so guys, third chapter, may include the 4th later but let me just say that I am excited for when you guys read the next few chapters because big big happenings will be going on. And you may love me or you may hate me. But either way, I hope you like this chapter.

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Molly walks through the hospital down to the morgue, trying to get away from him,

"Molly! Molly!" Sherlock calls. Molly had refused to take days off of work. "Molly stop!" Sherlock says gently grabbing her arm.

"What?! What do you want from me?! I can't do anything about John being dead, and no I'm not moving in with you until I end grieving, because it's never going to stop, ever ever EVER!" Molly says.

"Molly, please-" Sherlock starts looking her in the eye,

"Because everything I see reminds me of him, whenever I'm talking to somebody, I always think of him and when someone laughs, I think about how he was the biggest idiot-"

"It's only been a day since his funeral Molly-"

"-And that really comforts me, that my husband is in a box in the ground, to be forgotten about and rot away while I prance around and do my everyday work. I never got to say goodbye! Our last conversation was a fight Sherlock! I didn't want him to go back, I wanted him to keep fighting for him to stay, but he said he couldn't! I never told him how much I loved him and how much he meant to me and how I would always love him no matter what and how much I was going to miss him and how I wanted to have the family he wanted. The worst part is that II got one phone call the day before he died, and it was cut short because of a stupid power outage and loss of the cell tower reception!"

"Molly you listen to me-" Sherlock begins.

"God gave me two opportunities to tell him and I didn't!" Molly says sobbing now, uncontrollably.

"Molly Watson will you please listen to what I have to say to you!" Sherlock says. Molly looks up and says,

"Before John left, he told me that if anything were to happen to him, I would give you these, the reason you didn't get them at the funeral yesterday was because he left them in 221B so he wouldn't lose them while in combat, and I still had yet to revieve one item."

Sherlock takes Molly's hand and opens it, before putting in his dogtags, and wedding ring. Molly looks up at Sherlock and says,

"Oh my god!" Before throwing her arms around him and just sobbing into him. Sherlock hugs her in return, rubbing her back in gentle circles (one of John's secret tricks to calm her, Sherlock had observed over the two years Molly and John were dating and the five years they were married.) Sherlock closed his eyes and listened to Molly's choked sob, his already broken heart tearing into even tinier pieces then before. He felt himself tearing up, but unlike at the funeral, didn't stop his tears from falling and his sobs from echoing throughout the empty halls of Barts'.