This contains spoilers for The Walking Dead mid-season finale, so just wanting to say. If you haven't seen that yet then dont read. If you have then who knows you might actually like this really short thing. Since if you've seen it you will know why I wrote this. Couldn't change one death that happened since it was very much seen to have happened but the other was only strongly hinted at. So I thought I could do this without doing much damage by changing canon too much.


There was already so much gunfire-and tank fire- that was drawing in many walkers, she shouldn't be anywhere near here anymore, but Sarah was positive she heard a baby crying. She just couldn't ignore something like that. Sarah held her frying pan tight as she smacked walkers out of the way making her way into the crumbling prison.

Dodging bullets and biters she followed the sound of the baby cries until she came to the car seat. There were infected all around it so Sarah had to act quickly smacking them out of the way and grabbing the baby out of it. As she turned to run off with the baby one of the infected grabbed the corner of her ripped and dirty skirt. Holding the child with one hand she smacked her frying pan with the other into the walker until it let go, covering the car seat with blood.

Sarah darted away from the prison with the baby and back into the woods. She kept running until she got to a small shack of a house, and after making sure no one or no thing was inside it, she secured and barricaded the doors and any windows. After, she checked the baby for any bites or scratches, and sighed a breath of relief when she didn't find any.

In time she was going to try and find if any family members of this baby survived that fight, but until things quieted down out there she was going to make sure to keep this little one safe.


there was going to be more to this but i didnt start writing this as soon after i watched the episode as i should have and its already going to start up again soon on the 9th of February. i could continue this with that added bit if anyone wants for whatever reason but it would make it hard to use this has a headcanon when the show comes back on if i do continue it.

i own nothing here, other than Sarah Fisher