"Lily, can you come inside and watch your sister for a bit? I need to do some errands!"

"But, Mom!"

"Please, Lily!"

"Alright," she groaned, running up to the house, with their collie, Rex, in tow. She was always left with these responsibilities, to watch over her little sister, Sierra, while her mom ran off to their dad. Why couldn't she have normal parents? Why did her father have to be the Harvest King?


When she got inside the house, she saw her mom with her sister in her arms. When she saw her daughter, she set the child down.

"I won't be long, an hour at most."

"Why doesn't dad ever come here?"

"He does, sweetie, just not all the time. You know that."

"Yeah," Lily agreed, sighing. Everyone else had normal parents. Why couldn't she?

Her mom kissed them goodbye and ran out the door. Lily sighed again and looked at her little sister, who was contentedly playing with her rattle. Rex walked up to them and laid down in front of them. She petted him absentmindedly. She looked at the walls of her home. There were so many pictures. There was her parents' wedding picture on the mountain summit, baby pictures, and her Child Day. She smiled, looking forward to her sister's.

Eventually, the door opened and her mom stepped in, looking a little tired. Her daughters ran up to her and hugged her, and Rex started barking excitedly. She welcomed them.

"How's Dad?" Lily asked her. Her mom smiled.

"He's doing well. He says he looks forward to seeing you guys again on Child Day.

Lily smiled and they talked about her dad for a little, then Lily asked to go play. Her mom agreed, but told her to be back for dark. Excited, Lily ran out of the house and down the hill towards Flute Fields. She loved springtime and it was a perfect, sunny day.


When she got to the bridge, she saw Matt trying to teach Angie how to fish.

"No, like this," he told her.

"Wow, you're so smart!" Angie told him, admiringly. Matt smiled back at her.

"Hey, guys!" Lily called. They turned and waved.

"Matt's teaching me how to fish! He's so good at it!"

"Well, I learned everything I know from my parents," he told her, modestly.

"Well, I'm gonna go play in Fugue Forest!" Lily told them, waving goodbye and running off. She loved playing in the forest. There was so much to explore!

She quickly made it to the entrance, pushed the heavy wooden door, and ran through, being careful to stay on the path. She loved finding the different mushrooms, especially the Fugue Mushrooms. They were the coolest!

Eventually, she made it halfway and found the Fugue Mushroom. She picked it and ran deeper in. She usually turned back when she got the mushroom, but today, she wanted to see what lay beyond. She ran into a clearing, this one darker than the others. She was a little scared, but determined to keep moving forward. However, before she could move, a voice spoke from the shadows.

"Is that a Fugue Mushroom?" Lily then saw a figure step out from near a tree. He was a boy she had never seen before, with gray hair, blue eyes, and a brown explorer's outfit on.

"That's right! I love them!"

"That explains why I can never find them anymore!"

"Who are you?" Lily asked him, "I've never seen you before. Do you live in Harmonica Town?" The boy shook his head.

"My parents home-school me in magic. They are the Witch and Wizard here. My mom lives at the end of the forest."

"We have a Witch and Wizard?" Lily questioned him. Did her mom know about this?

The boy nodded.

"We deities don't normally share our names, so you may call me Sorcerer." Lily scoffed at him.

"Oh, come on! My dad's the Harvest King and I don't have a title! My name's Lily."

"Perhaps you are human, or your mom wants you to think you are. My parents don't want me to blend in because they've never blended in themselves."

Lily nodded, though they seem to have blended in quite well because she'd never seen them before.

"Well, here, do you want my Fugue Mushroom?" Sorcerer's eyes lit up and he nodded and took the gift.

"I love these so much!"

"Well, I'll give them to you from now on. They're awesome!"

Sorcerer smiled at her. Then he held up a finger, and disappeared into a bush for a minute. Lily waited, confused. He reappeared with a lily in his hand, walked up to her, and put it in her hair. Lily blushed slightly.

"For you, Lily: a lily."

"Haha, aren't you funny?" she said, "Thanks," she added. He pulled away and nodded.

"Well, while you're here, do you want to meet my mom?"

"Well," Lily said, looking at her watch. It was 16:00. She jumped.

"Sorry, I can't, I have to get home before dark!"

Sorcerer nodded, "Well, I'll see you around, Lily!"

"Bye, Sorcerer!" she called, disappearing back into the forest.