Tanya eyes herself in the mirror. "How do I look," Tanya asks with uncertainty.

"Like someone who will be deflowered on our vacation," Kim smiles at Tanya. "Blue is definitely your other color besides yellow; it makes your skin shimmer."

"Thank you," Tanya twirls in the lingerie. "You are such a good friend and if there is anything that you need just ask me with no hesitation."

Kim nods her head. "Oh, right now I want is for you to have an amazing first time." "So, how about you get dressed and we can continue shopping for our deflower mission."

"Okay," Tanya removes the lingerie. "I am still so nervous about having sex."

"Yeah, I felt the same way about my first time but Tommy and I both discussed our feelings before a day before we made love and realized we both had the same butterflies." Kim laughs, "Once that was out the way, we were able to enjoy the anticipation and the moment with no worries about whether we were doing it right or if it is what we both wanted."

Tanya smiles, "I should talk to Rocky about my feelings huh."

"Yup, just bring snacks and h should be good to go," Kim jokes.

"I know I said it before but I am glad that you back," Tanya hugs Kim. "Tommy's uncle has a large cabin but I will feel weird if the gang heard us you know doing it."

Kim stifles a laugh. "No, worries I have everything planned out." "We will be at the ski party while you and Rocky get down and dirty."

"Good thinking," Tanya walks with Kim into the shoe store.

An hour later, Kim sits in the food court waiting for Rocky.

"Wow, you are here right on time," Kim looks at Rocky. "Are you going to have a seat?"

"No, I am ready to shop for mission deflower," Rocky grins.

Kim makes a fac. "Whoa, if you turned down a chance to eat than this must be big." Kim hops up. "Okay, I know exactly where to stop," Kim sips the last of her soda before she throws it away. "We need to buy flowers, candles, massage oil, whip cream, chocolate, and any little goody I can think of."

"I am willing to follow whatever you tell me to do," Rocky walks next to Kim to the first store.

"Remember to treat her right," Kim smells a candle. "I do not want her calling me at the party complaining how much of an ass you were."

Rocky nods his head. "I will Kim, I promise." "Thanks for helping us."

"No, problem," Kim hugs Rocky before she smells another candle. "I know what I would buy for myself but you both seem to enjoy food, so would scents suggesting food make you two hungry or turn you two on?"

"Turn us on and make us hungry," Rocky laughs as he sniffs a candle.

Kim makes a face. "I guess that can be kinky in a way." "What foods do you think would titillate Tanya and your fancy?" Kim holds up a cake candle.

"Depends on the mood," Rocky sniffs the candle Kim has in her hand. "Like this candle reminds me of putting icing on Tanya's breast and licking it off whereas this one one reminds me of eating a big meal after having sex with Tanya." Rocky holds up a turkey-scented candle.

"Okay, I get it," Kim picks up a few candles. "The route we need to take is dessert then."

Rocky nods his head as he places candles into the cart. "I think this is by far my favorite shopping trip ever."

Kim laughs as she pushes the cart to the next section. "Hey can you grab a lighter?" "They are where the candles areā€¦ better grab more than one."

"Sure thing pinkie," Rocky walks back to the candle section of the store.

Kim picks up a bottle of massage oil and begins reading the label.

"Planning an eventful evening perhaps," Bruce asks as he walks up to Kim. He was out shopping and had seen Kim and Rocky through the store's window.

Kim shakes her head. "Actually I am helping Rocky and Tanya plan for a romantic night."

"Oh great, than I have no need to be upset," Bruce gives Kim a charming smile.

"Nope, still single," Kim sets the bottle down and reaches for another.

Bruce's smile brightens. Good she is not back with that oaf of a boy. "In that case if you are not doing anything tomorrow want to go out on a date with me?"

"I wish I could but we have plans to visit a cabin for the weekend," Kim puts the bottle down and reaches for another bottle.

"Oh well have fun than," Bruce's smile begins to disappear.

Kim plops the bottle into the shopping cart. "You can come if you want too."

"Really, would that be okay with your gang," Bruce's grin returns full watt.

"Sure why not; the more the merrier," Kim smiles at Bruce. She sees Rocky approaching. "The plane will be leaving tomorrow at eight."

Bruce follows Kim's glaze. "Okay see you tomorrow." "Hi, Rocky," Bruce waves at Rocky before walking off.

"So what was that about," Rocky looks at Kim. "Why did he run off?"

"I think he is going home to pack because I told him about the trip and invited him to come with us," Kim shrugs her shoulders.

Rocky glances at Kim. "I maybe shouldn't be saying this but how do you think Tommy will take it?" "I mean I know he is with Kat and all but he still has feelings for you."

"Honestly, Rocky I cannot put my life on hold waiting for Tommy to choose me," Kim gives Rocky a small smile. "Anyways let's get back to what we came here to do."

"Alright," Rocky pushes Bruce to the back of his mind. "How about you stay and you know help Tanya and me in the bedroom?"

Kim giggles, "Oh Rocky you are really too much." "How about I give you two some pointers and we leave it at that, okay."

"Sure but I think it will be more fun if you join us," Rocky gives Kim a seductive smile before pushing the cart to the next area of the store.

Kim shakes her head as she follows Rocky to the next area of the store. "I can only imagine how you will behave after you actually have sex with Tanya."

"I don't know what you mean," Rocky puts an innocent expression on his face.