Welcome to my new One-Shot Collection! This is just where I will put all my ideas that are either too short to become full length fics, stories that I think can be executed better as One-Shots, strange, cryptic writing, crossovers….basically, this Collection will show people how I write. This is sort of like my drafting board for all my Star Fox fics. I promise, some of it will be good, some bad, and others still will make you wonder what the hell is wrong with me.

First off, I want to say that some of these fics will be somewhat….fucked up? I kind of like taking a character and just giving them a really dark, terrible challenge, and then seeing how they'd react. I'm even playing with the idea of doing 4 fics, one for each member for Star Fox, giving all of them the same problem, and, based off who they are, see how they'd react. I think that'd be a fun thing to write.

Also, I am going to write a lot of mushy, lovey-dovey stuff. Now before you all complain, no I am not going to put it somewhere else. I'm writing it. I like writing mushy stuff. So there's gonna be mushy stuff. Lots of FoxXKrystal. And FalcoXKatt. Stuff like that.

Also, sexual content warning. It just adds realism. Not taking that out either.

And blood and gore. Like I said, there's gonna be some weird shit. Not like, rape or anything, but weird shit. Like 'Walking Dead game eating people on a random farm' weird shit. If you haven't played that game then what are you doing with your life? Go buy it.

Anyways, I really REALLY REALLY, need your feedback on these stories. I use all you guys' feedback to further my writing, it's sophistication, and my style. If I don't get feedback, I stop writing. It's as simple as that. That's one of the main motivators for me to even start a One-Shot Collection. If I don't write, I get worse. If I get worse, I stop writing entirely. This is going to be my place to vent off from my main story. Like, right now I'm writing Star Fox: My Life is Yours, which is my first fic. I want to develop from that, I want to get better at writing so that one day I can maybe break away from Fan fiction and form my own stories.

Some of these stories will be connected to each other. I'm going to make that very clear in the Author's Foreword AND the chapter names, just so there's no confusion.

I may also create an OC or two. I'm not sure. But they most certainly will not be humans. I hate that "look humans meet Star Fox" stuff. If you're writing something like that, I'm sorry if I offended you. I just think it's so unoriginal.

Also might do some Q/A's here. I think that'd be a fun thing for the whole community.

So if you want to help a fledgling writer and read some different fics, come here. I promise it will be worth your while.