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Chapter 2

It was a sunny day in the magic kingdom, if only the prince was awake to enjoy it. Flynn _ oh wait , wait ! I mean : Eugene, woke up by the sound of one of the guards of the castle. He wasn't used to living in a life as a royalty but damn it , those beds were freaking awesome. "I could get used to this" he said to himself the first night he stayed there. A few people admired Eugene but other despised him and he knew why. Oh but where was I? Ah , yes , the guard.

Eugene ignored the guard calling for him but got woken up again by a hard knock on his door by the guard who apparently did not have patience. 'My Prince, it's coronation day!' the guard almost yelled. He sat up and barely awake he looked around. And then it hit him once he looked at the purple and blue costume the king had prepared for him. That's right! Rapunzel was going to be crowned as the new queen. It looked like it was yesterday when the 18-year old girl smashed a frying pan against his head for the first time. 2 years later and that frying pan still gave him chills over his spines.

'Merida, it's time.' Elinor announced once her daughter had finished her breakfast.

Merida looked up at her mother to find her mother's understanding eyes. Elinor had to go through it so Merida had to do it too. She sighed, she never thought this day would come. 'I know, mother.' After the whole adventure 3,5 years ago she realized her selfish acts would tire the kingdom apart. Merida understood the role of the queen now and soon she had to take that role. But first , she had to get married.

The door opened slightly revealing Elinor trying to peek in her daughter's room. 'It's okay ,mom, you can look. ' The 19-year old teen assured her. After she ruined her blue dress , Merida got a new dress from her mother. And this time she got to choose it. She wore a dark blue dress similar to her previous one but it was simpler than the previous one. Merida liked it. She sat down in front of the window wondering outside. Her mother went to sit behind her, grabbed a chair and sat down. She started braiding Merida's hair. Her mother never liked it when Merida let her hair loose. But Merida got the idea of making a braid of her hair. Her wild hair would be tamed but at least not locked away.

'You look beautiful, my dear.' Elinor eventually said.

Merida sighed. 'Mom?' she started.


'Do I HAVE to marry a prince?' she asked.

'We've been through this, Merida.' Elinor answered neutral. It was three years ago so time was running out.

'No, mom , that's not what I meant. Does it have to be a prince?' she explained. She turned around to see her mother's reaction. Elinor looked worried. Merida had known a few guys from the village. She'd rather marry a peasant instead than a self-centered prince.

'Why do you ask?'

'Just wondering, mom. What if I want to marry a peasant or a hunter, would you be okay with that?'

Elinor started stuttering. 'Well, uhm.. I don't think.. ' she straightened herself. Typically a queen. 'It would be a break of tradition but as we decided, the previous tradition also got broken, didn't it?' she winked at her daughter. 'But if it's true love, it would be wrong of me not to bless the marriage.' Elinor smiled.

Merida smiled wryly. True love. Hah, like that was going to happen.

Eugene couldn't smile brighter as he saw his adorable wife bowing to be crowned as queen. God, she's beautiful, he thought to himself. Rapunzel's hair had been growing back and weird enough it grew back blond. The hair almost reached her waist. The half of it brown and the top was blond. It was a unique sight. But Eugene also worried of the consequences it would have if it got its powers back.

The priest putt the crown on her head and as she rose the crowd started clapping and cheering for their new queen. Rapunzel's father leaned to Eugene. 'Beautiful, isn't she?'

' Yes, you did a great job, sir.' Eugene answered amused.

The old man grinned. He liked the guy.

Rapunzel glanced at Eugene, a gorgeous smile lit up her face. Eugene knew what she was thinking, he imagined a 18-year old girl screaming : "I'm a queen, a freaking queen! Woohoooo! " he laughed at the image. And what a queen she was.

Glenn had packed his back and was ready to cross to the other side of the country. 'I can't believe I have to travel 3 days to get a freaking kid. How is he going to help us?' he mumbled to himself. Technically the dragon rider wasn't a kid, the book told that he was 17-years old when he fought in the great battle against Pitch but still he was at least 5 years younger than Glenn. He looked at the necklace Elsa gave him and the map that would lead him to those freaking barbarians. He held it above the map. The necklace lit up.

'What the_ ?!' he looked closely at the necklace , it wasn't actually a necklace. More a little bottle filled with blue dust hanging on a robe. Suddenly a blue spot showed up on the map. Glenn studied it and read the name of the place where the blue spot was dancing above.

'Berk. ' he read out loud. 'Well, this should be good.'

Merida stood up in front of her throne as the big group of men rushed inside. Everyone in the kingdom and even outside the kingdom heard about the announcement. Merida was shocked. Why did so many men want to marry her. She wasn't even pretty.

Like reading her thoughts her father whispered a comment in her ear. 'You look wonderful, sweetheart.'

She sighed. She was cold actually. It was winter and it was snowing! Why was it snowing , and why today. She wished she had her hoodie. a snowflake landed on her nose. She started wiggling her nose to get it off but it stayed. It was so annoying. Suddenly she started laughing loudly which gave her parents a concerned look. 'Are, are you alright, sweetie?

' Get me out of here!' he yelled.

Merida raised her eyebrow. Why would she , It's not like he would do it for her. 'How did you even get in this situation?' she asked.

He hesitated. 'Uhm… I.. well .. '

'Well?' Jack hung upside down in a tree. Luckily for him Merida had passed that tree when he'd called for help. She crossed her arms. What excuse did he have now?

' I…. fell of Toothless during a flight. ' he eventually said.

Merida couldn't hold her laugh. 'You can fly and you decide to use Toothless instead of your own powers?'

'I just wanted to know how it felt.' He tried making his foot loose from a bunch of branches. But his foot was stuck.

'Need a hand? ' she suggested.

Jack had screamed for help but not from her! He imagined Rapunzel or Hiccup but not Merida. But he didn't have a choice. He sighed. 'That would be nice , yes.'

Merida was nice to a lot of people but if you got on her nerves… Merida inspected the guardian. 'Your foot's stuck.' She said.

'No? Really?! ' Jack said sarcastic.

'You want my help or not?'

'Fine , get me out of here!' he shouted. It almost sounded like a cry , Jack was ashamed he asked for help from a 14-year old girl.

Merida pulled her up in the tree. Jack was stuck in a higher branch so she had to clime all the way up to him.

'I wouldn't put my foot there.' Jack said arrogantly.

Stop nagging! Merida thought. 'You're distracting me.' She said as she was climbing up.

'Or there.' Jack continued.

Merida sighed. What did this guy knew off climbing a tree. Once she got there , she leaned on a bough so she had support under her left arm. The swung herself up and sat in front of Jack on the branch. As she started pulling away the branches she started mumbling. 'I can't believe you would do something stupid.'

'I heard that.' Jack commented. 'That tickles by the way.'

'Sorry.' Merida just said. She didn't want to get into an argument. She suddenly noticed Jack's foot wasn't stuck under a few branches but under a huge branch. He'd probably have a wound. 'Does it hurt?' she asked him.

' A little, why?'

She didn't even answer but gave him instructions instead of what she was going to do next. 'I'm going to push this branch of your foot and once your foot is released , there's a chance you might fall. So hold on tight to that bough.

Jack nodded serious. Merida took it as a confirmation and started pushing as hard as she could. A sharp pain entered Jack's foot. He grumbled trying to keep it in. Merida pushed the branch off the tree and got hit back into Jacks arms. Jack had kept both of them from falling of the bough , his arms still around Merida. Merida opened her eyes slowly. She thought she was going to fall but was surprised to see what saved her. It stayed quiet for a few moments. Both looking awkwardly at each other.

Jack released his grip quickly. 'This never happened.' He said.

'Agree' she nodded.

Merida helped Jack climb down and offered her shoulder for him to lean on. He putt his right arm around her right shoulder. He limped forward without saying a word. After a few minutes he decided to break the silence.

'Merida?' he started doubtfully.


'Thanks.' He glanced at her blue eyes. She nodded. This was the first time they'd been friendly to each other.

' No problem, Snowflake.' She said amused, smiling up at the wounded guardian.

Mmh, Snowflake. He liked that nickname.

Merida tried to stop laughing but couldn't hold it in, thinking of the image of Jack hanging in tree screaming like a little girl. Eventually she got sneered by her mother.

'Merida , there are people watching you. Behave.' She murmured.

Merida coughed a little and straightened herself. She took a deep breath and stepped forward once everyone had entered the hall. Everyone kept talking and didn't seem to give her much attention. They probably didn't see her laughing so loudly. Without even glancing at her mother she knew what to do. She started walking elegantly/determined through the hall , everyone she passed immediately stopped talking.

Her father was amazed. 'Oh she's good.'

'She learned it from the best. 'Elinor whispered to him. Her husband answered with a grin.

Once Merida reached the middle of the hall , she started speaking up. 'I. Merida. First born descendant from Dunbroch have decided to follow my mother's footsteps. And marry.'

Merida had spoken. The competition between the men was only begun.

'You look beautiful.' Eugene complimented his wife as they were standing outside in the garden. His arms wrapped around her waist and hers wrapped around his neck. She answered with a bright smile. They were about to kiss when a guard interrupted them.

'My queen, there's a message for you.' The guard at the opening of announced.

'Can it wait? ' Rapunzel asked.

'I am afraid , it cannot, My queen. ' he responded.

Rapunzel and Eugene hurried to the conference room where Rapunzel's parents waited for her. By the sincerity of the guard , it must be something serious. Eugene thought. Once they'd entered they met a messenger who they believed was from a whole other country. He bowed to greet them.

'I'm sorry to disturb your party , queen and king , but we need your help.' He said.

By the look of his outfit , the messenger was somewhere from the North. Rapunzel considered the situation. 'It's nothing.' She said. 'What can we help you with?'

'According to our queen, my lady , you are a very special legend. And she thinks you're maybe able to help us with a danger that is striking our country.'

A special legend? What is he talking about? Eugene thought. 'Rapunzel, is there something you haven't told me yet? ' he asked her.

Rapunzel was twilling her thumps. What was she supposed to say. It happened 4 years ago , long before she knew him. She didn't except it that they would need her again. Instead of answering Eugene, she turned back to the messenger. 'Are the others contacted?' she asked.

'What others?' Eugene couldn't follow.

' There are other messengers heading to Dunbroch and Berk , my lady.' He answered.

'Duncbrouch? Scotland?!' Eugene almost yelled it.

'I'll explain it to you later , Eugene.' She said. 'When is your boat leaving,' she asked the messenger.

'Tomorrow.' He answered quickly.

'We'll leave at dawn, ' she instructed. She turned to her parents who'd followed the whole conversation. They nodded as to give her permission.

The messenger left the room. Eugene stopped his wife before she could leave to her room.

'I'm coming with you.' He said.

'I didn't except anything else. 'she answered with a smile.

Merida made her way through the crowd in direction of the buffet. She got cut off by a tall man with wildly brown hair and brown eyes. 'Princess Merida , isn't it?'

Merida noticed his costume and realized he was a prince. She bowed. 'Yes it is. And who do I have to pleasure with?' she asked.

'Prince Florence from the Southern Isles, my lady. It's a pleasure to meet you.' He bowed.

The Southern Isles? Pretty far. Merida thought. She searched through her memory of what her mother had taught her about the Southern Isles. 'If I recall correctly , you have a many brothers, don't you?' she asked , trying to look interested in his life.

'12 to be exact , my lady.' He said. 'My eldest brother, Alan, is the king.'

What a shame to be the youngest. She thought. Constantly bullied, picked on or ignored just because you are the youngest. Not that she knew how it felt but she could imagine how poorly that prince must fell.

Just when Merida was about to say something when she got interrupted by another man who looked a lot like the prince she was talking to. 'Florence, ' he called. 'Alan , needs you at the gate.' He said.

The prince nodded , excused himself and went in direction of the gate. Merida took the chance and took an apple from the table and took a bite.

'Give me the apple!' she shouted.

'No, it's the last one. I'm not giving it to you!' he yelled back.

Hiccup tried to interfere between the two teens but it was hopeless 'Guys, can we please just get along? '

Merida yelped in annoyance. 'AAAAgh , just give me that apple!'

Jack noticed the irritation on her face. An amused smile appeared. 'Nope. '

But the guy who interrupted them still stood in front of her. 'Can I help you?' she asked. She got frightened by her own brutality.

The man didn't seem to mind. Or just ignored it. 'I see you've met my brother.' He responded.

She raised an eyebrow. 'There are many of you.' She just said.

The man straightened himself. ' I'm sorry , I haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Prince Thomas of the Southern Isles.' He bowed.

Yippie , another one. She thought sarcastically. Looking at the other Prince , she realized something. Prince Thomas had distracted his brother just to talk to her. Should she feel honored or offended because she knew all those men just hoped to be king of Dunbroch. She sighed.

'If you'll excuse me , I need some fresh air.' Without even waiting for his response , she hurried to the garden. She hoped no one was there. She threw away her apple and stood still, breathing in the fresh air of the forest. She closed her eyes. She exhaled deeply.

'Feels good , doesn't it.' Someone said behind her. She got startled by someone ,possibly a little bit older than her , sitting behind her on a bench. He had short brown and a wonderful white costume. 'I go out to the garden too if I need to get my thoughts straight.' He walked in direction of Merida.

She smiled. Finally someone who probably didn't knew who she was.

'Pleasure to meet you' he continued as he shook her hand.

'And who may I have the pleasure with?' she eventually asked.

He smiled. 'Prince Hans, Hans of the Southern Isles. '

2 years ago.

'You're sure this will work?' Jack asked the druid.

The old man nodded. 'Yes, it will work. '

Jack wanted to get ready but got hold up by the old man's hand. 'Jack , before you do this , there's one thing you need to know.' He warned him.

Jack stroke back his snow white hair and looked concerned at the druid who for once looked more serious than ever.

'Once you go through that portal , there's no going back. Maybe man in moon planned to bring you here. If we bring you back to the future there's a change he won't do it again. '

'What do you mean by that?' Jack asked.

'Your friends , '

Jack eyes got bigger, he didn't thought about that. He was in the same time as them.

'There's a bigger change you'll see them again here then you'll see them in your own time.'

Jack sighed. he wanted to stay here but he was concerned the guardians in the future needed him more. 'Seth , (that's the druid's name) , I don't know what to do.

Seth nodded and threw a weird potion in the bonfire. A big flame changed into a sort of window. Jack looked into the window. He saw north and Tooth discussing about their weekly schedules. Everything seemed normal like he wasn't even needed there. 'You think they need me?' he asked.

'Well, I think .' Seth sat down in a wooden chair. 'That SHE needs you more than they do.' He said.

Jack turned around to see the amusing face of the old man. How did he know? 'How did you..?'

'Jack , you can fool your friends but not me. When a guy keeps staring over the sea like that every day, there's probably a girl on his mind.'

Jack looked back at the portal/window ignoring the druid. 'And what happens if I choose to stay here.?'

'You'll turn mortal.' Seth said neutral.

Jack sighed but Seth continued. 'Man in moon had another generation of guardians , Jack , you know that. But it wasn't his plan to make the first generation immortal that's why he had to bring them to the future. To defeat Pitch.'

'And what about me?' he asked.

'You were never one of the second generation, Jack. You belong with your friends, the dragon rider.'

Jack smiled. Hiccup

'The healer.'

'You mean the hyperactive blond?' Jack joked.

'Yes , the blond.' Seth smiled.


'And the archer.'

Jack looked down. 'Merida.' He whispered to himself.

'So what's it gonna be ?' Seth asked.

For one second Jack wanted to put his hand through the portal but instead he looked back to the sea. Man in moon brought him here for a reason and he should follow that choice. He pulled back his hand and threw a wooden bucket with water over the fire that had opened him a portal back to the future. The fire vanished. Jack looked back at Seth who smiled brightly. Jack hoped he'd made the right choice.

'Happy 18th birthday , Jack' Seth said.

'Thanks , Seth'

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