Raven awoke the next morning to the deep rumble of Jinx's snores, the pink sorceress's heavy breathing loud enough to keep the empath from drifting off again. She sighed, dark strands of hair falling onto her eyes. From behind her lids, Raven could distinguish the difference from her previously dark surroundings. It was brighter, and the sunlight laid gentle rays across the room's sleeping occupants. It was but a matter of time before they all stirred. Raven squeezed her eyes shut and then, after a quiet groan, fluttered them open.

Beast Boy slumbered just a few feet away from her, his head sunk into the scarlet pillow that he'd borrowed from her the previous night. However, unlike the previous night, the boy was no longer in his cat form, and he was so close to Raven that she could feel the breath escaping from his open mouth brush over her nose. She gave silent thanks that he was not a snorer like Jinx.

The green teenager's head suddenly slid forward off the pillow, but before Raven could react, Beast Boy nodded back in surprise at the lack of surface area for his face. He blinked several times before recognizing who rested in front of him. A small blush graced the boy's cheeks, and he gave a nervous laugh. "Uh, well, good morning."

Raven regarded him. "You transformed in your sleep again."

"What?" As if to check, he glanced at his body and then ran his hand through his hair, searching for fuzzy ears. He laughed again. "Well, I guess that explains my talking. Wait," he paused, registering what Raven had said. "Again?"

"Remember two weeks ago when we went to the park?" Raven reminded, pulling her blanket around her shoulders. "You transformed in your sleep then."

"Oh. Ohhhh!" Beast Boy remembered, focusing on the memory before looking at Raven again. "That's when you were all mad at me, wasn't it? Wait, that's what you were mad at me for?!" The dark girl placed a finger on her lips, shushing him so not to wake the others, and then she nodded. Beast Boy gawked at her. "So that's what that was about?" he asked, quieter. "Seriously? I'd been thinking about that this whole time!"

Raven peered at him strangely. "Did it really bother you so much that you were thinking about it ever since we left the park?"

"Well, not the entire time! Just a lot of it!" he grinned, forgetting all about Raven's earlier request to keep his voice low in volume. The green boy propped his head up with his elbow. "But why would you be mad about that?"

"I wasn't mad; I was embarrassed," Raven explained, slipping her arm under her head in order to look up at Beast Boy better. Sensing this was her reason for the reposition, he took up a pose similar to hers so they were back to eye level. The shape-shifter smiled again, the previous night catching back up to him. It was hard to believe it was not a beautiful, wonderful dream. Of course, if it had been his fantasy, Raven would most likely have teleported him to another dimension for kissing her no matter what. Even in his wildest dreams, Beast Boy had never imagined his feelings were reciprocated. He still had the sensation that he was soaring above the clouds, floating up into the sky like Starfire when she was elated. Raven's careful eyes watched across from him, and her words whispered into his ear from last night drifted back.

"I'm not mad. I don't hate you. And to answer your earlier question, I do."

"Do what?"

"Want to kiss you."

Beast Boy's smile couldn't have been much bigger, and so Raven wouldn't question his oddly radiant face, he turned and pushed it into his pillow. Well, actually it was Raven's pillow. Identifying the cushion as hers, Beast Boy rotated back to the empath with a meaningful look and gestured to the pillow. "So….?"

Raven rolled her eyes, reaching out and taking it from him to leave Beast Boy without. This wasn't much of a problem though, seeing how he was surrounded by hundreds of others, and the shape-shifter acquired a blue headrest as Raven spoke. "You really have to ask?" Noting Beast Boy's eager expression, she sighed, placing the pillow in between them. Her thumb traveled back and forth over it absentmindedly. "I kept it because you gave it to me."

Beast Boy softened. "Really?"

"Yes," Raven replied simply, stopping her thumb's movement to look at him. "Why did give this to me?"

He grinned, eyes bright with knowing. "Same reason you kept it. Because it was you." His hand slipped onto the pillow separating them, their fingers brushing. Both Raven and Beast Boy blushed.

"So you liked me back then?" she murmured, sights concentrated on the edge of the cushion. "Even when we were in the house during the snowstorm? Even during spin the bottle?"

Beast Boy smirked at the memory. "Rae, I played because I thought you were going to!"

Raven frowned impatiently. "You should have known better than that."

"Well, I know better now."

He laughed at the sarcastic rolling of her eyes, taking the opportunity to shift his fingers further over hers. Raven was aware, but she didn't comment. Instead, she exhaled gently, meeting Beast Boy's gaze. "Thank you." Beast Boy tilted his head curiously, indicating Raven should continue. She did, feeling somewhat self-conscious. "Not just for having impeccable timing in your decision to show me your feelings, but also for… for feeling the same way."

"I should be thanking you!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "If not for liking me, then for not throwing me out a window!" Raven stifled a chuckle, but her eyes laughed at him. She smiled.

"Then you're welcome."

Beast Boy shifted toward her, his grin lighting up all over his face. "And you're welcome too." Raven inhaled, seeing the space between them lessen, and Beast Boy bit his lip. "I-I guess that… uh, you wouldn't want… to, uh… without me asking… again…"

To his surprise, she inclined forward only a little, face scarlet. This was the most emotion in a long time that Beast Boy had seen her show without attempting to hide behind her impassive mask. He held back from remarking on this, not wanting it to disappear. Raven's eyes fell half-shut with concentration. "It's okay. I just need to make sure my powers are not going to destroy anything." Silence passed as the two waited for her control, and Beast Boy grew antsy with anxiousness during the brief pause. Still, he forced himself to stay mute and motionless, directing his attention to the warmth that formed between his and Raven's hand, and before he knew it, Raven was looking at him calmly. He blushed.

Raven simply nodded. "Don't take all day this time; I might have plans later."

The shape-shifter couldn't refrain from asking. "With who?"

A mysterious smile played on her lips. "That remains to be seen." Beast Boy laughed lightly, leaning closer to her. This time she moved in as well, finding that her breath caught in her throat when only a few inches remained between them. There was a slight, innocent, and nervous hesitance from both, and then the gap closed.

The kiss lasted a few seconds longer than Raven expected before a pillar of shimmering pillows shot into the air, several hitting the ceiling and falling to land on the slumbering pink sorceress a few feet away. Jinx shot up, her eyes squinting and hair a wild, spikey mess. The girl scanned the room, blinking, and then released a yawn loud enough to wake the others up. As Starfire and Bumblebee arose, shaking sleep from their minds, Raven and Beast Boy sat up to stretch stiffness from their limbs. Beast Boy ran a hand through his hair, shooting a glance at the empath, and she returned the look with the smallest of smiles.

"Y'know," he said, drawing the other girls' attention to him as well. The boy extended his arms above his head, "This day could be the start of something beautiful!"

Starfire turned to the window, spotting the bright sun and clear sky, and had to agree. "Yes, friend Beast Boy, the weather seems quite adequate today!" Bumblebee grunted, having just remembered her punishment from the night before, and Jinx was already snoring again on her sleeping bag. Raven read a little deeper into his words, and Beast Boy was rewarded with a perceptible nod from the empath.

Tossing another pillow onto Jinx's face to make sure she was awake, Bumblebee snorted and then addressed her friends. "So, I feel like having waffles this morning. Who's making?"

It turned out that Cyborg's waffle machine was making the waffles, and the girls had gathered around the table to wait as the device did the work for them. Soon after the first batch had been cooked, the rest of the tower's residents appeared, drawn to the food like mice to cheese. It wasn't too long until everyone received a meal and was chowing down on the syrupy goodness.

Cyborg heaped five waffles onto his plate and squeezed the syrup bottle until it was dry. He frowned, shaking the container a few times to be certain of its emptiness, and then tossed it over his shoulder into the trash only to reach for another full bottle on the table. This was merely his third helping. "So ya'll," he chewed, "what's the plan for today?" He lifted an eyebrow pointedly at Raven and Beast Boy who were sitting a little closer than usual. Beast Boy smirked, licking syrup off of his lips.

"Nothing specific yet," he replied, reaching for the orange juice. Cyborg stole a glance at Raven, but the empath ignored his mischievous expression and cut into her waffle with a fork. She was enjoying her morning more than she would like to admit: first Beast Boy, and now waffles. The green shape-shifter was right; this day was the start of something beautiful.

"So you don't got somethin' to tell us?" Cyborg asked, leaning forward and placing his arm on the edge of the table. His smirk stretched up the side of his face. "Like what exactly happened last night and why BB was hangin' out with you girls during your sleepover?" There was really no need to explain the deal made at the sleepover; by now, everyone was already aware of it besides Kid Flash, and Jinx planned on telling him one of those days. Maybe after a little teasing first though.

Bumblebee, wearing her familiar bright and competitive spirit on her sleeve, grinned. She had a difficult time being sullen in Cyborg's company. "Why Sparky? Jealous the little green bean got in and you didn't?"

Cyborg snorted, though be it from amusement or not, the others weren't sure. "Curious, Bee. Not jealous." He swiveled his eye back to Raven and Beast Boy. "So?" he grinned. "What happened?"

Surprisingly, it was Jinx who came to the rescue. "Let me put it this way, big guy; I think this is the fastest that any group of people I've known have gotten together."

Bumblebee grunted. "Speak for yourself."

Raven cracked a smile as Starfire spoke up. "But I did not do the getting of together with Robin; we were already doing the dating." Robin chuckled at her, lacing their fingers under the table. Cyborg wasn't alone in his noticing the Raven and Beast Boy's difference of personal space around one another; Robin had spotted the change immediately when he'd entered the ops room.

The leader cleared his throat. "Before everyone runs off to do their own thing, I'd like to call a team meeting after Jinx and Bumblebee go on their way back home. I need to bring up a matter of importance that's long since overdue." He could practically feel his team's curiosity spike, and without meaning to, Robin glanced at Starfire. Her eyes set on his in return, or as best they could through the mask. Robin felt somewhat relieved that he wouldn't have to look through the white plastic for much longer in the presence of his friends. Of course, explaining his first name would be difficult to two boys who no doubt laughed at anything with a hint of inappropriateness to it, but it was his own name and after a while they'd get over it. Hopefully. Robin squeezed Starfire's hand, and they exchanged another smile.

Sensing that she was going to be a third wheel soon in the future, Jinx stuffed her mouth with an entire waffle and slung her sleeping bag over her shoulder. "Well, I'm outta here. Let me know if you're gonna have another sleepover anytime, Starfire; I've had a blast." Saluting the team goodbye, she strolled out the door, flicking open her communicator. "Kid, ready to pick me up?" A pause followed, and then, "No, you can't have any waffles!"

Bumblebee and Cyborg chuckled in synch, both reddening a little when they'd realized their harmonization. The Titans East leader chewed on the last of her waffle slowly, eyeing Cyborg, and then swallowed. "So Sparky," she started, leaning back in her chair, "I was kinda hoping you wouldn't mind me staying a bit longer to hang out."

Cyborg smirked, draining his orange juice and then spinning the glass around on the table. "I'd love it if you stayed, Bee; 'Course, only if Rob doesn't mind delayin' his announcement for a little while." The two turned to Robin, and the spikey-haired boy nodded.

"Go right ahead."

Once again simultaneous, Bumblebee and Cyborg grinned and hopped out of their chairs. Bumblebee faced the game station, and catching her eye, Cyborg nodded. The two raced toward the television, back in their competition without a word to announce it. Of course Cyborg would be in for a surprise when he started a long winning streak that Bumblebee managed to avoid breaking no matter the event. After a conversation that would take place sometime following their nineteenth or twentieth contest, Cyborg would succeed in squeezing the reason behind her loses out of the girl. She would grudgingly admit her part in the deal and how she had lost, and Cyborg would laugh, slap her on the back humorously, and then give her a kiss on the cheek. Of course, this was all in the future, and right now the two were just enjoying a video game in one another's company.

Still seated at the table, Raven had consumed as many of the waffles that her stomach could contain and was reaching for her plate to carry to the sink when a gloved green hand beat her to it. The empath lifted an eyebrow curiously at Beast Boy as the shape-shifter collected her glass to accompany his and her dishes. "I am perfectly capable of doing my own chores."

Beast Boy grinned, balancing the dishware in his arms and walking toward the sink. Raven followed at a slower pace. "Yeah, I know," he replied, peering over his small stack to double check that he stood in front of the sink. The boy flashed her a bright smile. "I just figured I should do something nice for you."

"Really?" Raven asked, skeptical. "Why?"

"Felt like it," he replied happily. "Guess I'm in a good mood after this morning. I'd like a good start to our relationship too, I guess." Finally deciding on a spot for the dishware, Beast Boy frowned and set the plates and glasses on the counter. He turned toward her, about to say something else, but his elbow bumped into the stack. Guilt and surprise flickered on his face, but before any tableware could crack against the ground or his feet, a black aura shimmered into focus around the dishes and stopped them before the dishes shattered against the tile. Raven levitated the items back onto the counter, her eyes flickering to Beast Boy.

"I suppose the effort is appreciated; just be careful of making mistakes," she advised.

Beast Boy chuckled, rubbing the top of his head. "Yeah, yeah, I know. It helps that I know you're gonna be there to catch them though." He smiled at her again, and Raven returned the expression with a small one of her own. After his kind gesture and comment about their forming relationship, Raven was unable to fight the warm glow building inside of her chest. She was already smiling more today than she had in the last two weeks. The shape-shifter nodded at the dishes beside sink. "So, you wanna help me clean these?" Raven groaned at him in good-humor, rolling her eyes, and joined Beast Boy by the counter.

Water splashed against the sides of the sink in a soft pattern of clinks, and Robin found himself all alone with Starfire. Not that he was complaining; he often preferred her company over others'. The young leader slipped out of his chair, waiting for Starfire to follow, and then took the beautiful girl's hand. He scanned the ops room, noting the swarm of pillows untouched on the floor, Cyborg and Bumblebee's energetic shouts from the couch, and Raven and Beast Boy working together without complaint to clean the dishes. Robin looked at his girlfriend out of the corner of his eye. "So all this was your doing?"

She squeezed his fingers, tilting her head. "What is it that you mean, Robin?"

He gestured with his open hand around the room. "All of this. Your sleepover started it, so you were really the one to make it happen." The Titans leader chuckled. "Congratulations."

Starfire laughed, pressing her lips lightly to his cheek. He blushed, and she drew back, eyes shining. "I believe this was all the 'worth it'." The girl touched the edge of his mask with her index finger for a moment, and then dropped her hand to her side, the other yet entwined with his. Robin nodded in agreement, never before having felt so lucky in his life, and then turned his attention to Cyborg and Bumblebee. They were so engaged in tapping the keys on their controllers down to nothing that neither had noticed the alien princess and young leader's exchange.

"I hope they don't take too long in their game. I'd really like to have that team meeting soon," Robin exhaled, bumping a cushion with his foot. It rolled over several others nearby and disappeared into the fluffy ocean. "Although," he realized, "while we're waiting we can finally clean these pillows up." A few feet away, Raven and Beast Boy paused in their dish-washing to listen. Robin continued. "We're still planning on donating, right? We'll need a lot of boxes to carry these over to the charity."

To his surprise, his girlfriend shook her head. "No, friend Robin, they must remain untouched."

"What? Why?"

Starfire smiled. "We will need to do the saving of them for the next sleepover!"

Robin took a moment to stare at her. "Next…?"

"…Sleepover…?" Raven finished for him incredulously. Her eye twitched a little.

"Yay!" Beast Boy cried, grinning. "Sounds like fun!"

The End

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