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The Good Boy

Ukraine Urgencies, part 2

Another hour went by at snail's pace. Then, finally, the door opened. First one inside was the poor soldier who had freed Slade, and he already had a gun pointed at me, even before he unlocked the cell.

"Oh, really now, can't we just be friends?" I asked him in Russian. "Unless my Master killed more of your people? Please tell me he didn't?"

"I behaved perfectly." Slade's dry voice came from the door. He still had his cuffs on. "I even asked the good General here for some food and water for you."

"That's nice, but what I really need right now is a bathroom break." As General Antakov had entered the room behind Slade I turned to him. "Could someone please release me so I can use the toilet?" I was very, very polite. You tend to get that way when your bladder is about to burst and you know that screaming and threatening –which is what you want to do− won't work.

"I don't think so. Let your Master help you, I'm sure he wouldn't mind," the man drawled. "We'll talk more tomorrow morning, Deathstroke. Goodnight."

After the cell had been locked up once more, they all left. Slade just stood looking at me where I sat, like he was waiting for something.

"What?!" I finally snapped, cracking under the gaze.

"Well, did you need help?"

"… yes." Most of my blood was in my face, at least that's what it felt like.

"Well, then, get up."

That was easier said than done, as my feet were still tied, but I eventually made it and started half hopping, half shuffling towards the toilet. Slade's ankles hadn't been tied though, so he was free to swagger along beside me. Or maybe he just walked. Hard to be fair in my state of mind.

It was a good thing that our hands were shackled behind our backs, though, because that meant that Slade had to turn around to be able to help me. Of course he still had to get a hand inside my underwear…

"Um… down a little," I tried to guide him, feeling like my face was about to explode. It only got worse when his fingers closed around my penis and pulled it out.

"Is that good?" he asked.

"No! What the hell? It doesn't feel-"

"The aim, Robin. I don't think neither of us wants it on the floor."

"Oh. Oh, um, a… a bit up?"



There was a moment of silence.

"Well?" Slade then asked.

"Shut up, I'm trying!"

"I thought you were about to burst. Was this just a rouse to get me to touch you?"

"Master, please?" I begged, almost sobbing now. My bladder felt like there was an angry, growing hedgehog inside it, and still I just couldn't-

"Take deep breaths. Close your eyes. Forget I'm here."

I did as I was told, simply because it was now clear that he was trying to help, not mock me. The sigh of relief I let out a few moments later could probably be heard to the surrounding buildings.

To his credit, Slade didn't say a word as it was going on. Once I let him know that I was done he shook me off, which felt strange and a bit… well. Let's just go with strange. That someone else was touching my dick was surreal enough.

After he tucked me back in he turned around.

"I need you to return the favor," he let me know.

"What? No?" I groaned. "You can go without sleep for days, can't you just… hold it?"

"My bladder might heal if it bursts," he said flatly, "but that's not something I'd like to experience. Do I really have to beg a hero for help?"

"You're forgetting that I'm not a hero anymore, sir," I said smugly, even though it stung.

"Touché. But you are my apprentice, meaning I can just order you."

"Right. Well, I'll help. Of course. It's just… weird."

He chuckled a bit as he took a stand in front of the bowl. "I know. Let's get out of here as quickly as we can, shall we?"

"Yes, Sir," I grinned as I turned around. "Um… I think you're going to need to bend your knees a little."

I swore I almost lost it by bursting out in a hysterical giggle when I went 'sausage fishing' in Slade's boxer briefs. Slade. My childhood nemesis. I was holding his cock. His thick, soft… yeah, I almost lost it.

"If you would loosen your grip just a bit…?" I was asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Oh, sorry."

"If I hadn't needed to piss so badly, I'd told you to keep it up," I was told as I heard the urine hit the bowl. I don't know if I imagined it, but it was like I felt it go through the shaft as well, like it was swelling.

Oh shit. Swelling?

Thankfully it was probably only in my head, because once the man was done and I've done my best so he wouldn't drip all over the inside of his underwear, I tucked him back in with no problem. Phew.

"Okay, now when we've gotten to know each other..." my very funny Master said, "let's talk about our future."

"Yeah, is it long or did you get us an execution time at dawn?" I asked as I maneuvered around to be able to step on the pedal which flushed the thing. The sound reminded me of how dry my throat was. The smell of the blue liquid which rinsed the bowl wasn't that appetizing, though.

"Not as of yet, but it's not looking that good either. The General is an old friend-"

"You need a dictionary."

"I'm using the term sarcastically. We've been both on the same side and enemies on several occasions. He's finally decided to find out why I'm still alive."

"You mean… your powers?"

"Yes. I've been asked to be part of a Russian super soldier project."

"And you declined?"

"No, because that would not have lead to good things for you. There was talk of chopping things off."

"Oh. Thanks. So… you're going to do it?"



"Russia can not get super soldiers at a time like this, I hope you understand that?"

"Yeah," I mumbled solemnly. "I do… so… tomorrow you'll tell him no, then?" My heart had started beating a little faster than usual.

"I thought I'd play along for a while, until we can get out of here," Slade said, shaking his head. "But I doubt that we'll have long. I will have to agree to some tests tomorrow, and although I don't think that they will be able to reconstruct the serum from just my blood… it would be better if they didn't get it at all."

My head suddenly shot up and I looked around, studying the corners in the ceiling, the upper walls round us-

"No, we're not being watched, I wouldn't have said what I did if we were."

"But- how do you know?"

"This cell wasn't meant to hold people; it is meant to hold weapons and ammo. They didn't bother with security inside a storage room, but the door is most likely guarded around the clock, especially now."

I nodded. I didn't know why I hadn't noticed it before, but yeah, a cell would at least have proper plumbing and this didn't. The bars still look strong, though, but maybe they really weren't?

I glanced over at Slade who seemed to be deep in thought, frowning.

"I think we should get out of here now," he said after a moment.

"Great, I'll follow your lead then, as always, Master," I replied, somewhat sarcastically.

"On the ground."

"But I was only jok-"

"On the ground so I can loosen the ropes, Apprentice," Slade interrupted me.

"Oh. Okay. Sorry," I said and sat down, having been afraid that I had pushed the wrong buttons again. Sometimes the wrong buttons were the right ones, though. It all depended on his mood, and it wasn't always easy to tell. A smarter apprentice might just keep his mouth shut, at least that's what I told myself at times.

Soon Slade was sitting too, in front of me, using his hands on the ropes around my ankles.

"Why didn't we do this from the start?" I asked as it seemed to go faster than doing it with our teeth.

"It only works on one at the time," the man said shortly, as he was concentrating. Even Slade had to focus a bit as he couldn't see what he was doing, and even though I felt the ropes loosening, they didn't come off. "There, do you think you could pull free at a moments notice now?" he asked.

"Yeah, but why don't I just do it now?"

"Because we don't want to alert the guards too much. If they think you are tied up, they won't see you as a threat," he turned around and gave me a grin. "There's nothing like being underestimated."

I grinned back, because I knew exactly what he meant. With my age and slim build I had been underestimated by my enemies for years.

"Well, you learned that lesson about me too, didn't you?" I teased him.

"I have been wrong about you, boy," Slade admitted, "but I have never underestimated you. Now, I gather you're very good at picking handcuffs?"

"The best. But I kinda need a tool."

"Would a paperclip do?"

"As you very well know, it would be perfect, but we don't have a- why are you digging through the back of your underwear?"

"Because I stole one and hid it- ah, here it is."

"That's gross!"

"It wasn't inside me, Robin."

"Oh, god, I just thought it was gross that it was in your butt crack!"

"Sometimes I think I should have let you grow up a bit more first…" my 'master' complained and held the clip out to me. "Take it, Get to work. Just undo one, that's enough.

I couldn't help but make a face as I shuffled around and took the warm metal thing from the man. I quickly bent one end into a working shape and got to work. It only took a moment before a satisfying click was heard.

"Good boy."

Slade freed one of my hands just as quickly and then went over to the door in the bars and picked that lock too.

"Well… what are we waiting for?" I asked, antsy to get away.

"A weapon."

"And that will just walk through the door?"

"Yes, literally. Well. It will be carried in by the guard, or guards, who are going to bring you something to drink soon. Besides, you can't open the door from the inside without a key. It looks impossible to break through unless you want to make a lot of noise. Which we don't."

I agreed with a short nod. "You sure they will really bring some water though?"

"Yes. Not quite yet, though. The dear general enjoys having people squirm."

"Sooo… we'll rush him? I'm pretty sure we'll have a gun aimed at us, and asked to move towards the wall or something."

"We'll pretend not to notice when the guard or guards walks in."

"Brilliant! We'll just what? Stare at the walls? Play charades?" Sarcasms was, again, rather prominent in my voice, but who could blame me? Pretending not to notice was just stupid!

"We'll… act busy."

"You are making no sense at all."

Then he told me his plan. I wasn't that happy with it, but agreed, because it just might work.

As Slade claimed that he could hear when people were coming down the hall outside, I was ordered to stand around and be quiet. It was a bit of a flash back from the early days at the Batcave, actually. That thought pulled me into memories of what I was considering my 'past life', something I usually tried very hard to push away. I liked to pretend that I was on another planet or in another universe, but the truth was that Bruce and the others were out there. Half way across the world, yes, but they were there, most likely worrying about me too. I hadn't seen any Titan news since we had come to Europe –the news stations here didn't care about local American heroes, after all, unless something really big happened– and I wondered how they were doing. I knew better than to ask Slade, though.

I think just knowing that they were okay would have helped… or maybe it would have made it all worse.

I was literally yanked out of my thoughts by Slade, who pushed me against the cell door.

"Hands on your back!" he ordered before his lips crashed against mine.

Yup. This was the great 'distraction' the mastermind had come up with; hoping that the men coming in through the door at this moment would be so busy gaping at us that they wouldn't notice that our cuffs weren't really on. I heard a short laugh and some jeers, so it might have worked, but my attention was very much focused on what Slade was doing. Only because he'd give the signal of course. Not because it felt good. Although he didn't really 'fake-kiss' me, and… well.

Cold water hitting the back of my head stopped me half-moan, and Slade apparently decided that this was his cue to move. Unfortunately the cold and the fact that my ankles still had rope around them, meant that I was a bit unprepared and fell on my ass as he exploded through the cell door towards the guards.

My assistance, however, wasn't needed. By the time I was free and up, the guards no longer had working necks. I tried not to look, because I had come to realize that broken bones and stuff being the wrong angle actually was more disturbing to me than gashing wounds.

Both men had been armed and Slade handed me a semi automatic pistol, while he took a small sub machine gun.

"I expect you to use it if you need to," he said grimly. "And I don't think we'll get out of here without killing a few more Russians."

I just nodded, making no promises.

"How about our own weapons?" I asked. "And clothes? Not that we're not dashing witho-" I was gesturing to Slade when I stopped and stared at his crotch, which definitely was fuller than normal.

"Don't blame me," the man said and adjusted himself when he noticed my stare. "You're too good of a kisser."

"Oh, thank god, I thought you got turned on by killing these guys," I tried to joke, feeling the blush rise on my cheeks.

"If you're not busy, maybe we should leave?" the man snorted and carefully opened the door.

Night had fallen, which meant fewer people in the corridors, and we managed to get to the room with our gear without any problems. It seemed our things were being analyzed, because the contents in our belts had been carefully spread out on two tables. Getting dressed and reassembling our stuff only took a few minutes, though. Like firefighters we didn't dawdle.

"Will the rest of it be this easy?" I couldn't help but whisper.

"Maybe, if we just left."

"We are just leaving? Aren't we? Please tell me we are?" I begged.

"No. The general annoyed me. I'm going to get back at him."

"You're being very unprofessional, Master," I groaned.

He gave me a look and then smirked. "I know." He put on his mask and nodded at the door.

We left through a window at the back of the building, our escape nicely hidden by some overgrown bushes. The whole compound was fenced in, but there were no towers as it was a small base which was supposed to be hidden in the surrounding forest. Because of this it wasn't very lit up either, which was perfect for us. All I wanted to do was leave, but Slade was eyeing a building at the back of the enclosure.

"I'm pretty sure that is the armory, I want to destroy that before we go."

"Shall I step over there and do that, then?" I snorted.

"Control that sarcasm. Have you spotted our way out yet?"

"Is this a test?"

"Everything is a test, Robin."

"Right." I looked around. The tall fence had rows of barbed wired at the top and seemed to be electrified as well. Nice. The only road out was guarded, and there wasn't a vehicle in sight except for- "Oh, no, not the chopper?"

"Of course the chopper. They only have one, so they can't chase us, and if they have any sense it should be filled up and ready to go."

"… if."


"It's right there in the open! What if we get there and it won't start? Can you even fly a helicopter?"

"… 'can I fly a helicopter'?" Slade snorted, so apparently it was a stupid question. I sure as hell couldn't though. It was nothing like piloting a plane, that much I knew. "I need you to come up with a distraction on the other side of this building. As loud as you can make it. Preferably on timer."

"Why can't I just get a written exam for once?" I sighed and checked what kind of explosives I had in my belt.

"You could get an oral one, but I don't think you'd like it," came the reply, followed by a chuckle.

I huffed and blushed. I always, always blushed when he said something like that and I hated myself for it. I even blushed when I teased him, for god's sake! This was just something Batman had not prepared me for.

I knew what I was looking for when I took off, and found it soon enough: the kitchen. There were no lines or pipes leading to the secret base, of course, meaning that they got their power from a generator. I was hoping, however, that they used gas stoves, and I was lucky. Two gas containers were locked inside a small lean-to kind of structure which looked pretty temporary. This whole base had most likely been built quite quickly, though, so I wasn't surprised. Picking the lock was a breeze and then I set two of my time bombs near the valves, the weakest parts of the bottles. That should do the trick. Hopefully no one felt like making themselves a night sandwich, because this part of the structure would most likely be pretty ruined.

Still, as I quietly ran back I didn't feel guilty. They had taken us prisoner, so they only had themselves to blame, right?

I came back to a bit of a surprise, though; Slade surrounded and a god damn grenade launcher aimed at his head. They had made him take his mask off. Like that would somehow save him.

I crouched in the shadows, assessing the situation.

"Where's that boy of yours?" It was General Antakov speaking. It seemed that I had arrived just after they had discovered him, and things were tense as hell. In three minutes, when the end of the building blew up I had a feeling things would get worse.

"Ah, so the 'hands up or I'll blow his brains out' was a lie, then?" my master grunted. I had to grin. He had fallen for that one? Aw, that was sweet.

"He'll be headless soon enough if you cause any trouble," the general growled.

"Aw, darn. And here I was planning to."

"I wonder how long you can fight without a head?" The Russian looked much too confident.

"Long enough, I'm sure," Slade looked confident too, but there was nothing new with that

"It was lucky that I felt we could have a little talk before bed," Antakov said lightly.

"You mean you wanted to fuck my apprentice," Slade spat. "I noticed the way you looked at him."

I hadn't noticed a single thing and was suddenly very grateful that we got out as quickly as we did. Well, not that we were out yet…

"Perks of the office. For interrogation purposes, of course. Very effective."



I had heard enough and now I had decided what to do. The base didn't seem overly populated, but most of its attention was on Slade and the general, and then there were people with flashlights who appeared to be looking for me. It was only a matter of time before I was forced out into the open, so I threw myself out there instead. With one hand full of a mix of smoke pellets and stunners –knock out gas wouldn't work as it was windy– and the other full of bird-a-rangs, I attacked.

The first bird-a-rang I threw buried itself in the wrist of the man holding the grenade launcher. I might have thrown it a bit hard as it almost sliced his hand completely off. Ouch. Next I targeted men with drawn weapons, while Slade took care of the people closest to him first with his fists, then drew his guns.

There was one good thing about military men and that was that they tended to wait for orders too long before acting on their own accord. Slade, of course, wasn't waiting for anyone.

One of the general's men had pulled him away when the trouble started, however, so he had as yet not been on the receiving end of any of us. I saw him reach for his gun and drew my bo-staff, slamming it into his hand before he had had the opportunity to take the safety off.

His 'body guard' had rushed forward, though, and –as there was no space to aim and fire, slammed the butt of his rifle into my left shoulder. I gasped as it hit my collar bone and the pain surged down my arm and up my neck. He had raised the weapon again, and this time it would hit my head if I didn't act quickly. I had dropped the staff when my fingers turned useless from the pain, but I still had the gun Slade had given me. I drew it, hoping he would see it and back away. He didn't. I had no choice but to fire.

The bullet hit him in the gut, just above the belt. Behind him the general had dived for his own gun, raising it. I had a bullet for him too. My MP-443 Grach held seventeen rounds and had been fully loaded. And people kept coming at me, kept raising their weapons, kept making it about 'them or me'. I always chose 'me'.

It was hot. Very hot. And bright. This was weird, because it was in the middle of the night and- I then noticed that the building we had escaped from now was on fire. Only then did I remember the gas bottles. Somehow, with everything that had happened, I had not even noticed the explosion.

Our opponents were thinning out and seemed more eager to get to safety themselves than fighting us anymore.

"Apprentice! To me!" I moved in Slade's direction as quickly as I could. He was holding the sub machine gun in one hand and the grenade launcher in the other. Streaks of grime, sweat and blood covered his face, and I probably didn't look much better myself.

"Get in," he said, indicating the helicopter behind him with his head. I nodded, and following Slade's instructions I managed to start the machine up, gritting my teeth against the pain in my shoulder.

After a last round of bullets Slade jumped in and suddenly we were soaring through the sky. I could barely hold on with my one usable arm as the chopper veered in the air and Slade aimed the grenade launcher at the roof of the supposed armory. The weapon held three grenades and all of them went through the thin sheet metal roof before exploding. Judging by the fireball rising towards the sky as we took off, the building held the gasoline reserve as well.

I gasped as we unexpectedly changed course and my shoulder bumped into the edge of Slade's seat.

He immediately turned to me.

"You're hurt! Were you shot?"

"No… collarbone," I gritted out.

"Good, not bleeding to death, then. Hold on, I'll get us to civilization."

"Thanks," I mumbled. I was tired. So tired.

Suddenly something beeped, a very low signal, designed not to carry far. I knew the sound, even though I almost never heard it; Slade's phone.

He fished it out of his belt and answered. I was listening, as it rarely ever rang and I was curious. I hadn't expected to hear what I did in a million years, though.

"Yes?" Silence. "Ukraine. No, I'm just done, only need to make a call. Of course." And then the words which made me sit up straight in the seat, despite the pain. "Anything for you. I'll be there soon."

"I…" I stuttered, trying to find the words and failed. "Who…? What?"

"That was my ex." Slade turned to me and smirked like he knew how those words would rattle me. "We're going to New York."

The End (of the Ukraine Urgencies arc)

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