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Chapter 4; Realization

'Gaara almost shook with the effort needed to keep a smile on his face while greeting each of the Konoha elders and diplomatic aides. Temari and Kankuro had arrived shortly after he did and were following suit in his welcoming introduction with practiced grace. None of the contacts that he'd had with any of their hands, had given him an erotic reaction, much to his pleasure. Not even the irresistable Tsunade and her other-worldly bosom tempted him to feel anything but respect. He stepped back momentarily to take a small count and observe his guests, making sure that he had enough rooms ready.

Many of the elder's attendants were carrying large parasols, shading their masters from the harsh rays of the desert. However, after a quick glance among them, Gaara noted how well the group was dressed-in thin layers to-protect them from the harsh sunlight. Several of the elders were already shining with a thin layer of sweat and smiling as opposed to passing out. When diplomats usually came to Suna, they were all sweating profusely and dressed in clothing that would ensure their skin to burn. They'd obviously done some thorough research on the practices of dress and survival of temperatures in the deserts of the Hidden Sand. Impressed by their awareness, Gaara looked to Tsunade and complimented her on her consideration.

"It seems that you were all skillfully prepared on how to survive the temperatures of the desert. It flatters us that you took the time to research our customs, Hokage-sama."

"I would accept your thanks, Kazekage-sama, but I'm not the one who prepped us for this trip. The elders and I are merely in benefit of his diligence to making this trip as comfortable as possible for us Leaf shinobi." she smiled brightly and turned to continue the conversation she'd been having with Temari and Kankuro.

Gaara felt his brow crease momentarily in slight confusion.

If not the Hokage, who went to the trouble of researching Suna customs?

Momentarily losing focus and looking beyond the pack of diplomats, dozens of large scrolls were being carried on the backs of a handful ANBU body guards. The Kazekage stared, perplexed, wondering why they'd brought so many summoning scrolls with them to a diplomatic meeting and why the security detail was so small. He decided that such matters could be discussed later and moved to shake the hands of the last two peace committee members.

Upon shaking the last liver spotted hand, Gaara made the move to turn and lead the pack of Konoha representatives to the Kazekage mansion. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a flash of orange and yellow that stopped him in his tracks. Focusing his ears toward the back of the group, Gaara registered that all too familiar voice:

"Be careful with those scrolls, Baa-chan will be pissed if we screw up her luggage." It was a little deeper than he remembered and tempered with unknown authority, but nonetheless, Gaara noticed the rises and falls of that tender voice that had brought him back from the dead.


Trying his hardest not to seem childish, Gaara called out in the calmest voice he could manage to get his friend's attention and hoping that he hadn't imagined it.

"Naruto?" almost instantly, said male popped his head out between the shoulders of two elders and smiled with too-white teeth. His blonde hair had grown longer, covering his face slightly as whiskered cheeks rose to accommodate the girth of his grin.

"Gaaaaraaa! Long time no see! Give me one second." and his head disappeared as Gaara stood stunned. His chest filled with so much happiness that he was sure it was going to burst. Since when had he felt so strongly about seeing Naruto?

The loud-mouth shinobi called out a few more instructions to the Leaf ANBU and then called some Sand ANBU from his guard detail over. He began giving them details of what Gaara assumed was the moving of the summoning scrolls and all the high-level shinobi were hanging on to his every word. His deep blue eyes were serious as he used his hands with grace to emphasize points he made. A stunned Gaara could only stand and observe the authoritative nature of his friend. Judging on what Tsunade ha siad, Naruto was probably the one who arranged for all of the diplomats to dress in appropriate attire. This having been the only second time that he'd seen Naruto in the past three years, he shouldn't have been surprised that much about the boy had changed.

He'd gotten taller, probably a few inches shorter than him. His build seemed more sturdy, as Gaara ran curious eyes over his frame. His chest seemed broader and toned, framed by a deep forest green vest that fanned out and fell into a cloth vale, resting at the top of his ankles. He could see long arms bulge in the tight white material of Naruto's sleeve. Deep brown pants housed long, lean legs; disciplined from years of intensive training with the Sage. His beautiful skin was the same tan that it always was under the weight of the hideously orange outer robes. The slightly younger teen had kept his boyish face with a few changes; his nose seemed straighter and jaw more prominent. His golden locks fell slightly below his shoulders, and his bangs framed his tanned face in a spiky halo. Gaara noticed that his shinobi headplate was black now, and tied around his waist like a belt instead of on his forehead.

'Diplomatic attire.' he thought curiously.

Gaara couldn't help the involuntary intake of breath as the blond stretched his arms up and revealed the 'V' shaped muscles on his hip. He immediately felt the sensations denoting arousal take over his mind as he took in the sight of his blonde haired friend. The same-no-more than he'd felt at the thought of him earlier that morning. His unsure words came to him:

"How will I know that the person arouses me?"

"Trust me, little brother, you'll just know."

It had taken all but thirty seconds for Gaara to realize how right his brother was. Simply looking at Naruto had his blood boiling almost painfully. His stomach stirred and his pulse quickened. His flesh grew hard once again, against the fabric of his trousers. Cautiously, he closed and buttoned up the buttons of his open coat in an attempt to conceal his accelerating condition from the group of allied leaders, eyes still locked on Naruto. The blonde was done giving orders to the ANBU and was making his way over to the unnaturally still Kazekage, smile dawning his plump pink lips.

Gaara did the best he could to smile back as he felt Naruto's proximity to him. He was close enough, when he finally stopped, for Gaara to inhale the musk of his scent. He smelled like citrus and sweat. And before Gaara could composed himself, he growled under his breath at the smell. Naruto tilted his head to the side in curiosity, revealing the expanse of his tan neck, as a flustered Gaara caught himself. A light pink blush settled on his cheeks as he apologized to Naruto with a hasty excuse.

"S-sorry. My throat is really dry." Bullshit.

"I'd imagine. It's hot as hell out here. We'd better get inside before the elders pass out from heat stroke." The blonde commented with a smirk.

"I agree." Gaara almost tripped attempting to turn, catching himself and dusting off his coat as Naruto laughed behind him. The sound of it sunk deep into his skin, fanning out like one thousand fingers dancing across his body. Again, Gaara was struck with the urge to explore these sensations. Specifically, how Naruto elicited them from him. And how he could make Naruto feel those same sensations. His curiosity peaked as Naruto commented behind him.

"You forgot something, Kazekage-sama." ignoring how good it felt for Naruto to call him by his title, Gaara turned to see and outstretched tan hand and a tight lipped smile. Said Kage looked up to his friend's moon shaped eyes and slowly held his hand out to grasp the other. He hesitated, wary of what this sudden contact would make him feel and act in front of his guests. He contemplated it for a minute, reluctant until he noticed the pack of Konoha diplomats move in formation past him and Naruto, led by an eager Temari toward the Kazekage mansion.

Curiosity took over as Gaara decided to grasp Naruto's hand in a loose grip. The warmth of Naruto's palm was the first thing he noticed. His skin was soft and his grip genuine; their two hands seemed to fit together perfectly. Then, the taller shinobi squeezed, tightening his hold on the other's hand and Gaara felt the electricity fry every nerve in his brain. Moving the muscles in his arms became like swimming through tar as the sensation of their clasped hands become the center of his world. Gaara felt his eyes flutter closed, quickly drawing his bottom lip in between his teeth to stop the inevitable hiss that Naruto had pulled from his throat.

The blonde, seemingly oblivious to how Gaara had reacted to the simple gesture, let go of his hand slowly and pushed past him, calling out with a joyfully competitive tone.

"Come on, Kazekage-sama. I bet I can beat your ass back to the mansion!"

Said male stood immobile in front of Suna's West gate, trembling from head to toe.'

He'd been unable to move from that spot for ten minutes. And when he finally could, he rushed back to the mansion and tried to explain how he had to deal with the concerns of some passing citizens and to excuse him for his negligence. The lot of them nodded and dismissed his apology. Naruto had been propped up on the wall beside the door, head down as Gaara moved to introduce everyone and present his gift of traditional Suna breakfast cuisine.

Had he looked a bit closer, he'd have seen the flush stained across tanned cheeks and the knowing smirk on the blonde's lips.

And so here they were.

Seemingly oblivious to his effect on Gaara and in spite of his assignment, Naruto's quizzical blue orbs were focused on the fruit that he'd unknowingly selected from the breakfast spread. Along with the assortment of dishes his cooks had prepared at a remarkable speed, they'd produced an impressive tray of fruits and jams. The eager Leaf ninja had approached the buffet with the intention to grab everything in sight, and had ended up with quite a few unexpected bits on his plate.

Example A being the vine of Sun fruit the blonde held in his curious hands now.

To any non-Suna resident, the vine of red fruit may have resembled large grapes, or small ripe tomatoes. The bulbs were plump, hanging heavily from a light green base. When bitten into, a pungent juice exploded in your mouth, contrasting nicely with the soft, sweet, flat bread smothered in desert honey. Being a native Konohainian, it was clear that the boy was both confused and enthralled at the same time.

Gaara almost chuckled at the irony of the situation. He found yet another thing in common. Only his perplextion was not about fruit, about a certain blonde fool. The redheaded shinobi sighed with abandon, unable to find a logical reason why Naruto was affecting him so strongly. Or even why it was Naruto that had incited these tremendous feelings in him.

'"Trust me little brother, you'll just know."'

Damn that Kankuro. He needed to get ahold of that bastard soon; he was going to beat the answers out of him this time.

Breaking him from his momentary rage, Gaara noticed that Naruto was palming the heavy globes of fruit with furrowed blond brow. His elegant fingers curled around the things, delicately handing them with unnecessary care as studied the foreign fruit. Using his thumb and index finger, the boy plucked the biggest fruit from the vine, carefully placing the rest back on his plate. Bringing it to his lips, the boy quickly poked a pink tongue out to test the skin of it, spouting a look of distaste. As the muscle returned to the blonde's mouth, Gaara's mind assaulted him with images of the thick appendage on the skin of his arm. Just then, the pearls of Naruto's teeth took a small bite from the flesh of the fruit as his eyes widened with unknown emotion.

'Gaara felt his eyes widen along with the blonde shinobi, gripping the edge of the desk and slightly crushing the few sheets of paper under his left palm. Swearing he saw those blue eyes flash to his momentarily, Gaara watched as Naruto wrapped his languid tongue around the rest of the fruit and drag it to his mouth. Those eyes rolled back in his head slightly as he savored the taste and quickly reached for another.

Another surge of arousal hit the tortured Kage with unprecedented force and he found himself thrusting his head down, eyes wide and unfocused as he completely crushed the notes he had taken from the meeting in his palm in an effort to calm himself. His hips bucked into the air, involuntarily causing his knees to hit the back of his desk with a dull "thump". A shaky breath escaped his lips and a lone bead of sweat found its way to his tongue as he licked his lower lip, imagining how it would feel for Naruto to lick it in his place.

Or for him lick Naruto's lips instead of his own.


Gaara tried to regain some composure but found himself less and less tolerant of his current situation. It was making him extremely irritable on the inside and his patience was wearing thin. Being easily angered in a negotiation was not the best idea. In retrospect, being on the verge of bursting with arousal at such talks were not so ideal either.

'I've got to try to force some sort of break.' he thought desperately, channeling his thoughts as hard as he could to his sister; who seemed to ignore him on purpose, despite seeing he was in some sort of predicament. She simply stood and sauntered over to the drink table, filling her cup with tea. Kankuro, despite being the bastard that he was, chose that exact moment to wake up and check on the status of his ailing little brother. He'd noticed that standstill moment with the Uzumaki kid by the gate earlier and took it upon himself to encourage Temari to move the rest of the group ahead, and give his little brother the chance to explore those new "sensations" the Konoha shinobi made him feel.

Now, looking to the center desk in the meeting room, he saw what a predicament he'd placed his brother in. Gaara was almost drooling while he shamelessly stared at his blonde counterpart across the room. His face was impossible flushed and the notes he'd been taking were crushed beyond salvation on the top of the desk. Some Leaf baa-chan was chewing his ear off with the impression that she was the cause of the Kazekage's blush. But Gaara was fixated on Uzumaki, who was eating some very tasty looking Sun fruit, very provocatively while stealing little glances at his almost panting brother. The yellow-haired bastard was a tease! And Gaara had no idea about what Uzumaki was doing!

Oh, could this get any better?

Kankuro stood stiffly, but dutiful. By his right as an older brother, it was his job to terrorize his little brother through his first sexual experience. It was his Kami-given right.

Kankuro stretched black-clad limbs above his head and began a slow stride to the Kazekage's desk, moving to antagonize his brother further.