9 Minutes 36 Seconds

Summary: Mac's thoughts 9 minutes and 36 seconds before her wedding. Spoilers: We the People, Yeah Baby, Lifeline Rating: G Author's Notes: I wrote this really late at night, so it's not my fault if it makes no sense. This is my first posted fanfic, along with my first POV fic. Please, please, please gimme feedback! Disclaimer: JAG and it's wonderful characters do, unfortunately, not belong to me. They belong to a great man named Don B. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the story!

I have nine minutes and thirty-six seconds. I'm admiring myself in the mirror. The day has finally come. I will walk down that aisle, and pledge my love to him forever. I always hoped that this day would come, ever since we met. I love him so much, that it hurts.

I put my hand on my still small stomach. A month before today, we found out that I was carrying his child. Our child. Our five years was up about six months before we found out. Luckily we had gotten our heads out of our sixes a few months before.

The day he first said I love you I'll never forget. It was the sweetest moment of my life, when I realized he had let go. A few months later, he took me to the place where we met, and got down on one knee. It's great to have a spook that owes you favors. I was so happy that I cried. He later told me that he had gotten Uncle Matt's and Chole's permission, since they're the only family that I have.

I have five minutes and thirty-six seconds. I'm so nervous, but it's a good nervous, you know? I can't wait to start a new life with him and our little one. Harriet's my matron of honor, Bobbie and Skates are my bridesmaids and Chloe's a Jr. bridesmaid. His best man is Keeter, and his groomsmen are Sturgis, Bud and the Admiral; who's also giving me away. The ceremony is at the Academy chapel, with our family and close friends in attendance.


"Hey Harriet. Hello Si. AJ." For one day we've dropped all protocol, we have first names today.

"Are you ready?" AJ asks.

"Yes." I say without hesitation. AJ comes and offers his arm. Harriet comes up and puts my veil in place. We're outside the chapel doors, and I watch as my friends walk down the aisle.

AJ squeezes my hand and says, "Remember to breathe, darlin'." With that we start down the aisle. Our eyes lock, as I remember how good he looks in dress whites. Overrated my ass. All my dreams are about to come true. I am about to start a new life as Mrs. Harmon Rabb Jr.

Author's Notes continued: I was trying to keep "him" a mystery, but I guess the whole groomsmen thing gave it away. But really, did you think it could be anyone else?