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Kiba felt his heart drop as the bright orange flames rose around the school windows, his brown eyes wide witnessing the smoke flooding the building from his, and the all the students spot on the field; all but one.

He turned a nervous glance at his peers; all showing equally mortified expressions. This wasn't what they wanted; this is far too much…

Sakura: a beautiful girl at the least, let out a whimper; her emerald eyes watering at the sight.

"What's going to happen to him?" She breathed, a question that flooded the students' mind the second the fire alarm sounded. "I don't want him to…" her sobs increased, unable to finish the sentence.

No, none of them wanted that.

They may have thought about the topic lightly from time to time, they would even joke about it, but when faced with reality, there was nothing cheery about it. They did not want him to die.

"Should we tell the teacher?"

"No!" Ino: another beauty, snapped; cutting off Choji: the fat one of the group.

There was a pregnant pause that couldn't help but make the six perpetrators judge themselves.

"Think about what will become of us," Neji said slowly, he was extremely smart and had the charming ability to make people see the best in whatever he said.

"If we tell an adult, they will have to go find him which, by the looks of that fire, will no doubt harm whoever does the task; and if said person does in fact get to him, the likelihood of him being… not okay… is extremely high. We would all be charged of, not man-slaughter, but… murder."

The students looked in different directions, letting the possibility sink in.

Neji let out a sigh, staring blankly at the grey hazy sky above them, "I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather not have the title of murder on my resume."

The others stood silently, agreement reverberating from there minds.

"No one must know what we have done." Neji said, his voice flat and low, looking at each member of their group for agreement.

Choji bobbed his head up and down, his neck jiggling as he did so.

Shikamaru, who had yet to open his mouth, glanced away after making eye contact with the Hyuga. The lazier of the two breathed out an annoyed puff of air, Neji didn't have to worry much about him; he avoided troublesome situations at all costs.

Sakura stopped sobbing, tears falling silently from her eyes as she leaned into her blonde haired friend for comfort. Ino soothed her, looking over at Neji and nodding slowly for the two of them.

Finally Neji stood facing Kiba, the leader of this pact. He, some would say, was the main physical perpetrator. The agreement to not assure a word, most would think, would be automatic. Instead, Neji's eyebrows furrowed as the brunette did nothing but stare back, his face dead of all emotion.

Just as Neji opened his mouth, the teacher yelled for there attention. The six faced forward in the large clump of students, making an effort to isolate their group from the others. Neji turned with a look of dissatisfaction to the front as Kiba, still stood with a frozen face.

"Choji Akimichi?" The teacher called out, his nose berried in a clipboard of names, he continued calling out names, each of their respected owners answering

"Naruto Uzumaki?"


The response only took a second before the teacher continued threw the long list.

Neji, with a tint of exuberance peaking from his eyes turned his head back, smiling slightly at Kiba.

"Good work," He said quietly. Ino, Sakura and Choji looking over surprised at the brunette's keen move.

Kiba's expressions still remained absent, but he spoke nonetheless.

"Wouldn't want anyone else getting hurt would we?"

"That was a perfect delivery, my friend."

Kiba huffed, clenching his finger's slightly, "Years of practice."

The list seems to drown on, the firefighters still not yet at the school's location, yet the teachers seemed well prepared and orderly. It is amazing what can happen from an overheating microwave oven placed nonsensically next to the printer paper supply. Before long the nearly every floor of the building was up spitting fire.

A sense of safety seemed to fall over the group. No one noticed the missing child.

No one right?

"Where is he?"


The question cut the air like an axe cutting butter, like a bulldozer over a stick fort, like a burning microwave in a paper filled school; and yet, the question was only a whisper. A demanding, venomous whisper, but a whisper nonetheless.

Kiba slowly craned his neck, his eyes widening at the person behind him.

"S-Sasuke!" Sakura squeaked, surprise dressing her features. Her and the majority of the other girls at the school had been fangirling the male for quiet some time.

He, a tall, slender but well built teenager, threw her a glance, before his coal stone eyes zeroed back in with Kiba.

"Where is he?" He asked with intense harshness.

His glare was so sharp and directed; Kiba couldn't stop his eyes from wandering to find sudden interest in his toes.

"Uchiha…" Neji uttered, a smirk threatening to play up on his lips. Sasuke's scoweled almost as if he were appealed by the other simply uttering his name.

The two seemed to have some sort of underlying tragedy planned for each other.

"How would we know?" Neji said coyly, turning to face the other dead on. The two seemed rather alike to most actually, both smart, cunning, handsome and rather standoffish, neither of which paying much of an interest in their wild popularity either.

"Don't play with me, Hyuga! I saw the shit that one just pulled!" He snapped, darting his eyes at Kiba on his left.

Sasuke's display of anger seemed to do nothing but further widen the smirk on Neji's face as he advanced slowly on the other.

"Play with you? I would never."

There was a point in time when these two were friends, best friends actually, they would only talk to each other and were never seen separated. Then one day, instead of sitting in his normal spot in History class next to Neji, he sat alone in the back. Ever since then they have a hatred directed at each other.

Neji seemed to move on, he made new friends. Sasuke appeared to have moved on too, but not in the same way. He didn't have many people he would call a friend, but he never gave Neji a second glance and didn't ever seemed bothered by the situation.

Sasuke looked about ready to bite back, but instead he closed his eyes took a breath. He looked back up with blank emotion, locking eyes with Neji.

"I'm gonna ask once more," He said slowly, "Where is Naruto Uzumaki?"


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