Steve shivered despite the 4 comforters on top of him, nightmares pulling him in. Peggy's voice reaching out to him, watching the white get closer and closer, the cold, the water, oh god so COLD.

"Steve, wake up, come back. Steve." Steve flinched at the voice. Peggy…. "STEVE!" Steve's eyes shot open panicked to the concerned brown eyes of none other than Tony Stark. "Steve? You alright?" Steve takes a moment to even his frantic breathing before looking away from Tony in shame, ready for a round of teasing. "Yeah Tony, I'm fine.

Tony frowned in disapproval and grabbed his arm gently forcing Steve to look at him. "No you're not." Steve quickly opens his mouth to retaliate but a shiver overtakes his body violently and Tony on instinct pulls him closer into a half hug, just near enough so Tony's radiating body heat stops the shivering.

"Tony, you're really hot. " Steve says worryingly and Tony just laughs uncomfortably, still unsure of his choice to warm Steve up, he doesn't really like touching people but Steve had been freezing. "Well duh, didn't know you swung that way though Steve." Steve just glares at him. "I don't, Tony I mean your body temperature is really hot, and you know it." Tony sighs. "Yeah, part of the Arc Reactor. I run hotter than most people now. Go to sleep Steve. I'll stay; you were practically blue when I walked in here."

"You don't have to stay. Wait what time is it?" Steve tries to stand up but is still shaky and Tony easily holds him down. "It 4:27" Steve gapes at Tony. "Tony, why are you up?" Tony shifts shamefully and stands making his way to the kitchen still talking to Steve. "I well… I couldn't sleep, anyways I come down here and you're on the couch, lips blue and pale as a sheet, shivering. Wanna tell me what that's about?"

Steve looked down successfully distracted. "Um- I just….. Sometimes I dream about the ice…. The drowning…..I'll see Peggy. Then I wake up freezing and shivering. I tried asking the doctors why I keep waking up so cold but they said its some side effect of the ice. Really Tony though go back to sleep I'm just fine, you really should be asleep and we need everyone at top game so-"

"Steve, Shut up and take this." Suddenly a warm mug was thrust into Steve's hands and Tony sat down back in his spot again. Steve looked at the mug curiously to see a piping hot mug of hot chocolate filled to the brim with melting marshmallows. Steve's heart ached as he remembered the nights when he would be terribly sick and his momma would make him hot chocolate to make him feel better.

"My mom use to make this for me when I was sick…" Steve said sadly not realizing he said it out loud until it was already out of his mouth. Tony just put a reassuring hand on his back. "I'm sorry, did I upset you?" Steve looked up at the uncharacteristically nurturing genius in shock. "What- no it's perfect! How did you know anyway?" Tony just blushed and turned away, but not leaving Steve, too relived that the color was slowly returning to the blondes face. "I um- I didn't know, when I was really little and couldn't sleep, Jarvis and Peggy, they would make me hot chocolate."

Steve took a sharp breath at Peggy's name then quickly recomposed himself. "Oh, does Pepper make it for you now? Cause I know you don't sleep a lot." Tony looked back at him, eyes big brown and lost. "What-? Um no… I make it for her sometimes though. Anyways, enough about me, go to sleep you big blonde lug, you need it. I'll stay right here so you're warm and tomorrow I'll try and see if I can get you warmer blankets or invent some specially heating PJ's…." Steve eyed Tony in surprise. "Seriously, Tony you don't have to; you're busy…and need sleep…." Tony shook his head having none of it, determination sweeping his every feature.

"Yes, I am. I will work on my phone for a while, you sleep." Steve nodded, too tired to fight and just slumped in defeat. "Try and get to sleep too Tony…" Steve said sleepily already drifting off. He was lying there a few moments when he heard Tony say softly to the ceiling (Jarvis) "J, please from now on always alerts me when Steve has one of these episodes alright? Add to Code list under "Code Blue" with the others."

"Of course Sir." Jarvis spoke a little louder than Tony was, probably knowing that Steve wasn't all the way asleep yet, unlike Tony who was oblivious. Steve was touched at Tony's concern and vaguely wondered what codes Tony was talking about before he drifted off to Tony's heat and the warm hot chocolate already working its way through his system as Tony gently pulled the mug out of his hands. "Night, Steve." Tony whispered softly to the finally sleeping super solider.

So It's my first time trying this kind of story, but I think I like it. Tell me what you guys think so far please! hope you enjoyed!