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Naruto's POV:

It had been five years. Five fucking long years. And all that bastard says when I greet him at the airport as he boards off his plane is, "Who the fuck are you?"

Now, I am known for being outspoken and tremendously loud; but I am utterly speechless. I cannot believe that my former best friend and partner-in-crime has forgotten all about me. We had been friends ever since I was released from my mother's womb into the world, and we kind of just stayed friends "forever". He left when we were 12 years old because his father wanted to expand his business overseas, and naturally Sasuke went with him unless he wanted to stay with his uncle Madara (which he did not.) Our goodbye included a lot of tears, even if we had claimed to be "manly men" and a lot of hugs. If you asked me about it today, I would deny it and probably beat your ass for trying to shame my manliness.

"It is rude to gape at people, dobe," he says with this condescending voice and smirk that irks me to no end. But alas, I know he is joking and he really does remember me.

"It's rude to forget your best friend, teme," I pout at him.

After seconds of intense glaring, we both end up chuckling a bit. His chuckle is so deep and soft that I can't help but miss it as soon as it is over and it makes me feel warm. What the hell!? Why is the teme's laughter so... adorable? Sasuke punches me lightly on the arm and I knock out of my little trance.

I feel a presence beside me and I quickly remember and look over to see my other best friend, Gaara, looking at Sasuke with confusion and jealousy. Oh yeah, I almost forget they don't know each other.

"Gaara, this is Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke, this is Gaara Sabaku."

The atmosphere is tense as they stare each other down. To rid of this stiff moment, I reach for Sasuke's carry-on bag but Gaara immediately grabs my hand and glares at Sasuke, "He can get his own damn bags."

Sasuke glares at Gaara and then his hand that's holding Oh, no.

A/N: I started this new story because I absolutely adore SasuNaru and GaaNaru. I cannot decide which so let us see who Naruto ends up with!