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When the dark haired boy picked him up this morning, Midorima had realized it immediately. He knew something was wrong, he didn't know why, but he felt it in the depths of his stomach, sort of. He hated just making guesses like this, he preferred knowing what was going on, but he had a feeling that he would have to reconsider his plans on bluntly asking the other. Instead, he glanced at his friend from the side, as they parked the rickshaw and walked towards the school building. The usually cheerful expression in the point guard's face was nowhere to be found, almost as if it had never existed.
"Takao–" the green haired male started, yet he stopped after a second, not knowing what he was going to say in the first place.
"Hm," the other's look was casted downwards, no sign of the typical curiousness about the shooting guard's words.
A sigh left Takao's lips as he sat down in his chair in the classroom. He didn't hang around the Ace's chair today, chattering about things of no importance. He just sat down silently, and rested his head on the table.

After a day filled with horribly awkward silences, and a painfully tense basketball practice, Midorima found himself walking up the short alleyway to his house next to the Hawk Eye. When he saw him placing the vehicle in its place, he started speaking, trying to keep the other from walking away.
"Do you– do you want to come inside?"
For the first time that day, Takao looked up. His eyes widened in surprise, he glanced at the other nervously.
"I...don't know...I– should probably head home," his shaking voice whispered the first complete sentence of the day.
The green haired shooter shrugged uncharacteristically and pushed his partner up the staircase to the house's entrance.
"No one's home, Takao," he spoke calmly, opening the door and taking off his shoes.
"Hm," the other breathed "what kind of information is that."
"Make yourself comfortable," Midorima pushed up his glasses in a shy manner and pointed into the direction of the living room.
When they sat down beside each other, he looked down to see the other's face again.
"Do you...want to watch something? I do believe my sister keeps some DVDs somewhere around here..."
Then, suddenly, he felt the couch shaking just slightly beneath him. A small smile had sneaked onto Takao's face.
"You want to watch a DVD, Shin-chan?" He mocked him hesitantly, still not seeming truly happy, still not seeming like himself.
"I just thought–"
"It's fine," a single year rolled down the point guard's cheek. Before he knew what he was doing, Midorima felt the soft skin of his friend's face through the tape on his fingers.
"Don't be sad, Takao. It's making me upset," the taller one blushed, leaning towards the other's face, to feel the sensation of their lips meeting in a silent kiss which he felt him smile into.