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Chapter 26

"It was a great bachelorette party Bella. I wish you could have been there." Jessica told me.

"Thanks Jess." I told her, trying to keep my eyes open, slamming coffee while a lady named Betty did my hair.

"Yeah it sucks that you got kidnapped by the Chinese Bella. What was that all about? They pissed off at Edward Cullen too?" Lauren asked.

"Shut up woman! Don't you see all these white guys in suits? You talk about that, the men in black gonna make your white ass disappear." Kiraka pointed out.

"That's why you always go to Vietnamese nail salons. Been going to the same one for fifteen years and never got kidnapped by no Chinese man." Betty mentioned casually while tugging at my hair.

"It was a misunderstanding." I said quietly. I was so tired. I fucked Ty till midnight but couldn't sleep after I kicked him out. "I'm glad you guys had fun though."

"Well your Mom in law said for us to go ahead and the bar was paid for and the strippers so … I mean it's not like you could have drank… we probably should have stayed in huh?" Angela asked.

"No it's fine. It wasn't a bad night actually. I had a nice time." I lied.

Okay I partly lied. Seeing Ty blow that guy away with a shotgun and crushing the Chinese Ambassador's legs with my mind before blowing up their ugly Embassy was fun. I mean it was horrible and scary but … the night definitely had its moments.

"You were kidnapped and now you are being protected by the Secret Service." Lauren pointed out.

"Yeah…" I agreed. I was a bit surprised to see them but Jason texted me and said the President insisted for a month or so at least.

Who was I to argue with the man? He did kinda have my back for the past few months. I may vote for him next election.

After my fourth cup of coffee I felt more awake.

"You ready for this?" Emily asked. She was my maid of honor because she was the tallest. We decided to go from tallest to shortest.

I probably should develop closer friendships with people.

Donna and Renee came into the room. They both had tears in their eyes. Mom thought I was a kidnapping for ransom victim last night, due to Ty's celebrity status. Donna knew the truth. I broke down seeing the tears in their eyes and hugged both of them.

"Settle down girl. Your hair ain't done." Betty told/ordered me. I sat back down and wiped the tears from my eyes.

This past month at least the beginning weeks of January and last night had been rough. So many changes and so much danger. Now I had Secret Service at my wedding and had to negotiate a deal with the Government on how often I would allow them to study me and what I would and would not be allowing. So much to do.

But today I would put it out of my head. Today I was marrying the love of my life and that was all that mattered. No point on dwelling on what has already occurred. It's not like we can talk about it anyway to anyone outside the family who doesn't already know.

Connolly insisted. He stressed the importance of secrecy.

Ty and I were in absolute agreement with him. I really didn't want to talk about it anyway. I'm sure Ty felt the same. He was a gentle soul under the bravado. He probably didn't want to talk about what he saw go down.


"So yeah, Connolly runs in and this little ninja bastard had been hanging above the door right? Jumps down behind him. Jay never sees him."

"No shit? What happened dog?" T Bone asked me. So I told him the absolute truth.

"I yelled at this little Jet Li fucker and when he turned around I kicked him in his face. Little dude had some kung fu moves, I ain't even fakin, but that bitch couldn't hang with me. We traded a few body blows but I got him in an arm bar. Like on UFC? That video game?"

"Yeah that's a sweet ass game." Dollar agreed.

"Right? So I get this fucker and damn near snap his wing off. He starts cryin but I ain't havin that shit. Man helped take my woman right? So I take the shotgun I had strapped to my back and he sees what's up. Fuckin pulls his gun but I fired first. Blew his ass away."

"Damn man. That's some bad ass shit Ty. What was the white boy doin?" T Bone asked.

"I had him stay back. He was fightin some other guy, some henchman or some shit but I knew this was the main guy right? So Connolly gets done and I'm like nah Jay, this is between me and him. Mothafucka knew he was fucked then. Thunderdome style in a cage match with a true warrior, ya feel me?"

"Man you hardcore. Hey I'm confused about something Ty." Dollar mentioned.

"What's that brotha?"

"If this little fucker had a gun why didn't he start shootin when Jay walked in? Why the hell didn't you just use the shotgun first? I mean how the hell did you even pull a shotgun from your back before this bitch pulled his nine? Where the hell did you get a shotgun from? How do you strap a shotgun to your back? You gotta get some special holster or something? I ain't ever seen one of those. When the hell did you have time to get one?"

I gotta get new friends.

"Look man you can't really think about shit like that in combat right? I was better than him. That's all."

"It just seems like if Connolly walked in first Jet Li would have been focused on him and it would have been easy for you to blast that fool from behind. Especially if you had a 12 gauge." T Bone added.

Yeah I needed new friends.

"Who the fuck was there? Were you there head of security?" I asked T.

"Nah man."

"What about you? I don't even know what the hell you are. Bella asked me the other day and I told her driver but I don't know if you are up for that. She said no dead weight just cause someone's my boy. I thought we was boys. Were you there Dollar?"

"Nah Ty. I wasn't there."

'Nah, you fuckers were out enjoyin my strippers while I was takin on China killin fools left and right. Now you gonna question my version of events? I ain't even supposed to be tellin you fuckers this shit. But here I am droppin some learnin ya'lls way and you gotta go there with me? I told you how it went down. That's it. No more questions. National security and shit. Don't be tellin Connolly I told you either. Guy has some skills. More skills than you fuckers got. He backed me up the whole time. Handed me ammo and shit when I needed it. I don't want him upset. So mouths closed ya got me?"

"Nah we got ya man. No problems. I don't feel comfortable with all these suits around anyway. One brother with the whole damn lot and he looked at us like he ain't ever seen a boy from around the way when I offered to share my bud this morning." Dollar told me.

"Man you betta quit that shit. Bella ain't gonna be havin no drugs around our home." I told this idiot.

"I said weed, not drugs. I don't do drugs man. You know that."

"Weed is a drug now in Ty world at least. It's illegal and Bella said no illegal shit. We goin legit. Sides I got a kid comin. Gotta be respectable and all that."

"You for real? No weed even outside?" T Bone asked.

"Yep. I'm for real."

"Bella smoked more in college than Cheech, Chong and their Mexican uncles in and she bannin the shit now?"

"That's right T. Besides how you gonna be head of security if you high? Your ass always gets the munchies anyway. You need to lose some weight. I need you NFL big, not sumo big."

"Man, fuck you dog. I got ya though."

"And no more Chinese food." I told him. "When we move up here nobody is allowed to order Chinese food."

"Why the hell not?" T asked.

"Didn't you just hear me speakin? Chinese stole my moll last night. Ain't happenin."

"You gonna hold a goddamn food industry down because some commies snatched your woman? That's harsh man. Chinese food is an American tradition! Where am I gonna get my shrimp and chicken fried rice?"

"You think Sumo wrestlers eat Fried Rice? You bet your ass they do. You want to work for me or wear a diaper and slap bellies with your fellow fried rice eaters?" I asked him.

"Man this some bullshit. You lucky I love you Ty. Given up Kung Pao chicken, that's just wrong."

"Go eat that shit at the restaurant if you want. I just don't want it in my house is all." I told him, while straightening my bow tie in the mirror. My black tux was lookin good. Damn I looked good in this. I can't wait to see my woman in that dress. She was so fuckin hot last night. Made love like a damn wild demon from Heaven. Hips damn near knocked my dick off and it would have gone willingly too.

Connolly walked in with Jeff and my cousin Dwayne. They was already dressed to the nines. Connolly looked like a dashing tax attorney but I know that motherfucker had an arsenal on him. Probably could pull an RPG from that coat like a magician pulls a rabbit from his ass.

"You guys don't look half bad. Not as good as me of course." I told them and straightened Jeff's bow tie before Momma saw him and tried it herself. She damn near chocked me with the damn thing this morning all teary eyed and emotional.

I moved to Jay to get him situated.

"I'm good." He told me.

I backed off. No sense pissin him off. Not after what I saw last night. Sides he might have a grenade under that damn tie. Leah was pissed from what I heard that he was walkin with that Zombie extra with great tits. Hope she could hold the growlin to a minimum. If Feather couldn't be here, she sure as hell wasn't goin dog.

Brother Richard walked in and told me it was time to take our places.

We walked up to the door with the girls. I went ahead and walked in first. I would be waitin for my woman. The other couples were comin in together. Least that was what I was told this morning since we missed rehearsal last night.

When I got to the front I saw damn near everybody who went to church here was present. My whole family. It was standin room only. In the very back a tall black man with a large afro and beard that you wouldn't be able to tell if it was fake, stood wearin sunglasses. Dad made it. He looked like Jules Winfield from Pulp Fiction but he made it. I gave him a wink and he smiled.

It was damn good to see him here. Jeff escorted Momma and then walked back and brought Renee, followed by Phil who was carryin the little space cadet.

Then it started.

The couples were walkin in. Jeff stood by my side. Jay gave me a smile. T Bone walked in with that Angela chick who looked like a little kid next to him. Dollar was smiling big with that Jessica girl's tits bout to bust out of her red strapless bridesmaids dress. Gold tooth shinin and all.

Soon we was set and Mrs. Banks started the music I'd been waitin to hear since the first time I realized I was in love with Bella.

There she was on Charlie's arm.

Her hair was long and straight. No curls, no poofs, just shinin and perfect. My breath caught in my throat. I swear every time I think she can't look more beautiful she proves me wrong. She was perfect. More than I deserved but I was gonna take it anyway. I caught her devious smile. I was worried she may be traumatized by all the killin I had to do but she seemed okay.

That dress fit her form so well. You couldn't notice it if you didn't know every inch of her body like I did but I knew there was a little bump formin in her belly with my son inside. It made her even more beautiful.

I was startin to get hard.

Shit. I didn't need to get an erection standin here in front of everyone. Calm your shit Ty.

She finally reached me and it took everythin I had not to bring her close to me. I didn't want to leave her last night but she insisted. Somethin bout luck.

Charlie handed her over and shook my hand.

"Hurt her and I will kill you." He told me.

"Try to remember to bring your gun and bullet when you do Andy. Relaxcx, you got no worries Pop. Leroy Brown got it under control." I told him with a whisper and a wink. He laughed a bit and went to sit next to Sue. That was it. He gave her to me. Time to get this deal done. Most important one of my life.

Bella POV

God he looked so gorgeous standing up there. I wanted to run to him but I had heels on for some damn reason. I think I heard Dad say he was giving me away. I'm not sure when he had me but okay. Ty's eyes were locked onto mine and I couldn't look away.

Since the first time he took me I knew I would never leave him. My mind may have rationalized that it was a fling but my heart knew. I could feel his emotions and they brought tears to my eyes.

He loved me.

He loved me and he would never leave me. He would walk through hell for me. He had walked through hell for me. No secrets. He knew everything about me and I knew everything about him. We knew each other's souls. I wonder what he is thinking?


First chance I get I am takin her somewhere and lifting that dress. I bet she got a thong underneath. I'm pullin that baby to the side and going to town on her. Damn are her nipples getting hard. I wonder if she is readin my mind right now? My wife. Mine. My love. My partner.

Brother Richard was talkin bout love. The meanin of love and all that. I knew what love was. It was doin anything, burning down the world for her if it meant keepin her. I would go through anything to keep her. Vampires, werewolves, Chinese Special Forces. Didn't matter. She was mine.

Damn if she got a thong on I'm gonna eat that pussy in the limo in the parkin lot while everybody is in the reception hall. They won't miss us for an hour or so. Are her nipples getting hard?

Bella POV

I wonder if I could get him in our car during the reception. I wore a thong so it would be easy for him. My breasts were getting larger and pressing against this dress. The satin bra felt so good. My nipples were getting hard Just thinking about him pushing my panties to the side and eating my …

"Now if we can get them to pay attention and stop staring at each other we can get these two married." Brother Richard said.

Ty and I both turned to him and smiled. He took my hand and placed it in Ty's.

"Tyrone do you take this woman to be your wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and health, in good times and bad, for eternity?"

"I do." Ty said so softly but with such a sexy voice, rubbing his thumb over the top of my hand.

"Bella do you take this man to be your husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, for eternity?"

"I do."

"Do we have the rings?"

Ty slipped his Grandmother's ring on my finger that I had reluctantly given up two days ago. There was an extra band on it, making it mine.

I took his gold ring from Emily and slipped it on his finger.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. What God has put together let no man, woman or anything else tear asunder. Tyrone, you may kiss your bride."

He lifted me off my feet and my lips met his. It was soft and urgent and everything I ever dreamed it would be.

"Ladies and gentleman I give you Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Gavin."

We walked out Ty picked me up in his arms and carried me out of the church. I suppose he couldn't wait for the honeymoon to carry me.

We walked out to applause. I caught Ty's father in the corner and smiled. He was wearing sunglasses and kind of looked like Jules Winfield but I saw the tear streaming down his cheek from underneath those dark glasses.

Ty carried me across the stret into the reception hall. We would dance. We would talk to our family and friends.

Then we were going to Cancun. I saw a limo parked on the side.

"Yeah we sayin hi to everybody in about five minutes and then we are headin to that car. They can wait to eat. I ain't." he told me.

That's my husband. Always thinking.

The end.