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Chapter Eighteen


Rose's eyes opened and she took in the sight of the Doctor facing her with a curiously blank look on his face. She crossed her arms in front of her and braced herself for what was about to come.

And the Doctor broke.

Rose felt her back hit the TARDIS doors with a thump but her moan was lost in the Doctor's mouth as he delved into her with gusto. She arched into him without hesitation, letting her hands roam his body while his tongue mapped the inside of her mouth. There was a palpable crackling of energy in the air as mouths and lips and teeth and tongues moved wildly against each other designed to cause pleasure and pain in equal parts.

It was Rose who broke away first, her head falling back against the doors to catch her breath, but the Doctor didn't pause in his ministrations, kissing down her neck, leaving pink marks with his teeth against her pale skin. He sought out her wandering hands and raised them over her head, holding them up with one hand while his other ghosted over her breasts in permission. Rose's eyes sprang open and she met his wild gaze with a nod, and that was all the answer he needed as he touched her breasts through the thin material of her jumpsuit, the oddly gentle movement in stark contrast with the urgency of his mouth moving over her lips and neck.

A loud groan of pleasure escaped Rose's mouth when the Doctor sucked sharply at her pulse point, and she tried to move her hands to tug on his hair like she wanted. The Doctor merely tightened his grip, soothing the red mark on her neck with a gentle caress of his tongue. Rose gave up trying to free her hands and wrapped one of her legs around the Doctor's hip and pulled him against her sharply, delighting in the way the Doctor groaned into her neck when their hips aligned just right. In retaliation, he pinched her nipple through the jumpsuit before moving his hand to the zipper holding her jumpsuit closed. The question was once again evident and Rose arched towards him in answer, thrusting her chest out for him to pull the zipper down all the way to her waist.

There was nothing but bare skin underneath, Rose having opted out of wearing a bra since the jumpsuit had built-in support. The Doctor ran his finger over the sliver of bare skin revealed, before following the path with his tongue. Rose dropped her leg from around his waist and tugged her hands away from his grip, choosing to bury them in his hair like she had wanted to do from the moment he had kissed her. The Doctor kissed his way all the down to her belly before moving back up until he reached her breasts. Rose removed her hands from his hair and met his gaze boldly as she worked the sleeves of her jumpsuit off, making it fall around her waist, leaving her top half completely bare.

For the first time since they had come back to the TARDIS, the air around them was completely still, as if standing on the precipice of something quite major. The Doctor took the plunge, just as he had when he'd decided that snogging Rose against the doors was the very first thing he wanted to do upon seeing her after six years. He was gentle when he kissed her this time, taking his time to run his hands over her bare torso with the most gentle of touches. Her skin was smooth under the rough calluses of his hand, but he imagined he could feel the ghosts of scars that had marred her skin before.

Rose was idle by no means, working through the myriad of complicated buttons on the Doctor's uniform until his bare chest was revealed to her. At the first touch of their bare chests against each other, the Doctor broke the kiss and picked Rose up with a firm grip on her waist. Rose's gasp was muffled in his neck as she wrapped her legs around his hips. She fully expected him to take her to one of their bedrooms, but he carried her over to the console and set her down on top of it. Rose yelped when she felt odds and ends digging into her but the Doctor shot her a warm look as he took off his heavy uniform jacket and draped it over the console. Before Rose had a chance to question it, he picked her up again and sat her down on top of it.

It was much more comfortable, the flatter surface and the heavy material of the uniform masking the unevenness of the console. The Doctor did not move his gaze from Rose as he knelt in front of her and unlaced her boots, pulling one off and then the other, before standing back up again. Rose parted her knees so that he could stand between them and bent her head to kiss him, her perch on the console offering her a slight height advantage over him. It didn't matter for long though, as the urgency from before hit them in full force and the Doctor's hands were on her breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples until she was gasping into his mouth.

When he finally did tear his mouth away from hers and wrapped his lips around her nipple instead, Rose threw her head back and groaned loudly. She could feel the lights of the TARDIS rotor behind her closed eyelids as the Doctor mapped her breasts with his lips and tongue, sucking sharply on the rosy nipples until she cried out. Her hands clutched at his hair before finally finding the grip in the tight muscles of his shoulders, her fingernails digging into him until she felt wetness on her fingers. The shock of it made her open her eyes and the Doctor looked equally startled at the five perfect beads of blood on each of his shoulders. The surprise slowly morphed into a smoulder that would have made Rose weak in the knees had she been standing. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she scratched her fingers down his back, leaving pink lines in her wake, a few of them drawing blood.

The fascination in her eyes seemed to break what was left of his control and he lifted her off the console and started to push the jumpsuit from her waist until it dropped down enough for Rose to step out of. He went to his knees in front of her and lifted one of her legs over his shoulder. Rose gripped the console for support when she felt the Doctor move the black knickers out of his way before his tongue delved inside her warmth with hunger. She felt him hum appreciatively and almost cried out in disappointment when he pulled away abruptly. It dissipated a moment later when there was sound of tearing fabric in the air before cool air hit her bum.

She was almost reeling with the shock that he had literally ripped her knickers off, but his tongue was moving into her folds again and it was all she could do to stay upright and not fall. She gripped his hair tightly, feeling herself getting embarrassingly close. It had been so very long since she'd had a lover, and the fact that it was the Doctor between her legs who was driving her towards oblivion in that oh, so familiar way, Rose knew she was ready to explode. It was with great effort that she tugged on his hair to pull him away and he all but whined at having to stop.

When he stood back up, Rose attacked his mouth with hers, her hands going to the buttons of his trousers to remove the last of the barriers between them. He kicked them off quickly along with his shoes, groaning deeply when Rose stroked him once, twice, while her teeth nibbled at his neck. He thrust into her hand, seemingly unable to help it, but when her nose brushed against his shoulder, he hissed in pain. Rose would have apologised for it, had his face held anything but pleasure after the initial pain had passed.

He spun Rose around to face the console and kissed her neck as he pressed into her from behind, cupping her breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers. Rose could only stand for a minute or so before she dropped her elbows onto the console, grateful for the heavy jacket yet again. She looked back at the Doctor and parted her legs, moaning when she felt the head of his cock brush against her folds. The Doctor ran his hands over her back, tangling them briefly in her golden locks before gripping her hips and moving himself into her slowly. Despite knowing how aroused she was and how close she had been before, the Doctor moaned in surprise when he slid in without much resistance, feeling his moan echoed by Rose when he was sheathed inside her.

They didn't move, couldn't move, for several moments, and when the Doctor finally pulled all the way out before pushing into her again, matching grunts of pleasure escaped the two of them. The Doctor stayed inside her and bent down to lick the perspiration off her back, smiling when she cried out in impatience. She clenched around him in retaliation and he nipped at the skin in the curve of her spine until there was a red mark on the soft skin. But he did start to move again, alternating between long, languorous strokes and shorter, quicker ones. He placed one of his hands on the time rotor to brace himself as he thrust into Rose, the other guiding her hips with his movements.

The pads of his fingers digging into the skin of Rose's hips were leaving marks but Rose pressed closer to him, moving her hips in the motion that he had set, whimpers of pleasure escaping her lips. She was doing her best not to say anything, not wanting to break the spell that had fallen over them but as the Doctor changed the angle of his hips slightly and moved into her, she cried out his name loudly. "Doctor!"

He stopped, not paused, but stopped completely, and pulled out of her. She was about to turn around to look at him when he thrust back into her with a renewed sense of vigour, murmuring her name as he removed his hand from her hip to reach her clit and rub it in time with their movements. Rose closed her eyes and gave in to the pleasure, screaming his name loud enough to echo into the console room, her whole body convulsing as her orgasm crashed through her. The Doctor continued to move into her until he was coming too, her name the only thing escaping his lips, mingled with his gasps and pants.

Rose's elbows gave and she collapsed onto the console, and the Doctor caught her hips to stop her from falling as he fell on top of her, still inside her. He kissed the back of her shoulder lightly and buried his nose into her hair, eyes closing in contentment. It was Rose who shifted after a few moments, the stickiness between her thighs becoming impossible to ignore. The Doctor seemed to realised her discomfort and he fished for her jumpsuit with his foot, smiling in triumph when he found it. He held it between her legs as he pulled out of her, and Rose smiled gratefully at him before cleaning both of them off.

She tossed the dirtied jumpsuit away, but before she could move, her legs nearly gave out from under her, and the Doctor caught her before she fell. She flushed in embarrassment but the Doctor picked her up and finally carried her inside. Rose was surprised when he took her to her room instead of his but when he set her down on the bed, all she could smell was his scent. Her eyes stung with the realisation that he had been sleeping in her bed. The Doctor smiled at her and got into the bed next to her, propping himself up on his elbow to gaze down at her.

"I thought you'd be angry," were the first words out of Rose's mouth.

"I am angry," he said in a gentle voice, wrapping his finger around one blonde strand of hair. "You left without a word. You asked Narvin to help, of all people. And I had no idea if you were alive or dead for these past six years."

Rose traced the marks on his shoulder with a gentle finger. "Would you have let me leave if you had known what I was doing?" she asked, meeting his gaze seriously.

"Maybe," he said.

She shook her head. "I couldn't take the chance," she said, smiling sadly when she realised that she was echoing Narvin's words.

"I could have helped," he said.

"Yeah," she agreed. "But you would have also stopped me from becoming the host and offered yourself in my place."

He tensed and looked at Rose gravely. "I should have known," he said finally. "You were going to become the host."

"Narvin tricked me in the end," she admitted. "He had been imbibing himself with Artron radiation, and the Travesties were always conditioned for a Time Lord host."

"But if he hadn't, you would have killed yourself," he said, in a calm voice that rankled on Rose's nerves.

"Yes," she said honestly.

"You would have sacrificed yourself," he said, still in that infuriatingly calm tone. "Just like that."

She met his gaze squarely, no hesitation evident in her eyes. "Yes," she said again.

He was trembling now and Rose knew that she was about to be faced with the anger she had expected before. "How dare you," he said finally, in a low voice. "How dare you, you fool. How dare you do something so foolish?" His voice was rising with every word, though the trembling couldn't be missed.

Rose felt her anger flare at his words, despite everything. "How dare I?" she demanded. "If I don't dare, then who does? People like Eliana? Like Skelton? Children?" she spat angrily before taking a deep breath to calm herself down. "I had to do it, Doctor. There was never any question of me choosing my own safety over everyone else's."

He gritted his teeth and gripped her wrist tightly before pressing his lips to the inside of it. "Why must you make it so difficult for me, Rose?" he asked. "Why couldn't you choose to stay by my side instead of running headfirst into danger?"

"'Cos I wouldn't be me if I did," she admitted sadly, cradling his cheek in her palm. "I would love nothing better than to be by your side always, but I also have to make sure that you are safe." At his look of confusion, her smile got sadder. "The only person whose timeline isn't in flux in this entire Time Lock is yours, Doctor," she said. "I know that the war is important, but so is you surviving it."

"And you," he said, raising his eyebrow when she shook her head.

"I am in flux, just like everybody else," she said. "You have a future, Doctor. I am living proof of that. The universe needs the Doctor. I don't think it needs me."

The Doctor stared at her silently for a moment before getting up. Rose thought he would leave and couldn't quite help the disappointment that rose in her heart at the thought. But he merely raised himself up so he could grab the duvet and pull it over them. Rose was once again hit by his scent from the duvet.

"This is the only bed I have slept in since you have been gone," he said, tugging her closer into his arms. "Do you know why?"

Rose looked at him in surprise, touched by his admission. "Why?" she asked softly.

"Because outside these walls, outside this bed even, I am the Lord General and all those titles I once told you about," he said, keeping his gaze locked on hers as he spoke. "I have to be the Oncoming Storm, Time's Champion, and it is so easy to lose myself in those titles when I am wielding the vortex or manipulating time so efficiently. Such power," he murmured to himself, his eyes losing focus slightly before they snapped back to hers with an intensity that made her breath catch. "But then I would return to this bed. Your bed, not mine. It still held some of your scent, but more importantly, it held a reminder."

"Of what?" asked Rose, her voice shaking slightly.

"Of who I was," he said, taking her left hand and squeezing it. "A reminder that I was the Doctor, and despite how much power I have or what a powerful Time Lord I make, you, Rose Tyler, you had the power to remind me of my humanity, my compassion, my love for the universe." He ran his thumb over her wedding ring.

"Does it bother you? The ring?" she asked, her mind still reeling with his admission.

"Far from it," he said and kissed her ring. "It is a symbol of my future, Rose. So, you are right, the universe needs the Doctor. But I need you and I suspect I always will."

"You have lived without me before," she pointed out, trying to squash the euphoria that rose in her heart at his words.

"Yes, I have," he nodded. "But I have never lived through anything like this war. I don't know what I will be like once this is all over, if I will even be the Doctor, but the one thing that gives me hope is you. So, don't you ever dare assume that you are replaceable. A thousand Time Lords could die and I would mourn them, but it is nothing compared to what would happen to me if you were to die, Rose."

The sincerity of his heartfelt words made Rose tear up and he brushed the tears off gently. "I don't want to be your weakness," she admitted slowly. "You have been the Doctor long before you met me, and I know you will always be the Doctor."

"Perhaps," he agreed. "But I have always found it hard to believe in myself so profoundly. You will never be my weakness, Rose, but my strength. Someone I believe in completely."

Rose stared at him wordlessly in wonder, and he smiled as he brushed his thumb over her lips.

"And," he said. "I would be willing to bet that there is a me in the future who spends his days thinking of you every time he saves someone or reunites lost lovers."

Rose snorted a little at that. "It has to have been centuries," she said, shaking her head.

"Irrelevant," he said and kissed her slowly. "So, here's what I plan to do, Rose Tyler," he said confidently, once he had broken the kiss. "From now on, the two of us fight in this war side by side. We do our best to end this war, and we both survive it. Then, once the time lock is broken, I will make sure you find your way to my future self who is no doubt missing you with every core of his being."

"And what if the end of the war isn't so simple?" she asked, sadness filling her heart despite the joy his words brought her.

He smiled sadly and ran his fingers through her golden tresses. "Did you know that the Time Lords have foreseen the end of this war a long time ago?" he asked.

"What?" asked Rose, shocked.

He nodded. "They keep calling it the darkest possibility but the longer this war goes on, the more likely it looks," he said.

"What's it say?" asked Rose, her heart thudding.

He glanced at her darkly. "The end of Time Lords as we know them, and the destruction of Gallifrey," he said.

Rose stared at him in disbelief, but didn't say anything, knowing that she had promised never to tell him how the war ended. He searched her eyes for a moment and then chuckled bitterly.

"It's alright, Rose," he said gently. "Even if that is the end, I know it would have been the Time Lords' last option. And if I have a future, then a few others ought to as well, right?"

Rose bit back her whimper of pain. It had never even occurred to him that it wouldn't be the Time Lords who would spell their final doom, but the Doctor himself. The Destroyer of Worlds, Davros had called him. And here he was, so utterly unaware of the choice he would make one day. The slightly hopeful in his eyes was Rose's undoing and she steeled herself and smiled. "Yes," she said, her heart aching.

He beamed at her and kissed her again, the happiness he was conveying feeling bitter in Rose's mouth. She closed her eyes and ripped the duvet away from their bodies, rolling on top of him. He looked surprised but when Rose started kissing her way down his chest, he gave in to the arousal that was already building. "Does this mean you like my plan?" he asked, gasping when Rose ran her tongue over his hardening length.

Rose repeated the action a few times before she answered him. "Yes," she said, positioning herself over him. "Let's fight to end this war and survive it," she added, guiding him inside her with one smooth stroke. "Together."

"Your hair's longer," said the Doctor some time later, wrapping his finger around a ringlet before releasing it gently and smiling when it bounced back as a curl.

"Not a lot of time to get a haircut," said Rose, drinking her tea and smiling fondly at him. "You can talk though. Your hair's longer than it was when I met you."

He drained his cup of tea and ran a hand through his hair. "I had hair like this when I regenerated into this body," he admitted. "I'll do yours, if you do mine," he winked.

Rose laughed and tossed a biscuit at him. "Fine," she said. "Any idea where the hair trimmer is?"

"I'll go look for it," he said, getting up from the table in the galley. The galley and their individual rooms and a bathroom was all that the TARDIS had left, the rest of the rooms having been deleted by the Doctor with only an imprint of them being stored in the TARDIS matrix. After their latest bout of shagging, they'd taken a shower to clean off and Rose had made tea while the Doctor had scrounged up some biscuits and sandwiches. He had also checked with Romana through the TARDIS comm. link and it turned out that the ultimatum had been delivered to Zagreus. All they were waiting for now was an official response, since they were all but certain what the answer would be.

The Doctor returned to the galley, holding up the hair trimmer like a prize. He held his hand out to Rose, and she giggled as she took it and let him lead her back to her room. He sat her down on the seat in front of her vanity and gently began to clip off her long hair. Rose closed her eyes and let him work through it, comforted by the mundane nature of the task in the chaos surrounding them.

"You are still wearing Skelton's charm," he commented after they'd been quiet for a while.

Rose glanced down at her wrist where the charm was still tied up by the black thread. "Yeah," she said. "Couldn't bear to take it off. A reminder, you know."

"Yes," he said. "What do you think?"

Rose looked at the mirror and smiled. Her hair was now brushing just past her shoulder blades instead of the long hair that had been hitting her waist. "It's perfect," she said.

"Glad to hear it," he said and handed the trimmer to her. "My turn?"

She nodded as she got up and made way for the Doctor to sit. "I have to be on the frontlines when the battle starts," she said, shearing off his long curls.

He sighed. "Rose," he said.

"Doctor," she interrupted softly. "There is a chance of Narvin losing control."

"Doesn't mean you have to be there," he said, though there was no fight in his words.

"I made this weapon," she said. "I have to make sure it doesn't blow up in our hands."

He sighed but agreed. "I will be there with you," he said.

"Is that advisable, Lord General?" she asked, with deliberate use of his title.

"Probably not," he said. "But I am the Lord General and no one gives me orders on a battlefield."

"Alright then," said Rose. "You're all done."

He nodded at her in thanks and the two of them glanced at the bed where a fresh pair of clothes was waiting for both of them. "I suppose it is time to face the world again," he said.

"Yeah," said Rose softly.

The two of them shed their dressing gowns and got dressed almost silently. The Doctor was back in a fresh set of his uniform, his newly cut hair fitting right in with his attire. Rose took longer to get dressed, having chosen to wear black tights, a grey shirt and a faded black cable knit sweater with heavy boots on her feet. Her short hair no longer needed to be bound, but she still braided a lock of it away from her face and decided to use Skelton's charm to keep it tied up. The Doctor didn't comment on her odd accessory, just helped her to braid the black thread through her hair so that the charm dangled next to her cheek.

When they emerged out into the console room, they could feel all their titles weighing on their shoulders, taking away the carefree joy that they had found inside the TARDIS mere hours ago. They exchanged quiet looks, but before they stepped outside the doors, they kissed each other, again and again, softly and tenderly, as if unwilling to lose that peace they had found in each others' embrace.

The alert sounded loudly through all of Gallifrey and everyone knew that the War Council was meeting. To the Doctor and Rose, it meant that Zagreus had sent his answer and the battle was about to begin.

Exchanging a final kiss, the Doctor and Rose dropped their hands and squared their shoulders. When the doors opened, the Lord General of Gallifrey and the Lady Commander of Shada left the TARDIS, ready to lead the troops in battle.

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