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CHAPTER END: My lawful wedded Husband.

'Harry? Harry... HARRY!' Draco screamed. 'I can't find it. I can NOT find it! Where is it? I swear to everything that is Holy, I will cancel it. I will. I really really will. Stupid Gryffindor!'

Harry rolled his eyes at his fiancee. The blonde was so over dramatic about everything, that Harry had stopped responding so urgently to him.

'What have you lost dear.' He replied calmly as he strolled into the bedroom and wrapped his arms around Draco's slim waist.

'My silver tie!' The blonde practically sobbed.

'Your tie?' Harry replied with a raised eyebrow.

'The one that matches my eyes perfectly.' The Slytherin said mournfully, wiping his wet face on Harry's jacket clad shoulder.

'You're getting stressed over a tie?' Was possible the worst thing Harry could of said. But he said it anyway.

'I HATE you sometimes Potter. You just don't understand me!' Draco wailed, throwing himself on the bed.

'You hate me, because you can't find your tie? You don't even need a tie tonight, Dray. I'm just wearing my dinner suit.' He shrugged.

'We are getting MARRIED! Harry! Married!'

'Not today we're not, it's just the bloody rehearsal.'

Draco spluttered and Harry took the chance to run. As he was about to fly down the stairs he saw Draco's tie hanging over the banister.

'Ooooh! Dray, look!'

Draco saw the tie and he beamed so beautifully at Harry, that the Gryffindors heart melted and all tension was gone.

'I love you!' Draco cried as he threw himself into Harry's strong arms.

'I love you too.' Harry replied softly. He kissed the blonde on the head and then pushed Draco towards the bedroom.

'Get ready, Love. I'll be downstairs in ten.'

The rehearsal went splendidly, other than Draco bossing everyone around. Narcissa eventually took her Son to one side and explained that he wasn't being very nice and that people were getting fed up with his attitude.

He pouted and sulked for an hour, refusing to talk to anybody, much to everyone's delight. It went smoothly and as soon as everyone was happy with the outcome they finished up for the night and bade goodnight to the 'guests.'

They got home and went straight up to bed. It was gone 11 after all. The practice had over run by a hour and a half, due to Draco's funny five minutes. And the couple were exhausted.

'Told you.' Harry yawned.

'Told me what?' Draco replied.

'That we didn't need a practise!'

'We did! You had NO idea what you were doing.'

'Yes I did. I stood there and looked handsome.' The Gryffindor grinned smugly. 'I got it down to a tee!'

Draco cocked his eyebrow and relented.

'Fine. You were fantastic.' He muttered.

'Thanks babe! You were great too!' Harry said with just a pinch of false enthusiasm.

Draco just stared at Harry, which after about five minutes began to get quite annoying and just a little bit creepy.

'Dray, stop staring. It's rude.' Harry whined.

'You're rude.' Draco retorted.

'No, you're rude.' Harry replied, poking his tongue out at the blonde.

Draco done it back but recoiled in shock when Harry anticipated it and leaned forward in time to nip at the end of Draco's tongue.

'Arry!' He squealed holding his mouth in both hands. 'Yoo compete ucker!'

Harry chucked evilly and rolled over, only to receive a slap to the back of the head. He heard Draco huff in satisfaction and soon after felt the blonde edge his way over to where Harry was laying. He turned around and pressed his chest up against Draco's back, wrapping his arm around his waist.

'Goodnight babe.'

'Goodnight.' Draco replied sleepily. Before they could utter another word they were both sleeping peacefully.

'Wake up!'


'Wake up Potter!'

'Woz'happened 'Co?'

'I'm horny.'

Harry awoke fairly suddenly and shocked Draco by shooting up, then rolling over, pinning the blonde to the bed.

'Mmm. Horny Draco. Definitely one of my favourite Draco's.' He leered and waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

'Pervert.' The blonde laughed as he began removing Harry's PJ's slowly.

'So many bloody buttons!' Draco growled.

Harry just smiled. 'Need a hand?'

'Yes please.' Draco said sarcastically, giving up on the remaining buttons and pushing the shirt off Harry's shoulder. He grinned when Harry's 'helping hand' made its way down Draco's torso and into his pants.

'Mmm.' He whined. 'Clothes.'

'As you wish.' Harry leered and with a flick of his wrist, both him and his lover were completely naked.

If didn't take long before Draco's long, pale legs were propped up on Harry's shoulders and the Gryffindor was bent forward kissing Draco harshly and nipping along the blondes strong jaw.

'This is going to be our last session of fornication, Harry.' Draco breathed as he arched his back and whimpered in pleasure.

Harry raised his eyebrow and hissed. 'And what a good session it is, be quiet.'

'Excuse me?'

'Not completely quiet, those little whimpering sounds are beautiful.'

'I do NOT whimper Potter!'

'Okay, Love.' He resumed kissing Draco, swallowing the moans that were being emitted from the pretty mouth. He snapped his hips forward harshly and the blonde cried out in pleasure, his vision being marred by stars.


'Fuck, Dray.'

'M-m-more! Harry. P-p-pease!'

Harry hissed something in snake language and fucked his lover as hard as he could. Draco was shiny with sweat and he eyes were squeezed shut. Harry brushed a lock of wet hair out of the Slytherins face and dropped affectionate kisses on his forehead.

'I'll never get bored of your body.' He groaned. 'I love you.'

Draco finished with such force that he shot up and the only thing keeping him on the bed was Harry's body.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck!'

'Yeah... Shit!' Harry cried as he followed his fiancee into orgasm.

'Mmm. Intense.'

'I love you Harry.'

'I love you too Draco.'

Today was the day. Harry and Draco were getting married.

'Shit. I'm getting married. Fuck! Shay, what do I do?'

'Nothing mate. Chill.' Seamus laughed. 'Nev and I have sorted everything, all ya gotta do is get bathed and dressed.'

'Okay. I can do this. Okay, okay, okay.'

'Yes you can. You don't really have to do much.'

'Where's Dray?'

'Getting ready at the manor with Blaise.'

'Where's Luna?'

'Getting ready at the manor with Blaise.'

'WHAT! She needs to be here with me!'

'No she doesn't.'

'Yes. She's MY friend. MINE!'

Neville rubbed his eyes. 'Harry, you've got Hermione here.'


'Here. Sorry, Harry, my dress broke, so I had to fix it.'

'Hey! 'Mione! Help me!'

'Why? What's happened?'

'Harry's stressing.' Seamus said with a smirk. 'He's shouting at us about Luna.'

'Oh! Luna was meant to be coming over, but the floo's been blocked as someone gave the address away.'

Harry frowned.

'It's okay. We'll get it under the charm soon, so everyone will forget it. I'll go get Luna now.'

Harry nodded. 'Thanks, 'Mione.'

Draco was pacing, but he was relatively calm. He was ready to leave, but he didn't actually have to go for another half an hour.

'Draco! Stop pacing, you'll mess your robes up.' Pansy said calmly.

'My goodness. You're right.'

'I'm always right. You look so hot by the way, Harry is going to jump you immediately.'

Draco, did in fact look, hot. He wore hand-tailored robes in midnight blue with silver buckles down the front. The robes had a delicate silver trim around the edge and on the collar. A small Lion pendant was pinned to the left side of his throat and a smart and very expensive Italian shoes rested on his feet, under charcoal dress trousers.

He smoothed his robes down and brushed his hands through his hair.

'Draco! Hands off!' Pansy shrieked.

'Go 'way.' He mumbled.

'You two are annoying. Pansy, go make sure Theo is ready. Luna's gone over to Harry's, and Draco. Stop pacing, you'll mess your robes up.' Blaise said as he sashayed into the room looking very handsome himself. He was wearing similar robes to Draco, minus the silver trim and his buckles were black and not silver.

'Your outfit makes your eyes stand out.' He commented as he attached a watch to Draco's wrist. It was a Wedding present from himself and his Mother. Harry had a matching one, but with a green face. Draco's was grey.

'Thanks, Blaise.' He replied softly.

'Right! You ready. Let's go!' Blaise said cheerfully.

Melinda, Narcissa, Lucius and Blaise walked with Draco to the grounds that had been decked out at the new Manor, much like at Luna and Blaise's wedding. There wasn't many flowers as neither Harry nor Draco were particularly fond of them, but there were Lily's and Narcissus' dotted around, in honor of Draco's Mother and in memory of Harry's.

'It looks amazing Mother, Mel. Thanks.' Draco whispered as he walked to his spot. It was simple and elegant and perfect for two men. The chairs were simple wood yet they looked classy decorated in grey and black. Grey and green materials decorated the rest of the area. It really was perfect.

Harry had arrived and he was waiting behind his allocated door. Both he and Draco refused to walk up the isle, so they came to the agreement that they'd both walk down the isles at the side instead. Draco was going to walk with his Mother, followed by Pansy and Luna and Harry was walking up with Neville, followed by Hermione and Teddy. Draco felt a twinge of guilt at the fact that Harry's Parents wouldn't be there, neither would the Gryffindor's Godfather. He was just glad his Lover had good friends.

Draco gasped when he saw Harry. He was wearing a smart muggle suit, but instead of a jacket, he wore a cloak. It was matching to Draco's, but Harry wore a little silver snake on his collar, in place of Draco's Lion. He wild hair was tamed, ever so slightly, so it looked sexy messy rather than just got out of bed messy. His eyes were glowing and his pink lips were pulled up into a shy and beautiful smile.

They took their places in front of the Minister and clasped hands. Draco gave Harry a wobbly smile and Harry squeezed his hand gently, bringing it to his lips and kissing the blondes knuckles. The crowd awww'd and both Harry and Draco blushed.

'Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. We are gathered here today to witness the bonding of Harry James Potter and Draco Lucius Malfoy...'

The Minister said a few words, but it went over Harry's head. The only thing he could see was the beautiful blonde in front of him.

'Draco, your vows.'

The Slytherin smiled.

'Harry, you are my world. You always have been and you always will be. I love you more than anything, and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I don't deserve a man like you, but I'm so happy you chose me, despite our rocky past. You are brave and loving and you give, never to receive. You're perfect. You're amazing and you're so damn beautiful. I love you.'

Draco had tears in his eyes and he held back a sob. Harry's tears were falling freely, as were most of the guests. Harry pulled Draco into his arms and breathed in the scent of his hair.

'Harry, your turn.'

Harry dried his eyes with the back of his hand.

'What he said.' He muttered.

The crowd laughed and Draco rolled his eyes.

'Okay. Draco, you're my life and soul. The ying to my yang, that's a muggle saying so if you don't get it I apologise. You are my everything and without you I am nothing. You are the most beautiful person I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Thank you for these past years and I ask that you give me the honor of spending many more years with me. I love you Draco, I love you to the moon and back. I always will, through everything, through our ups and downs and I will love every minute of it. Merlin Dray, I love you...'

This time it was Draco who had the tears running down his cheeks.

'I love you so much.'

'And, I, you.'


Teddy came rushing forward in his dress robes, carrying two platinum bands. Draco and Harry bent down slightly to pick one up and both kissed the boy gently on the head.

'Eww guys!' He sniffed before wiping the kisses off and running off to sit with his Gran.

Everyone laughed and the couple slipped the rings on to each others fingers.

'I now pronounce you, Husband and Husband... You may kiss the man? Er, just kiss already!' He laughed.

Harry chuckled before sweeping Draco into his arms and kissing him fully on the mouth. A pale golden light surrounded the two and the guests clapped and wolf whistled.

'I love you, Potter.' Harry said slyly.

'I love you too, Malfoy.' Draco laughed.

'Misters Potter-Malfoy!' The Minister announced and the two clasped hands and walked slowly down the middle isle followed by the girls and the best men.

Pansy, Hermione and Luna were wearing matching dresses of Midnight blue, to match the the boys robes. Diamonds decorated the bust line and the hem, and their long hair fell in loose curls down their backs.

After pictures and congratulations the group made their way inside for dinner. Harry's hand never left Draco's waist and the soft smiles on their faces would never leave the memory of anyone who witnessed it.

It was a flawless, beautiful day.

'Lunaaaa!' Harry called as he stepped out of the fireplace. 'Helloooo?'

'Harry, Draco...? What you doing here? One would think you'd go straight home after travelling for two months!'

Harry saw the blonde girl and he threw himself at her, wrapping his arms around her waist and spinning her around. 'Merlin's beard I've missed you!'

'I've missed you too, Harry. Fun?'

'It was the best thing we've ever done! Incredible! Wasn't it Dray?'

'Yeah.' The blonde replied happily, hooking his arm around Harry's waist. 'I did miss home though.'

'Mmm me too. Neither of us liked being away from you for so long!'

'You could of come back you know!' Blaise smiled as he came down the stairs. He hugged Harry and Draco tightly.

'Defeats the object of getting away for a bit!' Draco laughed.

'Normal people go away for a week of two, or three MAX, for their Honeymoon. Not you, oh no!'

'Oh course not. We have too much money than we know what to do with, so we';re going to spend it on Lavish holidays and helping orphaned children.'

'And what about work?' Luna asked.

'I'm Harry Potter, I can kinda do what I want.' Harry smirked with an uncharacteristic smug look of his face.

'Never thought you'd be one to take your fame for granted. You used to wish people would forget you!' Blaise said with a raised eyebrow.

'Meh, I don't like doing it but I'm only a part-time Healer anyway, I would much rather do my charity work, but I do want to Heal too. Hard life isn't it?' Harry sighed dramatically.

'Anyway, enough about Harry being a tosser! Presents!' Draco cried happily. He pulled out a load of bags from his large suitcase and rummaged through them.

'There's one thing from each place we visited.'

'Oooooh!' Luna cried as she unwrapped her gifts. She and Blaise unwrapped the objects and beamed happily at the newly-weds before shouting their thanks and moving on to the next one.

'So, you went to America, India, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Russia, New Zealand, Italy and Japan?'


'In two months?'


'How did you manage to see it all?'

'We're Wizards dear, we can floo and apparate. Just saying!' Harry said with a grin.

'You know what I mean!'

'We spent a week in America, India, South Africa, Russia, New Zealand and Japan, then split the European countries over the remaining two and a half weeks.'

'Plausible.' Blaise muttered. 'I still prefer our Honeymoon.'

'Of course you do.' Harry said comfortingly, making Luna and Draco chuckle.

'Anyway hope you like the gifts!' Harry said. 'Draco wants to go see his Mama. He's getting fidgety, look!'

'Loved them! Thanks for thinking of us, come over for dinner tomorrow?'

'Course, love ya!' They shouted back as they jumped into the fireplace and floo'ed to Malfoy Manor New.

After they had lunch with Narcissa and Lucius, Harry and Draco quickly visited their friends, chucking the gifts at them then running away. Neville, Seamus, Dean, Pansy, Theo, Hermione and the others were all fairly speechless when a flash of blonde and black came zooming in and with a shout of 'coffee in the week' it wa over and they were left with a pile of presents. Not that they were complaining.

The boys spent the day chilling in front of the T.V eating junk food and occasionally molesting each other. They were too tired to really do anything, but it didn't stop them having a go.

There were currently watching 'The Lion King.' And Draco was giggling at Harry who was singing the songs quietly to himself.

'What?' Harry asked grumpily.

'You know the words.'

'Yes, problem?'

'No, it's cute.'

Harry snorted and resumed watching the film, snuggling into Draco's lap when the blonde pushed his head off and jumped to his feet.

'Dray... What..?'

But the Slytherin was gone, Harry stood up and went to find his Husband.


He walked down the hallway and as he approached the bathroom, he heard the distinctive sounds of someone throwing up.

'Oh.' He muttered. 'Babe, you okay?'

'N-n-no.' Draco sobbed through the door. Harry slammed the door open and knelt on the floor, brushing Draco's hair out of his eyes and rubbing small, soothing circles on his back.

'Hey, shh. It's okay. Just something you ate.'

'I was sick, t-the other d-day too.' Draco admitted, almost guiltily.

'Hmm, bug or virus maybe. Let's get to to the bedroom and I'll give you a check over, have you finished?'

Draco nodded. Harry helped him up and after quickly brushing his teeth he leaned into his Husband and allowed Harry to support him into the bedroom and on to the bed.

'Shirt off.' Harry commanded and Draco followed without question, he leaned back into the soft pillows and closed his eyes.

Harry used a charm to warm his hands up, then ran them over Draco's torso, his hand stopped over the blondes belly and hovered there for a minute or so.

Harry, Draco, Blaise and Luna were now skilled in the art of wandless magic. They knew they could do more than other Witches and Wizards their age, when they were 18, but as they got older their powers grew and now they could do nearly every single spell without a wand. Not that they stopped carrying their wands with them anyway, it was more habit and comfort than anything. They often met up and flew together and in the winter they would have snowball fights in the air. Recently they had been practicing their strength in the air and they had tried carrying each other and some of their friends whilst flying.

The four elementalists had done many good deeds for the people, in countries all over the World over the years, by using their powers to help others. Just little things most of the time, but the occasional 'big' thing would be over the papers for weeks. They found that they were defending people from Natural Disasters more than anything, but there was a strong chance the disaster had been created by Dark Magic in the first place. Harry had stopped several forest fires, during a suspicious heatwave one summer. Luna managed to change the direction of the wind during a vicious wind storm in America whilst on holiday and Draco stopped the tidal wave that accompanied the storm, from hitting the beach. Both of them saving countless muggle and magical lives. Blaise had prevented a landslide from happening whilst he and Luna were exploring some forest in the North. He had saved a village of Wood Elves and in the process gaining the respect and trust of the entire race. As the Earth elemental he was practically a King to them anyway.

'Sorry Draco, was reminiscing then.' Harry smiled. 'Was just thinking about how far we've come with our Powers and the things we've done with them.' He sighed happily and moved his hand in circles. 'We're always there at the right time eh?'

'Hence why they think it's dark magic babe, trouble follows us like bees to a honeypot.'

'True. There's always something.'

'Always.' Draco sighed. 'What's wrong with me?'

Harry frowned at Draco's tummy, and muttered a spell, still moving his hand in circles. He paled when the pale stomach glowed a faint pink-red colour.

'Uh, not sure. Let me do something else.' He muttered. He said the spell again, and the same colour was admitted.

Harry paled, but he beamed at the same time. He shook slightly but gathered Draco up in his arms. 'Oh Merlin!'

'What? What! Harry?'


'We're going to be Daddies!' He cried.


'You're pregnant Dray! You're having a baby. We're having a baby.'

'Holy shit.'

'Aren't you happy? Dray, we're going to have a family!'

'A family.'

Draco had gone into shock. His face was paler than usual and his eyes were wide.

'Erm, hello. Dray?'

The blonde didn't answer so Harry splashed some water on his Husband.

'Argh!' He cried as water dripped down his face. 'What was that for?'

'You were ignoring me.' Harry shrugged.

'Are you happy?'

'Huh?' Harry said.

'Are you happy?'

'More than anything Draco.' He beamed.

'Good.' Draco smiled as he buried his face in the crook of Harry's neck.

'All you need to do is take it easy, Wizard pregnancies are more delicate than normal ones. This is going to be amazing! We have to go and tell Blaise and Luna, they'll be so happy! Wow, you and Luna will have bumps together!'

'Oh yeah! I hope they don't think I'm trying to steal the limelight.'

'Don't be silly!'

'I love you Harry.'

'I love you too Dray, and I love you!' He whispered as he laid a tender kiss on Draco's still flat belly.

'How far gone do you think I am.'

'I'm thinking 9 or 10 weeks. I can make a potion to find it out, you're going to have to call in about work, there's no way you can work with potions whilst pregnant.'

'I can use protective spells Harry, plus with my skill there is no way they'd be any mistakes.'

'I know babe, but just in case. No flying on your own either.'

'Yes Mother!'

'Ooooh that's a point, lets go see them. Your Mother is going to be ecstatic!'

'HARRY!' Draco screamed from the bedroom. He was curled up on the bed, doubled over in pain. 'Harry.' He sobbed, stuffing his face in the cushion. It was less than 20 seconds later when a frantic Harry came rushing up the stairs with a large black bag in his hands.

No words were said as he scooped his Husband up and abruptly floo'd to St. Mungo's. They were ushered to a private room immediately and Harry barked out instructions for someone to contact the Malfoys and Zabini's.

'Harry?' Draco cried from the bed. He was sweating profusely and there was panic in his eyes.

'Hey baby, I'm here. I love you.'

'Right. Mr Potter-Malfoy, as your husband is well, your husband he can't have a natural birth, so we will have to give him a cesarean. There is nothing wrong with this okay? I just felt I should pre-warn you. We won't put him to sleep, but we'll use numbing charms so he won't hurt.'

'Okay, just do it.' He squeezed Draco's hand and placed butterfly kisses on the blondes forehead. Narcissa and Lucius came rushing in as the were performing the operation and Blaise and Luna followed soon after. One of the Healers tried to push the four out, but they were having none of it.

'Leave them, Draco wants us all here and right now he can have whatever he wants.' Harry growled.

'You alright Luna, where's Ivy?' Harry asked as Luna rushed round to the other side of Draco, with Narcissa hot on her heels.

'Hey baby boy.' The older Slytherin woman cooed. Draco smiled at his mum, but didn't make any effort to talk.

'She's at home with Melinda.'

'Thanks for coming Luna babe.' He smiled.

'Anything for you two. Ivy's going to love her new friend.'

'Right, baby will be here in 3...2...1!' The Healer announced loudly. Draco squeezed Harry's hand and the Gryffindor whispered sweet things into Draco's ear.

The Healer removed the baby and took it immediately to be wrapped up in a blanket. She cleaned the child up a bit and the baby made a quiet crying sound.

'You have a beautiful baby boy.' She smiled happily as she handed the little bundle over to Harry. Another Healer was fixing Draco's stomach and Narcissa was laughing and crying at the same time. Lucius and Blaise had joined the girls and were both petting Draco whilst trying to look at the baby. Harry was reluctant to let go but he allowed his in laws and best friends to see the child as he passed him over to Draco.

All of them fought for a hold when it became apparent that Draco was too tired to resume his cuddle.

Narcissa won, and she eventually passed him over to Lucius, then finally Luna and Blaise.

'James Lucius.' Draco yawned sleepily before smiling at his family and friends and then falling into a light doze.

Harry had a tear in his eye as he looked at the face of his new born Son.

'James- Lucius. Perfect. Just perfect. I love you.'

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