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Warning: By Romance, I mean Gratuitous Porn.

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As Regina walked the halls, her spine straightened with each step, chin rising and eyes hardening the further she went. She was so tired, so broken and the fight had almost left her entirely. She didn't want this anymore, this constant pain of loneliness and despair, always searching for something. Something more, something that had nothing to do with power and everything to do with simply being..


But as the Evil Queen, there were expectations to be upheld, a mask to put in place to hide the true nature of her heart and soul. It was exhausting, much more so now than ever as she had finally found the one thing she so desired above all else; someone to love, someone to love her in return.

It was fate, the long-awaited promise of a love like no other who could, who would, move mountains for her. Except. She was so spirited, uncouth and full of rebellion. Infuriating and oh so.. challenging.

Oh she knew she could have gone about this whole thing differently. Abduction had simply been the easiest and least time-consuming of her options but the woman was destined to be her True Love, surely she would forgive her eventually.

Regina sighed as she completed her transformation and turned the corner that led to the woman who had consumed her mind, claimed her heart and the very breath from her lungs the moment she had laid eyes upon her. Luxurious blonde curls that framed perfectly chiseled features, emerald pools so full of mischief and that smile, hesitant and shy one moment, to coy and flirtatious the next.

A moment of rage overcame her, halting her progress to her love as she remembered the day she had first seen her, joking and laughing with that grotesque pirate who thought he was such a charmer. The disgusting filth was a waste of air, the only reason he wasn't dead was because she had the occasional need of him and his connection to that nauseating land filled to the brim with diseased teenage children.

She shook the venom from her mind with a growl and continued on with her walk, toward the line of men that stood at attention like obedient little puppets, guarding her blonde Princess behind the closed-door at the end of the hall.

"Is she awake?" Regina asked, too impatient to await an answer until she had reached the room.

"Yes, my Queen." There was a hint of amusement in her Captain's voice that set her teeth on edge and her fingers flexed, her physical tell when she was exerting the effort to resist lashing out and choking the life from someone.

It was something her Guards had learned to spot in the very first years of her reign and the Captain lowered his head, an acknowledgment of his toeing the line, submission that used to send a thrill through her veins but had long since lost its effect.

She accepted, nonetheless. It didn't do to kill those who were useful and he had proven that he was, time and time again.

The Guard's separated, lining the walls to make way for her before forming up again behind her as she slipped through the door, the thump, thump, thump of their weapons upon the stone floors announcing her arrival so that she didn't have to.

Taking in the state of the room, it was apparent why Graham had sounded as though he wanted to laugh. Had Regina not known better, she would have assumed a tornado had spontaneously appeared; conjured by someone who had a vendetta against her furniture.

Glass lay shattered upon the floor, a brief glance a little to the left and with the tilt of her head, she could see that it was from the bureau she had stocked with clothing and provided for the blonde. She sighed and waved her hand, repairing the damage as she took in the rest of the room; a toppled bookcase, linens shredded as if mauled by claws.

If this woman wasn't her happy ending, she would certainly be her cause of death.

"Come to set me free?"

Gaze like ice, Regina turned her head to the voice and scowled. "Free you? I should destroy you for this."

The blonde's eyes flashed defiantly and she pushed away from the wall she had been leaning against, stalking toward the Queen with a snarl on her lips that sent heat straight to the brunette's core. "Go ahead. Better death than another second alone with you."

Again, her fingers flexed but this time, they curled around a delicate throat, blood-red nails biting into pale flesh as Regina drew the woman forward until only a mere inch lay between them. "Why do you continue to fight me? I can tell that you want me. Even now as you struggle to breathe, you only want to rip away this dress and fuck me."

Their lips brushed as Regina leaned in, fixated with the way that emerald slowly darkened and she could feel every swallow against the palm of her hand. "I wish I could be inside your mind." she breathed. "To see the thoughts that are making you wetter with each second that ticks by."

She placed her free hand on the blonde's stomach and smirked as the muscles twitched beneath her touch. "Are you picturing my fingers buried within your tight little cunt?" She moved the hand to hover above the woman's sex, chest rumbling with a moan as heat radiated from between thighs.

Foreheads touched as Regina closed her eyes, struggling to control impulses that screamed at her to put them both out of this awful, torturous misery. "All you have to do is surrender." she whispered. "Tell me you want me, tell me to fuck you, right now and I will relinquish my control to you, submit to you as we act out every sordid little fantasy in that perverted mind of yours."

"Go f..uck yours-." Regina growled, tightening the hold and cutting off the rest of her sentence before her eyes snapped open and she released the woman with a shake of her head, turning on her heel and leaving the blonde once more.

Emma collapsed to her knees as the blood rushed to her head, drawing as much air into lungs as humanly possible before she screamed her frustration until her throat burned and a throb developed behind her eyes. She felt violated but it was that she enjoyed the feeling which made her angry.

With each passing day, it became even harder to resist the evil temptress and she had been so close to giving in.

The woman plagued her dreams at night and taunted her throughout the day, her body was in a constant state of arousal and even taking care of herself did nothing to relieve her of the constant burn between her legs, the aching that woman created with the rhythmic sound of thumping that preceded her every entrance, the words that drip from plump lips like honey and the sinful body, dressed to perfection just begging to be fucked.

Gods did she want to surrender.

She sighed, hanging her head for a moment of shame before she rose from the floor, throwing a look of longing toward the cabinet with clothes in it and heaving another sigh as she stumbled over to the bathing area. If she could regain a little more control of her body and decrease the damnable sensitivity, maybe she could finally wear something without being turned on by the fabrics brushing against her flesh like a phantom lover.

Fat chance, she thought. For the past week she has had the option but no matter how many cold baths she took, or how often she got herself off, her body continued to buzz and if she somehow managed to provide any relief to herself at all, it was so brief that it might as well have been imagined.

Which, she supposed, could be a possibility if the situation were causing her to slip in to some deluded fantasy where everything she heard, saw and touched were illusions, figments created by her imagination to enforce the insanity. Perhaps she was still down in the dungeon, passed out on an uncomfortable bedding of straw while the rancid smell of the other prisoners were responsible for keeping her unconscious with their fumes.

Princess, runaway, outlaw, slave and now the comatose prisoner of the Evil Queen. Emma couldn't decide if she had moved up or down in the world as she dragged her fingers across the runes that surrounded the marble tub, watching as it filled with water and a haze of purple coloured the surface.

At least if she was dreaming or hallucinating, she could take comfort in the fact that her subconscious knew how to treat a woman and didn't declare its love for her by throwing her in a cell without clothes.

"Sidney." Regina snapped as she entered her chambers.

His face appeared in the mirror as she summoned the decanter of cider from the mantle above the fire to the table in front of her with a flick of her wrist. "Yes, my Queen?"

"What is my dear Princess up to?" She unclasped the collar at her throat and rolled her shoulders, allowing the cloak she wore to fall to the floor as she began pulling at the laces of her corset and waited for him to show her Emma.

His voice accompanied the swirl of an image forming within the glass. "She appears to be bathing while.. pleasuring herself, my Queen."

Regina half moaned, half growled at the sight of the blonde with a hand pumping steadily between her legs. While she could see nothing beneath the water, the mere thought of what Emma was doing to herself had a heat coiling low in the pit of her stomach as her eyes travelled the length of Emma's body.

She licked her lips as she took note of abdominal muscles that clenched with every thrust, ample breasts that sat above the surface, one clutched within a hand as fingers twisted and pulled at a dusky pink nipple. What she wouldn't give to be in that room.

"Emma, Emma, Emma." she tsked with a chuckle, reaching out to caress the image by running the tips of her fingers along the glass, tracing the curves of Emma's body as it writhed in pleasure. She knew well the agony the blonde was in and had it not been for the fact she was the Queen and had responsibilities, she would too hide away in her room – preferably with her deliciously naked Princess.

Sighing, she allowed the tendrils of her magic to seep into the glass and she watched as Emma slumped, reading her name slip from a pale mouth as a look of relief crossed the woman's expression. "If that worked, you'd still be down in that Tavern surrounded by filth."

"My Queen?" Sidney reappeared as Emma faded and she rolled her eyes at the curiosity evident in both his tone and expression. She should know better than to speak aloud around him, he had always been a pest who liked to put his nose where it didn't belong.

"What is it?" she sighed as she poured herself some cider, discarding her corset before she retrieved the goblet and sauntered over to the sette by the fire.

"Well.." He cleared his throat. "I'm confused by your comment."

Sinking in to the plush feather seat, Regina rested her head against the back and closed her eyes, goblet in one hand while the other lay across her bared stomach. "Get to your point before I decide to shatter every mirror in this room."

He hesitated a moment, then spoke. "It is obvious you believe she to be your True Love, my Queen. The fact that you would have left her alone, had your desire not forced you into action seems.. for lack of a better word, strange."

She cracked an eyelid to peer at his face above the mantle before she sighed and closed it once more, content that it seemed he was merely curious and wasn't attempting to gather information to use against her. "Had our connection not been as strong, I would never have even considered including her in my life. She may be the runaway child of my nemesis, but no one deserves the treatment that comes from being close to someone like me."

A week passed and Emma had heard nothing from the Queen. Food was still provided at least three times a day, sometimes more if she requested it from the Guard Captain. She could wear clothes now but found she lacked the desire to, especially since the brunette had decided to leave her alone and she didn't need the protection from those possessive, wandering hands.

A rage would overtake her on some days and she would destroy near everything within the room before collapsing into an exhausted sleep, only to awaken the next morning to find everything back in its place and looking as pristine as ever. She wondered about those nights more than any other and her heart always clenched within her chest, the thought that the Queen had visited while she slept pained her for some odd reason.

She tried not to dwell on the feeling, tried to tell herself that while the woman stayed away, her imprisonment was.. bearable, almost enjoyable. There were worst ways to spend ones life than in a room fit for royalty, it certainly beat constantly running away.

Left to her own devices, no responsibilities of a Princess yet provided with the luxury of one.

Her time as an outlaw and a slave gave her an appreciation for the finer things, things she took for granted as a spoiled little girl under the care of King James and Queen Snow who encouraged her every behaviour, nurturing a reliance on others and sacrificing her independence in the process.

Even now as a prisoner, she was grateful to her parents for that. If they hadn't attempted to arrange her marriage to that besotted fool of a Prince Baelfire, she never would have had the courage to flee from her birthright.

Never would have experienced the dreaded Love at First Sight.

True, she had fallen for the psychotic Evil Queen who wanted her as some sort of sex toy but at least there lay a challenge. Baelfire was a dim-witted twit without a thought of his own and no personality to speak of, not to mention his unnatural connection to his father that seemed to bother no one besides her.

Her thoughts turned away from the man and back to her as she lay upon the soft furs that adorned her bed, she closed her eyes and breathed a sigh as the Queen's image came to mind with little effort, that familiar ache resurfacing within her chest and between her legs.

She palmed her breasts as those perfect lips curled into a smirk and moaned as the fire returned to her veins, every nerve seeming to come alive at once with her surrender to the desire coursing through her. Fingers expertly teased her nipples until they hardened painfully, bringing thoughts of the brunette straddling her waist to the forefront of her mind, her wetness coating Emma's stomach as mouth and tongue worked at her breast.

One hand fell from her breast, following the path of her fantasy-Regina as lips descended her body, tongue and teeth pausing to bathe flesh with their attention. Her legs fell open and she cupped her mound, overriding the pace set by her thoughts as she pushed a finger between swollen folds and deep inside her throbbing cunt.

Back arching, she rellished the burn and pulled out to thrust back in with two. She lowered her other hand to spread her folds and play with her clit, rubbing the sensitive nub with tight, rough circles as she gasped the Queen's name over and over again.

Thump, thump, thump.

The sound echoed endlessly in her mind and the heat building inside her surged wildly, walls constricting around the fingers that pounded her sex relentlessly. Flashes of tongues, teeth, lips overtaking her thoughts as her fantasies merged. Images of Regina's face buried between her legs, of Regina fucking her from behind, against a wall, bent over a desk, over her lap.

Leather, whips, spankings.

Emma groaned her pleasure, her body snapping taut as she rose up off the bed and came hard. She fell back down to the layers of fur that welcomed her return with soft caresses against sensitive flesh, panting while her mind swam from the blissful high, body warmed from head to toe with her release.

"Well that was quite a show, Princess." Regina drawled with a smirk, her tone far huskier than it would have been without the pleasant surprise that greeted her entry.

"Fuck! Regina!" Emma jumped up as her eyes snapped open and she scrambled to cover herself. "What the hell?"

"Oh I'm Regina now, am I?" She mused, feet taking her closer of their own accord as she teased the blonde. "Tsk, one might think you're going soft."

"What the fuck do you want?" Emma snapped.

Regina stopped moving and blinked at the sudden venom lacing the tone, blank expression sliding into place even as her heart ached. She averted her eyes from the penetrating emerald ones, feigning an interest in their surroundings as she spoke. "I felt my enchantment break and came to investigate. Now that I see it is of your own doing, I shall leave you to it."

"Wait!" Emma blurted, covering her mouth the next second as the brunette visibly tensed with her hand on the door. She waited for the spew of threats but while Regina remained, she didn't turn or speak.

"I didn't.. I mean." Emma groaned and shook her head. "What enchantment are you talking about?"

Regina's stare bored into wood as she contemplated ignoring the question, throwing open the door and leaving the blonde to suffer the consequences of what she had done. Even while knowing she wouldn't, she forced her to endure the awkward silence for a few minutes longer before she finally replied. "The one I put on your room the first time I was summoned here to clean up after one of your destructive tantrums. It dampens our connection – or rather, soothes the pain of injury; a fitting description even in our unusual case."

"You're telling me.." Emma clenched her jaw in an effort to staunch the anger rising in her. "That the only reason I'm not still suffering is because you cast a spell to prevent it? One you could have cast at any time during the days I spent in that disgusting dungeon of yours or the first week I was trapped in here?"

The nerve!

Regina ground her teeth and spun to face the blonde, stalking forward as she growled low in her throat. "Yes, that is exactly what I'm telling you."

She reached out and grabbed her by the throat, forcing her to rise to her knees and come to the edge of the bed as the fur dropped from around her. "You suffer because of your own stubbornness, I am not the cause of it, I owe you nothing and the only reason you have had relief this past week is because I showed you mercy."

Regina bared her teeth in a snarl. "The simple truth is that we suffer because you deny me. Even as your mind, your heart, your very soul ache for me, you have deluded yourself into believing it will simply go away if you resist long enough."

"You weren't my choice!" Emma shouted and shoved the hand away from her throat, eyes widening as fingers curled around her wrist and yanked her forward.

A hand came up between her breasts, fingers splayed and her breathing deepened as the Queen slid her palm up, ascending her throat before clasping the back of her neck and pulling their bodies together. She shuddered at the feel of leather against her heated flesh, an arm wrapping firmly around her waist.

"You weren't mine either." Regina whispered before she claimed soft lips and was surprised when they parted willingly, allowing her tongue to slip between them and taste the mouth that had featured in her mind from the very moment they met. For several minutes she revelled in it; the flavor, the texture and the sounds, oh those sweet panty flooding sounds but as she felt the hips start to grind into her and the hand that grasped at her ass, she broke away.

Before Emma had the chance to recover, Regina was back across the room and the blonde watched, transfixed as the door shimmered purple a moment, then slammed shut behind the Queen and she was left alone.