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Naruto's POV:

When we finally get to my house, I am extremely relieved. It felt so tense in the car that even when I rolled the window down to let in fresh air, I still felt suffocated in negativity. I turn off the car and sigh deeply.

"Okay, Sasuke. Since your parents won't be back for another month, you can stay over at my place. Mom and dad are still vacationing in Greece, but they'll be back in two or three weeks. And even if you're my guest, I'm not carrying your crap so have fun doing that! Come on, Gaara." I then jog over to my front door and unlock it, out of sight of the Uchiha glare I felt on my back. As soon as I reach the bottom of the stairs, I feel arms wrap around my torso. I look down and see pale arms with black nail polish.

"Gaara?" Gaara has only ever hugged me once, it often times is me doing the physical interaction and he'll just stand there. That is why I am completely surprised that he is embracing me.

"I don't like him Naru. I don't like him at all," he murmurs into the back of my neck, sending tingles down my spine, still holding me. I dare not move because I honestly don't want him to let go, it is nice to be held by him, it seems. "He looks so mean and he looks like he will hurt you or something."

"Don't worry, teme just looks like he has a stick up his ass most times. Even when we were small, he was always like this. A bit reserved. But I promise that once you get to know him, you'll appreciate him and his companionship." I move as to turn and I regret I did because those pale arms quickly release me. Though when I turn to face Gaara, he wrapped his arms around me again and stares into my eyes. Boy, this is awfully strange, but I am not going to protest.

"Please don't leave me, Naru. You're the only person I trust and I would go crazy without you. Please. I know you have known him since you were children, but I have been here through your hardest times. And I will continue to be if you let me. I care for you so much, Naru," he whispers into my mouth. At this point, I realize that Gaara's lips are mere inches away from mine. He closes his eyes and moves into kiss me. And for some reason, I don't move away, in fact maybe I want to kiss him...

"AHEM," says a loud voice from the doorway and I completely freeze.