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Well here it is, the Epilogue and the completion of this long story. I have to say I really enjoyed writing it and have really appreciated all of you who have taken the time to read it and stick around for as long as it's taking me to write this story. A lot of life happened with in the that time, I got married, several tragedies hit my family, I got a couple dogs, it's been both great and crappy. Plus it was nice having this to come back to, gave me an outlet when I needed it.

Now some of you have been wanting to know if there's going to be a sequel, or publishing for that matter. Sadly I have no intention to write a sequel for this story. With in the last several months my love for the fandom has dwindled and I no longer plan on writing fanfiction. Instead I plan to write original fiction and hopefully one day publish. I Know it's going to take a lot of work and effort on my part, but one thing I've learned from this story in the last four years is that I can do this, I just need to sit down and do it. At some point I do plan and re-writing several chapters of this story, mostly the chapters I'm unhappy with or have in accurate info, (i didn't know about the doctor scene till after I published, okay!)

I do have hopes of writing a spin off series of Carmen and Lee in the future. Through out all this writing Carmen was the one who spoke to me the most and I feel I owe it to her to give her, her own story. I have no idea when that'll be though because I have other stories floating around in my head, but rest assured I will be coming back to her. As for this story seeing publication though, it more than likely isn't going to happen. This story was written for the Twilight fandom and I would like to keep here, where it belongs among other Twilight fanfiction stories.

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Ten years later.

Del Cisne Estate, Cancun Mexico.


"Shit, I can't do this man, I can't! I mean how the hell do they expect me to do this, this is all to fucking much!" Jasper says while pacing the room back and forth. I want to laugh my ass off at his little tirade, but I know it isn't a good idea. I mean it's not everyday you give away your oldest daughter to another man.

Today is Carmen's wedding day, and none of us still can't fucking believe it. I swear it was only yesterday I was talking to this girl in that big ass kitchen on the estate, watching her fill her plate with her favorite raspberry short bread cookies. Now she has a doctorate in something none of us can pronounce, well except for Bella, is currently working on another one and is also getting married. It's fucking uncanny.

It's pretty uncanny how the past 10 years have gone actually. While Jasper is ranting about how this all sucks, I can't help but think back to these last ten years.

Alice and Jasper got married a few months after everything ended with the Cartel, Hector gave her away and Bella I were witnesses to there union. During the reception, Alice had told Jasper she was pregnant. Alice found out about a week before the wedding and wanted to surprise Jasper and Carmen. We all cheered and before we could all go and congratulate them, Jasper dragged Alice away to celebrate. They were only at the reception for an hour before she made the announcement, but we were all okay with it and had a good time in their honor. She gave birth to another girl named Alina, after Jaspers mom. Few years later she finally had a boy they named Hector and about a year ago they had another boy they named Oscar.

They weren't the only ones to have a litter, Emmett and Rosalie had a couple more kids of their own. A girl named Sarah born soon after everything ended in Mexico, and another girl 3 years later named Emily. Emmett has been trying to convince Rosalie for one more, to see if they can get another boy, but Rosalie says she's done, however I don't really believe her and neither does anyone else.

We all went to the 2012 Olympics in London as promised. We saw Mexico win the Gold in Soccer, which I swear to god, Carmen celebrated till the next summer Olympics. She was even more ecstatic when we took a picture with the team and treated them to celebration party a few days later. That girl pretty much worshipped Jaspers feet for the next four years as a result. Well actually I was the one that made it all happen, I just gave Jasper the credit, I'm a good guy that way. After the Olympics, Bella and I decided to take a side trip to Ireland for our very long awaited and over due Honeymoon.

We saw the sights, toured the ancient castles and on our last night there, Bella told me she was pregnant with our first child. I swear it was the most stunning moment of my life, well that is until roughly 8 months later when she gave birth to our first born son, Roman, Named after her brother. We didn't stop there, a year and half later she gave birth to Fraternal twins, Molly and Michael. Then roughly 11 months later we had another boy, Peter, which I think makes them Irish triplets, not really sure how that works, but I digress.

After that we both said we were done, but someone out there said we weren't and currently were waiting on baby number five, another girl whom we decided to name Lilah. It was funny when we chose these names, because every time we did, Charlie would always lay into us, because he thought the names were to white, however all it did was make us laugh.

Not too long after Roman was born, Charlie decided to be closer to our family, and made the move to Chicago. At first he didn't care for it to much, said he wasn't very fond of the cold winters and was going to move back to Arizona, until he met Sue. Sue is a widow who lost her husband in Afghanistan, soon after 9/11. He met her at a Cubs/Diamond Back game, ironically they were both sitting next to each, rooting for their respective teams. During that time they hit it off and ever since then have been inseparable. That was 7 years ago, they married two years after that, and it's been a fairy tail ever since, Or so Bella tells me. I really don't pay attention to that shit.

She has two sons, Embry and Quil, that are both currently in College. When we met them, Emmett and I couldn't help lay into their names, which was a mistake because they got us back 10 times harder, I swear to god Emmett went into the other room to cry. Seems as though it's something their used to though and are not afraid hurt you because of it.

My Ma and Da have been good, they both like that the family has grown so much between the three of us boys. It may not be official, but Ma and Da have made themselves Jaspers adoptive parents. After Gregory betrayed Jasper and the rest of us in the worst way possible, there was no way that Jasper was ever going to forgive him. Even after all the letters and phones calls Gregory has attempted over the years, Jasper has yet to answer a single one, and we all know he isn't. The day he goes to visit his father again, is when he's dead and has to deal with the remains. None of us try to tell him different, because we all know we would do the exact same thing in his position.

Da finally retired around five years ago and gave the reins over to Emmett, with me being his underboss/counselor, I guess you can call it a promotion. Jasper is still the enforcer which he is completely content with. He'd much rather get his hands dirty then having to deal with all the other crap Emmett and I do. Can't say I blame the bastard.

Both of my parents have really embraced being retired and being a Nana and Tata to multiple grandkids. Yes I know, we're Irish and Nana and Tata aren't Irish terms, but Alina's first word was Tata and it was toward Hector, so when Da heard it he actually took a liking to it and my Ma didn't want to be left out, so from that point on they were known as Nana and Tata. It made both Bella and Alice excited to see some of their culture wear off on the rest of us.

"Ed!" Jaspers yells, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Goddammit man! Haven't you been listening. I can't do it! I can't give Carmen, away, she's my Daisy, I can't give my daisy away to some guy that will never be good enough for her!"

That right there makes me laugh, because we both know Lee is more than good enough for Carmen. Apparently they met back in Forks when we were hiding out. They met on her birthday and have kept touch over the years. They started dating officially five years ago when Carmen left for College, of course it was to finish her doctorate in what ever the fuck at Caltech, while Lee went on an athletic scholarship to UCLA.

From what I've heard they've been inseparable since meeting up in California and a year ago when Lee graduated, he also asked Jasper for Carmen's hand. Jasper at first said no, stating that no one on this earth would ever be good enough for his Daisy and that he should just move on and let him find someone suitable for her instead. Lee then huffed in disappointment, before turning around and asked Alice instead, right in front of him, I might add. She of course said yes, and smacked Jasper upside the head, stating that Carmen was a big girl and could be with anyone of her choosing. Jasper tried arguing, but obviously it didn't work seeing as how Carmen is now waiting on Jasper to get a hold of himself so he can walk her down the aisle. I thought it was normally the other way around when it came to this shit, but I digress.

There's a knock on the door in comes my twin. "Hey, Mom and Tia want to know what's taking so long. Carmen's been ready for like a really long time now, and people are getting pissed." Roman tells us. I glare at him, he knows better than to use that language, he's 7 for gods sake. He chuckles before taking off, knowing that I'll get him later.

I look over at Jasper, his anxiety hasn't gotten much better. I take a moment before realizing that anything I say isn't really going to have much of an impact on him, because I also have a little girl, plus one on the way, and I know I'm going to do the exact same thing he's doing right now. So instead I tell him to wait a moment while I go get his wife to help in this matter. She of course rolls her eyes, but goes to talk to him.

While she's talking to him, I find my wife, gloriously 6 months pregnant and is eating wedding cake. I walk over to her, rub her round belly and kiss her cheek.

"I thought the wedding cake was supposed to be for later, alainn. And that the Bride and Groom were supposed to have the first slice."

She smiles while taking another bite, before offering me a bite as well. I open my mouth and savor the mouth watering sweet taste, it's chocolate with a dulce de leche filling. Goddamn do I love being married into a Mexican family.

"Well when Carmen and Alice told me what kind of cake they were having, I made sure they made me a personal one for before the wedding, otherwise there would be no cake to have later on." She smirks at me. I chuckle, knowing that my wife is one smart cookie. She finishes her cake just as Alice comes in, stating that Jasper is finally ready and we can get this show on the road.

Around ten minutes later, we're all gathered in the back yard of the Estate my wife and eldest son are Heir to. We all stand as the standard wedding march is played, and down comes Jasper holding onto the arm of his eldest daughter. I have to tell you, these past ten years have been good to that girl. She grew up to be one hell of knock out, which I think gave Jasper grey hairs. I laugh, knowing he's going to get more from the rest of his kids, but then remain quiet, realizing I'm going to have the same grief in years to come.

Once the ceremony is over everyone gathers for the reception, but before I can settle, Bella has grabbed my hand and is dragging me away from the party. I have no idea why, but I'm hoping it's because she's horny. I swear to god every time she gets pregnant, she can't seem to get my pants off fast enough, and who am I to protest.

She drags me to the private beach near the estate and takes off her shoes and has me do the same thing before pulling me into the Ocean. The waves are calm and the sky is filled with stars along with a bright full moon.

"Do you remember what we did here, over 10 years ago?" she asks. I smile knowing full well what's she's talking about. This is the spot where I unofficially proposed to her, and later married her, before claiming her body along with her heart. "Of course I do." I tell her. She smiles before coming closer to me, wrapping her arms around me as best she can.

"I wanted to do this sooner, but never got the chance. Now that we have a moment, there's something I need to ask you."

I give her a curious look. "And what's that?" I ask her.

She reaches into her bra and brings out a silver ring, wait I've seen that ring.

"Is that your purity ring?"

She nods. "Billy somehow managed to get it before... well you know." she tells me, she knows I don't like talking about that fucker, if he weren't dead, I would kill him all over again. "Anyway, the day you came to rescue me, he gave it back to me. For what I have no idea, and for a long time I felt that it was tainted, but I could never bring myself to get rid of it. Now 10 years have passed, and you've given me four beautiful children, plus one on the way... I realize I'm not able to let this ring go, and that's because of you."

I look at her stunned, as she continues.

"You took it off me at my most vulnerable moment, a moment I only wanted my husband to have. You cherished that moment for me, made it the best night of my life. And not only that, you've given me a great life, along with a wonderful family, and I couldn't be prouder to be your wife."

I can see a tear slide down her cheek, I want to wipe it away, but she stops me, letting me know she's not done yet. "I want you to be the one, to carry this ring from now on, and to give it to Molly when she becomes of age."

I look at her stunned, she can't be serious. "Bella, you can't expect me to do that, I mean she's a little girl..." she grins at me.

"I know, and I'm not telling you to give it to her now, but someday, when's she older and wiser, I want you to give her this ring, and tell her what this ring has meant to me, my entire life. Of course leave out sorted details, know what I mean."

I chuckle, and take a deep breath. "Are you sure alainn, you're mother gave you this ring, I know what it means to you." she takes another deep breath, before nodding.

"I'm sure. I may be the mother of our children, but I feel that our daughters deserve to have this ring come from the man who understood what this ring meant to their mother. Having them hear that story from their father, would just mean that much more to them, and hopefully help them choose the right partner. Just like I did."

I smile and nod, accepting everything she just said and take the ring from her hand. I put it on my pinky finger for now, intent on putting it somewhere safe once we get back home. She leans into kiss me, pouring all of her love and devotion into the kiss. She kisses me this way often, ever since we first found out our marriage was arranged. I think back to that arrangement and decide it was the best decision that was ever made on our behalf.

We stay there for a while longer, the waves urging us once again, to dance to their rhythm.

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