(A/N I have had it pointed out to me that all my fuckentine has the same timeline and references each other yet is published as one shots because they are different stories. With strongly different themes. It goes Pink Tulip, Pink Tulip II (tells the story of before pink tulip but tells it looking back after pink tulip), Press the Flesh, Call Me Momma. If you care. If you don't, I don't, the stories do stand alone.
Just in case it's not clear: the reason why there's a large section where Sam calls Cat kitty and it's not capitalized it's cause they're playing kittens and she means it as a you are a kitty not Kitty the nickname she usually calls her. Cat's kitten character doesn't have a name yet it's the first time they've played kittens, but it will almost assuredly be something terribly cutesy.)

I took Myron and his brother down to the park to play frisbee while Cat had afternoon tea with Nona. The two of them didn't get much alone time. And honestly it didn't make any difference to me. I had a fun gag it had occured to me to play that I needed the twins for anyway. So after we played for an hour or two at the park, I took them by the copy store on the way back to the apartment. Right before we went in, I stuck three round paper circles in a line down one side of Myron's belly. Then I walked in and went up to the desk saying. "I'd like to make a complaint."

"What seems to be the problem young lady?" The clerk said.

I pulled the boys forward. Myron with his three dotted belly, his twin with his original belly. "When I brought this in to be copied, I distinctly said I did not want the copy to be three hole punched. Now I want my money back."

"Is this some sort of joke? We do not copy children here." The clerk said.

"This is not a child. This is an exceptionally detailed report for a child development class. And if I hand it in like this it won't be accepted. The teacher said not to three hole punch it." I said.

"Look girl, I do not have time for this." The clerk finally said.

"Well fine then." I said. "I'm taking your pen." And I took the pen from the cup by the register, grabbed the twins and left.

"Hey that's my pen!" The clerk shouted as we ran away.

The boys loved it. As I knew they would. I could tell that first day that they loved a good twin based gag. Not all twins do. At least in childhood, you can make all twins do it, but they don't all love it.

But Myron and not-Myron, they loved it. Another thing with Myron and not-Myron I could relate to. Idea of the dominant twin. Melanie was not-Sam for years. Not to me. I didn't even notice it and would have thumped anyone for saying it. But disappearing in my shadow is probably why she left.

In part.

Obviously biggest part was opportunity, on the positive side. Nobody leaves who isn't offered a ticket out. And our mom, who I won't even waste the words to describe, on the negative side.

You'd think that would make me more understanding toward not-Myron. But I honestly don't think I'd ever been given another name. Sometimes he liked to playfully tell me he was Myron and I was slowly learning to tell them apart even when they didn't want me to. But it's not like I was going to ask the kid what his name was.

The twin's mom was supposed to pick them up at 4:30. Which was just at dusk, this time of year.

She was right on time and our Friday night could begin.

At five Cat came out of the bedroom and sat down next to me. "No." I said.

"What?" She asked.

"It's nighttime, we are alone. The curtains are drawn for the night. That is not the way you come into this room and sit down." I said. "I agreed we take it slow publicly. But this is the privacy of our home. Our home."

She put her arm around me. She kissed my cheek, my chin and my jawline. "I'm sorry."

"You don't need to be sorry, my sweet Kitty. Because I'm going to let you go back into the bedroom, then come back out and do it right." I said giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Yay!" She said, bouncing up and running from the room.

I resettled myself on the couch.

Cat paused a moment, then came back out. She sat on my lap, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her sweet soft tongue visiting my mouth where it said a happy hello. "Mmmm, I've been waiting all day for that, thank you." She said. "Sometimes I forget what a naturally kissy, touchy person I am. When I have to cool it so much of the time."

"That's why I did it, my sweet Kitten. I do things in a teasing way with you because we both love it. It's a fun game. And it's me paying attention to you. Both of our favorite thing. But I only make you do things I know either you need to do to be happy or you want to do. which I guess are the same." I started playing with her dress a little. "So what are you wearing."

"What you asked me to. My old pink cotton dress with the buttons. I'm really worried about being cold if we go out." She answered.

"How bout this. When you choose an outfit you worry about being cold. Course I might double check cause I care and am concerned. But any time I ask you to wear something. That means I have a reason and I am taking responsibility for making sure you are comfortable. Just like I take responsibility to make sure that you are safe." I said. "Now what bra are you wearing?"

"No bra, you asked me not to." She said, with a smile and a bat of her eyes.

"Good girl. And what panties?" I hated that word in every context except saying it to my Kitten. Where it gave me tingles.

"I don't remember," She said slyly. "Maybe you should check." She snuggled onto my lap a little closer, rolling up on her hip a bit. So she could open her legs to me.

"Are you sassing me Kitty?" I asked in my play stern voice.

"I wouldn't dare sass you Sam." She replied.

"No you wouldn't. Because sassing Momma would require a punishment." I said. And slid my hand under her skirt. I recognized them by touch. They were pale pink silk lace t-backs. Soft and more absorbent than any artificial fiber lace would be. They had been a gift for her along with two other pairs of especially pretty underthings for Sweetheart Sunday last week. We'd agreed that she would need to wear bottoms, so I wanted her to have special bottoms to wear.

I thought they were a good choice with how special tonight was, although she didn't know it yet.

I cupped her hot pussy with my whole hand. My middle finger lay perfectly along the slit. Where after a moment I began to firmly tap. I did this for maybe twenty or thirty seconds, just til my girl had begun to make a noise, corresponding to each tap. I then started to squeeze her entire mound to the same rhythm I had just been tapping to. I could hear my little love's breathing speed up, but deepen and roughen. She was getting into it. I slid my hand into the lace and began to rub light circles around her clit. A few circles, then a stroke down and up her slick slit. A few more circles and then a stroke. Down and back up. When I felt her almost there I stopped. "Alright Cat. Time to got to dinner." I said, as if none of this had just happened.

"But Sam, no."

I put on my fake stern voice again and said, "Young lady, do you really think this is the time to be saying no to me. I told you if you sassed me you must be punished. And you not only sassed me, you lied about it."

The precious angel actually looked stricken for a moment. But it was a testament to our love that it was only a moment. She was learning to trust this. "You know I would never really lie to you right?" She asked.

"I do indeed. And this is clearly not a real punishment. I obviously have something secret and sexy planned. Maybe I want you extra horny through dinner, just so it's that much hotter when we get back. Maybe it's so you act a little sluttier. Maybe it's not dinner time yet at all and I have a different surprise altogether. Are you going to just trust me?" I asked her.

She got off my lap, and walked toward the door. She slipped on her shoes that she'd left by the door and opened it saying, "I most certainly am."

I grabbed the neckline of the dress in each hand and tore it from her leaving her standing naked but for panties and shoes in the open doorway.

I threw the dress pieces away and reached past to close the door. She looked mostly shocked with a generous salting of scared and angry. "What the chiz?"

I leaned forward, kissed her lips and said, "Trust." When I pulled back and looked in her eyes again the shock was still mostly there but the anger and fear were gone and there might have been a glitter of anticipation.

"As for 'what the chiz?' as you so crassly put it. We have just begun what I call slut weekend and you will probably call sweethearts weekend. Or perhaps I got that reversed. You see I found out three weeks ago that yes Nona is going to Napa Valley with her book club as you know. But Dice and Goomer are in Fresno at a fight. Dice's mom and Aunt are in Laguna Hills at a miniature furniture convention. Melinda took Chloe, Max and Darby to see her parents. Your friends think Nona's thing is a family thing and we went with her. Nona and Dice think I'm taking you on a motorcycle trip down to San Diego. No one will be calling since they think we're away. And none of the neighbors who live next door on either side are home and the neighbors who are home don't know us well. So we can be out as a couple all weekend and if we're a little louder than normal. No one is home to hear or question it."

"And you planned this all to surprise me?" She asked.

"No I planned the weekend all for us." I said. "The plans I made to surprise you are just beginning." I tapped her shoe with my toe. "Like get those off. Kittens don't wear shoes." She took the shoes off, putting them back by the door.

"And the panties." I said. "Kittens don't wear clothes."

She blushed and took them down.

I would guarantee, with all I learned of her from the almost two months we'd been together, five weeks of it we'd been fucking at least first thing in the morning and right before sleep. I was certain that blush had nothing to do with nudity , which she loved when it was just us and everything to do with needing to be reminded that kittens didn't wear clothes. Even though we had never played this specific game before. I found my baby blushed easily and both loved and hated to be made to blush though much more the first one.

I reached behind the couch cushion and took out a flat box I had hidden there. Like the box a bracelet might come in. I opened it saying, "What kittens wear, is pretty pink collars with bells on them." I took out the collar I'd gotten her. It was a real cat collar from a petshop, as I was fairly certain Cat would insist it be if asked. It was pink leather, sewn with glittery thread with little flowers done in pink sequins and a little brass bell.

"Oh Sam. A collar." I could tell she meant to make it sound like she was exasperated and it came out sounding thrilled. "Hrmph, I mean," She began.

"I am well aware of what you mean." I said fastening it around her neck.

She gave the bell one playful flick before schooling her face into a look of bland acceptance. "As you wish Sam."

"Good I'm glad my kitten feels that way. Because I've been waiting so long to have a pet to cuddle and play with and call my own."

I led her over to the couch. "Now you curl up here on the couch and I'm gonna go and make you a snack. Because I've been waiting so long for a special kitten to play with I think it might be a little while before we have dinner." I stroked and petted her. "Such a good kitten. My kitten is the best kitten."

She went in for a kiss and I turned my face. "No no, kitten, no kissies on the mouth." She looked confused and maybe a little hurt and I put my mouth right next to her ear and whispered. "We're makin up this game as we go along. I know we're both people in it for sure. and I know there is definitely going to be sexy times later. And maybe even some kissing on the mouth but not right now, because right now you're a kitty, even though you're a person too. Now lick my hand."

I could see that last tiny bit of tension go out of her body. She knew what she needed to know. She knew what we were doing. More importantly, she knew she couldn't do it wrong. She knew that second part because I told her we were making it up as we went along and it was a new game. But I hoped that before too long she would learn that was always true.

That was why it was called playtime because we were playing. And if I had a special way I wanted things to go for a special reason. I would tell her. Just like I would hope she would tell me. And even though it didn't come easy to either of us. We were doing pretty good.

She licked my hand with the tip of her pretty pink tongue, then she began to press her head against it. petting herself on my hand. Like I have had plenty of actual cats do. "Oh she's a good kitty, oh she's a smart kitty." I said petting her.

She flipped on her back on the couch, arms and legs flopping to the sides.

"Oh does she want her tummy rubbed?" I said, but I was flying on autopilot. As soon as she flashed her sweet hairless pussy at me I was hypnotized. I don't know how she did it. I had literally seen it hundreds of times now. But I had no defense. Not every time, but often. And if she bent over just right in front of me and I got her puckered pink butthole centered over her hairless babysoft slit. It honestly was like a switch that turned my brain off.

Luckily for the game, my brain just skipped a beat and when she wiggled to show that yes she did want her tummy rubbed I was back in the driver's seat. "Such a good, good girl." I said petting from breastbone to the top of her slit for the first two strokes. Then as I slowed my petting and took it from breastbone all the way over her to tailbone, I sat my weight back on my feet. Leaning over at the same time so my face was close to hers and I was looking in her eyes. "My kitty is such a good perfect kitty. I love her so much and I'm so glad she's mine."

I said it all slow and clear and directly into her eyes so she knew how deeply I meant it. I also hit the 'my' and the 'mine' extra strong because I was beginning to realize belonging to me was an important part of Cat knowing I wouldn't ever leave her.

"Mmmm, you curl up kitten, Momma gonna make you a snack." She pulled her arms and legs in and curled up on her side. I checked the thermostat on the way to the kitchen, and turned it up a few degrees. I was in shorts and a tee now, and Cat wouldn't be dressing again unless we went out for dinner and I might soon be nudening.

In the kitchen I found a box of Cracklin Oat Bran I'd bought. It was one of my aunt's favorites that tasted like oatmeal cookies. But I didn't find that out until I was twelve because I wouldn't try it since it looked exactly like dry pet kibble. I put about half a cup in a shallow bowl with the same amount of milk. The same measurements I might give a real cat. since this was more about a game and a tide over til dinner than actually feeding Cat enough.

I brought the bowl back to the couch. "Come on kitty, dindin." Cat sat up. "Kitties don't eat sitting up silly, it'd fall all down their fur."

I placed the bowl down on the other end of the couch and Cat crawled over and sniffed it. "Normally kitties don't get to eat on the couch. But I love my kitty so much. If she's a good kitty and eats her kitty food. I won't make her eat it on the floor. Maybe kitty needs to eat out of a bowl on the floor for the rest of the weekend, so she's not so surprised by it. Is that what kitty wants?"

Cat immediately put her face down and started eating the cereal. "What a good girl." I said petting her. "Such a good kitty. Oh such a good kitty." I let my hand drift back to start to lightly tickle and play with her pussy while she ate. "See that, kitty. When kitties are good they get treats." Cat made a moaning noise in her throat and shifted her weight opening her legs a bit and sinking back a bit so not only did her cunt open but my fingers were taken in, just a little. "Oh that is a good kitty. That's a slutty little kitty just like Momma likes. Can you show me how a slutty kitty eats?"

Willing to do anything to please me, suddenly Cat's front half was exactly the same. Her long red hair swung to the side, next to the bowl out of the way. Her face in the bowl; happily, though slowly, cause we were playing, eating her cat food. But her back half was grinding against my hand, trying to fuck herself against my fingers. When I shifted them, she chased them with her wet snatch. But I wasn't playing hard to get I was repositioning so they were held steady and she could fuck herself against them properly. So she could impress me with the rolling motion of her hips and how hungrily she thrust against me. While her mouth and face betrayed nothing.

When she finished her food, she made a noise like a tiny yelp bitten off and gestured with her chin to the empty bowl.

"Oooh that's perfect." I exclaimed. Making my delight evident in my voice. "I'm so, so proud of you. Now show Momma, a slutty kitten in heat."

The noise she released, as she let go of everything she had held inside because I'd asked her to. And now asked her to show me, was a yowling screech that was not that far off from a rutting feline.

After that knot was untied inside her though, she moved on to more human and, to my ear, far sexier noises. I looked along her beautiful small naked body. Now hunched down; her arms and legs pulled as tightly in as possible as she fairly vibrated with trying to fuck me with her sweet hot pussy.

I stopped the fingering. Latched on with my mouth and rode her the rest of the way through her orgasm. Licking and kissing: sucking at her. Tasting and consuming what deliciousness I could find.

When she released her completion groan/gasp and lay there panting; I took my mouth away and continued the game as if I hadn't given into my lust for her scent and flavor.

I stroked my hand along her back. "Such a good kitty, nice kitty. Her is a slutty kitty for Momma, huh? Yes, you are. Momma likes what a slutty kitty you can be."

I sat on the couch and brought Cat over to sit on my lap.

Right before she sat I adjusted the leg of my shorts up, because I wanted her sitting directly skin on skin. I cuddled her close stroking her. Stroking my fingertips down her back along her spine, over the back of her ribcage. Hugging her to me with one arm and petting and stroking her with the other. "Such a good kitty. Such a good, good kitty."

Happily I was able to reach the brush off the table without moving, and I began to brush Cat's hair as I held her. Eventually I was just brushing and making comfort sounds as I brushed her hair. "Mmmmm." and, "Sshhh sshhh sshhh," with the occasional whispered, "Good kitty."

Eventually Cat whispered, "I like this game, Sam."

"Call me Momma." I said.

"Really?" Cat asked.

"Would you prefer Mistress?" I asked. "I've never had a pet, but I'm certain they would not be allowed to call me by my first name."

I had a beautiful brainwave. "Or would you rather I get the diaper and you have a different reason to call me Momma?"

"No Momma, not the diaper." Cat said, stricken.

"Maybe she doesn't like to be Momma's kitten. Maybe she want's to be Momma's baby. All snug in a fresh diapie." I said smiling, acting like I was just trying to help.

"No Momma. I wanna be your kitty Momma. I'll be a good kitty, I promise." She was obviously having fun, but just as obviously getting a little scared. She did not know what to make of the turn this had taken.

"Of course I couldn't waste a diaper. So once it went on it couldn't come off until you'd wet in it." There I'd played my trump card.

And it worked like a dream. Her face snapped rigid looking into my eyes. The color dropping from it like magic. And I could read in the depths of those beautiful browns the challenge, 'you wouldn't!' but she bit down on it hard and managed to hold it back. And it worked in the other way too. Where her sweet hot box rested on my bare thigh, there was just a hint more humidity.

So I twisted the knife.

"I'm not even talking about the juiciness of your happy clam when Momma's petting you like you like. I'm saying you'll sit in that diaper til you waz all over the dang place."

"Momma, please," she said in a way that said. 'please don't' 'if you must' and 'put a pin in that for later' I was honestly impressed. But she has a performer's expressive voice.

"Oh my kitten," I said, starting to brush her again. "Who'd want a baby, when I have the best kitty in the world?"

She sighed like it had been a bigger thing than it had and cuddled in against me, trying to rub her head against me while I tried to brush her hair. Which was just such a perfectly Cat and perfectly cat thing to do, I couldn't tell her to be still.

I brushed her hair and cuddled her for a few more minutes. Then I pulled it all to the top of her head and rebrushed it that way before tying it in a loose knot. "C'mon kitty, into the bedroom we go."

She got up off my lap and began to crawl into the bedroom.

I looked down at the adorable and sexy little lovespot she had left on my bare thigh. It was a bit bigger than normal because I had intentionally been turning her on in hopes that we might have just such an 'accident'.

I put on my best horrified gasp and when Cat whipped around I said, "Kitty, how could you? You messy, messy kitty leaving your kitty juice all over Momma. I am shocked. Shocked and dismayed is what I am. You are a messy kitty. A messy, naughty kitty. A messy, naughty, dirty kitty. A messy, naughty, dirty, kitty with a messy, dirty fuckhole. And you got your fuckjuice on Momma's clean leg." I knew I would laugh soon so I had to make this short. "Well get back here right now." I said. Like I couldn't believe she wasn't back yet. She crawl ran back and then looked at me confused. "Well lick it off!" I said. Again like this should be obvious.

"Really?" My little lover asked. Which really was the perfect thing to do, at least as far as playtime was concerned. Because suddenly I wasn't about to laugh anymore. I wasn't serious. But I was sure as hell back in play mode.

"If you are going to ask that every time you are given a command, you are going to be maddening to train. I assure you it isn't getting yummier the longer you leave it, but my patience is getting shorter." I said, giving her my best 'you are in for it' look.

She crawled over quite happily and licked herself from my leg. Which gave me shivers and tingles and I stroked her head and neck while she did it. Although just to be certain she understood my attentions were of a 'I love you' variety and not a 'this is over now' variety I didn't let her turn around afterwards.

"And before you crawl away, slut," I said, catching hold of her collar. "Just to save us time. Any command you are given while wearing this. You needn't ask 'really?'Yyou can just assume the answer is 'yes'."

"Maybe I won't take it off then." Cat said.

"Did you say something, my pet?" I asked.

"I said, 'Yes Momma.' No, wait, that's a lie. I said, 'Maybe I won't take it off then.' It's just we're having so much fun Sa-Momma."

I patted her head. "I knew what you said. Since you lied to me and almost addressed me by my first name you must be punished. But since you told the truth, and I really like the reason why you lied... But it's still a lie. Obviously, you can't change my mind, but I'm curious. You lied for a beautiful reason. And you almost called me by my first name. which I love you to do and want you to do when we aren't playing. Plus you only started calling me Momma this afternoon. Do you think I should be lenient with you?"

"No Momma." She said definitively almost before the question was out.

"Right. I do need to punish you. I also love the reason you lied and a thousand times more than that, I love you: more than sunshine and root beer and the very breath in my body. Which means I also want to give you a reward. Looks like a challenge. Crawl into the room, kneel in the corner facing the wall, and think about what you've done. I will be in in a moment with my decision.

She looked up at me and nodded, eyes already getting damp. If there was even a hair on my head that wasn't certain the shame was turning her on...

But I was. And equally certain as soon as I went in that room with whatever silly teasing punishment and she knew there was never even a molecule of hard feelings between us; the whole thing, even the crying would become hot and would be remembered as this roller coaster of sensation. Unfortunately I couldn't give her the good payoff if I didn't allow her to doubt for a second. But it killed me.

I counted to one hundred. I already knew what her punishment was going to be. But I wanted to give her a moment to sit. Enough to fret. But just barely.

Her punishment was going to be exactly what I planned for tonight anyway in honor of slut weekend. But I wouldn't tell her that. Not because I didn't think she'd go for it. I knew she would. But because then she'd need a different punishment.

I went into the bedroom, went straight to my bed and lay down. I counted to fifteen to make sure she was staying in the corner until called. "My sweet kitten pet. You may join me on my bed."

She crawled over and was in my arms in a scurry of little Cat hands and knees. I held her tight to me as she cried for a moment. I wasn't worried. I was certain that it was just because everything was so intense and that she was enjoying herself.

Just to be totally safe I said. "The word is boysenberry. You get overwhelmed, or scared or this starts to feel real. Even if you are just done. The word is boysenberry. you say boysenberry and I'm just Sam the girl who loves you more than life. The girl who thinks the sun rises out of your smile. And you are just Cat the world's prettiest princess. and we will just have a sexy sweaty crazy girlfriend's sweetheart weekend."

"No Momma, I'm having fun. It's scary crazy fun like the rides at a carnival where the workers have barely more fingers than teeth and neither answer is ten. But I like it, and I'm ready to be punished."

"Alright. Your crimes were not doing what you were told and not showing proper respect to me. So for the rest of tonight you will be my property." I touched my finger to her lips. "I know you belong to me already, if you listen I will tell you how tonight is different. And if you start to interrupt me again I will slap you in the face." She looked at me with such naked terror." I sighed and gave her a four fingered tap on the cheek like one would give on the shoulder to someone they were trying to catch the attention of. "That is a slap in the face. If you ever look at me again with that kind of fear in your eyes that will be the last time we play these games."

She had the respect for me not to apologize, just to say "Understood," and drop it.

"Tonight you will put yourself in my hands completely. I will dress you, style you, you will not question or comment. We will be going out to dinner. We are going to Nona's favorite restaurant. Nona's friends are with her, or will have eaten by now, but this is a place where no one knows us. I will order for you. You will be my happy eager slut. You will refer to me as Momma. However I talk to you, however I touch you you will trust me. That either I am certain we are private or I have made the informed decision that the strangers seeing or hearing us don't matter. If I wish to strip you down and have you walk naked down Sunset Boulevard on my arm, you trust that I magically made Sunset Boulevard our private lover's lane. Or you trust that I will stop you before anyone sees. What you don't do, is you don't question me. and you don't refuse. More than that, my love, my pet. You don't pause."

"Yes Momma." She said

"Good girl." I said.

"I could listen to you calling me a good girl for the rest of my life and still be thrilled by it." Cat said smiling up at me from where she lay in my arms.

"Than I strongly suggest you continue to be one." I agreed.

"Good plan." she smiled. "Momma?"

"Yes my pet."

"I was thinking. That if this is going to be the part of the game where I'm wearing clothes and we're eating in a restaurant. Even if it's also the part where I'm still wearing my collar. And you're Momma, and I'm your kitten and I'm not Cat again yet. Could it also be the part of the game where we kiss?" She said it so sweetly.

I mean of course we were going to kiss, now. We were going to kiss anytime and everytime I wasn't saying no, just to add a little difference to a moment. But she said it with such sweetness I had no choice but to kiss her thouroughly right there. Like ten minutes thoroughly.

Maybe it would have gone longer if I'd had some cereal too, but as soon as I assured myself that my one true love had been thoroughly and entirely kissed. It was back to playing.

I dressed my belle in fancy slut Friday night. Which meant her best jacket. A silver silk tulle top with black bandeau bra beneath and black micro mini. When I handed her the black lace thong I said, "This is to hold a small pad. As I know you are a messy kitten who has really enjoyed all this attention from Momma. Since we are walking there you may wear this to the restaurant and wear it with a fresh one for the walk back. But if I touch you during dinner and find you are still wearing them, I will be very disappointed."

"Yes, Momma. Of course, Momma." Cat answered, looking down. Then looking up at me through her eyelashes coyly.

"Good girl."

I did her hair and makeup very dramatically. Not full whore. But certainly more nightclub then supper club. I dressed myself more businesslike but equally girly. Just because I like to be comfortable, people think I don't like to be pretty. I just like the natural look. But not when going to a nice dinner with my love. I wanted to be the second prettiest girl there, after Cat. I would never want to outshine my girl. My pride lay much more in having the prettiest girl on my arm than being her. Which I knew complemented my sweetheart's own style.

"Ready?" I asked, taking her hand.

"I just need to visit the powder room." Cat said.

"Okay," I said. Not releasing her hand, waiting expectantly.

"Oh, sorry. Momma, may I use the restroom please?" She asked with a small, 'I'm so silly' smile.

"You most certainly may, my pet." I released her hand.

The restaurant was three blocks down and one over. The air was chill, but not bad, given the season. Honestly in our outfits, the walk would be both warmer and more convenient to navigate than my motorcycle.

When we arrived and I'd given Cat permission to go to the ladies and take her thong off, I took the minute to talk to one of the valets who I recognized from his second job at the shop where I got anything I needed for my bike. He was a good guy and definitely chill enough that he didn't count under trying not to see anyone we knew. And he might be able to help me out with a thought I had.

Cat was waiting when I got back. I just told her I recognized the guy from the shop and he was a good guy.

It looked like it was going to be a great night. I like 'bots, but it's nice to go someplace nice sometimes. We were eating late enough there was no one around us but not so late the staff was rushing us out or the place seemed dead. We could hear the low murmur that said there were other people there. We just didn't see anyone who wasn't staff. Which was both a booth in the back corner, high booth walls and the hour.

Both my girl and I sat on the same side. I ordered her a Cinderella and an iced tea for myself. I also ordered her the crab stuffed mushroom appetizer. and I got the double smoked bacon. I had gone online and decided everything when I planned this. I had no intention of spending any part of this evening poring over menus and as little interacting with people I'm not in love with as possible.

I turned halfway in the booth bringing my leg up onto the cushion. Then just lifted Cat and sat her in my lap.

Wrapping my arms around her, I brushed her lips with mine. "You're such a good girl, my pet."

"I try to be, Momma. I want to be so good for you. I want to make you proud." My angel said.

"Waking up every morning with you in my arms makes me proud." I said, meaning it with all my soul and self.

She smiled. "Thank you. I've never been happier. It's almost like I've never been happy, in comparison. But I meant I want to make you proud with this. Tonight. This is fun. I'm not saying I'd want to do it all the time, but I might like it pretty often."

I was kissing her as she talked. Kissing her cheek and along her jaw. When she finished I took the opportunity to lick her bottom lip with the tip of my tongue.

I was also stroking the inside of her leg. Teasing her. Working my way higher a tiny bit on each upstroke.

"Momma, go higher." She said with unconcealed lust.

I unceremoniously dumped her from my lap as I stood. "You do not tell me what to do. The sooner you learn that lesson the happier I will allow you to be. Now I am going to address some business. You will sit here quietly and when I return, we will try again."

I walked up to the front and found the maitre'd. "My girl and I are having a very special dinner." I said to him. Holding up a twenty dollar bill folded between two fingers.

"That's lovely." He said, glancing at the money then returning his attention to me.

"I love her with all my heart. But you see she's very shy. She won't kiss me for fear the waiter or staff might come up. I notice the floor isn't very crowded at this hour and was wondering if I order a bottle of sparkling cider you could bring it in a champagne bucket. While the bucket is next to the table that is our do not disturb sign. No one comes to our table for any reason short of a fire. When I move the bucket away from the table that is our signal that anyone may approach as necessary."

I offered the bill to him and he accepted it, saying, "That will be no problem at all, Miss."

I returned to the table. Cat wasn't crying, but she was looking morose.

I sat down.

"I'm sorry Momma." She said.

"You're still learning. We both are. But you have to look on the happy side. You can ask for anything. You might not get it, but you can ask. Anything. And there's extra points for being dirty. Things you would be too ashamed to ask for as Cat, a slutty kitten asks for without a second thought because she doesn't know any better. You can ask for something and change your mind a second later because it sounds different out loud. Cause this is just a game. There are no consequences, except game consequences. But what you can't do is tell me what to do. And you don't want to do that anyway. You don't want to do that in everyday life."

"I know, Momma. I'll learn." My girl promised.

I lifted her up and put her back on my lap. "I know you will baby." and I kissed her.

Honestly, kissing my maiden's comely lips was like life to me. I was reborn.

I'm sorry. I know I'm not a poet, and I don't claim to be one. I'm not some renaissance bard; some prancing doofus in tights and a beret. But it was what it was. Kissing her was like the full moon's light. Mysterious and intriguing but renewing in a way nothing else could be. Her lips pulled my tides.

And as my hand was drawn between her legs, there were fireworks behind my closed eyes. Her mouth renewed me as her hungry slit drained me. Not with intent, I know. Every part of her body wanted to give to me. Give all that she had, all that she was and more.

It was my own hunger for her hot and perhaps now pooling nectar that drained me. I needed her with a greed that was exhausting.

I cupped her. Squeezing and pulling at her with my entire hand as my mouth feasted on her lips with increasing fervor. I slid my middle finger in and fucked her with it as I kissed her and explored my lover's mouth. Bringing the thumb of my other land and pressing it medium hard to her clit and holding it steady. Letting her grind and move against it.

As she came I blocked her mouth with my own and trusted her own nervousness to muffle this, the first of her tableside orgasms. Which it admirably did.

A moment later our appetizers were brought; along with our drinks and the champagne bucket with sparkling cider.

"You ordered us drinks and sparkling cider?" My lover asked.

"Apparently." I smiled. "The drinks are for now. The cider is just going to sit in it's bucket for the moment. Perhaps we will drink it with dinner."

"Yummy." she said.

"Now give me your skirt." I said.


I quoted myself back to her, "What you don't do is you don't question me. and you don't refuse. More than that, my love, my pet. You don't pause."

"Yes Momma." She got off my lap, knelt up on the benchseat and took off her skirt. Then she handed it to me. She knelt next to me on the seat naked from the waist down with a shirt that stopped just below the navel. Yum fuckin yum.

My heart went out to her, she didn't know I had made arrangements that we wouldn't be disturbed. But the entire purpose was her trusting me, that I wouldn't give the instruction, unless some arrangements had been made.

"But you did pause and you did question me didn't you pet?" I asked.

"Yes, Momma." She whispered.

"You will speak clearly to me." I said.

"Yes, Momma." She said, firmly.

I tucked my finger into her collar. "And what is this pretty necklace, pet?"

"It's my collar Momma."

"And what does it mean?" I asked.

"That I belong to you." she said.

"And do you like it? Do you think it's pretty? Do you want to keep wearing the pretty collar?" I asked.

She looked scared for a moment. "May I?"

"We will see. Won't we? We will see if you take your punishment like a good girl."

I touched her plate. "That plate is plenty hot enough to keep you food nice for a few minutes.

I took my appetizer plate off the white serving plate underneath it and put my food on the other side of the table. I touched the serving plate. Pleasantly warm, but not too hot.

.I tapped the clean white plate, "Hop up."

"Momma, I don't understand." Cat said.

"Seems like a dodge to me. But asking for clarification is allowed and doesn't count as questioning. I believe the reason you almost disobeyed and put your modesty before my will is you didn't want someone to see you. Since you need to trust that I would have thought of that and made arrangements. You will now sit on this plate and be my appetizer."

She looked shocked and scandalized. Also titillated, of course and to her credit as soon as I explained she was moving. She jumped up on the table and sat on my plate. I positioned her a little, leaning her back, trying to get her comfortable. Then I spread her legs a bit wild, and lifted her feet so her heels were on the table almost touching her butt and her sweet smooth pussy was spread wide.

I leaned in close; looking at her, smelling her, breathing in the humid ambrosia laced air around her. Just being this close I lost my train of thought for a moment again. I was having the time of my life. Cat was so much fun to mess with and make squirm. And eating out my girlfriend on the table of a nice restaurant. Movie stars and fancy European royalty didn't have lives this good.

I moved in slowly. Enjoying the exquisite agony of the wait, and even more so enjoying the little signs I saw of how bad my sweet girl wanted it. When I was close enough to feel our body heat mingle but not quite have us touch; I spoke into her. "You're such a good girl. Such a good girl." And I heard her make that squeak she makes when she first starts to cum. So I went with it. I kissed her. "Such a good girl." I licked down one side and up the middle. "Such a good kitten." Licking and sucking at her lips, "Momma loves her obedient little kitten." Going in deep, reaching as far into her as I can with my tongue. My head canted to the side like I'm kissing a moist and expectant mouth. "Mmmm Momma's kitten takes her tongue so good. That's it baby. Take Momma's tongue like a good girl."

Just like that she was coming. And it was the strangest thing. It was obvious. She was coming, and coming hard in a delicate and restrained 'I'm on the table in a restaurant' way. But I could tell from her face and the convulsions of her hands as she groped for something to grab onto. Not to mention. The cascade of flavor I was enjoying to the fullest.

But to hear her noises, you'd think she was crying. and a tear or two did find their way out.

Afterwards she just sat on her plate silently for a few moments. When she opened her eyes, she said, "Momma, may I sit?"

"Certainly my pet."

She climbed down from the table, into my lap without another word and just clung to me. Her face in my neck.

She stayed like that, without another word while I ate my appetizer. When I finally asked. "Are you okay pet?"

She just said, "You are just so perfect, it's hard to believe."

She stayed cuddled up to me as I fed her her appetizers, then under the guise of checking on our entrees, I moved the bucket away from the table, so when I returned they were brought a few minutes later. I had gotten myself steak and chicken and had gotten my pet the Scottish salmon. The biggest reason I was able to feed her her dinner as well as eating my own was because we were taking our time and just enjoying each other's company. Not to mention as I told her. "Kitten's don't know how to use silverware. They have little paws."

We finished with nuttella creme brulee for me and a key lime baked alaska for my girl. I fed it to her slowly. At least half of it off my fingers as I talked to her. And l learned lick by lick that feeding my love dessert off my fingers was one of my favorite things to do.

Just before we left she asked if she could go to the ladies room. "If you have need of the facilities you certainly may pet. But if it's to put your thong and juicepad on for the walk home, it's not time for that yet. We have one more stop to make before we go home." I replied.

"Do we," She looked devilish. "Then it can wait, Momma, thank you."

"Then let's go." I took her hand and led her from the place. Stopping and saying goodbye to my friend from the shop and introducing him to Cat. Getting a quick question answered.

I walked my love through the parking lot, I noticed that there were cabs out front as I assumed there would be. Anyplace that had a successful clientele of elderly would find plenty of folks who walked over from elderly acres but didn't want to walk back. Or any number of other reasons. Including just having one too many like anyplace else.

As we walked through the parking lot I could tell Cat wanted to say something, especially when we got to the part behind the wall where there was no pedestrian outlet. But I think she was worried it would count as questioning me, which it would.

I certainly wasn't going to tell her that I arranged for my shop friend, the valet, to be signaled when we were almost ready to leave and had asked him to park the next nice midlife crisis special sports car in the back corner by itself so it's owner will have just arrived and will be busy for at least an hour. Then to not park anything else on this side of the lot until we left. I'm sure he thought he knew what I had in mind. And I'm sure he was correct, at least in the right area.

Because Cat had blushingly mentioned a fantasy last week that was about to come true.

Lambo Aventador, should have known. Good car if I was filming this. Fine for my purposes. Just a bit stereotypical. Honestly I just needed a clean place for Cat to bend over. The rest was window dressing and fanciness.

When we pulled even with the car, in two steps I was behind Cat groping her. Reaching around her groping and squeezing her tits, holding onto her hipbones as I pressed her ass back against me and leaned into her. Releasing her hip quickly to use my hand to sweep all her hair around and over one shoulder before reaching back to grab her hip and pull her back against me, biting down on the back of her neck. "You are so fuckin sexy. Such a sexy slutty little kitten." I licked up the back of her neck, "You make me so fuckin hot." I moved to the side and pulled her skirt up to her waist. grabbing one side of her ass and spreading it open. "A naughty little slut, with a slutty little butt. Isn't that right kitty?"

She moaned in the back of her throat and said, "Yes Momma."

"And you want me to fuck that slutty butthole, don't you kitty?" I asked.

Now she sounded a little nervous, but so turned on. "Yes Momma."

I put my hand between her shoulder blades and gave her a little push. "Bend the fuck over, slut."

She bent over and lay her chest and shoulders on the hood of the car.

I pulled her skirt up to her lower back and got down to work level. Mmmm, she looked delicious and delightful.

I had an interesting relationship with Cat's ass from the beginning. I think I only originally had a bit of a butt thing because it's dirty and forbidden. but I had my butt thing she had her armpit thing we both could kinda see what the other one was talking about so we didn't feel weird and it was nice. But her butt is unusually cute, and tasty and it smells like fucking. Plus she says when I play with it it makes her feel submissive and naked and like she's letting me steal her secrets. So you can see how a little butt thing can become a big turn on. Then she told me about this fantasy where she totally wanted me to bend her over the kitchen table and fuck her out. And it was obviously so hard for her to say that it made it a thousand times cuter.

I started at her lovely smooth kittyhole already syrupy from the play so far this evening. Starting at the bottom, which was of course the usual top in this topsy turvy world that is a slut kitten bent over a car for an ass reaming. I began with her clit and worked my way up. I sucked at her little purpley pink nubbin. Licking it and kissing it. surrounding it with my puckered lips and sucking. wetting it down with my happy eager tongue. I laved my tongue up into her delectable folds and secrets then back to her wonderful adorable clit. I didn't wait long to visit her little pink rosebud. I just wanted her front to know it was included. This was a whole neighborhood show, and everybody was going to be involved.

While I kissed Cat's bottom and got her relaxed, my nimble fingers were keeping her pussy entertained. Alternating stroking, and clit play, with actual penetration.

As I felt her start to relax I left off on the front play for a moment so I could use both hands to spread her cheeks and really get in there deep with my tongue.

I dipped one finger in to get it lubed up with her cum before putting it in her bottom and using the other hand on her horny cunt. I was licking her clit now while stimulating it from the inside with two fingers in her pussy and the one in her ass rubbing gently on the wall between them.

She'd actually used the term 'gaping', but I think if I gave her a really hard cum with two in each hole then took them out they would immediately drop down to about half that size but I think that would still be enough to feel 'wide open' to her.

I started using the thumb of my pussy hand on her clit. While going back up to make out with her ass around my thrusting fingers.

Yes I was fulfilling her fantasy. Yes it was mostly about her. But I still had this weird thing with her butt. I still was really into this. I still was pulling my one finger out, sticking my tongue up there. Then putting my fingers in my mouth to get them super wet and then gently working them up there as I kissed her thoroughly around them.

Then as she started to be taken by the wave of her orgasm; as I double penetrated my princess and called her a slutty kitten. I took my mouth away from her bottom so I could talk to her. "That's it good girl. Take it for Momma. You moan for Momma like a good girl. We're in an empty lot in a business district at night. You don't need to be shy. C'mon, you be a good slut for me. Show me what a good slut you can be for me."

As soon as I started talking she started to press back into my hands hard. Plus some deep guttural groans came up under her normal coming sounds as she ground her pussy and ass against my hands. And I pushed back, knowing she wanted it. Once I told her to let go it's like she was swallowing back noises and finally gave them her full throat. I thought she sang like a brass band in a tiny body. But this was impressive and sexier than I could have imagined.

So I got louder, cause she was louder, until I was nearly shouting. "Good girl, what a good good girl."

After she came I sat for a minute with my fingers still in her. All her muscles locked down on me. She was panting and sweating and shivering like a newborn foal. When I felt her muscles release I slowly slid my fingers out. I crouched behind her, gently running my tongue over her and blowing softly on her open holes. To give her the whole used and yawning effect. Then I leaned over next to her to hold her for a few minutes. When she seemed ready, I pulled her up standing and pulled her skirt down where it belonged.

I held her in my arms and took out my phone. "Who you texting, Momma?" She asked.

"My friend, the valet up front. I'm gonna have him send a taxi back to pick us up and take us home. I know a certain kitten who needs a hot bath and a long snuggle." I said.