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CHAPTER V - King Of Uno

After Pegasus had collected himself enough to stand up and face Yami, Seto and Bakura were getting ready to leave. Bakura waved good-bye and went outside to start his ride home; Ryou's car (that he "borrowed"). Pegasus outstretched his arm for someone to shake. Yugi merely walked over to the counter, came back, and put a cookie in Pegasus' hand. He looked at it strangely, then put the cookie in his pocket. Seto re-adorned jacket so it'd wave in the wind when he went outside.

"That was fun," Pegasus commented. "We should get together again."

Seto shot him a glare of death.

"Aww, come on, Kaiba-boy!" he grinned. "Do you still hate me for ruining your life?"


"I'll take that as a yes."

Yami stood between the two to stop the situation for escalating and to keep Yugi from freaking out about potentially broken furniture. Seto gave his jacket an experimental swish, then nodded good night to Yami. Yugi waved cutely. Seto, disturbed at first, found it appropriate to wink as he went out the door and asked Bakura for a ride home.

Pegasus turned to Yami. "Well, I really should be going, Yami-boy."

Yami cringed as Pegasus spoke, then collected himself to reply. "Let's just hope out paths never cross again, 'cause if so, my foot'll be so far down your throat that you'll never be able to breath those words again. Besides, I'm the King of Uno now. I make the rules."

"Whatever." Pegasus slowly walked over, patted Yugi on the head, who swung around the bat violently after him, and closed the door behind him.

The house grew eerily silent. Yami glanced around, then walked over and sunk down onto the couch. Yugi followed jumped up next to him.

"So," he asked in his usual cheerful voice, "Did you have fun?"

"I dunno. Maybe. Sure...." Yami went on until he looked over at the huge pile of cash on the table. "Yeah...." he said, grinning, "I guess I did."

"That's good," Yugi smiled, snuggling up next to Yami's side. "I'm glad you did. 'Cause I'm having my friends over next week. It's only fair. Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to the Courthouse to get a restraining order on Pegasus, so he can't come within twenty feet of me or this house. Sorry."

Yami smiled patting Yugi on the head. "That's okay, I don't think I want him in twenty miles of me either. Ever again."

Yugi laughed, then keeled over and started falling off the couch, fast asleep.

"Whoa, Kid!" Yami called, catching Yugi by the back of his shirt. "You shouldn't do that!" He swung Yugi over his shoulder, carried him back upstairs, and tucked him into bed after trying to pry a chuck on cookie out of his hands. After eating it, he jumped back downstairs and hopped up onto the couch. He sat, counting his money again, meanwhile reflecting on his evening, and wondering who he could challenge to become "King of Scrabble".