Here I sit beneath the twilight sky,

Watching and waiting for the sun to say goodnight

Let the world around me darken to a velvet black, where I can see the face on the silvery moon smiling back.

And the stars scatter across the midnight sky, twinkle like a million fireflies,

Somewhere beyond the great divide-

Beyond the bounderies of space and time.

Someone else is watching a sky just like mine-

With eyes as clear as bright green emerald sea's,

I wonder if this girl knows that her heart belongs to me.

Hmm, hmm, hmm-

This is my decode, the message that I sending straight to you.

Where ever you are tonight I hope that you're thinking of me too!


He took a breath to start singing the song again when the hanger attached to his home suddenly opened a crack and Tails came out of it and then closed the hanger door behind him and walked over to the tree that he was precariously perched in and tipped his head back, his golden brown eyes searching, searching- If he was lucky at all the little fox wouldn't see him and just move- Ah damn, he saw him.

He could tell by the way Tail's eyes narrowed at him a bit. Making him shift almost uncomfortably under the younger male's stare. "You're doing it again." The fox called out absently as he finally looked away so that he could wipe some of the grease he'd gotten on his hands, off. After calculating whether or not he was a threat to him at the moment before dismissing him entirely.

So he was hanging out in his favorite tree. Big deal. Why did having himself a nice spot in a tree automatically make other's think that he was planning to ambush them? And no one could blame his track record Except for Knuckles and that was only because when he took the trees when that male was around he had every intention of doing bodily harm to him.

"So?" He replied softly as he sat back and folded his arms so that both of his hands were behind his head.

"You make people nervous when you sit in your tree like that." Tails pointed out, making him scowl a bit.

Like he cared what others thought. What he did on his home turf was no one's business but his own. And besides, many of the others that Tail's was mentioning had a bad habit of trying to scent mark his home, his tree and pretty much anything else that was his. And that pretty much pissed him off. So yeah, he didn't care if he made them nervous or not.

They needed to learn to stay the hell away from his home!

"So?" He said again, his tone slightly impatient before he added, "I can see better from up here." Of course he could better defend his territory from the tree as well but then he didn't need to say that out loud. Tails more than knew what he was capable of. The little fox had pulled him off of a few bloody bodies in the short few years that he'd known him.

And really as long as he wasn't going after the fox the kid had nothing to really complain about.

"You were singing that weird song again." The kid said almost so softly that he didn't hear him at first. His ears twitched for a second and he made a low irritated sound. Why the hell did the kid persist in bringing up things he didn't want to talk about? He wondered as the fox took several seconds to finish cleaning his fur then scaled his tree like it was a small hill or something.

There was so little effort put behind the climb that he was tempted to kick the kid out of his tree and make him do it again just for spite.

The fox stopped a limb or so lower than he was and caught him glaring down at him through narrowed emerald green eyes. Damn. Almost had him- He thought as he said in a somewhat defensive tone, "The song isn't weird."

The kid gave him 'the look' as he had dubbed it. The look, was something along the lines of speaking without actual words. And those words were, you're a dumbass. And maybe he was a dumbass, but then again maybe he wasn't. And as for the song itself- speaking of it was off limits. The kid knew that, so why was he bringing it up when he had so obviously pointed that out the last time it had been brought up in conversation?

"It is weird. You know our species doesn't function well under certain circumstances."

Ah yes, circumstances... He thought as he rolled his eyes, he was about to get lectured again by the brat. He could tell by the kid's tone that he was raring to go. And go he did. "What is the song about?" The fox asked knowing that he was probably trying to restrain himself from reaching down and grabbing him by the scruff of the neck by this point.

He gnashed his teeth as he replied. "A girl."

"And?" Tails prompted. Waiting for him to name what else the song was about. He muttered an oath about the fox's mother under his breath and nearly fell out of the tree when the kid reached up and grabbed his foot and pulled hard enough to almost topple him from his place in retaliation. "Keep you're comments about my mother from the conversation unless you want me to rip out your tongue!" Tails growled as his fur bristled and stood on end.

He started to open his mouth and say something else about the kids mother, but at the last moment thought it better to shut his mouth. Especially since he knew the kid well enough to know that he'd carry out his threat. And he'd probably be conscious while it happened- so yeah- no more mother comments.

Bummer. He supposed that he'd just have to save those for Knuckles or something.

"Now, what else is the song about?" Tails asked again, this time in his normal tone.

He sighed knowing that the kid wouldn't stop pestering him until he'd been thoroughly lectured and replied, "A girl and love."

"Right. But our kind don't feel feelings as strong as love. We're too territorial and only mate for the sole purpose of continuing the species. Nothing more."

"Not me."

"What?" The kid snapped, his golden brown eyes fixed on him as he tipped his head back.

"I said, not me." He said again, this time louder as he glared down at his only friend who was quickly becoming a pest. Honestly why didn't the brat just go home already? Had his den burned to the ground while he wasn't looking or something?

The fox sighed and shifted then suddenly climbed up to his limb and planted his foot in his face and pushed him off of his perch and out of the tree before he could so much as react. He hit the ground on his left side with an ungraceful (and painful) sounding thud as Tails dropped out of the tree a foot or so from him while he groaned and tried to pick himself up off of the ground.

But honestly the fall had jarred him more than he had anticipated a small fall from such a distance could. His shoulder hurt and he was shaking slightly as he turned furious green eyes on the two tailed fox and bared his teeth in a snarl. "What. The. Fuck?" He growled out as he finally managed to stop shaking and get to his feet.

Tails gave him a dispassionate look, as if he didn't care that he had just ruffled his quills and said. "We don't feel love."

To which he spat, "I. Do." And it was true. Out of all the other's of his species, he seemed to be the only one who felt things that the other's couldn't. He felt pain more keenly, was more aware of how his abilities set him apart. And while Tails might one day mate simply to procreate, he would have only one mate in his entire life.

He knew it. He felt it.

He'd even seen her. She wasn't one of his kind. She was something else. Something that he had never encountered or seen before. She had green eyes and hair (or was it fur?) as red as blood. And she was damned beautiful. So much so that it made his heart ache.

Tails stood there staring at Sonic for a good ten minutes or so, his body tense just in case his friend decided to attack him for kicking him out of the tree. But when he didn't move and his green eyes started to look kind of glassy, Tails cocked his head and moved forward just a bit- cautiously- and waved his hand in front of Sonic's face. And when he didn't react...

The fox got a really bad feeling that maybe Sonic had actually been hurt in the fall.

Which would have shocked him greatly considering that the tree limb the blue hedgehog had been on had just been a good six feet off of the ground. Nothing more. Sonic leapt from higher places as often as every other day and while Tails realized that his landing on the ground had been less than desirable- he didn't want Sonic to be hurt. He had just been trying to knock some sense into his thick skull, that's all.

After all, their kind were incapable of love. It didn't matter how much they wanted it or wished for it or tried to feign the feeling of affection. They just couldn't grasp what wasn't there. Sonic knew that. So why did he keep torturing himself like this? Why did he use that damn song to convince himself that he was capable of more? He just didn't understand.

"Sonic? Hey are you okay?" He asked as he waved his hand in front of Sonic's eyes again. His concern mounting by the second.


Sonic could see her again-

The female that was his future mate. She was sitting on what looked like a stone terrace with a wall at her back dressed only in a long sleeved white shirt that fell a little past her thighs.

He moved in closer to get a good look at her and was somewhat surprised to note that her aside from the blood red wealth of silken hair that hung almost down to her waist and the bit that fell in her face and curled along her jaw- she was furless. Her face, her small hands, her long slender shapely legs, were all furless. Wonderfully so.

Giving him a clearer view of pale ivory skin. She had no claws- though her fingernails were a bit on the long side. Her green eyes were staring blankly up at the sky as small teeth chewed at her soft pink bottom lip. She had tiny ears, tiny toes, tiny feet. Her build was delicate yet wonderfully curved in all the right places.

Reaching out tentatively, he placed one of his hands over her's and said, "I'm right here." As she looked down at the hand his was resting over, making him smile. It was almost as if she could feel him there with her, he thought when suddenly he was ripped away from her by a vicious slap to the face and an all too familiar voice practically screaming,

"Oh my God what is wrong with you! Stop holding my hand! Your drooling!"