(A/N Here is Chapter Three. It is the third day of that first kitten weekend, so this falls chronologically between #MadAboutShoe and MagicATM and on the Puckentine Chronicles it falls after Chp 1 of Press the Flesh and before #NaughtyATM. In here we will explain why in NaughtyATM Cat is speaking of herself in the third person.)

I woke up before Momma like usual.

I reached up and touched my pretty pink collar. It wasn't a dream. All this beautiful perfect weekend had really happened. Not that I really needed to touch my collar to know it wasn't a dream. Both my kittenslit and my bottomhole felt pleasantly, perfectly, used and played with.

I knew that I'd been Momma's greedy slut kitten for two days and I still had a full, exciting, perfect day of slutting left to do. This was the last one and I really didn't want to think about going back to the real world tomorrow, but I just wouldn't think about it. I would focus on now.

Now warm and cuddled up to the best, most perfect Momma in the world. I felt so treasured and special.

I just cuddled up to her closer and pressed my face into the crook of her neck, smelling her.

My sweet Momma. My world. My everything plus one.

I had an idea for a fun game we could play. But I was a good kitten and no matter how much I wanted attentions I was going to let her sleep until she woke up on her own. So I just held her close and lightly stroked her back.

When that seemed to be putting her into a deeper sleep, I realized that a really loving kitten would hug her really tight.

But I might have hugged her too tight because she woke up.

"Good morning little kitten." Momma said. And she gave me the sweetest kiss.

"Good morning sweet Momma." I said. Still holding her so tight.

I had the best Momma. I was the luckiest kitten in the world.

"Okay kitten, loosen up a bit." Momma said.

"I know, I will. I'm just really having a good weekend. And it's Sweetheart Sunday. And I know this is going to be a special one."
Now was the time for the new game I thought up.

"Is it now?" Momma asked.

"Indeed it is. Because we all know that Sweetheart Sunday is also Opposite Day. Everybody knows that.
That is unless your stupid. Are you stupid Momma? Because if you're stupid, I would like to know." I said, smiling a sweet playful smile.

"Kitten, you need to think about what you're doing very carefully." Momma said, seriously.

"I know exactly what I'm doing, and now you have to be my Momma toy. And you have to call me Miss Kitten. Now lick my pretty sluthole Momma."

"Excuse me." Momma said, pulling away from me and looking like she might be getting ready to put her stern face on.

"Lick it Momma, Or you will get such a spanking." I said. In my mean, but still a cute kitten voice (you'd have to hear it.)

"Really?" Momma asked.

"Yes?" I said. "I mean, yes. I am the boss of you now. Now you better get to licking or your kitten slut. I mean Miss Kitten, the boss, is going to get her belt."

"Are you sure you want to be doing this little kitten?" Momma asked.

"Maybe, Momma toy. Or maybe I'm just trying to get punishments." I said, trying to look innocent.

"And what sort of punishments do you think you'll get?" Momma asked.

"I'm not getting any punishments at all. I'm the boss of you now and you're getting punishments for not licking my slippy sluthole when you were told." I rolled Momma onto her tummy and quickly spread her beautiful white bottom open and tapped her bottom hole twice with two fingers put together. "There. Now that I've spanked you you know I'm serious, Momma." I said. "Now you know that hurt me more than it hurt you."

"I know it's gonna hurt you." Momma said. "And I know you must want some pretty serious punishments to dare spank me even lightly playing."

"I don't know Momma. I guess you better punch me in the face." I said, having absolutely no idea where that came from.

Momma's mouth dropped open and she stared at me. When she could talk again she said, "Holy shitbabies, that got super dark super fast. Is that even something you would ever want?" I could tell it kinda turned her stomach to even have it brought up and I wasn't sure why it had been, but I had to be honest.

"Momma nothing you could do could hurt me. Not really hurt me. Because the only thing that could really hurt me is losing you, or if you didn't love me.
I can imagine in the heat of the moment wanting you to slap me hard. Just once. Not pound on me of course. And punching me is only one step more.
So yes I can see it, just in the heat of playing.
Just to really prove that nothing you could do would hurt me and it is all just sharp sensation.
Would I ever need it? Absolutely not.
Just like I will never need a spanking. Even on my pussy.
Hard sensation anywhere can be hot.
But all I ever need from you is your love. First and foremost.
Second that you let me lick and touch you.
Third that you lick and touch me.
Fourth that you know I believe I belong to you body and soul.
My capital 'w' wants are:
number one that you believe that too and number two
that from when this collar goes on until when it comes off I am your property, your pet, your slave,
your cumrag, your toy, whatever you want.
If this collar is on I do not belong to you the way I do always; as your lover, your partner, and your best friend who worships you.
I am literally your possession.
Third on that list is that you occasionally remind me of that
through obvious means including but not limited to games that involve me acting as your pet, toy, slave, or possession.
Also making me say that I belong to you. And that my body or body parts belong to you.
And lastly under capital 'w' wants is I must never be allowed to choose my own punishments or in any way treated as your equal and beloved partner while wearing this collar. I want to know that if I rebel I will be put in my place and punished. Not ignored or have my pretty collar taken away."

Momma grabbed my collar. "Whose collar, slut."

"Your collar Momma. I know it's your collar. I just meant my collar because I wear it. I know it's yours, because I'm yours."

Momma shook the collar to make me shut up. "Did I ask for an explanation?" She started to open her legs. "Or can you think of a better use for your slutty mouth?"

"Better use, Momma. I have a better use for my mouth." I started trying to get my face into her lap.

"No." She said shaking me by the collar again. "You spanked Momma. Do you think Momma gives yummy treats to naughty kittens?"

"I'm sorry Momma, I'm sorry Momma," I whined still struggling to get the yummy sweet Momma cream I needed.

"I said no." She said, shaking me more firmly.

"But you already said no to the punching so I thought it was over." I said in my innocent voice and tried to sneak my mouth slyly a little closer to Momma.

Momma put her finger under my chin and lifted my face up to look at her. "Does Momma look like she's playing with you?" Momma put on a very serious stern face.

"I don't know." I said. "Momma is so pretty I forget the question."

Momma smiled a tiny bit before her mouth went back to a straight line. "Then I guess my first instinct is right. you've been driven wild by being overstimulated. Having a whole weekend of having Momma all to yourself and getting to wear your pretty pink collar and be Momma's slutty kitten girl for a whole weekend is too much for you. So probably the best thing to do is for you to go and kneel in the corner where you won't be so close to Momma and you won't have so many distractions."

"No Momma, no. Kitten will stay here in Momma's bed. Momma will spank kitten's bottom and kitten's slutty slutty slavehole. That is the best way for kitten to learn her lesson. And kitten will lick Momma's sweet cum from Momma's beautiful Momma place. Yes that is the right punishment." I nodded like it was all decided and smiled sweetly up at Momma.

Momma dragged me off the bed by my collar. "You spank Momma's butthole, then you dare correct my punishment? What a naughty kitten you're being. Naughty, naughty kitten. And since your slutty holes so obviously want to be spanked, you'll get no such pleasure from me. What you'll get is you can kneel in the corner while Momma takes a shower alone. And then kitten will have to shower alone and after that maybe you will be ready to behave."

"Shower alone! On Sweetheart Sunday?! But Momma, that's too much." I whined. I couldn't believe my ears. "Momma I'm sorry." I didn't mean to start crying, but I admit I lost a tear or two. "I was just playing. I'll be good I promise Momma. Sweetheart Sunday Momma. I'm sorry Momma."

Momma got down on the floor with me and she took me in her arms. Because she is the best Momma a kittengirl could ever want or ask for. "I believe you're sorry kitten. But I said what your punishment was going to be. And that's what it has to be."

"I know Momma, I know. I just don't want you to be mad at me." I squeaked in my scared kitten voice. I knew in my brain that Momma wouldn't be mad about this. But there was something about my kitten self, she was just very highly strung and emotional.

Momma continued to hug me tight and in addition one of her hands was suddenly cupping my kittenhole. Which was naturally already sopping wet, because as we've established I am a greedy slutty kitten and my whorifices as Momma jokingly called them last night had all been extra ready for Momma's attention at any moment of the day or night since Momma had allowed me to put on her collar.

"How could I ever get mad at such an eager loving little slut kitty."

I did start crying then properly. Not sobbing, but not one or two escaped tears either. I hung on Momma's neck and cried saying. "I love you so much Momma. I love you so so much. You're the best Momma ever. And I want to be such a good girl for you. I want to be such a good kitten pet. and I'm not. I'm just not. I'm naughty and willful and greedy. I'm just such a bad kitten. A bad, bad kittengirl."

Momma took me on her lap and stroked me. "Whoa, c'mon, cool out sweetling. You're getting worked up. C'mon a couple deep breaths with Momma. In… And out. In...and out"

I breathed with Momma and felt some of the tension in my chest unclench. "Alright precious girl." Momma said. "Now this was supposed to be a game. This is a game. But if you need spankies, you ask Momma nicely for spankies and that could be fun.
You also have the option to do little naughties and earn spankies.
And then we play like you're in trouble but we both know we're just playing a fun spanking game.
What you never ever do is tell me to spank you. Because you do not tell me what to do.
And doubly, you never ever spank me.
When you are not wearing that collar, what you did this morning wouldn't have counted as a spank and would have been just sexy silliness that would have led to all sorts of fun games.
But you not only behaved like that while wearing your collar, you announced that you were spanking me,
so I had no choice but to consider it a spanking.
With what you did this morning there was absolutely no other way it could have turned out.
So Momma is going to go take a shower alone. You come here into your corner.
Now kneel in your corner and sit back on your feet, good girl." She ran her hands all over me under the guise of making sure I was positioned correctly, but I know she was just touching me and petting me and making sure I was okay. I'm such a lucky kitten.

Momma started rubbing my greedy kittenslit. "Now I know what a dirty, greedy kitten slut you are. And I can't have you playing with yourself like Momma's doing right now. I can't have you trying to make yourself cum when you are supposed to be thinking about how naughty you've been."

"But Momma, I'm about to cum now. Stop doing that Momma." I said

Momma's hand stopped rubbing with a squeeze. "Alright that's enough of that. Hands behind your back."

I didn't know where to put my hands because Momma was right behind me. But perfect Momma thought of that.

"Put your hands between us on Momma's leg, kitten. Now open your knees as far as you can and hold them there." I did as I was told.
"Okay. you have been willfully naughty. You have spanked Momma, you have said you were the boss of Momma
and even worse you have behaved as if you thought you were the boss of Momma. You have told her when and how to punish her kitten
and when and how to pleasure her kitten. I think until further notice it would be best if you refer to yourself only as my kitten or my slut.
Do you understand?"

"Yes Momma." I said.

"Show Momma that you understand." Momma said.

"Your kitten is very sorry for her behavior. She has no excuse and is grateful to have such a loving patient Momma who will take the time to punish and train her."

"Very good. Now lean back against me. Good girl. Now how many times were you naughty this morning?"

"I'm not certain Momma." I said.

Momma swatted my kitty and said, "Excuse me, slut."

"Oh, Momma, your kitten apologizes. Your kitten is uncertain, sweet Momma. She said that Sweetheart Sundays are always opposite days and she said she was the boss of Momma and that Momma was her toy. She asked Momma if Momma was stupid and she spanked Momma on the bottomhole. That's five there. Then she told Momma how Momma needed to punish her and she kept trying to lick Momma after being told no. And I know just now your kitten didn't refer to herself as she had been told. So at least eight Momma. I've-Oh Momma, nine, you're kitten has been very naughty this morning."

"Well we'll make it ten. To make it even. Alright now lean back against Momma and hold onto Momma's leg tight."

I knew what was coming and still I was surprised when her hand spanked down on my kitty. Not that she did it, but the sharp fiery jolt through my entire body that was half pain, half something different. And there was no question she was aiming to center the swats on my clitty button. And my kitty was already crazy sensitive and just crazy in every way right now.

Obviously, the only reason I can explain it in words now is because it is after the fact. At that moment it was just zings like actual lighting.

We both know I exaggerate sometimes, I think it's cute and it's my personality. But I swear on my love for Momma I believe this would not have felt different if she was shocking my clitty button with a cord plugged into the wall. I don't even know what noises I made or even what I might have said. I know I was crying. And I know I was moving and trying to close my legs.

Which was most of why I was crying. I wanted more than anything to be a good kitten for Momma. But I could not help it. I couldn't no matter how much I tried and wanted to.

Momma stopped after three. "I told you to keep your legs open as far as you could. and I told you not to move." Momma paused. "Actually I don't think I specifically told you not to move this time. But I know you will be honest with Momma. Did you know that you were not to move?" Momma asked.

"Yes Momma. Your kitten understands that any time she is being spanked she is not to thrash around like she was just doing, very shamefully. Your kitten knows that is for her own protection so you don't accidentally land a spanking differently than you intended and actually injure your slut."

"That is exactly correct kitten. So why did you move?" Momma asked.

"I couldn't help it." I said.


"Oh Momma, your kitten doesn't know what she must be thinking." I said.

"Well, you're obviously upset about squirming and not being able to control yourself during a simple ten swat spanking. Here Momma will hold you." she hooked one leg around one side and wrapped herself partially around me. Placing her arm in front of my leg to hold it and with the other hand there as well to spank me. "Obviously we'll have to start over." Momma said.

"Certainly Momma." I said. Knowing she didn't need my permission, just acknowledging that I heard and understood. And since I got no further punishment I believe she knew what I meant.

Momma started over, and these were just as intense as the first ones. But Momma is much stronger than me, plus I was trying my hardest not to move as well, so together we got through them.

"Good girl." Momma said stroking my hot sore kitty. "Now Momma is going to go take a shower. Momma would like you to put your hands on top of your head. Because I can't have you petting your slutty kitten while Momma is in the shower. But since you are such a good kitten and Momma knows she can trust you, Momma won't tie your hands there. She will just trust you to do as you are told."

"Certainly Momma. You can trust your kitten. Kitten just wants to make Momma proud." I said.

"Good girl, kitten sweetie."

Momma kissed me on top of the head and went into the shower. She left the door open so I could hear her.

I was surprised at how much it affected me as soon as I heard that water go on. It's true that Momma and I had probably only not showered together maybe three times since we became a couple. But that wasn't all of it. It was Sweetheart Sunday and our special loveplay Momma and kitten weekend as well. I just was beside myself.

Of course Momma, being perfect, had to make it both better and worse. "Oh kitten," She called out, "Momma's pussy is so horny and wet. She misses Momma's kitten so. She's so lonely. And Momma is so bored washing herself.
Oh, now Momma has to wash her own breasts. that's no fun at all.
I sure do wish I had an eager loving slut kitten who could help me wash. I sure wish I knew where one of those was.
My tongue feels so dry. I wish I knew where I could find something sweet and sticky to coat my tongue with so it wouldn't be so dry."
Then she started to sing, "Nobody knows how horny I am, nobody knows my sorrow."

Then she was quiet for a moment. Before a final, wistful, "If only I had a sweet obedient kitten slut who I could play fun naked games with in the shower."

Momma came out of the shower wrapped in a towel. "Okay you can get up kitten. You are still being punished, so you can't look at Momma's body until your punishment's over. Momma was just thinking about the fact that you aren't supposed to be touching yourself, because you are such a slutty little kitten and you would like it too much. But if Momma washes you, you would like that too much too. And you are being punished."

"And then Momma had an idea. Come get in the shower." I walked into the shower with Momma right behind me. "Now you stand in there with your hands on your head. So you aren't tempted to touch yourself, and it makes your sweet boobies stand out on your chest like adorable little plums. Now close your eyes. Because if Momma's going to help you she's going to have to take her towel off and part of your punishment is not looking."

She was only gone a moment then I heard her back and organizing the shower: turning the water on and getting the temperature correct, then turning on the shower spray and guiding me into it.

When she touched me her hands felt different. thick and rubbery and rough. "I remembered we had a fresh packet of kitchen gloves." Momma said. "That way I can wash you without you feeling me touching you." She grabbed my breasts roughly. "Of course knowing what a greedy little slut you are you probably like getting manhandled by rough rubbery hands with your eyes closed. You probably are fantasizing about being probed by big aliens." She grabbed my kittenhole roughly with the thick textured fingertips of the gloves forcing me open and pushing a finger inside.

"Well now that you, put that image in your kitten's head." I said.

"You'd probably rather have a probe shower on an alien spaceship than have Momma help you in our boring earth shower anyway."

"Oh Momma, that's silly talk. There is nothing boring about our shower. And there is nothing on Earth or in the Universe that I would like more than Momma's touch." I said.

"But you are getting turned on, thinking about being probed by a big alien with rubbery blue skin and big thick fingers."

"To be honest Momma, cause your kitten always wants to tell Momma the whole truth, Your slut can't think straight. Cause I know it's you. And at the risk of it stopping because it's supposed to be punishment time. But I know it's Momma's choice whatever she wants to do. It's pretty clear we are playing a game where you wash your greedy horny slut kitten roughly and impersonally while telling her what to imagine. Your kitten is really liking this game. But whether it is the game that is turning her on or the fact that Momma is playing with her kitten. That is way too complex for a kitten to unravel when she is this horny and desperate for Momma."

"Desperate for Momma, desperate to be used like the slut tart fucktoy you are, is more like it."

'and you don't care who does it' was the implied part of the sentence. The part that would be necessary for this game where Momma would 'impersonally' violate me with her clumsy thick rubber gloved hands. And it sounded fun in my super horny overstimulated brain. But that part had to stay implied, because it was fun for the game but we both knew it wasn't true. Momma was the only one I had the slightest interest in being used by.

But either way, whatever the game was, it appeared that as long as I kept my eyes closed and my hands on my head Momma considered the punishment still in force. Even though I was well and truly washed and she had just been groping me for a few minutes and now she was roughly fingering my kitten slit.

When her attentions almost knocked me off balance for the third time, she gave me permission to take my hands off my head and brace them against the wall.

Of course I should have known that if Momma is allowing me to brace myself there must be something coming to brace myself for.

Suddenly Momma's thick rough middle finger was savagely violating my bottom while her index and ring fingers were being shoved at the same time into my battered but still very greedy and happy kitty. Plus Momma was holding these two non-sequential fingers together but not tightly together so that combined with the fact she was wearing thick textured rubber gloves my pussyhole felt both jammed tight and scoured raw. And as my orgasm hit me I didn't know if it was pain or pleasure or both all I knew is it was white hot light. And more electric lightning zings that went through my whole body and at one point was several flashes of white followed by flashes of black.

I had the best Momma ever.

And I fell to my knees.

In an instant the shower was off and I was wrapped in a towel. Momma was holding me.

A moment later she said. "Can you stand, can you walk? You ready to go get in Momma's bed, my pet?"

I nodded against her shoulder and she helped me up. We moved very slowly to her bed, with Momma holding and supporting me the whole way.

I was sort of in a different world. Everything seemed warm and soft and dreamy. It was sort of like that place between awake and asleep first thing in the morning. And it seemed like Momma was everywhere all around me.

When we got to Momma's bed she rewrapped my towel around my hair for me and tucked me under her blankets with her.

She held me in her arms and stroked my neck and back and told me what a good girl I was and how proud she was to have such an amazing kitten of her very own.

She held me tight and she petted me and she made sure I felt loved and nurtured. She made sure I wasn't hurt.

As I slowly but surely came back to myself I felt incredible. Chafed and well used, but used lovingly with an eye always out to make sure I had fun and I had had orgasms to the point of collapse on several occasions.

As close to the point of passing out from cumming too hard as I ever wanted to go.

I felt so treasured and taken care of. I felt beautiful and wanted. I felt sexy. I felt all those wonderful feelings that only Sam could make me feel.

I guess it wasn't much of a surprise we fell asleep. We had been very busy all weekend and stayed up til after three Friday and after two Saturday.

I woke up to see Momma already awake, watching me sleep and gently stroking my hair. She was looking at me with so much tenderness and love it brought tears to my eyes.

"Hi Momma." I said.

"Hey there kitten. I was just thinking this has been the best, most fun, weekend." She said.

My stomach dropped. "But…" I continued.

Momma smiled and patted me. "No but, my sweet precious kitten. No but. And. This has been the most fun special weekend.
And tomorrow is a school day. Everyone: neighbors, Nona, Dice and Goomer are coming home tonight.
And my kitten, treasure, pet is the most fun to play with.
And she also is a bit more sensitive and emotional.
So I was thinking maybe it would be best if we put the collar away and dealt with any feelings that brought up now with just us, here in the bright light of day with more than half of Sweetheart Sunday ahead.
Then after that we jump on the motorcycle and go down the coast.
Not San Diego but maybe Huntington Beach or something. Go have dinner and be out in the world as girlfriends like we were at Nona's supper club. And when everyone gets back They thought we were going away anyway.
And the fact that Sweetheart Sunday is normally lovegames all day, might be balanced by the fact I think you are already a little sore."

"The thought of taking the collar off a minute earlier than she has to, gives your kitten a case of the feels Momma. But she does acknowledge that kinda supports your point. So perhaps in a bit we should do that. But first, if I may be allowed. Your kitten needs, Momma. She needs. I said, trying to look cute and sorrowful and needy.

"I guess this morning didn't include any special Momma time. Did it, pet?" She asked.

"No, Momma."

Momma gave me a big hug. "Okay, sweetie, come to Momma." And as she reclined she gently led my face into her lap.

I kissed her sweet Momma treasure. And I mean kissed it. Softly, tenderly, deeply, parting her lips with my tongue.
Momma made a few quite flattering 'oooh's and 'mmmm's.

But this was not quite the time for Mommalingus. So after a wonderful kiss that I treasured to my heart I said, "Sweet wonderful Momma, who hung the sun and stars. The love your kitten gets from her," another quick kiss. "Is not the only need your needy greedy kitten has. I'm afraid I'm going to need kisses and cuddles from Momma's mouth and arms and breasts and Momma's whole Momma-ness as well as Momma's immaculate adored, hmmmm goddess grail?"

Momma laughed and pulled me up on top of her. "You make me happy, sweet kitten."

"And you give your kitten's life meaning, Momma." I replied.

"Always gotta one up me don't ya?" Momma asked.

"No Momma, I'm just dramatic." I responded.

"I know my love, my pet. Now service me." She flopped back onto the bed, spread-eagled.

I climbed on top of her and started kissing and licking her neck.

She lay there passively flopped on the bed for a moment, but Momma doesn't do anything passively.

So, soon she was running her hands over my body, petting and stroking me as I kissed her.
This was part of what I needed. I needed to show my love for her, but I needed her to recieve it with love.

It would never happen but I could live the rest of my life with Momma, where I made love to her but she only lovingly received my affections, never reciprocating. It would only become unbearable if she coldly received them, like I was an object. The property I said I was. I couldn't bear that.

But as long as I was stroked and cuddled. Appreciated and loved. I would follow Momma to the ends of the earth, joyfully worshipping her all the way.

I loved the way her neck smelled. And tasted and felt warm and velvety on my lips.
I could kiss and nuzzle it all day.
Especially if we were taking my pretty pink collar off when I was done, I was going to take my time with this.

Not that I wouldn't anyway. Lying in bed on a Sunday afternoon.
A Sweetheart Sunday afternoon. Making slow sweet love to the woman who means everything to me in this world.
There is nothing on this Earth or in the Universe that I would rather be doing.

I kissed down her neck and along her collarbone. Enjoying the soft warmth of her skin and her gentle loving caresses.

I was getting horny again. This time in a licky way.
I'd been fucked six ways to Tuesday this weekend and I would probably be good on that front for a little while.
By that same idea, if Momma wanted to, I could go again right now or at her leisure.
Just perhaps with a bit of gentleness and a bit of extra slippy. Or not as Momma wished.

But what I was hungry for, what I was horny for was to be on this side. I really and truly needed to lick Momma out, to the point that if she called it off I might have a meltdown worse than the one I had over being a naughty kitten this morning. But I knew she wouldn't, so I was enjoying tormenting my need.

And, of course, naturally, I was enjoying kissing and sniffing and cuddling Momma. Because she was the most wonderful beautiful sweetest woman on the planet. And she was all for me.

That made me feel so special and so loved. Knowing that even her friends. Even Dice or even Carly if they looked at Momma for more than a minute she would get self conscious or uncomfortable. But I could spend thirty minutes trying to kiss every freckle on her shoulder or touch every tiny blond white hair on her collarbone with the tip of my tongue and she was content to just watch me enjoy her.
Or just stare in wonder at her beauty. Which I found myself doing a lot. And she just met my stares with smiles.

I kissed the smooth expanse of white at the top of her chest. Not wanting to move on to her breasts yet. Drawing out what was quickly becoming agony for me.

I could feel myself getting wetter, a heaviness of excitement as I kissed along Momma's skin. Tracing her collarbones with the tip of my little pink tongue.

"Kiss me, kitten." Momma said.

I came back up to her lips and we embraced tightly and kissed hard. Both of us grinding a bit on the other one's thigh as we had our legs interlocked.

I always thought that they should change the definition of scissoring to this if they wanted us to do it. Because as it stood every girl I had known had tried it, and it did feel good to line your pussies up and rub them together it just wasn't the most ergonomic of sex acts.
Versus kissing with your legs interlocked and grinding on each others thighs. Everyone did that all the time. Often with a hand resting on the thigh with a knuckle poking out or any number of personalizations. It was a base move that lent itself easily to a girl making it her own

I haven't had the most experience, admittedly, but Momma really is the best kisser. She could make me forget the world and just get lost in her lips and tongue and my love for her.

I moved my hands up to Momma's firm perfect breasts and she moaned and began to grind harder on me as her kisses became hungrier.

Then it hit me.
I was being so fucking selfish. I was playing some fun torture game with myself, not letting myself lick Momma. But I had had so many more greedy slut kitten cums than Momma this weekend. She had taken such fantastic care of me and I had been what amounted to teasing her for twenty or thirty minutes already.

Yes I had been a hungry horny kitten when it came to serving Momma this weekend too and she could always command me, so she was obviously not suffering badly. But still I had not been an attentive slut, slave, possession, pet, toy.

I kissed still deeper, then retreated asking, "Momma, milady, may your kitten lick you now."

Momma got an expression I like to call her horny smirk on her face and said, "You may, slut."

We rolled over together so I was on top and Momma started to release the embrace so I could get on with licking.
But I still felt a little guilty. Luckily I knew what would fix me right up.

"Momma, just a little one to teach me a lesson." I said.

Momma's hand flashed out and lightly tapped my cheek, "Excuse me, slut?"

"Momma's kitten was just thinking about how lucky she is Momma."

"Yes she most certainly is." Momma said. Opening her thighs to me.

I ran my fingertips down Momma's inner thighs slowly moving up.
In a second I realized this is just more teasing for both of us and lowered my mouth down and began to kiss her lovely full wet lips.
I continued running my fingertips up and down her inner thighs. Stroking her as I kissed and licked.

I could feel myself get wetter from the taste and scent of Momma's ambrosial juices. My curious greedy fingers were not satisfied to stroke her thighs for long and soon insisted on touching her more intimately. Fingering her while I sucked her clit.
Rubbing her clit with my thumb as I kissed and licked and sucked at her lips.

I could hear Momma's breathing change as she started to get more and more turned on.
I know I was making noises of my own. She was just so delicious and she smelled so good.
I was just so lucky and so happy. I was so turned on myself.

I could feel her muscles tense as she started to cum and I sucked her lips into my mouth as I pressed two knuckles down, one on each side of her clit, pressing it between them.
Grinding and sucking.
Licking hungrily and moaning as she called out and groaned letting the waves take her.

As she slid down the back of the first wave, I knew I timed it right that I latched my mouth onto her clit licking hard and sucking it.
Pushing two fingers into her and hooking them back against the roof of her.
She was tight with the muscle spasms of orgasm but so wet I took the chance of a third to fill her and really be able to pull and scoop at her g spot.
Almost taking it by surprise it seemed. Because her moans went from 'ooohh,' to 'Holy fuck kitten! Uh, uh, yeahhhsss!' and she almost squirted but it was not meant to be. It was a good and yummy rush though.

I tried to make sure I licked up every tastelet of Momma's cum.
But sadly that's one of those chores where the work just makes more work to do so eventually Momma just pulled me up for a cuddle.