Welcome everybody! This story is a result of my voting poll, and I hope you all enjoy it. The time is set after Trouble in Tokyo.

"Do you seriously think I will agree to something like that?" Raven asked, staring at Starfire with disbelief. The dark girl was sitting on the couch with a book in hand, her alien friend floating in front of her with pleading emerald eyes. A few feet to her right, Cyborg and Beast Boy were pounding on their video game controllers while Robin prepared himself a snack in the kitchen. It was a warm day in early October, and, like any other typical teenagers during nice weather, the Teen Titans were spending it inside.

Starfire clutched her hands together. "Yes friend Raven! I have heard many glorious things about 'the sleepovers' and would like to have your involvement in one with me!"

Raven sighed. "You really think that I would want to go to something like that? I have better things to do with my time." She tried to go back to the book she'd been reading.

"Please friend Raven!" Starfire pleaded, drawing closer with wide eyes, and Raven vaguely wondered who it was that had taught her the infamous "puppy eyes". It certainly couldn't have been Robin. Starfire smiled, an open expression filled with hope. "I look forward very much to the 'fights of pillows' and 'girl talk' I have heard so much about! You must join me!"

"Whoa, pillow fights?" Beast Boy paused the game, and the two girls turned around to find him, along with Cyborg and Robin in the distance, listening attentively to their conversation. "Dude, Raven, you've got to go to this sleepover!"

"Didn't anyone ever tell you it's impolite to eavesdrop?" she growled, closing her book. "And why would you care? You wouldn't be going to a girl's sleepover either way."

Beast Boy smiled widely. Of course he hadn't planned on being invited to the sleepover -if there was going to be one at all- but the thought of maybe sneaking in on the girls when they were dressed in their lingerie and smacking each other with fluffy pillows did appeal to his young teenage mind. If Starfire had a sleepover in the tower's main room, there could be a distinct possibility that he might get a glimpse of this fantasy. "I'm not saying that I'm going to go, Raven!" Beast Boy lied. "I'm saying that you should go because of the pillow fight! Those things are awesome!"

Raven frowned at him, knowing there must be some secret motive behind his encouragements, and though she had her suspicions as to what it might be, she knew she couldn't outright accuse him without evidence of some kind or she would look like a fool. It didn't help that Starfire didn't realize his intentions and instead went along, agreeing with him. "Yes Raven!" she cried. "The fights of pillows will be one of many enjoyments that our sleepover would have!"

Cyborg joined in. "It does sound like it would be fun, Raven," he provided, unable to help that despite his higher maturity level he still wanted to see girls pillow fighting.

"It could be a good bonding experience for you and Starfire," Robin added, approaching.

Raven huffed. She never had been one for the late night gossips or girl talks, having grown up on a different world and being taught to keep her emotions under control out of fear that Trigon's power could take her over if she opened up too much. Now that Trigon was dead though, she was free to feel what she wanted to as long as she didn't accidentally blow the roof off with a burst of emotion. She groaned, "Fine, I'll do it." Starfire squealed, clapping her hands together. "But-," Raven cut her off with a sharp look, "if we must, we won't have a pillow fight." She paused, her eyes glittering dangerously. "It'll be a war."

Starfire laughed happily, swooping higher in the air, and even Robin had to smile at that. "Wonderful!" Starfire exclaimed. "I shall invite our other friends!"

"Others?" Raven asked, but Starfire was already gone, having flown off to find more girls to include in their sleepover. "She never said anything about others," Raven muttered.

"Weeeelll, that's Starfire for you," Beast Boy smiled, starting his game against Cyborg again. "She was probably so excited because you agreed that she forgot to tell you." He glanced at the empath. "So, you think you'll need some help with that pillow war?"

Raven picked up her book. "You're not coming, Beast Boy."

"Aw, dude, why not?" he whined.

"Because it's a girl's sleepover, and you, as far as I am aware, are not a girl." Raven stood and turned from him, walking away from the couch.

Beast Boy groaned. "You're with me on this, aren't you Cy? I mean, there's going to be tons of girls in the tower for a sleepover!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "Dude, it would be like a dream come true except that we can't get into it!"

"Yeah man, I feel for you," Cyborg admitted. "Though if the girls don't want us to come, then there's nothing we can do." He cast a swift look at Robin who was hovering over Starfire's shoulder as she dialed the phone. "I'm sure that Robin would want to get in too if he could, but we aren't girls."

"Dude!" Beast Boy jumped up. "I just got a crazy idea!"

"We are not dressing up like girls to sneak into the sleepover man," Cyborg stated without missing a beat.

"Aw!" Beast Boy sulked, plopping back down on the sofa. They were both quiet for a few minutes, half-heartedly pressing buttons on their controllers. During that time, Robin approached the two.

"Well guys, it looks like Star's finished inviting a few more girls to her sleepover," he announced.

"When is it?" Cyborg asked, casting a quick look over his shoulder at Robin.

"She's planned for it to be tonight. They'll be sleeping in this room here, so we'd better pick up some of our garbage that's lying around. Meaning your garbage."

"Dude, this is so unfair!" Beast Boy suddenly exclaimed, throwing his controller in the air, uncaring that he was in the middle of the game. He wasn't really paying attention at this point anyway, seeing as he was distracted by the fantasies that were inhabiting his mind. "A bunch of girls are having a sleepover in our Tower, right under our noses, and we can't go! I'm sure they're going to have an awesome pillow fight too, just to spite me!"

Robin stayed silent, portraying nothing that might reveal his opinion being in agreement with or against Beast Boy's.

"I'll bet they'll be talking up some juicy gossip too," Cyborg nodded, glancing at their leader. "You know how it is with girls. They stay up all night when it comes to these things, talking about shopping and shoes and stuff. And the boys they like," he added with a mischievous smile. Both Beast Boy and Robin looked up at that. "Yeah," Cyborg continued, "that's mostly what it's all about. They talk about who they're in love with and why they like them and all that." Robin frowned.

"So what plan have you two cooked up to get in?" he asked, leaning on the couch.

Beast Boy grinned. "Well, I had one idea-."

"We're not dressing up like girls, Beast Boy," Robin cut off. Beast Boy huffed, crossing his arms. "Anything else?" the leader inquired, ignoring the younger boy. Cyborg shook his head, and Robin put his hand to his chin, the ingenious detective's mind pondering the problem.

"Dude," Beast Boy suddenly said. "We could just try to sneak in."

"Hm." Robin considered it. "It could work, if we time it right. One of us could just walk in for a 'midnight snack' and…" He frowned, moving his head back and forth like he was coming out of a daze. "What am I saying? We need to let them have their privacy. We can't do this."

Cyborg and Beast Boy exchanged glances. "Man, Starfire."

"In her underwear, dude," Beast Boy reminded.

Robin faltered. No matter how good of a leader he was, he still was a teenage boy. "No, we still can't," he decided, trying once more to fight his primal urges. "It's an invasion of privacy!"

"Okay, then I guess you'll never find out why it is that she likes you," Cyborg shrugged, he and Beast Boy turning away. "If you're never going to end up progressing in whatever 'relationship' you have going on right now, then that's not my fault, man. It's your call."

Robin hesitated, and then gave in. "Well, I guess if it's because it's like that…"

"Awesome, you're back in," Cyborg grinned, facing the Titan leader once more. "I knew you wouldn't be able to resist because of Starfire."

His cheeks slightly red, the leader frowned. "What about you guys then? You sure there isn't some specific reason you want to get into the sleepover?" he asked, crossing his arms.

Cyborg laughed. "It's girls in their underwear. Why wouldn't I want to?"

Beast Boy grinned, his canine tooth glinting. "Pillow fights, dude."

Robin ran a hand through his hair. "You know, I don't think that girls actually sit around in their underwear all the time at these things, let alone have pillow fights in-."

Beast Boy slapped his hand over Robin's mouth. "Shh, dude! Don't ruin it for me! I've got fantasies built off of this!" He tapped his head with a finger as if to keep the dreams within his brain.

Cyborg smirked almost knowingly. "Are you sure there isn't a different reason, BB? Other than the pillow fights?"

"What? No," Beast Boy answered, frowning.

"You sure there's not a certain girl that you'd want to hear who it is that she's got a crush on?" the larger teen cooed, his robotic eye glowing bright.

"No dude," Beast Boy insisted. Robin lifted an eyebrow. Beast Boy saw. "What?! You think I like someone?!"

"Not at first," the leader admitted, "but now since you're denying it so strongly I think that you must." He leaned forward, a smile making its way across his face. "Spill it, Beast Boy. Who do you have a crush on?"

"No one!" he squeaked, and was saved from further pestering by Starfire's arrival. A garbage can in her hands, she glided over to the boys, each who quickly straightened.

"Excuse me, friends! I am needing to clean up the bags of chips so that I can prepare for our guests' arrivals!" She flew to the table, humming as she threw trash into the garbage can. The boys watched her, Beast Boy quietly sighing with relief at his escape from the interrogations. Once Starfire had finished, she faced the boys. "How many pillows are needed in a fight of the pillows?" she asked, eyes sparkling excitedly.

"Um…," Robin said, "I think that you only really need one per person."

"But we're having a war," Raven reminded, appearing from behind the couch. Cyborg and Beast Boy jumped in surprise, falling off the sofa. "We'll need a lot more than one per person."

"Don't do that!" Beast Boy complained, rubbing his head. Raven ignored him.

"Does that mean we will need to go to the mall of shopping?!" Starfire cried eagerly. Raven sighed, dipping her head, and Starfire laughed with joy. She snatched Raven's arm, proceeding to fly out the door at an unbelievable speed. The doors slid shut behind them.

The boys looked at each other. "Okay, now we need to find a way to get in," Cyborg said.

"The party has arrived!" Bumblebee spread her arms out wide, announcing her arrival. She was dressed in her usual yellow and black outfit, accessorized by a green bag was slung over her shoulder. The girl's hair was tied up in two separate, tight buns, and her heels gave her a boost by at least two inches. Playing video games on the couch, the three boys on the sofa glanced back at her. Bumblebee looked around the room. "So, uh, where are all the girls in this place?"

"Shopping," Cyborg replied, focusing on the game. "Aren't you early?"

"Why does it matter, Sparky?" she asked, flying over to the sofa with a soft buzz of her wings. "You miss me? We haven't hung out in a few months, right? Getting lonely?"

"The only thing I've missed is kicking your butt during training," Cyborg grumbled, pounding on his controller. Bumblebee smiled. She always could push just the right buttons when it came to teasing Cyborg, in both the literal and figurative sense. It helped that he was half robot. Adjusting her bag filled with the things she needed for the sleepover further up her shoulder, she sat down on the couch.

"So, what are you all playin'?" she asked, propping her feet on the table.

"Nothin' you need to join in on," Cyborg grunted, knowing how competitive she could get and forgetting that he was usually the reason.

"It's a racing game," Robin answered so not to be rude.

"Racing, huh?" Bumblebee snatched a controller from Beast Boy. "Let me have a go."

"Hey!" Beast Boy complained. "I wasn't done with that!" He tried to pull it out of her hands, but she kept him back with her foot. She battered the buttons on the controller, and soon there was a flag on the screen broadcasting that her car had crossed the finish line in first place.

She grinned. "What was it that you always say, Sparky? Boo-ya?"

Cyborg threw the controller down. "You only won because we were almost at the end when you joined! I demand a one-on-one rematch!"

Bumblebee lifted an eyebrow. "Challenge accepted." She picked up her controller again, and she and Cyborg began another race, Robin and Beast Boy glancing at each other as the starting light on the T.V. signaled green. Around the middle of the race, the main doors slid open, and Raven glided into the room.

"No pillows, Raven?" Robin called, noting her arrival.

Raven looked at him. "Starfire insisted she carry them all. It was quite an… interesting trip back." She had scarcely finished speaking when Starfire floated in. It was difficult to see who was there actually; pillows of all shapes and sizes were stacked to the ceiling, steadied by Starfire's arms and legs and hiding the girl from view. If the boys could see the alien princess's face, they would have been blinded by the bright smile she was wearing. It was a wonder that she'd balanced all the cushions through the hall without dropping the majority of them. A large blue pillow fell from the top of the pile, but before it could touch the ground, Raven levitated the cushion back onto the stack. Though she didn't crack a smile, it was clear that she was enjoying this.

"Boo-ya, Sparky! That's how it's done!" Bumblebee proclaimed her victory, jumping up on the couch and pumping her fists in the air. Once again in first place, she had beaten Cyborg by a wide margin.

"Boo-ya's my thing," Cyborg muttered.

"Whoa!" Bumblebee exclaimed, turning around and catching sight of the enormous mound of pillows. "Are we going to war with those things or something?" She soared up to the other girls.

Raven blinked. "Maybe."

Robin approached Starfire. "Star, do you need a hand with that? It looks like it could fall over any minute. Maybe I could-."

"Oh, no, Robin!" came Starfire's muffled voice from the heart of the fluffy mountain. "I am quite wonderful! In fact, I am glorious! It is like carrying the white objects that float in the sky in my arms!" She somehow made her way to the center of the room and dropped her load behind the couch. Robin swore the earth shook when it hit the ground.

Beast Boy poked his head up from where he sat on the sofa. "Dude, that's a lot of pillows!" Without hesitation, he dove into the center, swimming around like he was doing the backstroke through the ocean and spreading the cushions throughout the room even more so as he did so. "This is awesome! Why can't we be in the pillow war?!"

"Wait, the boys aren't joining us?" Bumblebee asked. "And I was looking so forward to kicking Sparky's butt," she sighed. "Just like I did at his game, but worse." By the sofa, Cyborg strangled the air in front of him as she shrugged. "Oh well. Who else is coming?"

"I invited many of our Titan friends, although there are several that I could not contact." Starfire replied, wading out of the pool of pillows. "Sadly, Argent is unable to attend, but both Kole and Jinx will join us soon!"

"Sounds like fun," Bumblebee smirked, placing her hands on her hips. "Well, since I'm early, I might as well kill some time by crushing Sparky at his game again." Cyborg snorted, drawing his shoulders together angrily and picking up a controller without a word. While he and Bumblebee battled it out, Starfire requested Robin's help in ordering pizza. Raven, finding nothing to do, was about to depart to her room until the other girls arrived when Beast Boy cried out from where he was swimming in the pillows.

"Help! Help me!" he exclaimed, waving his arms back and forth. "I'm drowning!" He sunk down underneath the pillows, throwing his hand above his head as he dropped. Soon he was completely submerged. Raven crossed her arms, not amused and frowning, as Beast Boy stuck his head out. "Why didn't you rescue me?"

"One," Raven sighed, "you weren't in any danger. And two, I saw no need to leap into a mass of pillows like you did for no reason."

"Fair enough," Beast Boy nodded, rolling on his back and propping his feet on a particularly large pillow, angled now so he was upside down and looking at Raven. He lifted an eyebrow. "But if I was in danger, then would you save me?"

Raven considered it. "That would depend on the circumstances."

"What circumstances?"

"If I was in a good mood or not," Raven replied, eyes glinting.

Beast Boy snorted. "Next time my life's in danger, I'll count on Cyborg. Great to know how much you care, Rae."

"I try." She turned around, exiting to her room for some meditation. Beast Boy was watching her go when a victory shout came from the sofa.

"And I defend my title as the new champion!" Bumblebee cried, punching the air. "Boo-ya!"

"If you use my catch phrase one more time…," Cyborg growled, steaming with anger. "Four out of five," he demanded, starting another match.

"Anytime you feel like getting your butt whooped, Sparky, I'm there," Bumblebee smirked, picking up her controller. They played for an hour more, and during that time Cyborg managed to win four games where Bumblebee lost track of how many times she triumphed. She didn't forget to remind him of his number of losses, however, and every game only made Cyborg more irritated, though he was too stubborn to give up. Throughout the period they had been competing, the phone had rang, and a very apologetic Kole had regretted to say that she couldn't make it. She and Gnarrk were having a little trouble with the dinosaurs down where they lived, and while they could easily handle it, it would take a long time to sort the problem out. She mentioned something about velociraptors in their kitchen.

The pizza arrived after Cyborg and Bumblebee finished their twentieth or so game. Neither wanting to admit they were both exhausted, they called a truce to break for pizza. Once the pizza arrival was announced, Raven appeared quietly from her room to join her friends, and Jinx arrived a few minutes later.

"Jeez, save some for me," she smirked, glancing over the teenagers chowing down on the pizza.

"Jinx! Glorious tidings!" Starfire greeted, swooping Jinx up in a great hug.

"Uh, yeah," Jinx said awkwardly. Starfire placed her down and Jinx brushed herself off. "I'm not one who's big on hugs," she explained.

"You and me both," Raven muttered, edging away in case Starfire was still in a hugging mood.

"Whoa," Jinx said as Bumblebee offered her a slice of pizza. She had just seen the enormous amount of pillows beside the couch. She walked forward, stuffing her food in her mouth, and leaned closer to inspect them. "I can't even see the floor. Are these for that pillow fight you mentioned?" she asked, spraying food everywhere.

"You'd better believe it," Bumblebee smiled.

"Excellent," Jinx grinned, swallowing and cracking her knuckles together eagerly. "When do we start?" The girls exchanged glances.

"I'm ready anytime," Raven stated.

"As am I!" Starfire added.

"Bring it on," Bumblebee challenged.

Jinx smirked slyly. "Really? Anytime?" She suddenly flipped into the pile, kicking two pillows at the girls, who scattered. Both of her projectiles smacked into Beast Boy from behind, and he stumbled forward, spattering his pizza slice on the ground. With a cry of anguish, he knelt beside the fallen food, cradling it in his hands like it was an injured comrade. The females paid him no attention, spreading out to different sides of the room in preparation for battle. With a shrug, Robin and Cyborg joined in, and, after a moment, Beast Boy wiped the tomato sauce from his hands, tossed the pizza in the trash, and also entered into their battle. The pillow fight was nowhere even close to what normal teenagers might experience. Each Titan at this sleepover was a warrior, and had been in combat for a very long time, so the result was Raven receiving the war she wanted. It started out as a free-for-all, but after a few intense moments and several truces were called, two teams emerged from the ruckus. Robin, Bumblebee, Starfire, and Cyborg were verses Jinx, Raven, and Beast Boy who Raven actually did rescue at one point from a volley of pillows despite what she'd stated earlier. Apparently she was in a good mood.

Robin glanced at his team, the strategy that was needed to win already formed in his mind. They were crouched behind a barricade of pillows to the left of the couch. He peeked over the barrier. The other team was hiding behind a wall of their own on the other side of the room, no doubt planning their next move as well. He lowered his head. "Listen up," he whispered to his team. "We'll have to watch out mainly for Raven, as she can control any pillow without contact. Also, be careful with the ground in front of Jinx. Starfire, you'll go after her since you can fly; I know you can take her. Cyborg, you handle Beast Boy." Cyborg grinned, punching his fist into his hand. Robin nodded. "Bumblebee, you and I will deal with Raven. I'll distract her, and then you fly up on her from behind."

"Got it, hot shot," she smiled, unhooking her "stingers"-as she called them- from where they were strapped to her hips.

"Ready?" Robin asked, and, receiving nods from everyone, stood. "Titans, go!" They split up, sprinting in different directions. Starfire took to the air, and she and Cyborg zipped to the left. Robin saw a flash of pink light and leapt to the side, dodging a hex sent over the ground at him by Jinx. She managed to throw one more burst of magic over the ground before Starfire tackled the girl, and Robin and Bumblebee headed for the fort. Cyborg had disappeared somewhere, but Robin was certain the robotic teenager could cope with whatever Beast Boy threw at him. Robin reached the fort and yanked down the barrier, prepared to face Raven's mystic powers. He was caught off guard to meet green eyes and a grin that had a single canine tooth poking out the side.

"Boo," Beast Boy said.

Robin stumbled backwards, his mind already recalculating. He'd be able to defeat Beast Boy, but it would require different tactics. "Bumblebee," he called. "I need you to-." He cut off as hands from behind pushed him forward into Beast Boy's waiting pillow. He blinked to find himself on the ground with Beast Boy just in front of him, holding a pillow to his neck like it was a blade.

"I think this means we win," he smiled. Robin glanced back, catching sight of Raven floating over Cyborg, who was covered in black-encased pillows. Jinx stood beside Starfire nearby, who Raven had also assisted in defeating. Robin smirked, nodding, and took the hand that Beast Boy offered. He got to his feet, dusting himself off and plucking feathers from his hair.

"Man, how did we lose?!" Cyborg complained, standing as well. He threw a pillow down. "I thought we had a plan!"

"Because the other team had a double agent," Robin replied, glancing at Bumblebee, recalling when someone had pushed him into Beast Boy's pillow. "Isn't that right, Bumblebee?"

She shrugged. "Sorry, hot shot. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to humiliate Sparky again. It was just too good of a set-up." She tilted her head. "No hard feelings though, right? It's all in good fun!" Robin shook his head with a smile, but Cyborg disagreed.

"You let our team lose just because you wanted to humiliate me?" he cried. "Why on earth would you do that?!"

"Because of the reaction you're giving right now," Bumblebee laughed. "This was totally worth it, Sparky!"

"Why I otta-!"

"Good game guys," Robin interrupted, slipping in between Cyborg and Bumblebee before another argument started.

"I'll say it was," Jinx smirked, approaching with the others. "Especially when we destroyed your team!" She brushed her hands together. "That was the most fun I've had in a long time!" Just because she wasn't on the villainous side anymore didn't mean that she couldn't enjoy winning against the superheroes once in a while.

"It's getting late," Raven observed, glancing at the window. In fact, the sun had completely set outside, and the stars were starting to come into view. She put a glowing hand out, and a section of the pillows moved themselves to the side out of the way.

Bumblebee yawned, stretching her arms above her in a Y-shape. "Alright boys, fun's over. Clear out of here so we can set up our stuff."

"Aw, bedtime already?" Beast Boy complained. "You sure you're all not up for another war?"

"I am getting tired, friend Beast Boy," Starfire confessed.

"Besides," Raven added, "you got your pillow fight. Why would you want to stay otherwise?"

Beast Boy's ears drooped. "But pillow fights are fun," he mumbled. Raven lifted an eyebrow at him.

"The girls are right," Robin said, placing a hand on Beast Boy's shoulder. "We need to let them have their privacy, and it's time we hit the hay." Beast Boy opened his mouth to object, but Robin steered him and Cyborg out of the room.

"Dude! What the heck?!" Beast Boy protested once they were in the hall. "We were going to try to stay in there, remember?! I didn't know that getting hit in the head with a pillow could cause amnesia! Did you forget the plan about listening in on them or something?!"

Robin stayed quiet, waiting for Beast Boy's rant to end. When the shape-shifter eventually finished, his leader smirked, crossing his arms. "If you're done, then I suggest you listen to this." He held up a small sleek gadget. "When we were in there, I placed a miniature recorder on the bottom of the table. It will transmit their conversations to us, should work just fine, and we don't have to be anywhere nearby for it to function correctly."

"Dude! You are an evil genius!" Beast Boy high-fived him. "Come on, let's tune in!"