I've been so busy, and of course the best remedy for too much busy is another fic! I don't know where this came from, it just did. Actually I know exactly where it came from. I was riding the bus to school one morning and this country song came up and it was a female artist talking about how she was watching her friend/daughter/sister at a military funeral. But I'm gonna hush before I give out anymore information. But I will say that as usual the first chapter is gonna be really short

This is an AU (obviously), and Season 3 airs in 9 hours on PBS. I AM SO EXCITED!

Enjoy :3

Molly sobbed silently as they fold the flag. Sherlock was next to her, his hand on her back rubbing it. The soldier turned to her and handed her the flag. She took it and held it against her chest. She couldn't hold it any longer and let out a loud heart wrenching sob. Sherlock's expression was stone hard but his eyes were misty and his cheeks were damp.

Sherlock looked at his pathologist and felt his heart breaking for her. She was dressed in the dress that she chose out for him, but he never got to see it. Her hair was straight and in a clip to the side, the two rings shimmering on her finger in the sunlight. Sherlock pulled her to his chest and rubbed her back as she cried. He heard the 21 shots fired and then her mutter,

"He's really goneā€¦" Sherlock nodded and closed his eyes

John Hamish Watson, was dead

I hope that's how a British military funeral goes, I've only ever seen American ones (the most recent on an episode of Bones a few weeks ago)