"Yami, King of….Uno?"

Yugi, Pikachu Boxers, and Uno. OH my.

[Hissy Fits Are Not Worth The Trouble ]

Version 2

Rioki Kataru

Let's just say that I was serious whacked the weeks that I wrote this. "R" for the words out Seto's dirty mouth. It's Yami, Seto Kaiba, Pegasus, and Bakura, sitting at a kitchen table with Yugi hiding in his room playing poker or something. Sure, it's odd. More reason to read.

I came up with the idea for this story one night when I drew a quick sketch of Seto, Yami, and a mysterious dark figure off in the corner that was supposed to be Pegasus playing poker. Like that one painting of the dogs around the table? Only Pegasus was giggling madly in that creepy way of his, Seto was looking serious pissed, and Yami was muttering something about the heart of the cards helping him win. Bunny encouraged me to actually right a Fic about it, and so I decided to.

What else.... Oh, well, the characters and the names and the likeness' and what not all belong to whoever owns the rights, which is bad, because if I did, I'd have a lot more money. What I'm trying to say is just don't sue me or whatever, because you won't get anything because I don't own anything but a couple graphic novels and tapes and a bed spread. You won't get the rights to Yu-Gi-Oh or the money that comes along with them because I don't own them. And if I did, you couldn't sue me anyway. So there. I also do not own Pikachu, or NeoPets, Sesame Street, or anything else that doesn't belong to me.

There's probably some spelling mistakes that I couldn't find, and grammar mistakes that my friends and mom didn't find [yes, that's right, I had my mom read this]. Ratings? Bastard, jackass, the works, and Pegasus, who doing something as simple as drinking wine could very well give this thing a "R" rating just because he's so damn scary. And I like Yugi. A lot. So I made him really cute and childish, like Yami's little brother, just because this is my story and I can do that sort of thing if I want to. This also doesn't follow the show, since Pegasus goes away after the first season and Seto would never really come over to Yami's house for any reason [snicker] But no, it's supposed to be funny. And nothing else. Bakura is Bakura. Slight Pegasus J. Crawford bashing. Very slight Seto/Bakura R&R if it pleases you, my Kismety Followers.

[ ] Brackets: Those Authors Notes I can't help but put in ^^

Finished? Yep! Go read.

CHAPTER I - You're Embarrassing

Yugi stared out his bedroom window onto the empty street below. Nine at night, raining outside, and there was absolutely nothing to do. It was Friday so he didn't have to finish any of his homework. And it was too late to go out and maybe go somewhere to eat, and too early to go to sleep. He had made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich earlier, so he wasn't hungry anyway. He sighed and fell on to the only clear spot on his floor. The rest of it was filled with scattered half-finished Gundam models and Duel Monster cards. He looked up when he heard someone come whistling down the hall.

"Aww, heck...." he grumbled as Yami strode in front of his open door. He stopped and walked back, coming into the room to see him.

"What's up, Kiddo?" he asked. Yugi merely looked at him blankly before arranging himself so he was sitting cross-legged.

"I'm bored. Do you wanna play Duel Monsters or Monopoly?" he suggested.

Yami laughed, holding his forehead in one hand and the door frame with the other. "Sorry, but I've already got plans-"

"God, you're not inviting any one over like last time, are you? Remember what happened!? Besides, you promised you wouldn't do that again!!!" Yugi yelled, standing up and walking over to Yami, who tilted his head, trying to remember.

"Oh yeah...." he grinned madly. "That was really funny." Yami had once had a friend [girl or boy, depending on whether or not you're a slasher ^^] of his over one time....Unfortunately, Yugi's grandfather had walked in on him on the couch and thought his grandson had finally gotten lucky with all the ladies. No, it was merely his 5,000 ancient Egyptian alter-ego.

Yugi shook his head in disgust, his hands twitching. "Do you have any idea how embarrassed I was when he told Joey?! I like my reputation the way it is, not to be tarnished….like…like yours!"

"Reputation?" Yami snickered. "Yeah, whatever." He dismissed Yugi's concerns with a wave of a hand. "Nah, don't worry about it, it's nothing like that. Seto got pissed at me the other day after…I kinda sort of raided his fridge and maxed out his credit cards…. But, you didn't need to know that…" He grinned in and off hand way before he cleared this throat and continued. "And he said we'd have to hold our weekly poker game at my house instead. Which is to say....Yours."

Yugi fell back onto the ground with a loud thunk. "Why do you never check with me when you do these things?!" he cried, looking up at Yami angrily. "Who's all coming?"

Yami put a hand to his chin. "Hmm, let me think for a couple of seconds....Yeah, okay, you've got me, and Seto," he counted off his fingers. "And you remember Bakura? Well, his evil side sort of got un-banished one time because we didn't have enough players....so, yeah, him too....and someone else. Oh yeah! Pegasus gave me a hundred dollars if he could come-"

"NO!" Yugi screamed, grabbing a near blanket and throwing it over his head. "Not him! You invited the most scary person imaginable into my house?! Most everything he says can be easily warped and distorted into something completely disgusting! I refuse to let him cross into this house!" He paused, his eyes coming up from underneath the blanket. He pointed at Yami with an accusing finger when he asked: "What's my grandfather going to think?!"

"That you got a lot more popular? Listen Aibou, if I back out now, I loose my four game winning streak. And they'll think I'm a loser. And they'll be gone by eleven. Besides, you know how much income I get from winning on these guys all the time? You forget, they're all rich....Or were, 'cause they're not anymore, since I just happen to win all the time. King of Games...How damn right is that!" Yami cried and stared at Yugi proudly.

"Whatever." Yugi's head came up from the blue fuzzy sheet, now wrapped around his shoulders. "Just keep them all in the kitchen. And keep an eye on Pegasus....Eye....Christ, he's scary, with that whole "Yugi- boy" thing going on...." He pulled the blanket back over his head, twitching slightly. Yami kicked him lightly with his left foot.

"All right," he told him considerately. "I'll make sure Pegasus and everyone else stay in the kitchen. But I don't want you to walk around with that blanket or that Pikachu outfit of yours. It's embarrassing."

"No," Yugi's muffled voice corrected him from under the blanket. "You're embarrassing."