Disney's Frozen Dragon

Chapter 1 - Prologue

Chosen by spirits of the moon and the sun. The big four , brought together to fight evil that has returned. Pitch. Yes, he had returned and man in moon had brought 3 people from another time to help Jack defeat this evil. What no one ever knew that man in moon once chose a fifth.

Jack felt the black dust infecting his wound. Guardians were immortal but not invincible. A yell of pain escaped his longs. The nightmares were closing in on them and they had to act fast or they would be dead. A loud screech came from the sky , Jack saw his friend attacking the nightmares from above , accompanied by his Nigthfury.

'Jack!' a girl yelled.

De redhead jumped from her horse and ran to her friend. 'Jack , are you alright?' she asked, holding his face in her two hands.

Jack sighed. 'Does it look like I'm alright?' he answered.

Merida raised an eyebrow. The two never had much in common and neither of them liked the idea of working together with someone they wanted to kick instead. ' Now , is not the time for sarcasm!' she yelled.

Seeing Jack in so much pain caused her to freak out. ' You're going to be fine.' She assured him.

Jack tried to get up but failed. ' Merida, I'm going to die anyway. Go help the others'

' Are you freaking kidding me right now! I'm not leaving you alone.' She wouldn't , and she couldn't. If Jack really was going to die she would tell him that she cared to much for him and that she couldn't leave him behind. But he was going to make it, that she knew.

Jack's gaze met hers. How could a crazy mad Irish redhead have so much courage and determination.

Merida's attention was attracted by the attacks. She couldn't believe it. They were winning but if they wanted victory she had to help them. 'Rapunzel!' she yelled.

The blond girl with the long hair knew exactly what she had to do as healer of the team. She came as fast as she could. 'I'm on it!'

she quickly fought of a nightmare and came to sit next to Jack. 'Flower …..' she started to sing.

Merida got up and pulled her sword. Jack was going to be fine. She went into an attack , determined. 'AAAaaaah!'

Jack followed her fighting skills. 15 years old and already a fighter.

Pitch watched from a far distance. No , not again. He was going to take his revenge on Jack Frost but these teens were ruining his plan. He was going to have his revenge. No one was watching he could kill the guardian , and when they noticed it, it would be too late. Rapunzel got up to help and had let Jack alone. Pitch stepped closer to the guardian , preparing to fire a arrow of black dust. Jack was still too weak to fight back.

'You'll never win.' He said, noticing the black ghost closing in.

Pitch grinned. 'Oh I'm sorry boy, but I think I just di_'

Pitch was interrupted by someone knocking him down. No nightmares were left. Merida stood exhausted next to the unconscious Pitch. 'No one kicks his ass expect for me.'

She looked worried at Jack . Instead of asking if he was alright she said :' Told Ya''

Jack couldn't smile brighter. She kept her word ,she never left him alone.

The two others accompanied her and tied Pitch up to be locked up forever.

The depart

'We don't know how much we can repay you for what you did for us.' North said.

A portal started engaging behind the three teens.

Jack sighed. 'I'm going to miss you guys.'

Rapunzel's hair already started to flow towards the portal. It would bring them all to their home, all at a different home. Berk,Dunbroch ,… the portal would get stronger and pull the teens closer to it until they all entered it.

Merida stepped forward and immediately gave Jack a hug. 'I'm going to miss you too Snowflake.' She whispered. Her nickname for the guardian of Fun.

He hugged her back tightly. Stop it Jack, you'll start crying and it would only make it worse. The portal started to swirl and pulled the teens closer to it. Toothless and hiccup flied through the portal. In one second they were back in Berk. Same place where man in moon had found them. Hiccup sighed. 'Guess it's only you and me again , buddy.'

Rapunzel held her new friend in her hand. The chameleon she got as present from the Easter bunny. Pascal was from now on his name. she didn't need to walk because the portal's force got stronger and had pulled her , Pascal and Angus in the swirl. Wind filled the toy room.

Merida's grip on Jack's arms tightened. She had struggle to talk above the wind. 'Will I ever see you again?' she asked.

Jack really didn't now. Maybe? If there was a possibility he would take it immediately. If there was someone he wanted to see again , it would be her. 'I'll make sure you will! ' he yelled.

They both glanced at the portal the force off the wind would get stronger until Merida finally stepped in. jack pulled her back and gave her a tight hug again. He didn't want to let go. Come on Jack, say it. Before it's too late! He thought. The wind broke their hug and Merida had to let go. Merida held his hand tightly with her last strength. She showed a wry smile. Like she wanted to tell him that it was alright. Their hands separated slowly.

The portal closed. Jack cursed himself. Damn it. He looked at his hand, he should've held her longer. He looked up. Wait a second! This wasn't the North Pole. He stood in the woods and from a far distance he saw a camp of people surrounding a bonfire. As he looked at their clothes and noticed they were Gallics. He was transported to another time. Yep , he was in serious trouble.

'Oh Crap.'

North freaked and started looking around in his carters. His eyes met bunny's and tooth's.

'He's gone.'

After this incident life went on. Merida had turned her mother into a bear and realized she eventually had t marry someone. But something made her doubt. Rapunzel had married Eugene and was soon the new queen of the magic kingdom. Hiccup also got older and his connection with dragons got stronger. Jack had a new life as a Gallic medicine man and hoped to once sail to Ireland.

The depart 2.0

'Promise you'll be safe.' Elsa said as she hugged her younger sister.

'Elsa , I'll be fine. It's my honey moon, it's not like I have to climb a mountain for it.'

Elsa raised an eyebrow. It has been a year since everybody discovered her powers and she froze the entire kingdom. But one of the perks was that her sister had found her true love and were now married.

Christoff interrupted them. 'I'll keep her safe.' As he put his arm around Anna's waist.

Elsa was sure her would take care of her as he did before. Be they were going with a ship and that was also how they lost…

Chills went over her spine, keep it together Elsa.

She watched how the couple departed . She kept waving at her sister until they were out of sight.

Elsa looked down, she was alone again. A familiar voice interrupted her thoughts.

'She's going to be fine, Elsa.' The snowman said.

Elsa felt the cold of his snow next to her. It never bothered her. She sighed. 'I know, but I don't know if I am.'

Olaf was confused. 'What do you mean?'

Elsa kneeled next to him so they were on the same height. 'Anna's married and soon I'll have to choose someone too. When something like the previous year happens, someone has to take over my duties. I'm sure Anna's would do it perfect but ….'

'But what?' Olaf asked.

'She's still young and when she is older, she'll start a family. And what I've learned is that family comes before your own troubles. Not even when the kingdom is at stake.' Elsa shook her head. ' Okay , that sounded wrong for me to say.'

Olaf just smiled. A scream interrupted their conversation.

Elsa turned her head to the village. It was on fire! 'What the_?!'

A woman made her way to the snow queen. 'My queen, you've got to help us. The library is one fire!'

Elsa nodded. If she thought right , her powers could save them. 'I'm on it. Svenn!'

She rode on the moose in direction of the library. What could've caused this fire?

She stuck up her hair and made her way into the burning building and helped people getting out of it at the same time. The fire was spreading fast. By moving her hands in circles she shot ice blizzards to blow out the fire. Damp of water floated around the woman. The round library was huge and had many books too important to lose. Elsa was startled by a bookshelf falling over. She studied the shelf. That couldn't just fall over by itself. She slowly stepped closer , keeping her attention to the bookshelf. A big mass pushed Elsa to the ground. A huge dragon looked right in her eyes. Elsa was frightened. This dragon was literally on fire and had pinned the woman to the ground.

This .. monster had no mercy. How did he get here? Elsa held her hands up before her eyes to protect herself. Like that was going to help. Her hands started to light up, her emotions were again influencing her powers. She breathed heavily and saw death in the dragons eyes. Why wasn't she dead yet. She opened her eyes slowly . The dragon opened his mouth to fire but got blown away by an ice Blizzard. Elsa exhaled deeply. She was alive. She got up and prepared herself to fire again. But the dragon had left the burning building before she could fire.

She felt the heat closing in. There was only one thing she could do. She took of her shoe (that could hold back her powers whenever she got in an argument again.) she stepped firmly on the ground , making ice fill the room. The fire stopped spreading and eventually dove out. The ice melted.

Elsa stepped outside. The village greeted her with a loud applause. A few voices sounded from above.

'she saved us all.' ' all hail queen Elsa!'

Elsa wasn't happy. Her dress was ruined, the library burned, people were hurt. Luckily not dead and a freaking dragon threatened Arendale.

One of her assistants , Glenn, rushed to her with a blanket. 'Your Majesty , are you alright? ' he wrapped the blanket around her shoulders.

'Get every senate to the conference room. NOW!' she almost yelled it , she was frightened by her own severe tone.

She put her shoe back on. If she got too mad , this discussion could get worse.

'But my queen _'

She clenched her fists. Elsa don't. she thought.

'I said NOW!' she mumbled through her teeth. The villagers noticed her severe tone. 'Everyone go back to your homes, lock your doors and keep everyone safe.'

She turned her head back to Glenn. 'Ask around if anyone knows what caused the fire. If the say they saw a monster…' she glanced at the people leaving. 'Tell them it's something else.'

Glenn raised an eyebrow. The thin black haired assistant couldn't believe his ears. 'Elsa.. ' this was the first time in forever (I know cheesy but true)he named her with her first name. It almost made her worry. 'Are you asking me to lie?' he asked.

She took his two hands in hers. 'I'm asking you to keep a secret.' She looked in his eyes. 'I'm asking you as a friend, Glenn.'

He sighed. 'Alright then but only if you promise to be more careful next time.' He inspected her roasted dress. 'You're kind of a mess.'

She raised an eyebrow. 'I think I'm old enough to take care of myself, mister.'

Glenn grinned. 'That's not what your dresser will say.'

Elsa's smile brightened. Oh oh , Elsa had an idea and Glenn knew Elsa to well. She was up to something when she had that look. And She actually had an idea. She swirled her hands. Her purple dress started to fade into a new dark blue dress filled with ice. She shook off the blanket and whipped away the black dust of her cheeks. She looked as brand new.

Glenn was always amazed when Elsa conjured her powers. He knew Elsa for years. He was one of the staff people who kept working in the castle during Elsa's youth. He brought the food to her room because Elsa never wanted to come close to Anna.

'Your foods here, Elsa' twelve year old Glenn said as he knocked on the door quietly. He glanced at Anna's door. For some reason at that moment, his gloves felt uncomfortable. He knew they protected him from Elsa but why was everyone so scared. She wasn't that bad, she just couldn't control her powers.

Elsa's door opened slowly. Glenn smiled expecting a smile from her in return. Instead a sad girl stood in front of him. ' Thanks , Glenn.' The little girl said weakly.

The little boy was worried and wanted to step in. 'Elsa, are you alri_.'

'Glenn, please step back.' She warned him holding her hands in front up for protection.

Glenn noticed she didn't wore her gloves. His grip on the plate tightened. Maybe he was afraid. Elsa followed his gaze. She wasn't wearing gloves. She immediately shut the door and rushed to get her gloves. She opened the door again.

'I'm sorry.' She looked down.

'Nah, don't worry about it.' He said. He handed over the plate.

She glanced up at Glenn. 'Thanks.'

'HOW?' Elsa yelled as she slammed the door behind her in the conference room. Her steps sounded heavy as she stormed in direction of the 4 senates, Glenn and Olaf. 'Did a FREAKING dragon get to Arendale?!'

'Now Elsa, calm down. It's no big deal.' Glenn said.

Glenn was getting on her nerves now and the senate's noticed the tension. 'No big deal?' she asked, no answer needed. Glenn opened his mouth in protest but quickly shut it because Elsa already sneered him.

Commander Raft stepped forward first. 'Your Majesty , we'll fix this. We'll tell everyone the fire was caused by a kid who set it on fire or a lantern that fell over.'

' And what if that dragon strikes again? I could've died in there but my powers saved me. I won't be here forever. So what if?' She asked.

The senate's had no idea what to say. Dragons were a myth that parents told to their children as a bedtime story. Dragons only lived on the other side of the country and only the commanders and the royal family of Arendale knew that.

Elsa sighed. 'We need someone who can get rid of this dragon. And fast.'

A long silence fell. Glenn glanced at Elsa but she avoided his gaze. The silence was broken by Olaf running towards Elsa with a few books.

'ooh, oooh, I got it!' he yelled as he threw one big and one small book on the table in front of Elsa. She looked confused at Olaf. Sharing a look he knew she asked him : What is this?

Olaf nodded and with that Elsa took one of the books in her hand. The title didn't bring anything to her mind : myths.

'Turn to page 66.' He said.

Elsa raised an eyebrow. Where was the snowman going with this? She did as he ordered and searched for page 66. She turned the page and almost dropped the book of what she saw.

That same dragon who attacked her was looking at her in a drawing. She read the text beside it. According to the text. This dragon could set himself on fire and in that way defended himself. Every little detail about him was written down expect how they could chase it away or defeat it. She sighed.

' Olaf this isn't helping.' She said.

'Just trust me.' He assured her.

Oh she trusted him but she wasn't sure if he had a specific plan. She putt the book down. 'This book has a lot information, Olaf. But not any useful information.'

Olaf opened his mouth to say something but shut it once he saw that Elsa noticed the small book. Elsa was struck by the leather and especially the title : Legends.

There were hundreds of these books in the library of Arendale but this book had something that pulled her attention. She started looking through the pages. 'This book is handwritten.' She said to herself. She stopped at page 37 where a drawing of four teens and a dragon was drawn. Olaf noticed the look on her face.

'You found them , didn't you?'

Elsa shrugged her shoulders. 'These are just legends, Olaf. What does this has to do with the dragon.'

She went to sit down. This meeting was going to take a while.

A chair beside her moved , Olaf went to sit next to her. 'No Elsa , they're real. They're called the guardians. They can help us.'

'Olaf, I don't think _'

'just hear me out.' He interrupted her.

She sighed but agreed. 'Alright, Olaf. Explain. '

Olaf straightened himself. 'The guardians were once sent to the future to fight against a great evil. They were sent back after it was defeated. You had a brave warrior.' He pointed at a girl with great curly hair. She carried a bow and according to the book she was 15 when Man in Moon chose her, she was the only one of the team that didn't have a special power or talent. Elsa gasped.

'Man in moon?' she whispered to herself.

Olaf noticed Elsa's tension. 'Something wrong? ' he asked.

She shook it off. It couldn't be, but how did the writer now? 'It's nothing, Olaf. Continue.' She said.

He pointed to the girl with long straight hair. Really long hair. 'This one was the healer of the group, she had magic hair. Can you believe that?' he said excited.

She bit her lip. This was too familiar. Olaf continued, he pointed to a goofy looking teen. With his freckles and weak hair he looked kinda cute. 'Who's this?' she asked.

Olaf raised a eyebrow , why was she now interested all the sudden? 'That's … the dragon rider.'

Elsa's head turned to Olaf. 'Dragon rider?! ' she raised her voice.

' He trained the most powerful dragon of all and learned that dragon's do not have to be killed. He can be the hero were searching for.'

Elsa rolled her eyes. Hero was a big word to say for a 16 year old boy. But he was a Viking , they could form allies IF this legend was real.

Olaf continued. ' the last one , the leader , has the same powers as you, Elsa. Only he needs his staff for It and his powers come from a special force. '

Elsa looked right in Olaf's eyes. She was hoping she was making the right decision. ' And you are sure that they're real?'

For once Olaf was serious. 'Yes.'

That was all she needed. She got up and went straight to Glenn.

' What do you want me to do? ' he asked.

' I want you to go to Berk.' She ordered. 'This should help , she handed him a map and a necklace. Glenn looked confused at Elsa. 'This will help you.' she assured him.

She went over to the commander. 'I want you to write a letter to the two princesses, commander.'

He nodded. ' My queen , if I may ask. '

' You may.'

'Why do we have to do this?' he asked.

' We're going to defeat this dragon and safe Arendale.' The queen had spoken.

Everyone looked confused at her while she walked towards the door. She opened the door.

' We're calling the Guardians! ' she said as she shut the door.

so i hope you like the first chapter of Frozen Dragon and as always , more coming soon ;)