Radioactive Mirrors – Chapter Twenty One

Tony was exhausted. Last night Obie's niece and nephew had kept him awake by generally pissed him off and messing around with all of his stuff. They really were annoying.

He sat with his head slumped on top of folded arms against his desk as he waited for Loki to arrive. Because his head was buried, he didn't notice the other boy enter the room and jumped when the chair scraped next to him as it was pulled out.

Loki laughed lightly at him. "Hello."

"Heyyyy." Tony slurred and rolled his head around to look up at him.

"Tired?" Loki got his stuff out and arranged it on the table.

"Just a bit." Tony murmured and sat up to take out his own stuff.

"How long are they staying?"

"The week. They've got it off. Private school." He said and pulled a face.

"I spent the last 8 years in a private school."

"Oh yeah, I forgot." His head flopped down onto his arms again. "Can I come round yours tonight? Or we sneak out?"

"You mean may you come round to mine." Loki smirked at him. "My private education taught me how to speak."

Tony groaned and hid his head. "I might just cut next lesson. Fancy it?"


"I dunno. Somewhere... Anyway, how's it going with Freyr? You guys talked to each other?"

Loki laughed. "He wants me to move in with him."

"Really?" Tony suddenly became more awake. "That's great! You gonna do it?"

Loki shrugged "I actually think I'd miss Thor."

"Yeah, it'd probably be a lot quieter without him around." He smiled then smirked. "So you are sentimental about him."

"I do love Thor."

"I know you do." He smiled lazily. "I was being sarcastic. So what're you gonna do if you don't move out with him then?"

"I suppose things will just... Stay as they are."

"Cool. Just as long as I don't lose you again then I'm happy for you." Tony winked.

"You won't."

"Cool..." He turned his head to give Loki a seductive look. "So about tonight..."

-Page break-

Odin was being careful around Loki so said nothing when Tony came over. He grunted at the boy and then mostly stayed out of their way.

"Someone's happy." Tony said when they reached Loki's room and was well out of earshot of Odin.

"He's trying to be nice." Loki placed his hands on Tony's hips. "Now I've got you all to myself."

"That you do." Tony grinned and grabbed Loki's head to pull him down into a kiss.

"My door hasn't actually got a lock."

"Then we'll just have to keep quiet then." Tony said with a smirk and twisted Loki around so that he was pushed up against a desk that was situated to the left of the door.

Loki grunted. "Missed me then?"

"You bet." Tony said as he lowered his head to Loki's neck where he started to suck hard on the skin there.

Loki's head tilted to the side in effort to offer more skin.

As he sucked, Tony shifted out of his jacket before starting to undo his shirt buttons. Once his were undone, he worked on undoing Loki's and kissed down his chest until he reached a nipple. Running his tongue over the sensitive nub and making Loki moan, he lifted a hand to gently caress Loki's face before lowering his hand and resting it against Loki's chest.

Loki's hands slipped from Tony's hips to his ass, giving it a squeeze as he forced the lower halves of their bodies together and creating a little friction between their crotches

Tony moaned against Loki's skin, his breath warm and pleasurable again this sensitive chest area. Tony then smirked and reached back up to claim Loki's lips while he started to fiddle with both their belts. Loki made quicker work of them, shredding them of trousers completely.

After slipping out of his shirt, leaving them standing there in just their underwear, Tony slipped a hand down the front of Loki's pants to palm his growing erection.

"Desk or bed? Which ones hotter?" He purred against Loki's ear.

Loki moaned, pushing his pelvis further into Tony's hand. He moved his kisses across Tony's jaw, down his neck, and sucked on the soft skin.

Tony moaned back, stretching his own neck out while he wrapped his hand around Loki's cock and started to fist him.

Loki moaned, hot air against Tony's wet skin. He gripped his arms round Tony tightly and squeezed his eyes shut.

With his other hand, Tony grabbed the waistband of Loki's boxers and pushed them down to his ankles. He then groped at Loki's ass cheeks playfully before pushing a digit into his ass.

Loki hissed at the new contact, moving his mouth back to Tony's neck while his hands removed his boxers.

The finger moved inside him, adding another finger to make sure he was stretched properly. Once Tony's own cock was free from his boxers, he let go of Loki's then pushed his hips forward to rub them together, which created a sweet friction.

"Anthony" Loki gasped breathlessly, moving his hips with Tony's.

Tony loved it when Loki said his full name, especially in situations like this one. He'd never allow anyone else to call him that except for Loki. He repeated the motion again, adding a third finger to the other two.

"Ahhh, ahhhhnthony." Loki muttered into Tony's skin, still moving his hips in time with Tony's.

"Loki..." Tony said breathlessly, and then once he felt he was sufficiently prepared, he removed his hands to lift Loki up onto the desk. He lifted one of his legs up to drape over his shoulder as he pushed the tip of his cock into Loki.

Loki's head was thrown back in a moan. His eyes were squeezed and his wet mouth hung open. Loki's hands gripped tightly at the desk bellow him, and he mentally thanked the gods that he was so flexible.

Tony pushed in until he was fully sheathed inside him, giving him a moment to adjust before he started to move, causing Loki's moans to turn long and loud, and in harmony with Tony's grunts and hums.

"What was that about keeping quiet?" He asked, raising an amused eyebrow as he looked down at Loki's flushed appearance. God, he was hot when he was like this.

Loki suddenly remembered that they weren't alone in the house, and toned his moans into lower ones that he felt all through his body.

Tony leant down to capture his lips in a kiss, silencing his moans which left them to vibrate through him instead, causing him to speed up the pace.

Loki whimpered and his body jerked, causing his cock to bob in the air. Tony ran a hand down Loki's thigh sensually, making him squirm in pleasure more.

"Mmh, you're so hot..." He whispered against the black haired boy's lips. Loki nodded and kissed him again.

Tony hummed into the kiss, pushing his tongue behind the barrier of lips and teeth, using it to explore his mouth which made Loki moan back again. He then broke the kiss and threw his head back to gasp when he felt Tony's cock push against his prostate, which made Tony smirk and angle his hips so that he continued to hit it.

While he did that, he also lowered his head to lick a hot trail up Loki's neck, kissing him sweetly on the jaw before lowering it again to create another love bite. Loki hummed in delight at the feeling, and whispered words of encouragement to egg Tony on.

Unfortunately for them, that was the worst possibly moment because the door opened and Freyr walked in.

"Hey Loki, sorry for bothering you but I..." He trailed off as he glanced up from a piece of paper and saw the position Tony and Loki were in. Tony, still staying inside Loki, froze and they both gave him a 'deer caught in headlights' look. Freyr made a long high pitched noise as his eyes widened, he turned around, and the door shut behind him.

Tony and Loki still looked at the direction he had left in shock, both blushing and feeling extremely embarrassed. Not that Tony would care to admit it though.

He turned back to Loki and laughed nervously. "Uh, okay... You want me to continue, or...?" He asked, staying momentarily still.

"Um, I think it would be weird if we continued." Loki frowned at his still erect cock.

"That's true, but..." Tony looked down at it too and smirked. "Does getting caught in a compromising position turn you on?" He asked, raising an amused eyebrow at Loki.

"I don't think so."

"Someone says different." Tony eyes his cock and smirked further.

Loki rolled his eyes. "Just fuck me, Anthony."

"As you wish." Tony grinned then started thrusting into him again.

Loki pumped his cock, eager to finish. Tony was still hard as well, apparently also a little turned on at them getting caught, and he sped up his movements to finish quickly as well.

Loki bit his lip as he tried not to cry out, feeling his orgasm impending again already.

Tony kissed him quickly, moving his leg and lifting him up momentarily as he moved him over to the wall next to the desk. He then continued to fuck him, using this new position to rub against Loki's body, groaning when he felt his cock rub against his stomach.


Tony shut his eyes and concentrated for a few seconds before giving one last thrust and spilling his seed inside Loki.

Loki couldn't bite back his low moan at the feeling, and continued to pump himself a few more times until he followed suit.

Tony, whose head had been resting on Loki's shoulder as he came, opened his eyes and watched him as he did. He lifted his head to give him a lazy kiss, still on a high from his own orgasm, and then pulled out of him as he pulled away from his lips.

"God, I love you."

Loki pulled him down on top of him, not caring about the weight. "Mmm. You too love."

They sunk down to the floor, with Tony falling so that he straddled Loki. He chuckled then smiled. "I'm so glad you came back here."

"You have certainty made it worthwhile." Loki grinned.

"Of course I have, I'm the best." Tony said cockily, bumping his own chest proudly.

"Oh, so what am I?"

"The closely following in behind second best." He smiled then leaned down to kiss his cheek sweetly.

"Hey!" Loki pinched his bicep.

"By like a nano-vote. An argument could be made for joint best." Tony shrugged, running his arm where Loki had pinched it.

Loki pinched him again.

"Oww, hey! That hurts... Okay fine, you're the best. The best ever in existence." Tony cocked an eyebrow

Loki smirked and nodded. "That's better." He grinned and reached up to stroke the back of Tony's neck, using that to pull him into another kiss. Tony rolled his eyes but then hummed in approval at the action and placed his hands on Loki's waist for support.

When then pulled apart for air, they kept their faces close, looking into the other's eyes and smiling, except Tony's turned to a smirk pretty quickly.

"Up for round two?"

Loki's quirked an eyebrow and sighed as he leant his head back against the wall. "You're incorrigible."

Tony pouted. "So... that's a no then?"

"... I didn't say that."

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