies squirmed when she accidentally tickled them. "You are cute babies, aren't you? You are all cute, adorable and beautiful babies.",Emma cooed and sighed happily. The pregnancy and the last 10 hours may have been exhausting but it was worth every second. Soon Snow came back in the room and told her that Regina was awake. The nurses brought the babies over and Regina sat up delighted. Emma sat down next to her and kissed her cheek. "They have all 10 toes and fingers. I already counted.",Emma said and Regina chuckled. She turned to Emma and kissed her lovingly.

"So. How are they named?",Snow asked. Both looked confused. "The other 3. What are their names?" "Rose,Anastasia and Sebastian.",Regina answered and smiled. "And how did you three named the other two?" Emma wrapped her arms around Regina and smiled. "Daniel and Tanya.",Emma whispered and Regina gasped. "Who..." "We did. You gave us the honor to name one of your children and we wanted to show you our gratefulness by naming him after someone important of your life.",Snow said and Regina smiled. "Thank you.",Regina sniffed and Snow hugged her. "I'm sorry for everything... I hope that we finally can start new." "I know we can.",Snow whispered and Regina smiled brighter. "Can I hold one?",Henry asked and they chuckled.

Emma got out of the bed and walked over to Tanya. She picked her up and walked over to Henry. "Tanya, may I introduce you to your big brother Henry?",Emma said and placed Tanya into Henry's arms who held her carefully and sat down on a chair. Tanya tried to grab Henry's finger and sucked at it with closed eyes. Regina smiled warmly and indicated Emma that she wanted to hold one too. Emma picked up Rose and Regina took her in her arms and kissed her forehead. Snow and David took the boys and Emma took Ana in her arms. They all were content. A nurse entered the room with 5 bottles of milk. "Feeding time.",she just said and put the bottles next to Regina on the table. Everyone took one and Regina helped Henry, Snow and David a bit.

Emma sat at the end of Regina's bed and fed her little daughter like a pro. "Mhm, you trained.",Regina said and grinned. Emma looked up and smiled. "I wanted to make it easier for you. 5 children are ... many... and than teaching me to fed and change diapers? That would be more stress than necessary for you.",Emma answered and kissed Ana's forehead. "I love you.",Regina said and leaned over to Emma. They softly kissed and they smiled.

They were right. Together, everything was possible. No matter how tough it would be. Together, no one could stop them. Because true love is the most powerful magic of all and as long as you believe in love, nothing can separate it.

The End.