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Bumblebee was buzzing with excitement. She and Cyborg had spent the entire day preparing for her party, and the robotic teen was successfully distracted from fixing up the Titans East tower, thus spending more time with Bumblebee in the process. Still, the previous days of the robotic teen's work had paid off, and he had done a fine job in repairing a majority of the main problems like the previously defective doors and television. When walking up to them now, the doors slid smoothly apart, and the broken remains of the computer were hidden away for another day. Even the lump under the carpet was partially connected to the mainframe. The rest had been hidden away from sight, as was the still unrepaired microwave. Cyborg figured that he should save the easiest for last.

"Great job, Sparky!" the Titans East leader praised, scanning the room. "This place looks just like new, but better."

Cyborg chuckled, adjusting the lights. "If there's anything I can do better than fix electronics, it's throw a party." He pressed a switch and the room dimmed a little, creating an eerie warm glow about the large space. The ceiling was flooded with vibrant balloons, although several streamers snuck through the assortment of colors to sway back and forth above the ground. A section of speakers were lined up along the wall, ready to blast at full volume instead of the low hum it currently vibrated at.

"I'll say," Bumblebee agreed with a nod. She flew over to the bigger teenager, propping an elbow on his shoulder from behind. "Seems like this is gonna be a great party by the looks of it."

Smirking, Cyborg answered her, "Well, yeah, I do pride myself at party-makin'. Not that Robin would know," he scoffed. "Traffic light's got a no party at the tower rule. I'm surprised he's lettin' you have this one, and even more so that he's comin'!"

Bumblebee nudged him. "You of all people should know by now that no one can boss me around. 'Specially not a little bird." She moved in front of Cyborg, pushing against his chest with one hand. "And not you either."

"That mean I'm not gonna lead you in a dance then?" Cyborg challenged, light catching his electronic eye.

"Now, now," Bumblebee teased, winking. "I never said that."

"When are people gonna get here?!" Speedy complained, strolling through the doors. A shorter teenager girl followed him in, glancing curiously around the place. Bumblebee grumbled with irritation and faced her teammate. She vaguely wondered why she was the one to invite Cyborg over to her exasperating tower when he had a perfectly able one back in Jump City.

"They get here when they get here," the Titans East leader replied in a short tone. Her sights fell on the dark-haired girl. "And who is she?"

Speedy thrust his chest out. "This is my date!" he announced proudly.

Jaw snapping open, Bumblebee gawked at him like he'd just told her that he'd voluntarily thrown his mirror and comb through the television and out the window, which ironically the leader had done several days ago. She looked from her teammate to the girl next to him, and, suddenly grabbing Speedy's date by the arm, Bumblebee pulled the teenager to the side. The Titan whispered into the smaller girl's ear, "He's kidnapped you, hasn't he?! Holding you captive?! Blink once for yes and twice for no!" The girl lifted her eyebrow, a glimpse of pure confusion crossing her face, and Speedy interjected.

"Hey, hey, no interrogations!" he complained, stepping in between the two. "Besides, she asked me!"

Bumblebee placed two hands on her hips, staring him down. "Before or after you 'hinted' about it to her?"

Speedy coughed into his hand. Eavesdropping nearby, Cyborg couldn't help but chuckle. "Speedy man, do you even know this girl?"

"'Course I do!" The archer grabbed his date's hand, releasing it when she elbowed his ribs. Still, Speedy was undeterred, smiling at the girl. "I know how beautiful she is. I know how nice it sounds when she says my name. I know that she shops at the same mall as me."

The girl spoke up for the first time, glaring in Speedy's direction through her long black hair. "Only because that's where you met me for the first time two hours ago." Cyborg started laughing as Speedy's fake date turned to Bumblebee. "I just came because there's supposed to be free pizza. Wanna show me where it's at, or am I wasting my time?" More than pleased with Speedy's humiliation, Bumblebee was all too glad to point out the food table to the teenager, and the black-haired girl brushed past the Titans, Speedy trailing behind dejectedly.

Before Bumblebee had the chance to strike up another conversation with Cyborg, the doorbell sounded throughout the tower. Exchanging a glance, the two approached the front door together, and it slid open to reveal four Titans standing in a small cluster, all but one quite comfortable.

"Well, look at who made it!" Bumblebee greeted with a large grin, leaning on the side of the entryway.

Cyborg's eyes flickered to where Robin and Starfire's hands were joined together and he snickered. "Ready to dance the night away, I see," the robotic teenager mischievously suggested. His leader glared at him, a blush making his cheeks glow.

"Real funny, Cyborg," Robin replied with sarcasm that would have made the dark sorceress behind him proud had she been paying attention. Raven was currently too occupied in keeping her emotions under control to focus on the exchange. As Robin escorted a smiling Starfire through the doorway, Bumblebee could tell why the empath had remained silent thus far.

How he'd done it, Raven didn't know, but Beast Boy had somehow managed to invade her personal space yet again. His arm captured hers at the elbow, and he now guided the unwilling girl up to the entrance beside him. Raven refused to look in her teammates' directions, staring straight ahead past the Titans in front of her. Bumblebee laughed a little to herself. "And I see that you've found yourself a boyfriend, Raven," she snorted. "Why didn't you tell me? I'll make sure to set up the ceremony right away! We don't happen to have any wedding bells, do we, Sparky?"

Raven's eyes flashed dangerously, but Beast Boy –though slightly scarlet because of the comment- replied with surprising ease. "Well, you can't blame her; who wouldn't want to go to a party with a dream boat like me?" the boy questioned, wiggling his eyebrows at Raven. In response, she pulled her arm back to her side and, grumbling, disappeared into the tower's dark hallway. Beast Boy quickly scrambled to catch up to his "date", apology already on his lips.

The shape-shifter's metallic friend chortled with amusement, crossing his arms and shaking his head. "Who would have guessed he'd actually manage to get her to go with him?" he chuckled to himself.

Bumblebee was unable to hide her curiosity. "Whatcha mean, Sparky?" She bit her lip doubtfully. "There's no way he tricked Raven into going to a party with him." Truthfully, the leader of the Titans East was surprised that Raven had even asked Beast Boy to the dance despite the empty threats Bumblebee had made, but now that she thought about it, she had only assumed that Raven had been the one to make the first move.

Cyborg shrugged. "Never know. He's a smart little grass stain at times when he sets his mind on somethin'. If he wanted to, I think he could manage to get Raven to go with him."

Tilting her head, Bumblebee inquired pryingly, "And that's what he had his mind set on? Raven?"

Cyborg smirked. "Well, yeah. BB's got a bit of a crush on her."

"Whoa, wait, what, really?!" Bumblebee's eyes just about bugged out of her head.

"Or I think so," Cyborg clarified, rubbing the back of his neck. "He hasn't exactly come right out and said it, but as his best friend, I'm makin' an educated guess."

Bumblebee nodded slowly, absorbing the information. "Interesting. I remember Starfire said something about thinkin' he liked Raven too," she stated aloud.

"All the more reason to think I'm right." The duo smiled at one another, closing the front door behind them as the teens reentered the tower. Inside, someone had figured out how to change the volume on the speakers and the loud beating of drums presently filled the room. It was nearly dark outside and the lighting had diminished considerably, so now only outlines and a few flashes of familiar faces could be made out. Several other Titans had arrived by now, presumably let inside by a certain archer who was moping in the corner, and it was that the floor was occupied with a large crowd of teenagers. Bumblebee spotted Kole there with Gnarrk, the pink-haired girl showing her bigger friend how to do the Macarena without knocking over everyone around him. A glimpse of an aquatic, turtle-like girl doing a strange dance beside Aqualad caught Bumblebee's eye, and near them was Argent chatting with someone hidden in the crowd. Even Jericho was present, watching the whole scene curiously like he'd never seen a dance floor before.

Bumblebee smiled. The party was already a great success judging by the turnout; now all that was left was for her real objective behind the event to be set in motion and then completed. The tall girl had just turned to ask Cyborg for a dance, when in the background several consecutive chimes could be heard. Sighing, Bumblebee glared at the exit as Cyborg jerked his thumb toward the stereos.

"I'm gonna act as DJ for a while!" he shouted over the music to be heard.

At the same volume, Bumblebee reminded him, "Alright, don't forget to save a dance for me! I'm gonna get the door!" He nodded, and the Titans East leader flew out of the room blinking a few times as her eyes adjusted to the hallway light. The Titans East leader approached the front door, the powerful pounding of the music fading as she opened it.

"Jinx! Kid Flash!" Bumblebee greeted. "Wasn't sure if you two were comin'!"

Hopping down from her boyfriend's piggyback, Jinx leaned to one side, placing a hand on her hip. "Why wouldn't we? We've been invited, haven't we?!"

"'Course," Bumblebee assured. "I just figured 'cause Keystone City's farther away than most."

Kid Flash pounded his chest with one fist proudly. "Nowhere's too far for the fastest kid alive!" He tipped to the side, peering around Bumblebee and into the tower. "You got food, right?"

"What kind of party wouldn't?"

"Great! I'm starved!" The speedster made as if to run past the Titans East leader when Jinx caught his arm first. He gave her a curious look. "What's up, Slowpoke?"

Jinx smirked, her expression like that of a sly cat. "Just remembered that I forgot something."

Kid Flash turned to her, grinning. "Oh, okay. Want me to run and get it? It'll take less than a second."

"No, no, you need to be right here." Jinx chuckled at the look on her boyfriend's face and grabbed him by the front of his shirt, pulling him into a deep kiss. They stayed lip-locked for a few moments until Jinx eventually released her hold on the boy, drawing back. Kid Flash shook his head, slightly dazed, and then a wide smile spread across his face.

"Y'know Slowpoke, I'm kinda glad you remembered that," he grinned. Barely managing to keep his balance, the teen disappeared with a flash into the building, and Bumblebee, feeling a bit muddled and uncharacteristically awkward, turned to the pink sorceress beside her. Jinx was wearing a triumphant smirk, and her eyes flashed bright as she started inside.

"Looks like I'm the first done, huh? How's it feel being beaten by someone?"

Bumblebee instantly snapped into defensive mode, quickening her walking pace to match Jinx's. "How do you know you're the first?"

"Then I'm wrong?"

The Titans East leader grumbled beneath her breath. "No. I'm workin' on it."

"Which is the reason you threw the party," Jinx deduced reasonably. Bumblebee nodded.

"Mark my word, Jinx; I came up with this idea and I'm gonna follow it through. I just gotta get an opening." The two exchanged smirks and entered the main room, still flashing with various lights and dancing with streamers and Titans. If it hadn't been full before, the place was certainly jam-packed now. More teenagers had found their way onto the dance floor, leaving but a few on the sidelines to watch, talk, or stuff their faces at the food table like Kid Flash was.

Jinx snorted out of amusement at the all-too familiar sight. She elbowed Bumblebee's side. "See ya, Bee. I'm off." Bumblebee nodded and the pink sorceress disappeared into the crowd. Scanning over the cluster of teenagers, the leader of the Titans East caught of glance of Cyborg working the DJ position behind a group of speakers. Like a bee in a crowded hive, she slowly started to weave her way through the maze of Titans toward the robotic teenager, managing to bump into Más and Menos on her way. The two were at the edge of the crowd, their eyes forlornly set on a red-haired beauty starting to dance with Robin at the center of the floor.

"What's the problem with you two?" Bumblebee asked, kneeling in front of the twins.

"Senorita Starfire no quiere baila con nosotros," the boys sighed in synch.

Bumblebee stroked her chin thoughtfully like she had an invisible beard. "She doesn't want to dance with you?" The girl stole a look over her shoulder again, noting with interest that Starfire's dance partner had mysteriously disappeared. Bumblebee smirked, clasping a hand on each of her younger teammates' shoulders and facing them in Starfire's direction. "Well, looks to me like she's all alone right now. Might want some company, y'know?" Más and Menos's eyes lit up, and Bumblebee couldn't even blink before they sped past her toward Starfire. The Titans East leader straightened, smiling. Starfire wouldn't be able to say no twice, and Robin would be understanding enough to let the twins have at least one dance with his girlfriend. The music changed, reminding Bumblebee of her original focus, and she faced the speakers once more, only to find that Cyborg was talking with Robin. The tall girl grumbled, hunching her shoulders. She just could not catch a break.

"I think that Bumblebee is up to something," Robin decided, resting one hand on the speaker in front of him to get Cyborg's attention. The simple action proved effective, as were Robin's words, and the robotic man looked at his leader, lifting an eyebrow.

"Like what, man? She and I have been settin' up this party all day. I think I woulda noticed if she'd been doin' anythin' weird."

Robin shook his head, tapping the surface with his finger. "No, I didn't say it was necessarily bad. I just have a feeling…"

Cyborg had to laugh. "You and your feelings, man. Just give the detective work a break for one night. Isn't Star waitin' to dance with you?"

His leader barely registered the question, being as absorbed in deep thought as he was. "I told her I wanted to talk with you, though that reminds me; after this, would you play a slower song?" Once he received an affirmative nod, Robin continued. "But doesn't it seem a little strange? What's with the sudden dance? Bumblebee throws a party out of the blue, and then calls us on the landline of all things to tell the team. It feels almost like there was no reason for this."

Cyborg gave his friend a doubtful look. "Rob, man, there doesn't have to be a reason for a party. I bet you just want an excuse to question this whole arrangement."

"I don't question my instincts," Robin replied in an annoyed tone. He didn't understand why the robotic teenager was so doubtful. Had he forgotten all the times that Bumblebee had tricked him into contending in a competition with her? It could be just as easy for her to fool him into believing nothing odd was going on with the party. "Remember when I listened to my instincts back at the house?" Robin reminded. "I was right in guessing who you liked then, and I'll bet that I'm right about this now."

Rolling his eyes, Cyborg massaged the back of his neck. "Alright, alright, I'll make sure I keep it in mind."

With a smile, Robin dipped his head in thanks. "I'd appreciate it. Oh, now about that music change…?"

Cyborg smirked as the current song came to an end, and, as Robin turned away, the metallic teenager grabbed a microphone nearby. Robin slipped into the crowd, spotting Starfire slowing down from a dance with Más and Menos. The young leader couldn't help his mouth from twitching up at the corners of his lips. It seemed that they'd managed to sneak in their dance with the red-haired beauty after all; now it was Robin's turn.

"Alright kiddies, this next one's for all you who brought a dance partner tonight, whether you convinced them with money or your heart, grab the hand of that special someone and get off your lazy butts!" Cyborg's deep voice boomed through the microphone and he grinned at the crowd's amused reaction while he continued. "I'm especially gonna dedicate this dance to a few of my teammates out there who are probably hidin' in a corner right now! I know who and where you are, so grab that girl and get dancin' already, you chickens!" A ripple of laughter was heard from several teenagers near the targeted teens as they tried to hide their faces. Feeling satisfied, Cyborg had only just leaned back to watch groups of the teenagers squishing together, awkwardly swaying back and forth, when a hand tapped his shoulder. The robotic teenager moved toward the one behind him to see it was Bumblebee waiting at his side. She wore an expectant expression.

"Well, you heard what to do!" she exclaimed. "Get off that lazy butt, Sparky! You owe me a dance!"

Smiling, Cyborg held out his hand. "You gonna let me lead then?"

Bumblebee returned the bright expression, accepting his hand. "I suppose if you really want to." Cyborg chuckled, pulling the girl onto the dance floor and twirling her around like an autumn leaf. The music had been set so it would go to the next track without the need of assistance so Bumblebee and Cyborg were able to dance the entire song without interruption.

"Do you ever stop eating?" Jinx asked her boyfriend, placing her hands on her hips impatiently. She was hovered over Kid Flash's shoulder, the speedster chowing down on a stack of pizza. When Jinx tapped his shoulder, he stopped and turned around, a half-eaten slice hanging out of his mouth.


Snatching up a napkin from the table beside them, Jinx held it out to Kid Flash. "You have a little something everywhere."

Kid Flash shoved the last of the pizza all the way into his mouth and accepted the cloth. Cleaning off his face with a quick wipe, the teenager glanced around. "Oh hey, everyone's dancing."

"They have been for the last few minutes!" Jinx exclaimed, throwing her hands up. She grumbled to herself. "You know, for someone so fast, you're really slow."

Her boyfriend brushed his hands together, ridding them of leftover crumbs. "You always say that, Slowpoke."

"That's because it's true," Jinx replied, glaring at him.

A hand grasped her chin and tilted Jinx's head up. Kid Flash smiled at the blush on her face that she tried and failed to hide. "So… I'm guessing that you want a dance with the guy best on his feet at this party?"

"Well," Jinx considered, scanning the room, "seeing as you look like the only unoccupied male in the vicinity, I suppose I'll have to choose you." Kid Flash extended his hand, and Jinx grasped it in her own. With a sly grin, Kid Flash suddenly pulled her up to his chest, both hands firmly around her waist. Jinx frowned at him. "Kid, behave."

The speedster winked. "Hey, we both know where my hands are at. Besides, you'll throw me across the room if I don't keep my act together." With a roll of her eyes, Jinx relaxed her arms so they were dangled and crossed over Kid Flash's shoulders. Giving her a swift kiss on the nose, the speedster twirled Jinx around him in time to the music. Feeling his hands drop ever so slightly, Jinx responded to the action with a small shock to his neck with her finger. Chuckling, Kid Flash repositioned his hands back to their original place, and he and Jinx spun past a slower paced couple, the two with arms securely wrapped around one another.

Starfire blushed as Robin guided her to the side so Jinx and Kid Flash wouldn't knock them over. The alien princess tightened her grip on her boyfriend faintly, her arms draped across his shoulders. Robin's hands were positioned at the girl's waist far enough around her back to keep her close to his chest and yet with enough respective space between them. Still, Starfire felt entirely safe in his arms. She looked at Robin, making what she assumed was eye contact with him behind the mask, for when the alien princess inclined her head toward him, a soft blush colored his cheeks. Without a thought to what she was doing, Starfire's hand slid up his neck, stopping at his jaw. Her fingers brushed against the edge of Robin's mask, vaguely wondering what he would look like without the stretch of cloth covering his eyes. Robin suddenly realized what she had in mind, but for some reason his arms felt frozen in place, and he didn't make any attempt to stop her even though there were so many others around who might see.

Starfire's thumb hovered over his mask a moment more, and then, sensing that this time wasn't the right moment, lowered her hand down to Robin's chest, resting it there. Closing her eyes, the girl tilted her head to the side, relaxing into her boyfriend's arms and focusing on his swaying. Robin exhaled a little, shutting his own eyes halfway, and just enjoying the delicate weight of Starfire against his chest and her breath on his neck.

Robin and Starfire drifted past several other couples together, unaware of anyone but each other, and happened to pass by a lone figure seated in the kitchen who was watching the dance floor with muddled emotions. Raven had been silent most if not the whole the night so far, speaking only when addressed to by someone else. As of the moment, the party had been exactly what Raven expected it to be: boring and pointless. There was nothing very special about it, although the empath could understand why her friends were enjoying being out of their tower despite the fact they just were in another one. Beast Boy, after apologizing for the comment he'd made earlier about being a dream boat, -though it was obvious he still believed he was- had actually tried to get Raven to dance with him during a few upbeat songs. It was a nice gesture, however unsuccessful the result was. After his attempts were denied multiple times, the shape-shifter gave up and disappeared into the crowd. Raven was quite grateful he had not been there when Cyborg decided to make his little statement over the microphone. The dark girl had been very fortunate, for during the announcement, she'd already been hiding in the kitchen and no one thought to look for her there, whereas she noticed that Robin and Starfire had received a few elbow bumps and winks from other Titans. If Beast Boy was lucky, he would have stayed hidden like Raven was.

Sliding her sights over the crowd again, Raven happened to notice Bumblebee and Cyborg dancing together a little faster than the rest. The dark sorceress sighed. It was to be expected; both were always big balls of energy, so of course they'd move with a quicker pace. Raven was certain that Bumblebee would get her kiss before the night was finished, especially now the empath was armed with the information that Cyborg actually did like the Titans East leader. A glimpse of green emerged from the cluster of teenagers, and Raven automatically tensed as Beast Boy approached her. Yet, instead of asking for a dance like the dark girl expected, he just sat down in the seat next to Raven's.

"Having fun?" he smiled knowingly.

"A blast," Raven replied, crossing her arms and staring at the jumble of Titans in the middle of the room. Beast Boy leaned forward, resting his forearms on his knees and fiddling with his gloves. A silence befell the two, one that neither found settling.

"So, um,…," Beast Boy started to say, flitting a brief glance at his teammate. Raven angled her head in his direction to show she was listening, but the boy seemed to have forgotten his words. He closed his mouth, shuffling his position again, and focused on the crowd. His lack of sound was more unnerving to Raven than whatever he was going to say, and she had to bite her tongue so not to ask him what he had on his mind. Silence was a virtue, she reminded herself.

Her patience paid off, and a couple of seconds later, Beast Boy spoke up again. "Hey Rae, so, uh, I know you're probably gonna say no again, but, uh, you wanna dance?"

Raven's shoulders relaxed a tad, though she wasn't certain why. "I've told you before that I do not dance, Beast Boy."

"But," Beast Boy bit his lip, "you don't have to worry about messing up! I can lead you, promise!" His eyes were hopeful, not pleading like they usually were when he tried to get Raven to do something with him. It caught the empath off guard, if only a little.

"I'd step on your feet and fall over, most likely dragging you down with me," Raven stated stubbornly, but her tone wavered. "We'd look like idiots."

The smallest of smiles bloomed on Beast Boy's face. "But if you fell on me then at least you'd have a soft landing, right?" Raven flushed scarlet, and she felt grateful for the lack of light provided. As the girl steadied her emotions, Beast Boy got to his feet, holding out a hand with a little hesitance that might have indicated he was shy of his actions, yet his voice betrayed nothing of the sort. "Come on, Rae; have a little faith in me."

Her mind racing, Raven stared at his hand, and then, eventually, slowly lifted her own, placing it in his palm. Beast Boy's little smile elongated, stretching across his face and up to his eyes. Unable to believe that she had even thought about dancing, let alone was about to do it with her green teammate, Raven numbly followed her partner to the edge of the floor and allowed Beast Boy to take both her hands. "Okay," he instructed, "basically you put one up here-," –the shape-shifter guided her hand up to his shoulder-, "-and the other in mine. And then I-," he continued, softer this time as if coaching himself, "-put this hand… at your waist…" Beast Boy slowly lowered his arm until his fingers were barely touching Raven's side. In the dim light, both teenagers noticed a small blush on the other's cheeks and nose. Beast Boy took a deep breath. "…And then… we dance."

The experience was entirely different compared to what it had been the day before during Just Dance 7. The game had been exhausting and stimulating, not to mention sweaty. Now, the dance was less exhilarating and tiresome, and instead somewhat… softer. He was careful now, and as the two relaxed more, Raven could faintly feel his hand brush over her lower back. An unidentified emotion swept past her off of Beast Boy, and it was so light that the feeling sent a strange but gentle tingling throughout Raven. She suddenly knew that, despite his experience in videogame dancing before, Beast Boy was just as anxious as the empath.

The song in the background continued, and Raven realized that she was hearing it less and less as she danced with Beast Boy. His movements were smooth and would have seemed effortless if it hadn't been for a nervous tremble that ran through his hands every so often. Still, Raven was given the impression that they were like a river, gently flowing over the rocks and calming down after the rapids. A thrust of courage suddenly made Raven take one, nearly unperceivable step closer to Beast Boy and her hand shifted down toward his chest in the same discreet way. Regardless of the slightness of her movements, Beast Boy somehow sensed a change, and, even if he wasn't sure what it was, the smile he directed at the girl in front of him put the sun to shame. Raven returned the smile with a small one of her own.

"Raven, Beast Boy."

The two Titans were interrupted by the familiar strong voice of their team leader, and they released their hold on one another hastily. Robin was standing nearby, communicator in hand. When he'd gotten there, neither of the teenagers knew. "We've got trouble back home. Come on; Starfire's getting Cyborg and then we'll be out of here." Without waiting to see if his order had been obeyed, the leader disappeared into the pack of dancing teenagers, presumably to find Starfire or head out to the T-ship, somehow completely unaware of the moment he'd interrupted between his teammates. Raven and Beast Boy exchanged a glance, the latter clearing his throat like there was something caught in it. Raven simply lifted up her hood.

"I… was probably just about to trip anyway," she said, but neither of them really believed it.

"Uh, yeah." Beast Boy massaged his neck, and a smile crept across his face. "T-Thanks, Rae."

Robin's voice cut through the crowd, calling them again, and this time Raven and Beast Boy responded right away, joining their leader at the doors with their other teammates. To everyone's surprise, Bumblebee was also present.

"What are you doing here?" Raven inquired, lifting an eyebrow at the taller girl despite the empath already having an assumption to the reason for Bumblebee's presence.

Sure enough, the Titans East leader placed her hands on her hips, demanding, "What, I can't tag along when you guys go on missions? You might need my help!" Robin glanced at her, filing the comment into the back of his head; she had been doing a lot more "tagging along" lately than she ever had in the past. "'Side's, Aqualad can hold down the fort while I'm gone."

At the doubtful looks from his teammates, Cyborg added, "There's no stopping her once she's got an idea in her head. I already asked Speedy to run the music; y'know, since he's not doing anything right now." He smirked, nodding at the lone archer near the speakers. His date was currently chatting with a group of teenagers on the dance floor, hardly giving a glance in Speedy's direction. "So come on, Rob! We're wasting the time that we could be using to kick the bad guy's butts!"

Robin had opened his mouth to object –or admit defeat and abandon the party- but he was interrupted by a burst of wind, and suddenly Jinx and Kid Flash appeared at the young leader's side. "What's up?"

Grumbling and swiftly checking his communicator again, Robin summarized the situation into one brief sentence. "We're trying to leave because there's an alert back in Jump City." He shot a meaningful glare in Bumblebee's direction, who whistled innocently at the look. "We were just about to head out." Under normal circumstances, Robin wouldn't be so irritable, but he was far away from his destination and continued to be delayed. The appearance of the two other Titans had not helped either.

"Sounds like fun," Jinx said, flashing him a grin. "Mind if we tag along?"

Robin tried to object. "I don't think we'll have enough room in the T-ship. There's one seat per pod, and we've got five, so Bumblebee probably won't even be able to fit inside."

His words caused a bristle of crossness from the Titans East leader, but before she could voice her complaint, Kid Flash jumped in. "Hey, that's no problem! I can take a load off your shoulders! Fastest kid alive, remember?" Rolling her eyes, Jinx hopped up onto his back. "So, where's the alert at?"

"Jump City Main Street near the pizza place, but-."

"Sounds good to me!" Kid Flash scanned the group of teens in front of him, sights landing on Starfire who was the closest to him. Without warning, the speedster scooped her up in his arms, and, winking, disappeared in a streak of movement. The rest of the team exchanged glances as the doors slid shut behind Kid Flash, some amused at the red burning in Robin's face. He turned from them, scowling and stomping out of the room in the direction of the T-ship.

"Come on; let's go catch up," he grouched.