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Brock stood motionless, staring at the sky where the helicopter had disappeared. They took his friends and he couldn't do anything. All he could do was watch helplessly as they were hauled away from him.

Gary watched Brock with a sympathetic look. He to was worried about them. Not much was known about team Galactic so who knows what will happen to them. He couldn't help thinking about Ash. They both weren't on great terms with each other to start with. There was a constant rivalry between them. But as the years went by Gary considered Ash as one of his closest friends (thou he wouldn't admit it at the time). He remembered what he saw when he came out of the cave. Ash looked hurt and that worried him to no end. He clenched his fists and growled. How dare they hurt his friend. He couldn't just stand here doing nothing while every second that went by Ash and dawn would be in more danger.

He walked over to Brock and laid his hand on his shoulder. Brock turned around to see Gary's determined face.

"Brock we can't just stand here and do nothing. They have our friends and we need to save them." Gary said firmly.

Brocks forlorn face turned as determined as Gary's as he nodded. Gary smirked as he pulled out a tablet like gadget.

"just before they left I shot a tracking device at it and it stuck. Now wherever they go we will know." Gary said sounding very proud of himself.

"but we can't do this alone." Brock cut in. "I suggest we go to the nearest town and get officer Jenny to help us."

Gary was surprised that Brock wasn't acting all lovey dovey when he said that name like he normally does. He came to the conclusion that he was too worried to think about his love life.

He nodded and they started walking. They stopped when they realised that in all the commotion they forgot about the two heartbroken Pokémon who were still staring at the sky where their trainers had disappeared.

"pikapi" Pikachu muttered to himself sadly. His ears flopped down and tears welled up in his eyes.

Piplup was still in a state of shock and his eyes remained fixed to the same spot in the sky.

Both Gary and Brock bent down and picked up a Pokémon each. The said pokemon didn't even notice until they heard a voice.

"don't worry. We'll get them back." Gary said in a calming voice to the Piplup in his arms.

"and we will not rest until they are found." Brock said to the Pikachu he was cradling.

Pikachu perked up after that and sat up in Brock's arms.

"pika!" Pikachu said determinedly. He will not rest until Ash is found and he was sure that he was safe.

Piplup was still not so sure but he still smiled and nodded.

"right lets get going!" Brock shouted as they set off to the nearest town.

"…..poisoned." she could only hope they heard her because Ash's safety depended on it. Dawn looked around the cargo deck where they were placed. That was all they were to team Galactic, cargo. It made her angry. Didn't they know how to treat a fellow human being? The cargo deck was dark and eerie. Dawn shifted uncomfortably. She didn't like the feel of this. It felt like something bad was going to happen. Suddenly her anger was taken over by fear as she backed up against the icy cold bars of the cage. She was snapped out of her trance of fear when she heard a groan. She turned her head to the source and saw Ash curled up in the corner struggling to stay sat up. She quickly rushed to his aid and supported his body with her own. He looked up at her and smiled a thankful smile but it was cut short by pain surging through his stomach. He winced as he tried to suppress another groan. He closed his eyes to try to block out the pain. Dawn saw this and she immediately started to panic and think the worst.

"ASH! No don't give up on me!. STAY ALIVE!"

Ash opened his eyes and sighed at the sight. Dawn was having a full on panic attack and kept babbling on about how she could never forgive herself if he died and how it was her fault he got hurt. She was too busy panicking to notice him open his eyes.

"Dawn" he said firmly hoping he would get her attention but his efforts were in vain.

"what if the police get involved?"


"what if I get thrown in jail?"


"what would my mother think?"


"I'm a murderer!"


That got her attention. When she saw he was alright she calmed herself down.

"I'm fine! I am not going to die! It just hurts ok?" he said firmly. She nodded her head and he continued.

"its not your fault I got hurt. It was team Galactic!"

She stayed silent as though she still wasn't sure but she nodded her head any way.

"now we need to stay calm and Brock and Gary will come for us. We have to stay calm."

Dawn smiled sheepishly as she rubbed the back of the head with her hand.

"yeah your right sorry." She said more calmly now but then she frowned when she saw him wince again. "where does it hurt?"

Ash pointed to his stomach where his right hand was clutching.

"let me see." Dawn said gently as sat down next to him once more. He was about to refuse but when he saw her face filled with concern he gave in. He pulled up his shirt to reveal his stomach. He winced at the pain as his shirt rubbed against the area where the Toxicroak had jabbed him. Dawn gasped when the inflicted area came into view. It was swollen and looked inflamed. That Toxicroak really hit him hard. As a reflex her hand gently stroked the wound but she immediately regretted it when she saw Ash gasp and bite his lip hard.

"I'm sorry!" she exclaimed as she started to panic again but she calmed down when ash put his hand on her arm.

"its alright" he said reassuringly. He winced again as he pulled down his shirt.

Suddenly a wave of nausea hit him and he leaned heavily on Dawn. He thought she was going to panic again but she surprisingly stayed quite calm.

"Ash, what's wrong?" she asked showing a little panic in her voice.

"it's fine I just feel dizzy." He struggled to say.

Then he heard a couple grunts , who were guarding them, talking to each other.

"how long did the boss say it would take to get back to base?" one asked the other.

"he said about 2 or 3 hours." The other answered.

'great' Ash thought to himself. 'this is going to be a long ride.'

Brock, Gary, Piplup and Pikachu had just arrived at the nearest town.

"ill go ahead to the police station. You take Pikachu and Piplup to the pokemon centre. They look tired." Gary said gesturing to the two worn out pokemon. It was a surprisingly long walk. Brock nodded.

"we'll meet back here afterwards." He said as he scooped up the two pokemon and headed towards the pokemon centre. Pikachu was confused. Normally whenever they were walking to the pokemon centre, Brock would have love hearts in his eyes and would keep babbling on about how beautiful nurse Joy is. But today the walk was silent and his eyes were distant as if he was thinking deeply.

When they walked though the doors of the pokemon centre Brock snapped out of his deep thought and took Pikachu and Piplup to the front desk.

"hello" said nurse Joy cheerily but she frowned when she saw how gloomy Brock was. Now Pikachu was really confused. Why wasn't Brock grabbing nurse Joy's hand and asking for her hand in marriage?

"these pokemon are tired could you let them rest here please?" Brock said rather gloomily.

"yes of course." Nurse Joy said with concern etching into her voice. She was about to ask what was wrong but then decide it wasn't best to pry into other peoples business.

When they were fully rested up Pikachu, Piplup and Brock started walking back to the meeting place.

The walk was silent again. None of them said anything. What was there to say?

When they arrived back at the meeting place they saw Gary standing next to officer Jenny, who was talking to some other officers over the radio. Gary was the one to see them first. He smiled and waved. He then turned to officer jenny and said

"officer Jenny my friend, Brock, is here."

"good" officer Jenny said very professionally. She then turned around to look at them.

"now we can get go…" she paused when she saw Brock. "…ing"

Her heart started thumping so hard she thought it was going to leap out of her chest.

'he's perfect' she though to herself. 'he's so dreamy. I can just imagine us together!'

*in Jenny's mind*

Jenny is running in slow motion through a field of flowers in the middle of summer. Her beautiful, blue hair is out of the ponytail and it blows in the wind. She was dressed in a beautiful dress that sparkled in the sunlight. Her eyes are sparkling and she has a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Brock!" she yelled dreamily.

Brock was also running in slow motion, towards Jenny, through the same field of flowers, wind blowing through his hair. His muscles were over exaggerated and he was dressed in a black tank top that showed them off. His eyes to were sparkling and he looked very heroic.

"Jenny!" he yelled in an equally dreamy voice.

They reached each other and hugged each other passionately. He pulled her into his chest protectively and bent down to deliver a deep and meaningful kiss.

*back to reality*

Jenny had love hearts in her eyes as she grabbed Brock's hand and asked for his hand in marriage.

Ok now Pikachu's brain exploded. What in the world was happening? Was he going mad? Did he somehow travel to a weird parallel universe where everything is opposite?

Suddenly Croagunk came out of his poke ball, jabbed officer Jenny in the stomach and dragged her away. Gary sweatdroped as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.

"how ironic." He muttered to himself.

"piplup" piplup nodded as he agreed.

Gary shook his head to stop himself from staring.

"ok lets get going." He said taking the lead.