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Chapter 12
Billy POV

I can see her...

She's finally here—in Cancun.

My Isabella is finally here.

Granted it's a miracle they even made it considering all the little distractions I sent their way. That Irish muck is one impressive fucker. How he managed to blow up three of my men while on the road with just gas cans is quite shocking and impressive to say the least. Little did he know, I had someone watching the whole time. I always have someone watching.


Except for when they got away in Obregon, but I'd rather not get into that right now, and neither does the man I mutilated for losing them so easily. Either way, until I have Isabella in my arms, I will continue to have someone watching. And I will continue waiting. After all it has been 13 years since I first saw my love. I can continue to be patient, but not for long…

It's been two weeks since their arrival to the del Cisne Estate and I've seen many things since then...

…things I don't particularly like.

I saw her leave the plane hand in hand with him. I saw her eat on the balcony—with him.

I saw her sight-seeing all over the city—with him.

I saw her go into the ocean—go into the water with...him!

I could see what they were doing—his hands were...touching what is mine...

…and she was letting HIM!

How dare she?

What the hell was she thinking!

She belongs to me!

I shouldn't be upset, though. We haven't had any time together, she doesn't know or understand the rules...yet. However, when she's finally with me she will understand that she is only to look at me and only me.

All other men will cease to exist in her eyes…

Once I make her see that…




Tomorrow is the Grand Ball—the one that is held in that veijo del Cisne's name. That fucking asshole is the one who started all of this and he damn made sure that he ended it as well, even from beyond the grave.

Smart motherfucker.

No worries though. Soon enough I will have everything I've wanted, including his great- granddaughter and the tunnels.

EVERYTHING will be mine.

I've sent a few messages to those Irish fuckers to let them know I'm not fucking around. If they know what's good for them, they'll leave before the real war begins. This ball is supposed to be special though, this will be the first ball where I can finally approach my love.

I can walk up to her—touch her—talk to her face to face.

I'll finally be able to smell her…

I think about the first time I saw her in that peach colored dress when she was a young girl. She walked by me and even though it wasn't at a very close distance I can still remember her scent. It was rosy and clean—as if she had just come out of the garden.

How I wanted to approach her…

Strip her out of that dress…

Touch her soft, barely-there breasts…

and break her apart—make her a woman…


My cock is growing steely-hard just thinking about it. It's growing even harder thinking about her in that small bikini she wore yesterday.

Her smooth, creamy stomach glistening in the sun.

Her long, slender legs…

I can't wait to lick her from toe to hip and then have them wrapped around me as I pound the shit out of her tight and ready-for-me pussy.

Her nipples were rock hard the moment she walked out of the water. I'd like to think it's because the water is cold but I know better. For that alone I plan on having that Irish fucker eat his own cock. Wouldn't it be fitting that while he's eating his, Isabella will be on her knees sucking mine?

I can't wait for that to happen. Soon.

It will be very...very soon.

At the Ball I plan on convincing her that she belongs with me and not that fucking muck...

She'll know that I love her and I know that she will love me in return. By the end of the night I plan to claim her and make her mine once and for all…

Right now I'm at the Hotel Crepusculo waiting on my Tux, normally I would be in Mexico City having this done but, unfortunately, I...was busy... with...other matters.

The Hotel has the best tailor in the city and I've managed to drop a few pounds this year so I needed a new one. It was all for my beauty, of course. I'm hoping she'll be impressed with what I've done. The sales clerk asked me to walk to the back of the boutique where the tailor is waiting for me to take my final measurements before finishing my tux.

It has to be perfect for my Isabella…

I'm making my way down the hall when I hear Alicia Quijada talking in English to another woman, I know she works at this hotel as an interpreter and is also a party planner. But I can't help wonder if she's here, then maybe mi amor will also be here. My men said they saw her leave the house this morning, but her current body guards, along with their tech guy, are very good. So far, every technology I've thrown their way has been thrown back in my face and their men know how to shake a tail as if it were nothing. Even in a city that doesn't belong to them, which is pretty impressive. I had no idea where she was at the moment, but I would find a way around that soon enough.

I'm halfway down the hall when one of the dressing rooms open and I feel something walk right into me. I turn around, annoyed. Another clumsy puta who doesn't know how to...

…wait a minute. She has long, brown wavy hair. Her legs go for days and she has the creamiest olive skin I have ever seen.

It's my love—my Isabella.

"Oh forgive me, I didn't see you. Are you alright?"

I can barely contain myself. She's here—only a few feet away from me.

I reach out my hand to her—anxious to finally touch her.

I can already her see her skin is incredibly soft…

Her lips are luscious and full—just begging to be claimed...

What I wouldn't give to have her underneath me…

Devouring her—making her mine.

"No it's fine...I'm al...right." She sees me!

She's looking at me!

Her expression is one of awe.

She wasn't expecting to see me so soon…

…I wasn't expecting to see her so soon either…

This is an interesting turn of events.

Bella POV

Oh my god!

I can't help but just stare at this man. I'm not glaring. I'm not gawking. I'm just...staring.

Here he is, the man who trying to take everything I love away from me.

Why was he here? And now of all times.

I notice he's tall. Not as tall as Edward, but taller than Latino men tend to be. Usually I only see him from a distance and sitting down. He looks like any other Mexican man I've seen growing up, with the hat, the boots and the huge buckle, which I notice is all in black. He sort of reminds me of some of the men I've seen walking around growing up around Mexico, except for his eyes.

His eyes terrify me.

He's holding his hand out to me, at the moment I can't understand why. Then I realize I'm still on the floor and remember I just bumped into him. I ignore his gesture and get up on my own. Once I'm up, I realize my purse is still on the floor where I fell. I make to get it when he's already there picking it up and offering it back to me.

"Gracias." I say while very calmly taking it from his hand, careful not to touch his skin. I may appear calm but really I'm just frozen, my body refuses to move. I'm dying to run out of here—run back to the estate and into Edwards arms and away from this... man.

"Isabella del Cisne...It's been a long time. You look very beautiful—if you don't mind me saying so." I give him a tight lipped smile. His voice is deep and menacing. It gives me the shivers down to my bones. I notice him looking at my body as if it belongs to him—like if he wants to take me right now on the floor of this dressing room regardless if I'm willing to or not. God knows I'm nowhere near willing when it comes to this man. All I want, is to get away from him. But I have no idea how. I feel as though...he won't...let me go, even if I try. I'm suddenly terrified and I find I have no words.

"Well, aren't going to say something? You look as though you've seen a ghost." He's giving me an evil but satisfied grin. I don't think he was anticipating to see me so soon, god knows I wasn't. I mean as far as I know we haven't been followed, Edward said the body guards I have are the best, no one gets by them. Speaking of guards, where the hell are they? Weren't they supposed to be protecting me? I remember one of them walking back with me to the dressing room and waiting outside, where is he now? This is all just too much of a coincidence, how is it that I ran into Guillermo Black of all people. He continues to stare at me, his eyes keep running up and down my body, as if I'm naked. Then I remember what Edward said about camera's being installed all over my house back in Phoenix, this sick bastard has probably seen me naked more than I would like to think about. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about how this man has violated me so much already and I never even knew about it till a few weeks ago. He continues to stare me down. I don't know how, but I finally find my voice.

"Not a ghost, but a monster." The look on his face turns menacing and murderous. This isn't exactly the way you speak to the boss of the Mexican Cartel. He begins walking toward me, I start backing away with every step he takes.

"Now, how would Juan feel about you speaking to me that way?" I take a deep breath, determined to stand my ground.

"I imagine he would want me speak my mind." He grins.

"You are very brave, you know that? It's one of the things that has always attracted me to you." He continues to walk toward me, I keep backing away so he doesn't get too close. All of sudden I feel a wall behind me-I'm trapped. Oh crap! He knows he's cornered me and I'm completely defenseless. He raises his arms to both sides of my head, his face coming rather close to me. "How would Juan feel knowing that his only great-grandchild is about to be bound to a white man? Don't you think he would be rather… upset? I know you never knew him—that he died before you were born—but I have a feeling he wouldn't be too happy with the choices that Carlos has made for you. I think Juan would want his heir to be with a strong Mexicano and not a gringo. Not like the piece of shit you are with." I glare at him, how dare he refer to Edward in that manner?

"You know... You're right. I may not have known my tata, may not have liked the way he has done the things that have impacted us in this time, but I do think he would rather I bind myself to a gringo instead of cartel trash." His eyes become one of total rage and terror. It was like looking at a killer from a horror movie, he had absolutely no soul behind his eyes, only obsession.

"You have no idea what you're saying, Isabella." His face is only inches from mine. "You belong with some one that is going to take care of you, provide for you—keep you close to home. Do you really thing that Irish puto is going to be able to that? You barely know him. You have no idea what he may be capable of—what he's done in his past. You belong with me. You know you do. Leave that white man and bind yourself to me. I promise, I will give you everything your heart has ever desired. I will give you the world—all you have to do is agree to become mine." I can feel his breath on me. Thankfully, he's not touching me but I can feel myself cringe against him. All I want is to get the hell away from him already, but instead I look at him square in the eye. This may be a really big mistake on my part, but I want him to know I'm dead serious.

"The only thing my heart desires is the handsome Irishman waiting for me back at my home, who, by the way, has managed to take care of me and provide for me since the day we met." I whisper to him. Before I know what happening he's grabbing my arms rather forcefully and his lips are pressed against mine. I can feel the bile creeping up my throat making me want to puke all over him. I struggle to get out of his grasp but he only grabs on harder. The pain from his grasp is starting to radiate through my body, his lips become more forceful. He pulls me closer to him and inadvertently I feel his erection at my waist making my eyes go wide in terror. How is this turning him on when I'm giving him nothing back in return? I suddenly feel his tongue trying to invade my mouth making me shake against him. I keep my mouth closed as tightly as I can and somehow bring my lips together into a tight line preventing him any type of entrance. He takes the hint that I don't like this and brakes the kiss but still holds onto me rather firmly.

"You're mine! Me entiendes? You're mine and only mine. You are coming with me whether you like it or not and I will kiss you whenever I fucking feel like it and you will kiss me back in return! You will do everything I tell you, ME ENTIENDES!" He screams at me. I use practically all of my strength to brake his grasp till he finally lets me go and I punch him across the face. His head turns as my knuckles makes its way across his hard, vile jaw. I cringe from having to touch him.

"I will never be yours. Nunca!" He looks over to me, his eyes have absolutely no remorse only anger, he's about to grab for me again.

"I wouldn't do that asshole." Emmett says from behind his head, a gun pointed right at the base of his skull. From out of nowhere Jasper comes over and pulls me away from him. Billy doesn't move, As soon I'm away from him, Jasper begins searching Billy, he brings a gun out from his back side and a long, terrifying knife from his right boot. As soon as he's done, he's right by my side again.

"Another gringo. You know, if you weren't the piece-of-shit son of a don, you would be dead by now." He grins at him.

"Now doesn't that just piss you the fuck off? Wait till I tell my little brother that you were getting handsy with his fiancée. You know he just might put out a contract of his own out on you for that."

"You have no idea who're dealing with."

"And you are one stupid motherfucker. You should know better than to put your hands on a del Cisne without her permission. Remember what happened to the last boss that did that?" I notice Billy flinch, I have no idea what Emmett is talking about.

"Emmett, we gotta get her back to the estate, Edwards waiting for us." Jasper says. Emmett nods, but before he backs away he digs his gun a little deeper into Billy's skull, making Billy bend forward till he has to hold onto the wall for balance.

"Doesn't feel good does it, asshole? Being corned and trapped." I see Billy become somewhat agitated by the situation. "Before we go, my da and my future sister's father wanted me to send you a message. If you insist on continuing with this war, then the Colombians are prepared to join in and annihilate you. I think you remember how that turned out last time, right, old man?"

I notice Billy begin to breathe rather heavily and expression become one of fury. I don't think he liked Emmett's threat. Emmett pulls back his gun and starts walking backward, his eyes still on Billy who's turned around. Jasper leads me out of the room and into the hall way. Even though I'm no longer looking at him I can still feel his eyes on me. It makes me cringe. We rush out of the boutique and make our way back into the lobby. Esme, Rosalie and Carmen are waiting for us next to the fountain near the entrance. I notice Alice is at the concierge's desk, finishing up some paperwork, all of them have a look of concern on their faces. I'm relieved to see they're all okay.

Once in their view, Esme rushes over to me. "Oh daor, thank heavens you're alright." She takes me in her arms before looking me over. I wince slightly when she touches my arms. "What the hell did that man do?" I can't bring myself to look at her, or anyone else for that matter. I don't know why but I feel so ashamed, I know that I didn't do anything wrong. But the fact that the man had the gall to touch me and force himself on me just makes me feel... so filthy. I hear her talking to Emmett and Jasper, they assure that I wasn't hurt, physically anyway.

"Come on Ma, let's get to the cars and back to the estate. We need to get the hell out of here before that bastard finds us." She nods and puts her arm gently around me, walking me to the front of the hotel where a black SUV is waiting for us with the security detail that's been following me since arriving in Cancun, what were they doing out here when they were supposed to protecting me! Once were all in, I lean my head back and feel my nerves begin to overtake me. There's chatter going around, mostly between Carmen, Alice and Jasper but I'm not paying attention. All I want to do is get back home and get clean—I feel so dirty. The ride seems to take forever. What should be a ten minute drive feels like ten hours. My mind is going a million miles a minute flooding with 'what if's'.

I don't even want to think about what Billy would've done but my brain wasn't listening and kept thinking up the worst scenarios. What if he managed to take me out of the hotel? What if he forced himself on me and wound up...raping me? What if Emmett hadn't shown up when he did? What if I never saw Edward again? At that thought my chest began to hurt, or more, my heart. I can't imagine my life without Edward. Not anymore. That man became my heart—my soul. Whatever his sins may have been in the past doesn't matter to me anymore. The present and future is what I worry about and I want that with Edward.

All I want is Edward.

Edward POV

Everything was going to utter shit!

Just hours away from this fucking ball that would fucking change our lives and Billy was already showing us his true colors. First the clips that he sent of his men and women killing people he knew would matter to mine and to Charlie's family. Then finding out that fucker no longer wants me dead, but alive and has put a pretty high dollar on that contract to insure I stay alive just so he can do god knows what to me before killing me himself. To top it off, now I'm getting a call from Emmett telling me that Bella had run into Billy at the Boutique and Billy was nowhere as charming as we thought he'd be. I found myself seething at the whole thing and broke a window with my fist. I ended up scaring poor Brady and Zafrina wanted to know what the hell was going on. I knew there was no way I could leave her in the dark about this so I told her what Emmett told me. That Billy...forced himself on Bella and from what he saw, was not going to let her go. Zafrina also became really upset, she sent Brady with one of the other maids before she stared breaking dishes all over the kitchen.

Once that was done she took out a bottle of Patron Silver and downed a good quarter of the bottle before passing it over to me. Wasn't Bushmills but it would have to do. Unfortunately it did nothing to calm my nerves, didn't stop me from downing the rest of the bottle though. Enough was fucking enough! I wanted to find that old fat fucker and kill him! I wanted to show him that Bella is mine and he'll never have her. As long as there's a breath in my body, I will keep Bella safe from that fucker! The front alarm went off letting us know someone has arrived on the estate. I rush to the front knowing it's my family finally making their way back home. What was supposed to be only a half hour felt like a fucking year. I wanted to look over Bella, make sure she was alright, that he hadn't hurt her. I run out to the SUV, I see my mother helping Bella out who seems pretty out of it. I have no idea what this may be doing to her anxiety but I know it isn't fucking good.

"Ma, is she alright?" She nods her head.

"She appears to be, but it looks as though she tuned everything out for now. Can't blame the poor girl." Her hair is covering her face, she almost appears stoned she so out of it. I move her hair from her face and caress her cheek. Her Eyes meet mine and she suddenly wakes.

Before I know what's going on, she lunges at me, her arms wrapping around my upper back. At this point she's holding on for dear life, whimpering into my shoulder. I hug her back and bury my face in the crook of her neck whispering in her ear that's she safe. She nods and holds on even tighter. I know I need to get her out of here and relaxed before she has a full blown panic attack, with what's happened so far it's a miracle she hasn't had one yet. Before I can move us though I need some fucking answers. Refusing to leave Bella's side I just straight out ask questions while still wrapped in her arms.

"What the hell happened over there, where the hell was security?!" Alice comes up along with Carmen to stand next to Esme.

"We don't exactly know what happened. We just know Isa was getting dressed after trying on her gown when Guillermo arrived. I was talking to your mother, I swear I didn't even notice him. He normally gets his tailoring done outside of Cancun. It wasn't until Carmen whispered to me that she saw him. By the time we had made it to the dressing rooms he already had Isa cornered. One of his guards was a only a few feet away from him, there was no way he was going to let us near her and the guards we had were called outside to meet Emmett and Jasper. I texted Jasper what was going on and minutes later they showed up and got her away from him. You're going to have to ask Emmett, Jasper and Isa about the rest." I nod while trying to keep my anger at bay.

Jasper and Emmett have disappeared from sight, most likely notifying my father and Charlie about what just happened. Better them than me. All of sudden it's becoming clear we have to leave Cancun as soon as possible. We can't wait the two weeks to get married. We have to leave way sooner than that. We have to leave by tomorrow. My father's words were ringing true in my head, this is all becoming way too much. There's no way we can stay because if we do we may not make it out alive. I wave for my mom to come over to me and whisper in her ear.

"We have to leave after the ball, make sure everything is ready to go." My mother nods, knowing my meaning. I then lift Bella into my arms and make my way into the house. I ask Zafrina to make Bella some chicken and rice soup like from when we first got here and ask her to bring it up in a couple hours. She nods in agreement. Then I take Bella upstairs to our room. Her arms are wrapped around my neck like a vice, afraid to let me go. Whatever happened terrified my girl and I wasn't fucking happy about it.

Once we're in the room I lock the door behind us and sit her on the bed. I kneel down in front of her and lift her chin. Her face is flushed and upset. I can see she wants to cry but isn't allowing herself to. I'm never big on emotions, but when a fucker forces himself on you let out whatever you need to let out. I look into her beautiful chocolate eyes.

"Talk to me, alainn." Her lips form a tight line and she begins to tremble.

"Bella, baby, tell me what happened." She shakes her head before responding.

"How about a bath?" I ask, thinking that might be what she needs, I know she needs calm and relaxation and I have to do everything I can to insure that happens. Reluctantly, she nods in agreement. I get up and begin for the bathroom when Bella grabs my hand, stopping me in my tracks. I look over to her, her face has become somewhat somber.

"Will you join me, please?" I looked at her wide eyed for a moment, did she really just ask me what I thought she asked? Without thinking I give her a small smile and agree. We make our way into the bathroom and I start the water for the tub. I manage to find some Rose scented bubble bath in the medicine cabinet and pour a generous amount into the tub. I check the water to make sure it's warm enough and notice Bella just sitting there. She seems frozen, afraid to move. She looks over to me before standing up and takes my hand, with her other hand she caresses my face, my beard or what she calls 'my scruff.' She takes a deep breath before speaking.

"Edward...Would you mind...undressing... me." My eyes go wide. What did she just ask me to do?

"Please, Edward. I don't like that he touched me and I feel filthy. Would you please undress me? I need to feel the hands from the man I love. All I feel over my skin are the hands, that filth. I don't want to feel them anymore, I want that feeling gone." Her eyes hold nothing but sorrow, I know that fucker didn't get far with her but apparently he got far enough to terrify her, touch her and it put me on fucking edge. I manage to hold back my anger and nod in agreement with her request. The tub is only a quarter of the way full so I know I can take my time with her, which is what she needs at this moment. I bring her close to me and gently peck her lips before beginning for her clothes.

"I love you, and you're beautiful no matter what some dumb fuck may have done or made you feel." I whisper to her. She doesn't say anything but a little bit of relief floods her cheeks. She's wearing jean shorts and simple black blouse with short sleeves that comes to her waist along with some sandals that'll slip off easily, nothing to special but I imagine Bella is going to want to burn her clothes once there finally off her body. I gently place my hands on her body, looking for any hesitation. She gives me none so I tug on her shorts, unbutton and unzip them, careful not to invade any private part of her body. Even though I explored the most personal part of her body with her just yesterday, doesn't give me the right to just claim it straight out. Especially with what just happened. No way in Hell would I ever do that to her.

I slowly pull them down to her ankles and have her step out of them along with her shoes. Once I'm back up I tug the hem of her shirt from both sides of her body and slowly pull it up. Her arms go up with the shirt and it slips off easily. She's left in only black lace panties and bra. I know my girl is in a very vulnerable state right now but I can't stop my reaction towards her. It's as if her body was made for me and I can't get enough. I want to touch, tease, and taste every last skin cell that envelops her—that's a part of her makeup—and then I want to devour her for hours on end. Hell, days. I ask for her to turn around and she does as I say.

Unable to contain myself, I caress her beautiful, bare shoulders, making her tremble. I step closer behind her, un-snap her bra and bring the straps over her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. Chancing a risk, I wrap my arms around her waist very slowly, ensuring her I would never hurt her and kiss her bare shoulder. Her arms hold tightly onto mine and her head falls back on my shoulder letting me embrace her. I kiss along her neck for a brief minute before whispering in her ear.

"Do you want me to finish, alainn?" She takes another breath before turning around.

Once we're face to face she looks up into my eyes for a brief second before pulling me to her and devouring my lips. The kiss isn't harsh, but it isn't weak either. She's letting me know that he refuses to let that fucker win and I'm all she wants. The kiss only last for a few seconds before she pulls away leaving me wanting more. But I know I can't demand it. I refuse to take from a woman when she isn't willing. Especially Bella. She's too damned- important and special for that. Right now my girl is topless—nearly naked and I hardly notice. All I want is for her is to feel comfortable and safe with me. Everything else can come later.

She grabs my hands and pulls me forward to her, placing my hands on the waist of her panties. Without words she's telling me what she wants me to do. I take her lips once more, sliding my tongue into her mouth, breathing her in before digging my fingers into the lace and pulling them down ever so slowly. She wraps her arms around me, running her hands through my hair bringing me closer. After a few moments I let go, her panties fall the rest of the way leaving her completely bare to me. I slowly caress her body with my fingers careful not to go too far, only caressing her hips, stomach, arms, shoulders and neck.

I brush my fingers along her lips and with my eyes let her know that she is utterly breath taking to me. I grab her hand and help her into the tub. Once she's in and sitting down, I quickly strip out of my clothes, leaving my boxers on, and turn off the water. Bella looks at me before I climb in.

"Take them off please." I look at her quizzically. Is she serious?

"Are you sure?" She nods.

"I want to be able to feel every inch of your body against me, making me feel safe." She says. I take a deep breath and strip out of my boxers before climbing in behind her. I take her into my arms kissing her behind her neck. She relaxes against me and takes a deep breath. I think this is the first real breath she's taken since I last saw her this morning. I bring her hand in mine and kiss her knuckles before burying my face into the crook of her shoulder, gently kissing her skin. I don't know how long we've sat in the water for before I hear her quiet sobs and tears begin to tap on my arm. I tighten my hold on her and whisper in her ear. "Let go's okay. Just...let go." She does as I say and begins to truly cry.

I don't know if she's crying just for the events that happened today or for something else overall. But I know my girl is hurting and I want nothing more than for her to feel better. I turn her around and have her straddle my lap, holding her tightly against me. She continues to sob into my chest while digging her fingers into my neck. I stroke her hair and whisper sweet nothings into her ear, hoping to assure her she's okay. The water is still warm, and we're both utterly naked and pressed against each other but there's nothing sexual about our embrace what so ever. The last thing my girl needs is seduction, so instead I'm giving her something that I hope will work, affection and intimacy. She continues to sob for a while longer into my chest. Eventually I grab a small wash cloth and pour a little bit of liquid soap into it. As she continues to cry I slowly begin to wash her skin. Starting from her neck, down to her arms, and make my way around her naked body. After a few minutes of bathing her I notice she's stopped crying, and her breathing has somewhat evened out. She's so quiet I don't know if she's sleeping or not.

"Thank you." She whispers into my chest a few minutes later. I put the cloth down and cup her cheeks, bringing her eyes to level with mine.

"For what?" She takes a deep breath.

"For taking care of me, letting me cry...washing away...whatever filth that man left on me." I peck her lips.

"You're welcome." She smiles and leans into me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I caress her back for a few minutes before finally taking a chance and asking the vital question.

"You want to talk about it Bella." A few moments skip by before she nods her head. She pulls away from for a minute to grab the wash cloth before speaking.

"Do you mind if I return the favor while I speak?" I caress her cheek with my wet hand.

"Do with me as you wish, alainn." She gives me a small smile and begins to lather the cloth.

Bella POV

I wasn't raped.

I wasn't kidnapped.

So I honestly can't understand why this all affected me so much.

In some countries what happened to me could barely be classified as assault. However I felt completely and utterly violated and helpless. The way that man forced himself on me and practically demanded that I belong to him whether I wanted to be his or not was beyond comprehension to me. The way he grabbed me and placed his lips on me so forcefully made me sick to my stomach. I wanted so badly just to go back in time and erase the last few hours; go back in that little bubble Edward and I created this morning and go back to discussing sexual arrangements for when we finally make love.

Instead, I keep going back to that dressing room. I keep thinking about how he cornered me. How he spoke about how my tata would've been upset about my engagement to a white man, if he were still around. I have no idea where I found the courage to stand up to that man, but I'm glad I did. I'm glad I told him that I would never be with him. And no matter how filthy my hand felt from it, I'm glad I punched him. I just wish I could've done more. I have no idea where my resolve was at that moment. I know how to defend myself.

Growing up in Catholic school and visiting several Mexican cities, there's no way I could show myself weak when some chola wanted to pick a fight. Not only that, I played ten years of club softball, and trust me that sport is nowhere near for the weak. Especially when a girl is tackling you the ground with all her might just in attempts to get the ball out of your hands. So why did I feel so helpless at that time? How did that man crumble my resolve? Whatever the reason, I promised myself I would never let that happen again. After Emmett and Jasper came in and got me out, everything else became a blur.

I have no idea how long it took us to get home, or what anyone was saying about what happened. I don't even remember going through the gates of the estate. The only thing I remember is seeing Edward and throwing myself at him. I needed to know he was here. That he was real and okay. If Billy had the power to find me so easily, then I know he had the power to find Edward as well and I know that if I ever lost Edward, my resolve would completely and utterly crumble. He knew exactly what I needed to calm down and took me away from the outside world and into our own.

He knew with my anxiety that I needed to relax before something drastic happened and I was very grateful for that. I can't explain why, but the moment he asked if I wanted a bath I knew I wanted him with me. I wanted to feel his bare skin against mine. I wanted him to make me feel wanted and loved, and that's exactly what he did. Never once did he touch me anywhere I didn't want to be touched. Never once did he make me feel violated or dirty. He let me cry into his chest. He let me release my frustrations. At the end of it all, he washed away all the filth I felt all over me. He made me feel clean and strong again. I am now returning the favor, cleaning his beautiful skin.

In such a short amount of time, I went from utterly disgusted with myself to absolutely content. I have no idea how this man did it, but I'm glad he did. Now, I can go into late evening and give Edward his birthday gift without worry. I smiled at the thought.

I had no idea how much time had passed since we climbed into the tub together, but the water was cold and my stomach was grumbling. We climbed out of the tub together. Somehow we're comfortable enough with each other even though we were naked. It doesn't seem to make much of a difference, even though one of us was still technically a virgin.

As we're drying off, I see that it still midday and it was somewhat cloudy. There is still so much time left in this day and I want it to end already. I want the moon to be out, the stars envelop the sky and my gringo by my side.

I told Edward what happened in that dressing room as I got dressed. To say that he was angry, would be an understatement. I saw how his muscles tensed when I told him about how menacing Billy was towards me, how demanding he got. He didn't like the fact that he forced his lips on me and grabbed my arms. Edward told me he wished he could have been there to save me. He said straight out that if he were there, he probably would've killed Billy. He checked and re-checked my body determined to find any bruising he may have left behind. Thankfully playing softball in the Arizona heat for ten years gave me some pretty tough skin. I don't know how I would feel if Billy left behind any bruises on my body. Edward was happy though when I told him I punched Billy for forcing himself on me and that Emmett shoved his gun into his skull causing him to let me go. I'll have to remember to cut Emmett some slack for saving me today, along with Jasper. If they hadn't shown up, god knows where I would be right now.

As soon I was dressed there was a knock on the door. Esme was on the other side with a tray of food. I let her come in and sit on the sofa, while Edward said he would be back and left us alone. I noticed Zafrina had made me some of my favorites, chicken and rice soup, cucumbers drenched in salt and lime juice and ceviche with extra cucumbers and shrimp. Before I could start eating, Esme took my hand in hers.

"How are you feeling, daor?" I smiled at her.

"Better, your son took very good care me." She smiled and nodded.

"He's always been good at that. Did that bastard hurt you in anyway?" I shake my head.

"He hurt me more emotionally than anything else. I guess I had never felt violated in my life till I came face to face with that... man."

"I can only imagine. I'm so sorry this happened to you, and with me only a few feet away no less. If I had known who he was I could've stopped it. I would've killed that man with my bare hands." She roars. I squeeze Esme's hand in reassurance. I have only known her for a day and already she was having a great impact on my life. She reminded me a lot of my mother which made me very grateful to say the least.

"It's okay Esme, you had no way of knowing what was going to happen. But I think I held my own and your son and godson came and saved the day." Esme nodded at that.

"So, what have I brought you to eat, daor. Zafrina said that these are some of your favorite meals." I smiled and explained what was in front of us. After she had tasted each of the meals on the tray I finally figured out where Edward got his groaning for food from. It made me smile. After we finished eating we left the room, I suddenly needed another helping of ceviche and a margarita to go with it. Esme wanted to talk to Alice about Jasper and Carmen, she was still trying to figure out that whole situation. I still found their entire thing comical. I made my way into the kitchen and saw Zafrina and Jose sitting at the bar eating a late lunch. I also noticed Jasper and Carmen at the dining room table. Carmen was eating her lunch of sopes and rice while Jasper was trying to talk to Carmen. Carmen was doing what she did best, completely intimidating Jasper, which is downright hysterical. I go over and sit next to Jose and Zafrina who've had somehow read my mind and have a pitcher of margarita waiting along with some more ceviche. They're both watching Jasper's and Carmen exchange as if it were right out of novela, which is almost accurate. Zafriana wraps her arm around me, letting me know she's here for me and Jose gives me a reassuring nod with the same message. I give each of them a small smile and look over to Carmen and Jasper and listen in to their exchange. Now all we need is popcorn.

"So, Carmen, I was thinkin' that maybe when we go back to the States we could go to Texas for a few days so you can see where I grew up. Your mama told me you like horses, and rollercoasters. I could take you to six flags and ride them with you."

"Like a roller coaster is really going to win me over white boy." She replies in Spanish.

"See there, you called me white boy. I'm catching on."

"Great, doesn't mean I'm going to talk you. When are you going to get it through your head that I think what you and my mom did was gross and there's no way I'm ever going to get over it. And more over, what makes you think I'm going to accept you as my new dad. Alice has brought home a total of six guys home in my twelve year life span, what makes you so different."

"See, there you start talkin' way too fast and all I got was your mama's name… I think. Come on, Carmen. Talk to me, give me a chance and get to know me. I'll bet you'll like me. Plus, when we get back to the states I'll let you choose what school you want to go to. Although your mama said you have to stay in Catholic school so you don't come out corrupt like she did and I can see what she saying about that..."

"Oh my god are you really rambling to me about Catholic school? There's no way I ever want to go back to Catholic school ever! But once again I have no say in the matter. Oh no only the people around me have a say. Ugh! You know what white boy, stuff it. Because I'm never going to accept you as my father and I'm never going to speak English to you!"

"Now, if you could just slow down a little bit, I think I got some of that." Carmen jumps up out of her seat exasperated and shoves her sope right in Jaspers face. And once he realizes what just happened she pours her drink down his pants, then storms off. Wow this girl has guts. Jose, Zafrina and I can't stop giggling at Jasper's expense. However, you got to give the guy credit, he's trying so hard with her. He walks over to us, face covered in beans and sour cream, pants drenched in what I think might have been Jamaica.

"Uh...Miss. got something I can clean myself up with." She nods while still laughing and hands him a towel. He grabs it and begins to clean himself off. Jose gets up and pats him on the shoulder.

"It's a valiant effort white boy, keep it up." He chuckles and walks out of the room, shaking his head. I'm sipping on my margarita while Zafrina is gathering a bucket of cleaner and sliding it over to Jasper."

"I want that dining room spotless before I come back young man." She says and walks off. I continue to grin.

"Sheesh. Bella, what am I doing wrong with that girl? She isn't even giving me the time of day." I shake my head at him. He's still trying to dry himself off.

"So, how you doing after that know that happened...earlier today."

"I'm alright, Edward took good care of me, and it could've been much worse if you and Emmett hadn't arrived when you did. Thank you for that."

"Don't mention it. Edward and the rest of the Cullens have been family to me for a long time now. You're with Edward now, which means you're also mishpocheh." What did he just say?

"Huh?" He laughs.

"That's Yiddish for family." I grin at him.

"You know Yiddish?" He nods.

"My mama was Polish-American. My granddaddy grew up in Poland during World War II. He was actually in Auschwitz when he was a teenager." Oh my god. The look on my face says it all.

"Oh don't worry, luckily he survived and moved to America after the war. He met my grandma who was also Polish and a survivor, she was lucky. Unlike Ann Frank, she and her family were able stay in hiding till they were able to get safe passage to America. To this day, I have no idea how they did it but she and her family managed to flee from Europe a year before the war ended. She and my granddaddy met a few years after the war, moved to the south. They bought a ranch and had twins—my mama, Alina and my uncle Aaron."

"That's really touching." He smiles.

"That's what Alice says. She cried when I told her I'm the only one left from the family." I looked at him quizzically, he continues to clean himself off.

"My uncle Aaron died in Vietnam and my grandma died from the grief some years later. She couldn't stand the loss of her only son. He died a few months before the war ended." He shook his head.

"Years later my mama met my daddy, Gregory, and agreed to marry him and move to Ireland. But then my granddaddy was diagnosed with cancer, the same cancer that would take my mama later on, Leukemia. She didn't want to leave him alone so instead my daddy agreed to move to America, and that's where he stayed." Oh wow, no wonder Jasper is trying so hard with Carmen, he's a natural-born family man. He doesn't want her to go through the same thing he did growing up and be all alone. Granted she has Alice and the rest of us and Jasper has the Cullens, but you never know what may happen.

"My granddaddy was given a year to live after he was diagnosed but he managed to hold on for five years after that and died right after my fourth birthday. My mama died 9 years later." He whispers, throwing the towel into the sink. I grab his hand in sympathy letting him know, I've been there. He gives me a reluctant grin. "Few years later my daddy was deported back to Ireland and I was sent to the Cullens. They've been there for me ever since." I smile at him.

"Are you an active Jew?" I ask. He shakes his head.

"My mama said my granddaddy lost his faith after the war and my grandma followed him. They decided to live like regular Americans, or that's what my grandma said according to my mama. I don't know about my uncle Aaron but my mama became Catholic after meeting my daddy and was pretty faithful."

"That's good. I'm sorry you lost her though, I know how that feels." He shrugs.

"Death is a part of life. That's one of the very few things I remember about my granddaddy. He lost his entire family because of some fat fucker's insecurity with his religion, lost his only son to a war we should have never been involved in, lost his wife to the grief it caused and still managed to die with a smile on his face. A few weeks before he died he told me, 'Jasper, find a good woman, a strong woman and be happy with her. If she has anyone with her she can't leave or give up then make them happy too.' And that's what I'm going to do. Even if I die trying with that little girl." He shouts. I grin at him. With everything he's been through, his family has been through, it's a wonder that's he's able to smile. I still have no idea why his father is in prison, But with this alone he's proven, he's perfect for my cousin.

"So have you thought of anything new that could win over Carmen?" He stiffens.

"Uh, about that... do you mind telling me...what she said?" I give him a tight lipped smile and shake my head.

"I'm not going tell you what she said, it's not my place. But I am going to tell you this, help you out a little bit, she wants to be able to think for herself. Make her own decisions."

"That makes sense. You think she knows Yiddish? Maybe I could teach her." I think about that for a moment.

"I don't think she does, but she's a quick study. She learned how to speak full French in just day." Jasper eyes goes wide and takes a moment before we hear screaming from a tiny young woman making her way into the kitchen.

"Where is that little brat? I'm going to shove her down a rabbit hole then take away her internet." She looks over to Jasper.

"Oh, mi amor, did she do this to you." He nods in embarrassment.

"I'm so sorry, I promise you I will not let her get away with this. In fact I'm going to get her right now and make her apologize right this instant. This silent treatment she is giving us is ending right here and now!" Jasper grabs Alice's arm before she can get away.

"No, don't do that sweetheart. She's just upset, is all. After all, we just pushed this all on her without any type of warning. It's only natural she'd be upset and take it out on us. What twelve year old wouldn't? Why don't you let her cool off some and help me clean the dining room. Miss Zafrina said she wanted it spotless before she came back." Alice huffs.

"Okay, but I'm not letting her get away with this Jasper."

"I know, darlin'. I know." He hugs her side and pecks her lips before they make their way into the dining room, Jasper turns his head and winks at me before disappearing. I shake my head and put my plate away in the dishwasher, finding myself rooting for Jasper. If anyone can win Carmen over it would have to be him. I head outside and into the theatre area, it looks like it's going to rain and the farm hands are putting up water resent canvas around the patio so it doesn't affect any of the furniture. I still have my margarita with me and I figure right now would be a good time as any to watch a movie and relax while enjoying the cool weather. I pop in the Godfather, figuring some nice drama with a young Al Pacino and James Caan would help calm my nerves. That and they we're pretty hot back in their heyday. It's becoming pretty cloudy when Edward comes out and sits next to me with a fresh pitcher of margarita in his hand. This man just knows me. He pours me some more booze before wrapping his arm around my shoulders and relaxing into the love seat.

"The Godfather, eh." I nod.

"Perfect movie on learning how to kill gangsters." He chuckles.

"No, it isn't." I grin and lean against him. He kisses my ear and whispers something about the movie 'The Departed.' making me grin and kiss his cheek.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I love watching Al Pacino and James Caan when they were young and utterly handsome." Edward looks over to me.

"What's that supposed to me mean?" I smile and continue to watch the movie snuggling into Edward's side.

"How are doing, alainn?"

"I'm better, that bath really helped. Thank you." He kisses my hair and takes a sip of my margarita. We settle into each other and enjoy the movie, as time passes other people from the house come out and join us making it into a full out movie party. I found it comical when Rosalie kept trying to shield Brady's eyes whenever someone got killed or viewing the brief nude scene after Al Pacino's wedding. He put up quite a fight though, arguing he was missing the best parts and Emmett had already let him see all the movies one day while he was watching him. Apparently, that didn't go over so well with Rosalie and Emmett got hit in the back of the head and a pretty harsh scolding, Not only from Rosalie, but from Esme as well. Too bad for Emmett, gave the rest of us a pretty good chuckle though. Part way through the second movie, Zafriana surprised us with a filling dinner of Catfish tacos and homemade churros and sopapillas for desert. That made every one of us groan in satisfaction. Especially Edward and Esme. I couldn't stop shaking my head and smiling at the same time at their groaning. Short time later Jasper and Alice join us after some obvious fornication. You could tell by their sex hair and Alice's smudged make up. They're not very subtle. Finally, Carmen comes down and joins us, but completely ignores Alice and Jasper, muttering something in Japanese, I think, and sits next to Brady and Emmett. She really enjoys Brady's company which I think is really sweet since there's a six-year age difference. I guess she sees him as a little brother.

By the time the third movie began, the moon was out. The rain was drizzling and the air felt fantastic. Brady and Carmen had fallen asleep, the rest of us had grown a little tipsy, with the exception of Rosalie. All of us were yelling at the screen and making Al Pacino and Andy Garcia impersonations, having a blast. About twenty minutes before the movie ends, Emmett and Jasper carry the kids back into the house to lie down, their women following close behind. Esme had excused herself a few hours before hand and Zafrina and Jose left soon after that. Once again it was just me and Edward.

What had been such a horrible day turned into a wonderful evening and I felt completely at ease. I looked at the time and noticed it was almost midnight. Which meant it was almost Edward's birthday. I suddenly felt myself grow anxious and excited, knowing it was almost time for his gift. The movie had ended and the rain had stopped a few hours ago.

"Are you tired?" Edward asked as I was putting away the movie.

"Not really, are you." He shook his head.

"You wanna go for a walk on the beach?" He asks.

"Yeah." He grabs my hand, intertwining our fingers. We make our way out of the grass area and into the sand, slipping off our shoes. The sand is squishy but for some reason I like the way it feels against my skin. The moon is full, and the stars are bright, the wind is cool, and the breeze from the ocean feels amazing. Tonight almost feels perfect. We walk along the tide, feeling the water hit our feet, even though it's dark the moon is providing plenty of light and I'm able to see Edward perfectly, he seems kind of nervous. I have yet to ask him about what happened before he called me at the hotel this morning, I know he would tell me eventually but right now I didn't want to worry about it, I just wanted to focus on us. After a little walking we decide to sit not too far from the ocean break and just gaze at the water. Edward is playing with my hands, kissing and caressing them, making me giggle. I like how accustomed we've become with each other in just a short amount of time. We've known each other just under a month and somehow it feels like years. I'm anxious for it to be decades of knowing each other. Hell, eons of knowing each other.

"So what did you get me for my birthday?" He asks. I grab his hand and look at his watch. It's 11:55pm. I smirk at him.

"I don't think so gringo, it's not your birthday yet." He grins at me before getting up and stepping into the water, only getting his feet wet.

"What's going through your mind right now?" He asks me. I shrug.

"Nothing really. Just thinking about tomorrow, about dancing with you at the ball." He nods and reaches for me, I comply and grab his hand pulling myself up with him.

"Wanna get a head start?" I raise my eyebrow at him, he grins and walks me over to the water. The waves are small and gentle but feel warm and welcoming against my feet. "Dance with me." He says and positions me against his body. I stare up at him.

"There's no music." I say.

"Sure there is, don't you hear it?" I stare at him confused. He grins.

"Listen." he says as we begin to sway. The only sounds I hear are the waves from the ocean, and the night air. It's so peaceful and quiet.

"You hear that?" He says again. "The ocean is singing for us." I smile and look up to him, so that's the music he's referring to.

"What's it saying?" I ask.

"It's saying I'm the luckiest man alive. I'm dancing with the most beautiful woman that has ever existed and I'd be the dumbest asshole alive if I ever let you go." I smile at him and lay my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. We continue to dance for a while longer, listening to the waves from the ocean. After a while it does begin to sound like music, mellow and peaceful. Right now everything seems perfect, the past 16 hours have been completely forgotten and once again it's just Edward and me. He begins to kiss my shoulder and holds me tighter against him. I revel in his touch and run my fingers though his hair.

"I love you." He whispers in my ear, I smile.

"I love you too." We stop dancing to my dismay and Edward somewhat stiffens.

"Enough to marry me?" Now I stiffen.

"What?" Before I realize what's happening Edward has gone on one knee and has taken a velvet box from his pocket.

"Isabella del Cisne, you deserve a hell of a lot better than some half-assed proposal and God knows you deserve a hell of a lot better than me or to be forced to be married by some damn contractual clause. But for some reason you love me and I'm going to do everything in my power to keep you happy and safe. I want this engagement to be real." I feel tears welling up in my eyes. He opens up the velvet box to reveal a beautiful ring with a silver band that has vines intertwined like a rose bush. The vines bloom at the top to reveal rose pedals and a beautiful black diamond right in the middle. The ring was exquisite, somehow this man had managed to get me a ring with a black rose and I am overwhelmed with jubilation.

"Will you marry me, Bella?" he asks. A moment later the water breaks against us—as if it's urging us to be together. I'm so overwhelmed with joy that I can't seem to form words so I nod my head and kneel down with him instead. I take his face in my hands and kiss him. I kiss him gently and chastely.

I kiss him lovingly and happily.

I kiss him passionately...

I am ready.

"Yes..." I finally manage to whisper. "Yes...I'll marry you." He takes me into his arms and kisses me again, the velvet box still in his hand. I laugh as he kisses my face, my neck, and my shoulders. "You know...I would like to wear my would really suck if you lost it right after proposing to me." Edward stiffens.

"Shit!" Edward pulls away and looks into the velvet box, the ring is still thankfully intact. A look of relief floods his face. "Thank god." He says exasperated before motioning for my hand. I bring up my left hand and he slides the ring on my third finger. "It looks good on you, alainn." I find myself smiling so wide and hard that my cheeks are hurting from the joy he has just shown me.

"It's perfect Edward. Thank you so much!" He smiles and kisses me again, we continue like that for a little while, just kissing and holding each other in the ocean water. Eventually I grab his wrist and look at his watch, it's after 12:30am. "Happy Birthday gringo." He grins at me.

"So what did you get me for my birthday?" I give him a crooked grin.

"Come on gringo. It's in our room." I stand up, grab his hand and head back to the estate. Minutes later, we're back in the house and making our way to our room, we pass Alice's room only to hear moans and grunts coming from it. I gotta talk to them about being more subtle about their relationship. Especially in front of Carmen. Even though I now know Jaspers intentions are admirable, those two are getting just way too out of hand. We make it to our room and I open the door to reveal the dim glow of candles which were spread throughout the entire room. Soft music is playing in the background and the cool air is coming in from the balcony door.

"Bella, what is all of this?" I smirk at him and walk further into the room.

"This is part of your present gringo." I stand in front him and give him a small but nervous smile. I'm wearing a simple summer dress that zips in the back, our feet are still bare from the beach. I lift my arms up and unzip my dress letting it drop to the floor, leaving my body on display for him. The only thing that is covering me is my black lace thong that I bought for the occasion. Edward seems a little dumbfounded by my display. His eyes are wide and his jaw is hanging open. I don't really think he was expecting this. I walk over to him, place my left hand in his and kiss his lips.

"Happy Birthday, Edward."

Billy POV

She loves him.

She loves HIM!


It isn't supposed to be happening this way!

That little bitch is supposed to be mine and only mine!

I finally got my chance… I was able to touch her, smell her… feel her.

She smelled like a fresh roses in bloom—tasted like the sweetest honey from a nectar tree. She was perfect. I offered her the world and instead of accepting it—of accepting our love—she chooses that


I am fucking livid.

Isabella belongs to ME and no one else! I had to make her see it…

I… just…

I need to make her see that she belongs with me—no one else.




Tomorrow night is the ball, which means I have just over 14 hours to convince her she is mine. If she refuses...well, I'll have a little surprise for her and everyone else who will be attending that ball if she doesn't leave with me.

I grin at myself.

I feel a warm body come up behind me. Long fingered hands rub up against shoulder blades.

"What's the matter, tesoro? del Cisne got you down again?" I grab her hands and yank her forward in front of me. Leah always knows what to say to infuriate me and right now was not the time. I stand up in front of her and back hand her. That lets her know I'm not in the fucking mood.

"I told you I wanted to be left the fuck alone." I yell at her. She knows better than to fucking disturb me in mine and Isabella's room. Especially when I'm upset or frustrated or just plain fucking pissed off! She stays there for a moment, her head still the side I know my hand is going to leave a mark, and with good reason. Little whore should've known better than to interrupt my thoughts.

I grab her chin and look into her startled eyes. I never could get her to be afraid of me, hot and bothered of course, but never afraid. Maybe that's why I keep her around.

"I told you I want to be left alone!" I rub my hand along her cheek rather forcefully making her skin turn redder than it already is. She has beautiful brown eyes, flowing black hair and beautiful brown skin. She somewhat resembles my Isabella, but she'll never be her. She's a good little associate, though. Willing to do just about anything I wanted—no questions asked.

"I'm sorry, tesoro. I thought you could use some release. Help you relax a little, is all." I smirk at her and reach for my belt to unfasten it, bitch knows what I like.

"Well then, get on your knees and give me some release then." She grins at me as does as I say. While she's giving me my much needed pleasure I think of my Isabella…

How very soon she will be doing this instead. Everyday.

For the rest of our lives.

Whether she likes it or not!

puta: bitch, whore

Me entiendes?: you understand me

Nunca!: never

Tesoro: Treasure, endearment for lover

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