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Leader: Flightstar: dark brown tabby tom with white underbelly, muzzle, and back paws with gold wings.

Deputy: Birdclaw: dusty brown she-cat with bright blue eyes with blue wings.

Apprentice: Sweetpaw

Medicine Cat: Frostfoot: pure white tom with silver wings.

Apprentice: Butterflypaw

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits):

Lilypond: Tortishell she-cat with white paws and white wings.

Darkwing: dark grey she-cat with light grey wings.

Apprentice: Oceanpaw

Birchbark: light brown tom with pale grey wings.

Oakleaf: golden tom with orange wings.

Sapleaf: light ginger she-cat with honey-coloured wings.

Leafdance: blue-grey she-cat with light green wings.

Wavemist: silver she-cat with yellow wings.

Apprentice: Mintpaw

Honeyfire: honey-coloured tom with dark ginger wings

Ashcloud: very dark grey tom with blue wings

Apprentice: Swallowpaw

Brindlestorm: dark red tom with electric blue eyes and has white wings.

Snowdapple: pure white she-cat with one blue eye and one green eye.

Apprentices: (more than six moons old):

Butterflypaw: grey and white tabby with green eyes and orange wings. (Frostfoot, medicine cat apprentice)

Sweetpaw: speckled grey she-cat with purple wings.

Oceanpaw: black she-cat with green wings.

Mintpaw: bright ginger tom with mint-green wings.

Swallowpaw: white-and-ginger she-cat with yellow wings.

Queens: (she-cats nursing or expecting kits):

Moondapple: pretty white she-cat with blue-grey wings (mother to Birchbark' kits, Quailkit: black and white she-cat with green eyes and pale pink wings, and Applekit: black tom with electric blue eyes and fluffy grey wings)

Pebblefall: light grey she-cat with darker flecks and purple wings (mother to Flightstar's kits: Grasskit: dark brown tabby she-cat with black tabby markings, brown plumy tail, black front paws and white back paws, muzzle, chest, and belly with black ear tips; Foxkit: dark ginger tom with dark grey-almost black wings with red tips; Tigerkit: light ginger tom with dark ginger tabby markings and turquoise wings; Barkkit: light brown tom with leaf green wings; and Stormkit: sandy-grey tom with dark grey flecks on his back, ears and grey paws, light blue wings)

Elders :( retired toms and she-cats):

Endlesssong: dark brown tabby she-cat with black wings.

Midnightheart: honey-coloured tom with dark green eyes.

Larkflight: skinny pale grey she-cat with orange wings.

Animals outside the Clan:

Smokey: black tom with amber eyes.

Jinx: smoky grey she-cat.

Stream: blue-grey she-cat

Swan: pure white she-cat (Jinx's sister)

Brick: dark red tom.

Rose: creamy-brown she-cat with darker brown paws, tail tip, and ears.

Stormy: dark grey tom.

Willow: silver she-cat.

Prim: dusty brown she-cat.


It was the end of leaf bare, the snow melting and warm weather on its way. Deep in the forest was a clan of winged cats, Wingclan. They had been gifted with wings, allowing them to soar above the treetops like the birds. In the camp, cats were tense, especially a dark brown tabby tom with gold wings, who was pacing outside of a tightly woven den, the nursery. Cries of pain echoed through the camp, making cats wonder if the poor she-cat was okay.

Inside the nursery, a pale grey she-cat with darker grey flecks -almost like pebbles- on her back, hence her name Pebblefall. Her swollen belly ripped with spasms, the unborn kits wanting to come out. Her claws were clawing at the moss bedding as she let out another wail. Each time she let out a wail, her purple wings were ruffled and folded against her back.

A pure white tom, Frostfoot, the medicine cat was trying his best to help the labouring she-cat. "Pebblefall, when I say push, push okay? You're kit are nearly hear," he said and she nodded through clenched teeth. Placing a paw on her belly, she let out a hiss. A smaller she-cat behind him looked worried. "Don't worry Butterflypaw. Are ready?" he asked his apprentice and the grey-and-white tabby positioned herself, ready.

Turning his attention back to the queen, he felt a strong rippled from under his paw. "Push Pebblefall!" he yowled and she pushed with all her might, a small bundle of fur hitting the moss with a plop. Butterflypaw dipped her head, nipping the kitting sac, and beginning to lick the kit's fur the wrong way to warm it. The dark ginger kit was quiet at first, not making a single cry.

Panicking, Butterflypaw licked harder, and the kit finally let out a cry, squirming and mewling. "A tom!" She smiled and picked up the kit gently, placing the kit at his mother's belly. Pebblefall stretched her head, trying to get a glimpse at her newborn son but the pain was making it difficult.

"Push now Pebblefall!" Frostfoot said once again and she let out a hiss, giving another push. A second bundle of fur slipped out and landed on the moss bedding. Butterflypaw once again nipped the kitting sac and began to swiftly lick the tiny kit. It let a mewl out almost the instant Butterflypaw began to lick it.

"Another tom!" she purred, picking the light ginger kit beside his brother. Pebblefall took a breath of fresh air, the pain not subsiding.

"Come on Pebblefall! Just two more!" Frostfoot replied and Pebblefall nodded, pushing with all her energy.

The third kit, a sandy grey bundle of fur, landed on the moss. Butterflypaw nipped the kitting sac and the kit tumbled out, let mewls out almost instantly. Butterflypaw's eyes widened as she placed the kit beside its littermates. "A tom," she meowed.

"This is the last one, right?" Pebblefall asked wearily and Frostfoot nodded. With one final push, the fourth kit landed on the moss with a plop. Butterflypaw nipped the kitting sac and began to lick the light brown kit's fur.

"A tom also!" Butterflypaw purred as the kit let out a wail. She placed the kit at Pebblefall's belly, smiling.

"That should be-" Frostfoot began but was interrupted by a final screech by the grey queen. A fifth kit landed on the moss and slowly, Frostfoot approached it, nipping the kitting sac. He licked its dark brown tabby fur and it let out a wail. "A she-cat," he said, shocked that there was a fifth kit.

He placed it beside the tiny kit's brothers and it began to suckle along with the others. Frostfoot looked at the small she-kit's back, looking for wings, just like her brothers. Pebblefall, noticing the odd looks her daughter was getting from the white tom, she looked down at her also, unable to hold back a gasp.

"S-She has no wings!" Pebblefall stammered and Frostfoot nodded.

"I'm afraid she was born wingless," he replied and Pebblefall nodded sadly.

Wingless, how will my kit survive? How will she be treated because of her problem? She thought to herself, gazing down at the small and innocent kit.

"Is everything okay in there?" a gruff and demanding voice called from outside and Pebblefall looked up to see her mate sticking his head in the nursery.

"Yes Flightstar," she purred. "The kits are fine. Do you want to come in and see them?" she asked and he nodded.

Flightstar padded over to her nest, a proud look in his gaze. "Congratulations Flightstar. You have four sons and one daughter. You're lucky Pebblefall made it. It's hard to give birth to five kits," Frostfoot meowed and his leader dipped his head. Frostfoot exited the nursery, giving the new family some time alone. "Flightstar, the only thing is-" Frostfoot started as the brown tom shouldered past him, clearly ignoring him. Ignorant tom, I guess you will have to find out the hard way, he thought, heading back to his den.

The Wingclan leader let his gaze travel over his kits, eyes shining. That was, until he got to the she-cat. His amber eyes turned cold and his claw slid out. Snarling, he bared his fangs at his daughter. "What is that monster?" he spat. "It is a mistake! No kit is born wingless," he growled. "I will just have to get rid of it. It will only bring bad things to this clan," he hissed, ready to kill the kit.

Panic spread on Pebblefall's face. "No! She is your daughter! You can't kill her!" she wailed and Flightstar shook his head.

"Those might be my sons, but that will never be my daughter."

The moment those words escaped her mate's mouth, Pebblefall felt as if she was clawed. "I will still love her, no matter what may be different about her," Pebblefall promised and Flightstar snorted, as if believing otherwise. "I will name her Grasskit."

Flightstar looked down at the dark ginger kit with dark grey-almost black wings with red at the tips, the oldest one. "He will be Foxkit," was all he said, placing his tail tip on his son's head. Foxkit seemed to mewl, almost as if he liked his name. At that, Flightstar couldn't help but smile.

"I think Barkkit for the pale brown tom with leaf green wings and Tigerkit for the light ginger tom with turquoise wings," Pebblefall purred, licking both Barkkit's and Tigerkit's heads.

The dark brown tabby leader gazed down at the final tom, a sandy grey tom with pale blue wings. "This one will be Stormkit because his fur looks like a dark storm cloud," Flightstar meowed and Pebblefall nodded, wrapping her tail around her small, delicate kits, pulling them closer to her belly. Flightstar licked his mate's cheek before turning and walking out of the warm, milk scented nursery to announce to their clanmates about the birth of his kits.

"They will be great cats," Butterflypaw said and Pebblefall was startled. She had forgotten about the medicine cat apprentice. Odd, why did she only say, 'they will be great cats' and not all of them will be great cats? Butterflypaw turned, about to leave, but before she got to the entrance, she turned around.

Her fur was fluffed up and her green eyes were blank. "The storm, tiger, bark, and fox will destroy the grass. The Broken must fly. The Flight of the Broken has arrived. Beware of those who lurk in the shadows, hearts chilled and full of hatred," she rasped, her voice sounding eerie and full of wisdom, not a eight moon old apprentice. Then she blinked, shaking her head. She seemed to return to her normal self, padding out of the den.

A white she-cat, who smelled of milk, entered the nursery, two kits swinging from her jaws. Placing them down in her nest; she climbing in and curled up around them. The oldest, a black and white she-kit with pinkish wings let out a wail while the black tom with grey wings yawned, going to sleep. "What's wrong Pebblefall?" she asked and the grey queen sighed.

"Moondapple, it's nothing, don't worry. I'm just tired," she replied, her eyelids drooping.

The white queen nodded, then looking down at her friend's kits. "I heard about the she-cat, Grasskit."

Pebblefall looked down at her daughter, who looked back up at her, eyes closed still. Licking Grasskit's head, she murmured, "I will always love you, my sweet. I won't let them hurt you." The grey she-cat yawned, placing her head on her paws and closing her eyes.

Her mind was spinning. Butterflypaw had said something that sounded like a prophecy, but what did it mean? Yes, her kits had something to do with it, right? But what about this "Flight of the Broken?" In front of her eyes, a starry forest appeared, melting away the darkness. Two cats began to walk forwards, gracefully. As they got closer, Pebblefall could see that both cats, she-cats to be exact, were almost identical, except for one thing.

The eldest had white wings while the other cat had fluffy grey ones. Pebblefall blinked; sure she was just seeing double of the same cat. "Pebblefall, I am so happy for you," the white winged she-cat purred and Pebblefall felt her heart leap. It was her sister, Forevershine, who had died from some dogs.

"Forevershine! Oh I missed you so much!" she cried, rushing over to her sister. "I am so sorry I didn't help you! Then you might have still been alive!" Her sister shook her head.

"It was my destiny. As much as I hated it, I couldn't change it," she meowed wisely and Pebblefall sighed unhappily. The other brown tabby she-cat looked at Pebblefall gravely.

"Pebblefall, the Flight of the Broken has come. You must protect it or Wingclan will drown in blood! The Flight of the Broken is our only hope!"

"But I'm confused. Who it this 'Flight of the Broken' and what will try to destroy the clan?" she complained and the brown tabby she-cat with grey wings shook her head.

"I cannot say. If Starclan always told you the answer, then how could cats be able to choose their destiny? All in time you will find out," the younger she-cat reassured and Pebblefall knew that she wasn't going to get an answer. The two tabbies turned to leave but some popped into Pebblefall's head.

"Wait! Are you dead?" she asked and the younger brown tabby turned to look at her.

"No Pebblefall. Not yet."

"Then who are you? Are you the Flight of the Broken?" Pebblefall blurted out and a smile appeared on the cat's face.

"You will find out all in good time," she whispered and began to fade, along with the beautiful starry forest. Forevershine began to fade as well, the darkness swallowing up the happiness.

Pebblefall whipped her head around, looking for some light, maybe even her sister. "F-Forevershine? Where are you?" she called, her voice echoing in the darkness, no reply coming back. Pebblefall, worried, began to run in the direction where they had disappeared but it was just inky blackness. "No! Come back!"

"Beware! The darkness is stronger than you thinkā€¦"

"Help! Hello? Anyone?"

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