Summary: Arranged just after birth; Clary Morgenstern soul-mate written in the stars but The Shadowhunters wanted her to marry another, another her heart wouldn't let her. Clary/Jace and onesided: Simon/Clary/Jace. AU

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Prologue: A Plague

The wheel on the wall spun rapidity between a few names for a few minutes as Jocelyn Morgenstern held onto a small bundle wrapped in bright pink blankets protectively. It had been only two weeks since she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and already The Clave wanted to decide her whole life.

The wheel consisted of current families infants male names; each with their own color. Valentine Morgenstern stood by his distress wife dressed in the finest robes for his rank, hoped desperately that The Clave choose someone in great stats and wealth for his baby girl. Someone who held all the cards in the Shadowhunters political world.

Someone that isn't an off spring of his one good friend Lucian Greymark. That sneaky wolf tried to steal his wife away from him a decade ago before being banished into the realm where the mundanes walk upon.

Valentine Morgenstern wasn't a very cruel man in name. He was just very impatient involving certain things. Jocelyn reached her hand weakly from the bed and grasped his tightly. Her eyes almost watered in tears when the wheel slowed down a bit.

"There we go," A middle-aged man with bottle-glasses exclaimed to the couple. The spinner passed a few names of very wealthy and powerful families before landed on one. The one that sealed his daughter's fate. The one that send her father into an angst scream.

"NO!" He roared, snatching his hand away from his wife.

"CHANGE IT! CHANGE IT NOW!" He bellowed at the official in anger. The official looked at him in pity.

"I'm sorry, sir. I cannot change the match. I'm sure he will treat your daughter well." He informed him with pity. The bundle in Jocelyn's arms wailed in distress.

"Shhhh,darling." Jocelyn comforted her daughter gently. Valentine stiffed before sharply turning to his wife.

"I will not allow my only daughter marry that. I'll rather her dead!" He bit out harshly, "Let get rid of her, Jocelyn. Start anew." His wife paled.

The official paled at his words.

"Giving away your daughter will not save her from her fate, sir!" The bottle-shaped glasses man gasped in disbelief.

"No, but it will save our good name when she doesn't have a name to fall upon."

On the wheel in bright yellow lit the only mundane family that was allowed in the capital of the Shadowhunters from an incident by The Treaty. The Treaty between The Shadowhunters and the Mundanes to keep peace. This one mundane family was to help relations between the cultures.


The name was a plague to Valentine.