Sonic wasn't sure what he had been expecting when Chris had asked him if he wanted to come with her in dealing with the creatures known as 'terrorists'. But what he was seeing now, certainly hadn't been it. He had expected diplomacy, negotiations- God knew that Chris certainly gave the appearance of going to use one of those two ways to deal with the ones attacking her home.

What he hadn't expected was to see the damage and devastation while riding in the great metal beast she had called for. Nor had he expected the surge of rage that had nearly made his blood boil as he had seen up close; perhaps a little too close, the men, women and children- all different ages, all covered in injuries and ripped and torn clothing. Some were even covered in blood and crying by the roadside.

And upon reaching their destination, an building that was so damaged by time and the elements that it looked as if it would fall down upon their heads at any given moment, they had been met by no less than a dozen furless males of Chris's species. Each one a great deal older than Chris herself, if the height and weight of their bodies plus the muscle they carried on them was any indication at all.

He narrowed his eyes at them as he studied them while one of them yelled out a demand, there was no finesse, no elegance, no 'please give us what we want'. Merely an, "We want you to give in to our demands." The words, Or else, hung unsaid in the air between the group and his mate giving Sonic the strong urge to roll his eyes in disgust as he glanced at Chris to see how she would respond to the guy's demand.

He hoped for her sake and the sake of her people that she didn't give in to the piece of shit.

After all, he'd seen his type before. They do something drastic to get attention then make demands based on greed and such. And if one gave in thinking that they were doing what was best- but the demands never stopped. And more people always got hurt.

But he had been both shocked and startled when Chris suddenly shouted, "Go to hell!" Drew her sword and charged the boss guy, leaving him there gaping for just a second before he realized that if he didn't jump in and help out then his mate would be killed by the other guys closing in on her.

The fight itself only lasted for ten maybe fifteen minutes and during that time Chris took out almost five guys while Sonic busied himself with taking out the others. But once it was over and they were all rounded up and bound while Chris pulled out her communication's device and called for someone to come to the run down wear house and pick the group up as Sonic thought, Whoa. Amazing.

Everything he'd seen Chris do, every punch, every maneuver, every ruthless strike of her blade- had left a lasting impression on him. Something that wasn't an easy thing to do. Especially if one didn't know Sonic well enough to know what could intimidate him.

But damn did his girl intimidate him. He thought as he stared at her wide eyed as one of the bad guys snarled something at her and promptly got one of Chris's feet upside his head- causing Sonic to almost cringe in sympathy as the guy yowled in pain from the force of the kick.

"Damn moron." Chris growled as she walked over to him and stood there just glaring at the group as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Was that necessary?" Sonic asked curiously and almost jumped back away from Chris when she turned her head to look at him out of the corner of her eye for a moment before replying.

"Necessary, no. But fun..." Ah, Sonic though nervously as he looked away for a second, his ears flattening against his head. So his future mate was that kind of person. Nice to know since it might one day save him from her wrath. Though she didn't exactly give him the impression of wanting to kick him in the head, thank god. He wasn't sure if his skull could take such punishment.