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Prologue: Merlin.

A tall and handsome man sat at the round, wooden table with a large jug of ale. He didn't drink often, but he felt it was an occasion to be celebrated. The man went by the name of Merlin, and he was a Wizard. A strong and very powerful Wizard. He was waiting for his two friends: Morgana and Millicent who were also magical beings. They were both Witches, and held a similar power to Merlin.

Merlin felt slightly uneasy. He knew Morgana was travelling down a path she wouldn't be able to return from. She was well into the Dark Arts and as one of the most powerful Witches that lived, it was going to be hard to stop her from upsetting the balance between light and dark. He loved her dearly, and thought of her as a sister. They grew up together after all.

Millicent was young and very shy. She too, was powerful but her heart and soul were pure. Merlin had no worries for the beautiful young woman, she would do well.

Both women turned up together. They sat down at the table Merlin was at and the Barman bought over two glasses of red wine. Morgana was a regular customer at this particular tavern and it would not do to keep such an intimidating woman waiting.

'Hello my dear ladies. I hope you are both well?'

They both nodded.

'I understand you know what I've called you here for?'

'Yes. I do.' Morgana smirked.

Millicent looked confused. 'I'm not sure.' She blushed. 'I think so.'

'No worries M'Lady.' Merlin grinned. 'You understand that as a Witch you are very special? But, you are very special even for a Witch, as is Morgana and myself. We are, what are known as Elementalists. There are only four at any one time. One for each of the elements. You know this obviously, as I explained when you came into your inheritance. You are Earth. I am air. Morgana is Water, and fire was unknown. Until now. What we all felt was him coming into his powers, so we have to find him soon. Or, he may come to us as our power is strong, due to the fact we are together. Together, we are the four elementalists, and that makes us the strongest beings on Earth. But only when we're together.'

Morgana had heard all this before, so she finished her wine and stood to take her leave. 'Merlin. Millicent. I have things to do, always a pleasure. Good day to you both.'

Millicent waved and Merlin nodded. 'We need to watch out, Millie. Morgana is beginning to dabble in the Dark Arts, and I can feel her getting drawn in. We need to find our fire counterpart, he can help us, help her.'

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Merlin searched high and low, he traveled to different countries and looked for the fire boy everywhere he went. He knew Morgana was drifting further and further away and he was beginning to loose hope.

'Hello Sir, can I help you?'

Merlin spun around and he came face to face with a young boy, who was about 18 years old.

'Who are you?' Merlin asked the teenager.

'Martin. Who are you?'

'Merlin. I think you're the man I've been looking for.'

'Excuse me?' Martin asked, confusion written all over his handsome face.

'You can do magic yes? And you've recently come into a new power, am I correct?'

'How'd you know?'

'I'm the same as you. Well, not exactly the same, but similar. I am your air, and our water and earth Sisters are in my homeland. Will you come with me?'

'If you can prove to me that you can control the air. I have no family and friends here, it's a lonely existence. I do feel drawn to you however, and I believe I can trust you.'

'You can. Here, I'll show you.'

Merlin raised his arms to the sky and almost immediately the wind started whipping around his face, causing his hair to fly wildly into his eyes.

'Okay! Okay! I believe you. Take me home.'

Merlin gave the young man a smile and held out his arm. 'Know how to apparate?'

(Time skip- Setting: The same tavern Merlin sat in years previously. Morgana had turned evil and there's nothing her fire, air and earth counter parts could do to save her. After years of ferocious battle. Morgana was killed, but unfortunately she took the others with her leaving the world with out its Elementalists. But not for long.)

'Princess Ravenclaw, beautiful as always.' Godric Gryffindor took the lady's hand and gave it a small kiss. He beamed at her and she blushed.

'Prince Gryffindor, still the charmer I see?' She laughed. She hadn't seen her friend for a while, and truth be told she missed him. They were both in their early twenties and had been brought up together, being Princes and Princesses of neighbouring kingdoms.

'Is Slytherin going to be joining us today?' Godric asked quietly. It was common knowledge that he held no love for the hard-headed King, and the feeling was mutual.

'I assume so. I felt the pull, as did you. I assume he did too, and please call me Rowena. All of this Princess Ravenclaw makes me feel woozy.'

As if on cue, the door was slammed open and in strolled a very rich looking man. He looked around distastefully and sat at the table with his fellow Prince and Princess.

'Good day Prince and Princess.'

'King Slytherin.' They both nodded at the man respectfully, even though they didn't particularly like him. He was a hard man to get along with, and his opinions were harsh and in some cases, vile. But even with all that, he was very powerful, very rich and held a lot of influence over kingdoms that weren't his own.

'You both felt the pull then?' He said, looking at the duo with a bored expression.

'Yes, we did. And we intend to find her soon. We need a safe haven in Britain for the young Witches and Wizards, they are no longer safe.'

'Agreed.' Salazar Slytherin said. He loathed to agree with the reckless Gryffindor, but unfortunately it was the case, and if the Princess agreed, then it was definitely a good idea. Slytherin held more respect for Rowena Ravenclaw then anyone else he had ever met. Including his Parents.

'I feel our Sister is close. The pull is stronger this time, which surely means she isn't far.'

'Hmmm.' Gryffindor mused. 'Perhaps she is a fellow Queen or Princess? We all seem to be born into Royalty. Surely it's no coincidence?'

'That's true. I'll look in the North Kingdoms, Godric you take the East and King Slytherin, you take the West. If we haven't found her, we'll join back here in a week and look in the South together.'

They said their goodbyes and began their search.

7 days later they joined together again, but this time Princess Ravenclaw had another woman with her. She was timid, but she was certainly high-class.

'This is Princess Hufflepuff. She belongs to the kingdom that is furthest in the North. It's a tiny little place in the mountains, full of beauty. I was sad to leave.'

The men made their introductions.

'I'm Prince Godric Gryffindor. I'm your fire Brother.'

'I'm King Salazar Slytherin and I'm your Brother of Water.'

'And you know who I am. I'm your Air Sister. Together we make the Four Elementalists, the first who have come together since the great Merlin.'

'I'm Helga Hufflepuff. I realized I had an affinity for Earth when I was a little girl, but it became more apparent on my18th birthday, which was just over a week ago. So, do you know why we have wings?'

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter, sorry it's so short! But yeah, it was just a quick overview of a few past Witches and Wizards who hold the power. As well as being able to control the elements, they have other features too. But you'll find that out later. Thanks for reading!